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  1. Sam Allardyce Everton FC Manager

    Let's hope you're right on all counts.
  2. At what point do we say we are in a relegation dogfight?

    Trust me: I wish we had a larger sample size for Unsworth. I would suggest that we played better in the game against West Ham than we have in any other this season.
  3. Pub question

    Ah. So that's why Mike edited out his earlier comments about the broad behind the counter.
  4. At what point do we say we are in a relegation dogfight?

    Are you not reading the posts with statistics? Unsworth earned more points per game than either Koeman or Allardyce. The number of games is irrelevant since that stat is per game. Unsworth's teams scored, on average, twice as many goals per game as either Koeman or Allardyce, so I don't see how you can claim "we weren't scoring many before that". Indeed, Everton scored more goals in the 5 games managed by Unsworth than in the 9 games so far managed by Allardyce. Facts can be stubborn things.
  5. At what point do we say we are in a relegation dogfight?

    Ignore the Europa games because they were pointless. Palace had turned the corner, and so had Leicester. We beat an in-form Watford and hammered a West Ham that's since been climbing the table. Southampton was a poor game, admittedly, but games under Crooked Sam have been worse. Anyway, the key is not so much how we did in specific games but more whether we were improving. The West Ham game reveals that we were. Based on their respective records, I'm guessing we'd have about the same number of points today if Unsworth had remained in charge but we'd be playing much better football and beginning to build confidence. Crooked Sam is playing terrible football and has now stated that he plans to make it even more boring. Heaven help us!
  6. At what point do we say we are in a relegation dogfight?

    Unsworth now has the best record of the three, and he's the only one to have increased our goal production. I really don't understand why he wasn't given a fair crack of the whip. To me, it looked like he was beginning to turn things around.
  7. West Bromwich Albion (Home) Saturday January 20th

    Anyone want to guess how we'll set up? Not to lose. If the manager had any bottle, he'd throw Besic in for Martina, rely on McCarthy to control midfield, and give Tosun a partner up front - but he won't. It will be the same defence as today, with Gana playing again, Rooney and Sigurdsson not quite knowing what is their role, and Tosun struggling alone up-front. West Brom are showing some fight again now, so this won't be an easy game to win.
  8. Favorite game of the past decade

    Yes. This was also an excellent game, and we played brilliant football.
  9. Davy Klaassen

    Koeman not only got us into the current mess but also ruined more than one player's career. I feel bad for Davy Klaassen. He was captain of Ajax and was obviously talked into moving by his fellow Dutchman. Where does he go from here?
  10. I can still remember, while driving south from Boston to New York, listening to game commentary as we played Crystal Palace a little under four years ago. You may remember I was counting down the points difference between Everton and Arsenal as we sought to steal fourth place from them, and we were playing exciting stuff week in and week out - but the air came out of our bag with that defeat. The excitement of that season was over despite finishing with a record number of points. I can't believe how far we've fallen since then. It's the cumulative disappointment that hurts: first losing out in Europe after dominating our group; then beginning to ship goals despite scoring many ourselves and seeing the light go out from the fire Martinez initially brought; then seeing the boring style of football Koeman brought despite having access to new money; then seeing Koeman's team failing to score while playing like infants in defence even after spending easily the most transfer money in years; then being so embarrassed at hiring the crook to manage the team and seeing the appalling style of football he brings; then being walloped today by a score that could easily have been worse, just weeks after failing to beat two teams in the relegation zone. It may not be the worst season, but it has to be one of the worst sustained slides into ignominy after the giddy heights of Martinez' first season. At this point, things can only look up. The sooner we separate from the current manager, and realize what an awful mistake it was bringing him here, the better.
  11. Sam Allardyce Everton FC Manager

    So what do you really think?
  12. Sam Allardyce Everton FC Manager

    League record of each manager - updated. Koeman: Played 9, Win 2, Draw 2, Loss 5, For 7, Against 18, Points 8 Average per game: For 0.8, Against 2.0, Points 0.9 Unsworth: Played 5, Win 2, Draw 1, Loss 2, For 10, Against 10, Points 7 Average per game: For 2.0, Against 2.0, Points 1.4 Allardyce: Played 9, Win 3, Draw 3, Loss 3, For 8, Against 10, Points 12 Average per game: For 0.9, Against 1.1, Points 1.3
  13. The city of Atlanta is a good example of how to answer #3. Yes, the South has a higher proportion of African-Americans, but the white population is much more Republican. Georgia is strongly Republican these days, but the city of Atlanta always votes for a Democratic mayor. One reason why is that minorities are a majority in the city (if that makes sense!). In other words, the divide is much more noticeable in the South. More whites are Democrat and blacks are Republican in other regions of the country. Although, in reality, it's more complex than that, right? Cuban-Americans are more Republican than other Latin-Americans. Indian-Americans tend to be more Republican, whereas Jewish-Americans are more Democrat.
  14. It seems that Trump's supporters are taking their fight to Britain. So much for respecting the flag: it's now the basis for ugly attacks. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/london-mayor-sadiq-khan-latest-speech-protesters-pro-brexit-pro-donald-trump-slogans-a8157361.html
  15. Favorite game of the past decade

    2015 against Chelsea. Naismith came on as a sub and scored a hat-trick against Mourinho's side. We dominated that game with an exciting style of play.