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  1. Cornish Steve

    Stadium - All ifs, buts and maybes...

    Geez. Jammy beggar. The best I ever got was two used tickets from the conductor of our local brass band (in which I played the cornet) so my dad could cross the Tamar bridge to England and back for free. (The guy worked in the toll booths on the bridge.) Obviously, I didn't have the type of contacts your family had!
  2. Cornish Steve

    Davy Klaassen

    Let's not give the guy credit for saving us from relegation. Just about any manager could have done that. He ruined the mentality and confidence of key players, was arrogant and uncaring, set back the progress of our youth, and was altogether the worst match between team and manager I think I've ever witnessed. His values and the club's values are on opposite ends of the spectrum.
  3. Cornish Steve

    Oumar Niasse

    How many of us would have put up with this? How many of us would accept humiliation, work our tails off, and prove our worth? Hats off to Oumar Niasse. Not perfect on or off the pitch, that's for sure, but what character he displayed.
  4. How many of us remember games like this?
  5. Two games in a row. At this rate, Gibraltar might even qualify!
  6. Cornish Steve

    Davy Klaassen

    I shall never ever understand why Everton thought Crooked Sam was a good fit. Surely, everyone who ever thought about it for more than two seconds knew that.
  7. Cornish Steve

    Seamus Coleman

    He's learning, and we're winning, so no harm is being done right now. This is how most young players work their way into a team, right? Sometimes, you have to place bets on youngsters. He's doing plenty of things right even while making naive mistakes.
  8. Cornish Steve

    Seamus Coleman

    Same thing for McCarthy. Mind you, some on here lay into McCarthy because he "surely wants to represent his country." It wasn't so long ago that players' ultimate goal was to play for their country, and that's still true for the Celtic countries. If we understand the sentiment for Coleman then we should be fair in accepting McCarthy's desire, too.
  9. Cornish Steve

    Ross Barkley

    But at our age, we don't remember what day it is - so I need more evidence than that!
  10. It was a tongue in cheek question. Why would fans from overseas travel to a game when such arbitrary changes are made?
  11. Do the TV channels reimburse fans who fly from overseas and have their non-refundable airline and game tickets already?
  12. 25 minutes to go, and Gibraltar are one up, away, against Armenia. This would be a famous victory for them.
  13. Cornish Steve

    Theo Walcott

    Where did that comment about Nasri come from? Has there been interest, because I haven't seen it. It seemed a rather random comment with which to close the article.
  14. Cornish Steve

    Crystal Palace (Home) Sunday October 21st

    Coleman has to prove he deserves to come back. He’s been poor so far this season.
  15. Cornish Steve

    Stadium - All ifs, buts and maybes...

    Here in the US, the time between first mention of a stadium to playing in it would be about 12 months. After a few years, we’d already be talking about a replacement. The progress in Britain appears to be depressingly slow.