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  1. Rotten score, rotten predictions. Congratulations, though, to plaidharper for scoring 4 points. That puts him in a tie for first for the season with Bailey, with dunlopp9987 just one point behind. sibdane leads for the long month of December, while Bailey leads per prediction. A quick reminder that you lose a point for failing to predict one week. If your total score for the season drops to -3, you're out of the game for the season and you're removed from the table. Haiku: You dropped to -3 and I removed you a couple of weeks back. You predicted this week, but it would take me too long to track down all your predictions for the season and add you back in. Apologies, but I must stick to the rules or it creates too much work for me. Of course, you're welcome to make a prediction anyway!
  2. Congratulations to Aidan, Palfy, and sibdane for scoring a 10-pointer this round. This pushes Aidan into second place for the season, two points behind Bailey. The same two lead per prediction.
  3. You think that's bad? https://www.theguardian.com/business/2019/jan/21/world-26-richest-people-own-as-much-as-poorest-50-per-cent-oxfam-report
  4. Once again, those most affected by the election (which is about Brexit) are barred from voting: many of the Britons living overseas.
  5. We went about hiring him the wrong way, and sometimes you reap what you sow. I actually agree with the observation that maybe it was his former right-hand man who demonstrated nous and we were left with someone out of his depth. You hate to see anyone fail and lose their job, but there are times when you just have to make the right decision. My hope this time around is that we'll hire his replacement the right way (although I am rather surprised that we appear to be ill-prepared; we've had plenty of time to plan for this).
  6. But it’s a maths class: £500 per person or $20,000 per person.
  7. I agree completely with this. We HAVE many of the players to be a top team, but they’re hindered by two things, which are linked. First, our manager has no vision, no sense of a game, and no track record. Second, we should never again play Sigurdsson or Schneiderlin in the team. I actually think Keane is a confidence player, so he can be turned around. We should play Kean and DC-L up front together, and Richarlison should be dropped until he shows more discipline. Games are won and lost in midfield: A strong and proven leader in midfield, together with a capable manager, would turn this team and season around.
  8. Only one word describes that game and result: humiliation. They were toying with us, even playing some of their B team.
  9. It’s quite Ok to predict no goals and a scorer. You won’t score 10 points, but you’re spreading your bet.
  10. There have to be some ground rules for VAR. Most definitely, one must be that, if a referee makes a decision, including raising a flag, before a goal is scored, that cannot be overturned by VAR. Players react, and not taking this into account is simply unfair.
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