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  1. I'm not sure I'd want someone with two left feet.
  2. From what I can see, he'd be a strong alternative, maybe an improvement, over Digne - although I'd prefer Brandon WIlliams. And if City are after Digne, take advantage.
  3. IMO, if we're serious, there should be no such thing as a punt. Either we believe someone would fit our strategy or we don't. Having said that, I'm all for bringing in a young player with a strong reputation. Then again, my preferred strategy has always been to build a team that can grow and stay together for a decade. Build a legacy, not a flash in the pan.
  4. I'd bring him into the squad and move out Walcott. A significant improvement, but not the big move we need.
  5. As you suggest, it took a few years for the Reds' strategy to reach fruition, and that should be our expectation, too. Build a team around a strategy, knit that team together, and improve each season. This is why, personally, I would not bring in any player older than about 27, because it may be five years before we peak. By all means take advantage of experience, but use that experience to train and mature the youngsters instead of becoming dependent on it. You're right that Liverpool did not bring in older players: They had a 5-year plan. This is the difference between a Jagielka and a Baines, guys who forever guide and encourage young teammates, versus a Sigurdsson or Walcott, who appear to be more lone rangers.
  6. There's no question that the man is ignorant of government processes. Today, for example, he claimed he would unilaterally reduce taxes on everyone, but he does not have that power. Before now, he threatened to pull funding to any schools that refuse to begin in-person classes for the coming term, but he doesn't have that power either. So, I doubt very much that he understands the chain of command so has no idea that delaying the election will bring to power his rival.
  7. The ironic thing is: If the November election is canceled or postponed, the President's term ends in January. Next in line would be the Vice President, but his term also ends in January. Next in line would be the Speaker of the House, but her term also ends in January. Members of the House would elect a new Speaker, but all their terms end in January. Next in line is the President Pro Tempore of the Senate, who today is Republican Chuck Grassley. However, for one-third of Senators, their terms end in January. A majority of those leaving are Republicans, and a majority of those remaining would be Democrats. So, the Democratic President Pro Tempore, Patrick Leahy, would assume control and decide who becomes President. And he would choose his party's presidential candidate: Joe Biden.
  8. It's started... Today, the president suggested that elections be postponed.
  9. I think Bournemouth should sue for millions in compensation. The only reason they are relegated is that atrocious VAR decision that stole the Blades' victory over Villa.
  10. Watching the second half on TV today, I was becoming frustrated with our obvious tactic of playing the ball side to side among defenders, moving it up several yards, then passing back again for cross-field passing - rinse and repeat several times while moving play forward several yards each time. Am I alone in finding this approach rather tiresome and ineffective? Several players were non-entities and need to be shipped out - although I'm sure some won't agree. The most obvious are Walcott and Sigurdsson. Most of the time, I didn't realize the latter was even playing, he was so ineffective. Sadly, Walcott was obvious because of his poor positioning and decision making. I'm not fully convinced about Gomes, I must confess: We need a midfielder with fire, and he's not it. And Pickford really must go. I remain very much in favor of a deal swapping him to United for Dean Henderson plus cash. On the positive side, Baines played well. The youngsters shone today, especially Kean and IMO young Gordon.
  11. The results are in: For the second season in succession, it's a tie. Congratulations to joint winners dunlopp9987 and MikeO for both managing a point in the final game. Given how poorly we all predicted the score, the interval for "better than average" was much wider than usual, so MikeO just managed to scrape inside it. Congratulations also to Sibdane, the only other participant to beat the wisdom of crowds (TT Average). These three were way ahead of the pack. Thanks as always for playing this prediction game; personally, I enjoy doing this since I get to play with spreadsheet (weird!).
  12. I'm doing the calculation right now, but Pete predicted 7-2, which will push out the boundaries of "better than average". It's going to be a matter of fractions of a point...
  13. Predictions of our two leaders: dunlopp: Everton 2-2 Bournemouth (DC-L) MikeO: Everton 2-1 Bournemouth (Richarlison)
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