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  1. I don’t see much from Kean to suggest he should be given a chance over Tosun or DCL. His attitude is poor. Dropped from Italy by Mancini because he was late to team meetings, dropped from Southampton game because of the same issue. Does he train well? Is his attitude poor in training? Is he all that is cracked up to be? Every time I see him play he tries the same trick, ball comes to feet and tries to turn the defender and in premier league that doesn’t work. Only young so hope I’m wrong. Silva needs to be given time, I think we’ve been to hasty with sacking managers. Martinez being an example - highest point total first season, 2 semi finals another season and sacked with 1 game remaining and no chance of relegation? (This was without a budget and given the chance to get his own players) Koeman was sacked after 2nd season, yes in relegation but that was in October and not given the chance and now Holland are playing well under him.
  2. For me it would be between Unsworth and Ancelotti. Unsworth is a true blue and will show the passion on the touchline. Ancelotti has been there and managed the best players in the world, won champions league and is a great manager.
  3. No nothing in the side....No pace, no imagination, no threat.....If we play like we have done in the last 3 games then it is going to be 4-5 to United. We just don't look like scoring. Whilst United have all the attacking power at their disposal.
  4. To be honest Barkley probably didn't like all the criticism he was getting from Koeman so didn't want to sign a new contract. He is probably used to being nursed and handled carefully back from Martinez and Moyes. Doesn't like people pointing out his bad points and likes to be known as this next big thing player instead.
  5. The whole window Koeman has said he is going because he rejected a new contract. They price him out of the market by asking so much. Barkley has seen everyone going on about how much he would improve under Spurs so he rejected Chelsea to "consider his options in January". What the actual fuck!? He is selfish with the ball and selfish in real life as well. There is no improving him! He thinks he is a lot better than he is because the English media has hyped him up to be the "next big thing". Yet being an Everton fan we know he has his games but is not consistent enough and always tries the shot instead of passing. Sturridge is exactly the same, great player yet will always go for goal instead of the pass when he can! Barkley tonight has pulled down Everton's pants and said nope doing what I want, although we are the ones who have brought him through the academy, made him a player where Chelsea are willing to pay 35 million for him with a year left!! I'm just ranting but I'm sorry I just do not like how this has turned out. We priced him out of a move then fee agreed and then he says no! Let him play in the under 18s, because he doesn't want to be an Everton player as he didn't sign a new contract so why let him play in training!?
  6. Half full - everything happens for a reason and there will always be something right around the corner. In terms of Everton, I am optimistic every season. I'm not like a Liverpool fan where I think each year is our year but I am optimistic. This year there is a definite optimism around and think this is our best chance in years to win a trophy. Only position I think we are missing and Koeman admitted it yesterday was a striker. Against Stoke and other games we just seemed to miss something. I said at the time it was a striker but not just that, I think we are missing a bit of muscle in the team as well. A physical all and out and out player, who can hold the ball up go forward.
  7. I like Pickford, I love how he makes a save but then pings the ball out straight away. I would have loved Lukaku to have been in the team with Pickford, this is what he was calling out for was quick to get the ball out and that he could take on his man. I am living in the past but I think Pickford is that good, the save at the end of the stoke game, saved us 2 points. Then the saves he was making yesterday and screaming at the players, England next no.1 definitely. I don't think Butland has a scratch on him.
  8. It was a shame about the result. Yes United were all over us but we defended well and put bodies on the line to keep the 1-0 lead. Unlucky at the end. I didn't understand Koeman's subs though, Pennington on and Calvert-Lewin. Yes we were getting hammered at the time and added another player to help defend fine. That okay, I get where he is coming from but Lewin on the other hand I don't understand. 1) Barkley was playing well, him and Lukaku were doing well getting United on the break. 2) United defenders were tired and I think we needed a bit of pace. Why not chuck Lookman in the mix and say to him. I want you to run at these defenders, take them on and get past them. Calvert Lewin can't do this but maybe he is better at defending I don't know. Watching the game it looked like we could have easily got a second goal on the counter if we had the right players. Oh well, onto the next game.
  9. It is probably to do with the Benteke deal. They want to make sure they have him before letting Bolasie come to Everton. Same as Stones to City, we wouldn't have let him go if we knew we couldn't get a CB in straight away.
  10. As if Liverpool would sell a player to us. Benteke is a good footballer but looks so out of place at Liverpool and he shouldn't be a replacement for Lukaku. He is good at holding the ball up and at using his head but has no pace. I just wonder if this is the type of footballer we want does that mean we are going to be a long ball, physical team.
  11. I wonder how Rio will do hosting the Olympics. it has been getting a lot of bad press recently but surely if it was that bad the athletes wouldn't turn up, swim or even stay in the accommodation.
  12. I really wonder where these stories come from!? As soon as I seen this I realised, never take notice of what a paper says on football gossip. Only take it as truth if it is on skysports/bbc.
  13. I think Martinez could do well at Belgium. If Lukaku and co don't put thoughts into players minds to begin with, hopefully, it will be a fresh start for players and manager. Martinez is a competition manager, he seems to get the best out of players for cups. Two FA cup semi finals and won the cup with Wigan. Could be a good appointment if given a fair crack at the whip.
  14. If Chelsea are seriously offering 65 million straight up then what an offer! You look at Suarez to Barcelona, that was 75 million and Suarez was consistent the whole time. Lukaku has his off days and can be brilliant one day then rubbish another, this could be down to age but if Chelsea are seriously offering that much then YES! Even without Remy - YES!
  15. Wouldn't surprise me if he signs a new 4 year contract tomorrow with Swansea.
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