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  1. One thing's for sure: The game will be different if we resume too soon.
  2. Listen to the video to learn whose balls you can play with... http://shorenewsnetwork.com/2020/05/17/nassau-county-unveils-covid-19-rules-for-touching-other-peoples-balls/
  3. One suggestion I've not heard is to continue the season in, say, August to finish in December. We could start the new season in, say, April. Wouldn't this allow our national teams to better prepare for the next World Cup?
  4. And the governor just made another decision: allow teenagers to drive on some of the nation's busiest and most dangerous roads (some are eight lanes in each direction) without having to take any kind of test to get a license. On the positive side, maybe this will convince more people to stay indoors. https://www.wsbtv.com/news/local/atlanta/teens-temporarily-no-longer-required-take-road-test-get-drivers-license/3HA5IYP2JJFJ3BF7PHY76YXO2U/
  5. They've reopened the trail close to where I live, so I decided to take the dogs for a walk one evening earlier this week - being sure to wear one of the masks my wife has made. In the space of an hour, I noted over 80 other people on the trail either walking, cycling, or jogging. Of these, just three were wearing a mask and plenty were in groups. Most disappointing was the attitude of some toward me for choosing to wear a mask. One cyclist, for example, opened his eyes wide, cycled to my side of the trail, made a point of breathing on me, before continuing on his way. Yes, I know plenty are being criticized simply for leaving their homes, and this is not right, but neither is it right to mock those who choose to wear a mask. I sincerely hope I'm wrong, but I suspect those pretending all is now well are going to pay a high price for reopening everything - restaurants, gyms, move theaters, etc. - too early and not taking sensible precautions such as social distancing and wearing masks. At best, they'll feel rotten for two weeks as they suffer the virus; at worst, their actions may indirectly lead to the death of elderly and medically compromised friends and family. I understand how frustrating it is to remain at home for much of the time, but it's no excuse. Worst of all is the total lack of leadership right now in the US: "everyone did what was right in their own eyes."
  6. Liverpool were about to suffer an epic collapse anyway, so voiding the season will save them the embarrassment.
  7. Add gyms to the list of things he's opening. It's crazy. My hope is that most will ignore him, but I suspect a sizable minority (this is big-time Trump country, after all) will no longer remain at home.
  8. Here in the Atlanta area, we face a potential catastrophe. The number of COVID-19 cases is soaring, so what does the governor do? As of this weekend, parks and beaches will reopen, as will eat-in restaurants, hair cutters, tattoo shops, spas, massage parlors, bowling alleys, movie theaters, and many other stores. Never have I encountered such stupidity in a leader, despite (un)healthy competition.
  9. They've had to stop trials because it's literally killing people. The best hope right now appears to be something being tested by Gilead.
  10. Mike. Bach's Toccata always reminds me of Rollerball, a movie I enjoyed as a teen in part because of the classical music used in its soundtrack. I came to know the symphonies of Shostakovich because of Rollerball.
  11. This weekend, while unpacking boxes, I came across some manuscript paper and a piano duet I wrote as a teenager. After typing it into Musescore and exporting the audio file, I uploaded to Soundcloud. For anyone interested, here it is: 'Sauntering along'.
  12. Count your blessings you don't live in the state of Georgia. This, ladies and gentlemen, is the guy in charge where I live. Incidentally, it's nice to see that Uncle Arthur is doing well here in Atlanta. Does Del Boy know?
  13. https://www.huffpost.com/entry/potato-boss-filter_n_5e856b8ec5b6f55ebf47d7cd
  14. I'm thinking, for nostalgia's sake, to buy a Subbuteo set on eBay and play the remaining ties against one of my sons.
  15. It's a rather improvisational work. You'll see that not all members of a section (e.g., violins) are actually playing the exact same thing (watch their bowing, for example). I've seen the score, and it is rather amazing. In fact, you see pages of it on some of the music stands in the video. Some of his other work is more approachable. If you perform a YouTube search, you'll find several fine examples.
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