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  1. Cornish Steve

    Gylfi Sigurdsson

    It just shows what a difference it can make when you have a manager who understands his players instead of trying to shoehorn them into a Jurassic Park setup of his own.
  2. Cornish Steve

    Jordan Pickford

    You could afford jumpers? In our case, all year round, it was shirts against skins. And heaven forbid if our parents found us playing in our (only pair of) shoes.
  3. Cornish Steve

    William Carvalho

    Besic did when he marked Messi out of the game. For me, it's an excuse when players don't show up against the best: "but they're a good team." Well, isn'tt that where we want to be?
  4. Cornish Steve

    William Carvalho

    Alcaraz is Paraguayan. Funes Mori is Argentinian. Rodriguez is Uruguayan. You're only a few thousand miles out.
  5. Cornish Steve

    William Carvalho

    We had no Dutch players, and then we had three. Of course, we shouldn't object when those players are top-notch, but Stekelenburg and Martina? Really?
  6. Cornish Steve

    William Carvalho

  7. Why the surprise, you unethical crook? The only way to regain credibility is to apologize for what you did, accept that you were treated appropriately, and demonstrate a little contrition. https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/44463062
  8. Cornish Steve

    William Carvalho

    Koeman was Dutch and immediately brought in Dutch players. I really hope we’re not going to be biased toward Portuguese players. We need the best blended team, not players with whom the manager has worked in the past. I’m optimistic though because building a team is Brand’s role.
  9. Cornish Steve

    Gylfi Sigurdsson

    Here was me thinking it was those little flags we Brits hang on the wall to celebrate public events. Whenever a royal was about to get married, I’d ask friends whether now was the time for the bumming. They preferred to have it on the table, apparently, or hanging from the wall. Wives mentioned that their husbands preferred to do it after work; during the day, they’d be helping to get it up at the office. Your explanation has cast a whole new light on my early life.
  10. Cornish Steve

    2018-19 fixture list

    One of the top four, away. Catch them before they get themselves into a rhythm.
  11. Players, managers, owners. Enduring reputation, in the greatest teams, or a modern phenomenon. In terms of how much impact they've had on the history, success, and culture of Everton, who would you choose?
  12. Cornish Steve

    Marco Silva (manager)

    The cynic in me notes that this article is from the Everton website: in other words, it's marketing hype based on what we want to hear. I would hope the relationship will be a good and strong one, but only time will tell. It's not easy for a manager and DoF to share power, so a lot is riding on how they get along personally.
  13. Cornish Steve

    Stadium - All ifs, buts and maybes...

    If this situation was translated to the US, the team owners at this point would be threatening to relocate to Chester if Liverpool didn't pony up at least 100m. The difference in the two cultures is astounding.
  14. Cornish Steve

    Marcel Brands (DoF)

    In fairness, we had a similar strategy and vision when Martinez was in charge. Now, however, we have the money to back it up.
  15. Cornish Steve

    Marcel Brands (DoF)

    For what it's worth, here's my shot at recommending players to leave: Robles: He's been a good player for us, despite being treated shabbily by Koeman and being backup since Pickford arrived. He deserves his chance to be a #1 somewhere else, and I wish him nothing but good wishes. Stekelenburg: Frankly, the only reason he joined the team is because both he and Koeman are Dutch. What a waste of money. It's time to go. Martina: We should never have brought him in in the first place. Time to leave. Williams: He was supposed to be our leader at the back, but he's had a hard time this season. I put that down mostly to lack of motivation due to a lack of confidence in our managers. Too much water has now passed under the bridge, though, and I think he should leave. Mirallas: It's easy to forget he's still on our books. A poor attitude ruined his chances to make a comeback, and he should most definitely leave. Bolasie: Over-rated, in my opinion, and not of the caliber we need. Bring back Lookman. Garbutt, Browning, Pennington: We all want the youngsters to succeed, but they really haven't. It's time to go. Rooney: For his own good, really, he should accept an offer in the US or in China. The only reason he would play in our first team is nostalgia, and that's not conducive to success. Sandro: I'm in two minds over this guy. Given the chance by an inspiring manager, I do believe he'll prove to be valuable. His track record over the last year has hardly been inspiring, though. Maybe leave, maybe not. As for players who most definitely NOT leave: McCarthy: The injuries are not his fault. We supported Coleman through his leg break, and we should do the same for McCarthy. He's the leader we need in midfield. Niasse: As a super-sub, there are few better right now. His attitude is contagious. Jagielka and Baines: The younger players can learn a lot from their experience and loyalty. There's little point in pushing them out. Klassen: He has a lot to prove. You don't get to be captain of Ajax, especially at his age, without being something special. Calvert-Lewin: He's like ivy growing in the garden. The first year it sleeps, the second year it creeps, and the third year it leaps. I'm predicting this will be his breakthrough year.