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  1. Can imagine him galloping down the field. Could become our mane striker if we can keep him furlong. No hoofing it up the field, though.
  2. Agreed. The quality of US team players in general remains pretty poor.
  3. I'm not aware of any Bolivian players in the Premier League, though. Maybe their players would be lower-cost targets.
  4. Am I the only one who shudders at that suggestion of Martina being backup for a year?
  5. Matt makes a good point, and your response is very gracious. Just to prove I’m not always an a-hole, I shall donate a fiver.
  6. They enjoy watching commercials?
  7. https://www.gofundme.com/save-bury-football-club No offense, but I can think of a lot of causes more deserving of a fiver or tenner than Bury FC. Good luck, though.
  8. I'm glad Jagielka has chosen to leave while his reputation remains stellar and his performance in his last game played was excellent. There's nothing sadder than watching a formerly great player stay too long and lose their reputation.
  9. If American football is boring (which it is), then baseball is less interesting than watching grass grow (which it is).
  10. And the end of May will occur this year during the first week of June. I’m happy to differ.
  11. Because the moment you’re publicly on record as wanting to buy someone, you’ve handed the other negotiating party a huge advantage - meaning you end up paying more than necessary.
  12. I'm not fussed whether he returns or not, quite honestly. I do agree, though, that we should focus on strengthening our midfield - which is where games are won and lost. Cash in on Gueye and Schneiderlin and find a real and passionate leader. If we plan to spend, that's where it should be.
  13. Nice to see, but we shouldn't be choosing players for this reason. Naismith comes to mind.
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