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  1. He wasn’t saluting the genocide of the Kurds, though. I’ve seen him do this before. It’s how he celebrates. Let’s not read too much into how players celebrate. PS - I just read the BBC article and take back what I wrote.
  2. There’s an easy solution to winning. Tell each player they begin each game with 60% of their salary. They secure an additional 20% for each goal scored and lose 20% for each goal conceded. La voila.
  3. Benitez would not be a good fit at all. Slow and steady loses this race.
  4. Do these episodes happen to coincide with those times when you watch highlights of recent Everton games? Seriously, be diligent in following up, John. Wishing you all the best.
  5. Working on a project that should result, with luck, in a rather special birthday present for my wife. (Awaiting comments on this with some trepidation.)
  6. Please don't joke about it. I didn't sleep well last night.
  7. If Moyes and Martinez would work together as joint managers, yes. Moyes would sort out the defence for good, and Martinez would have us playing exciting, attractive, and attacking football. That would be quite a partnership - except that neither has the ego to work with another or with a director of football - not to mention double the manager salary.
  8. It's surprising how most of us here agree on what's needed: Stop with the two holding midfielders and aimless passing, drop Sigurdsson since he doesn't fit with the way we play, and stop with the zonal marking on defence. Add urgency and energy, and don't be so predictable. I'm convinced that changes like this would have a big effect.
  9. Three 10-pointers this round: Aidan, Bailey, and dunlopp9987. For Bailey, this was the second 10-pointer in as many games - the first time that's ever happened. Can we achieve a hat-trick? For the season and points per prediction, these three, together with MikeO, lead the pack.
  10. The next to go, according to OddsChecker. https://www.oddschecker.com/football/english/premier-league/next-manager-to-leave-post
  11. As of now, after the easiest schedule in recent years, we are officially in the relegation zone. That has to be the trigger for change.
  12. I just had a terrible thought: Please, please, please do not bring back the crook through the end of the season. 😟
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