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  1. Our predictions were not too good: We did much better than expected against United. Four people tied for the lead this round: Matt, pete0, sibdane, and myself. For the month of April, Shukes and I are tied for the lead. And what a difference three weeks can make. dunlopp9987 continues his run of poor form, and it's now a three-horse race with three games to go: dunlopp9987 leads by a single point over myself, with Palfy just two points further back. A 10-pointer could pull nyblue23, sibdane, and Palfy into contention. It's all to play for now.
  2. Our predictions for the Fulham game were - well - awful. They laughed at us, Rubes, for predicting 2-4, but we won the round with 2 points apiece. For the month of April, Romey and Shukes remain joint leaders. Now that dunlopp9987 has scored a goose egg two weeks in a row, it's getting a little interesting at the top, for both the season and per prediction.
  3. Here are the results from the Arsenal game. Not surprisingly, no-one predicted Jags as the scorer; however, congratulations to Romey and Shukes for predicting the final score. They lead for the month of April. For the season and per prediction, despite scoring a duck this round, dunlopp9987 retains a healthy lead.
  4. Amateurs. My drive to New Jersey is 13 hours non-stop each way, and I do it three times a year - in addition to my weekly flights to work. Fantastic result today, and I saw maybe an hour of the game (including three goals). Only one team showed up.
  5. I confess that I didn’t expect anyone to copy my prediction for this one!
  6. My late stepdad used to say of ivy that the first year it sleeps, the second year is creeps, and the third year it leaps. I get the feeling we're in the second year for DC-L and look forward to him leaping ahead next season. What's really exciting is the possibility of DC-L and Henry creating a partnership that has them scoring goals for fun.
  7. I’d agree with that, but I’d also like to snag Wan-Bissaka from Palace.
  8. It’s been a tale of two derbies: great before the first and after the second but terrible between them.
  9. Well, that was painful: I forgot to make a prediction this week! Congratulations go to Wiggytop, the only one of us to prediction a 0-2 scoreline. For the month of March, Palfy and Shukes are joint winners. For the season and per prediction, dunlopp9987 has extended his lead. For the season, Palfy is now tied for second place.
  10. Here are the results from the Chelsea game. Congratulations to barryj and Heath, both of whom scored five points. There's no stopping dunlopp9987, who leads per month, per season, and per prediction.
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