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  1. Cornish Steve

    Southampton (Home) Saturday August 18th

    Take a quick look: We’re second in the table.
  2. Cornish Steve


    Good job they didn’t take him to FCUK then.
  3. Cornish Steve

    Cuco Martina

    I’m sure he can afford buying his mum and dad replacement shirts.
  4. Cornish Steve

    Ademola Lookman

    Don't worry. I shall let MikeO know every time he commits a grammatical faux pas.
  5. Cornish Steve

    New Ownership Incoming?

    On the positive side, I actually spoke to Russian friends and they give Usmanov a clean bill of financial health. Also, I mentioned in the past that I met Moshiri years ago in a business context and he’s a hard-working professional. My earlier hesitation was because I’ve done a lot of business in Russia and know the reality of the situation. I’m not asking people to be angels, but there are basic essentials. Reputation matters, and it seems Usmanov passes the smell test. I take back my earlier comment.
  6. Cornish Steve

    New Ownership Incoming?

    Ethical ones, and I quit one company when my president told me to lie to a customer. It takes a lifetime to build a reputation but a few minutes to lose it.
  7. Cornish Steve

    New Ownership Incoming?

    Not everyone is willing to sell their soul to the devil. I’m another who would prefer this didn’t happen. Without doubt, it would hurt us down the road.
  8. Cornish Steve

    Predict Our Result: 2018/2019 Season

    Everton 2-1 Southampton Tosun
  9. Cornish Steve

    Summer Transfer Window 2018

    You really have it In for McCarthy, don’t you? The guy is injured because he’s one of the few from last season who really gave his all and made a difference IMO, you don’t reward that by pushing out
  10. Bodmin tied 4-4 while Saltash won their game. Onward and upward.
  11. Cornish Steve

    Predict Our Result: 2018/2019 Season

    What a start to the season. Matt Tiger, playing for the first time, scored a 10-pointer. Three people predicted the correct score, but only Matt Tiger identified our first scorer correctly. Our predictions were excellent: the average prediction was just one goal out.
  12. Cornish Steve

    Wolverhampton (Away) Saturday August 11th

    Maybe because I was making a comment about Schneiderlin and not Gana.
  13. Cornish Steve

    Wolverhampton (Away) Saturday August 11th

    Since I'm the one who made the comment, let me respond (with my opinion). Watching the game live, it was usually obvious who was Schneiderlin. Most of his passes were from side to side or backwards. Yes, he made some forward passes, but not many. His positioning is fair, but his effort is lacking. He should take the blame for Wolves' second goal, for example. Take a look at the replay and see what I mean by blasé attitude. I'm not sure why it is, maybe basic personality, but he never seems to give his all or even care to. It might be true that this was one of his better games, but that's measuring his performance yesterday against his poor performances in the past. That's not acceptable. He should be measured against what's expected of him, and frankly I expect more. You're free to disagree with me, of course, but this is not "stereotypical BS". It's what I saw watching the game.
  14. Cornish Steve

    Wolverhampton (Away) Saturday August 11th

    So frustrated that Schneiderlin still gets to play. This team could really pick up the pace if it wasn't for him, his sideways passing, and his seemingly blasé attitude.