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  1. Apologies for not updating the table from last weekend, but I'm traveling until this weekend. I'll update with both results. Villa 1-2 Everton Richarlison
  2. Both. They appear to have complementary skills.
  3. I’d actually put it the other way: Sigurdsson is holding back DC-L. As I’ve mentioned before, good player though he is, Sigurdsson makes our team unbalanced.
  4. Let’s get it straight: It’s the people of Cornwall who end words with “er”, like vodker, pianner, and the country Chiner. Now, let’s get back on track: This thread is supposed to be about Minner.
  5. Thanks for the explanation. Given the infinite number of combinations of player positions, direction, and speed, the effect of wind and rain, the effects of tiredness and how long a player's been on the field, etc., this would seem to be a very subjective statistic. Pattern matching of that sort would need some hefty computing power, which makes me very skeptical.
  6. We've played two games, and defenses don't tend to gel until five or six weeks into the season. The fact that we haven't conceded a goal at home since February is quite an achievement and no fluke. Pickford is part of that defense, and the fact that he's playing well shouldn't detract from our defensive record as a whole. If we can match a solid defense with Matinezesque attacking flair, we're going to be quite a force this season.
  7. I’d never heard of xG until you posted this message. What exactly is it, and how is it calculated?
  8. Hardly a good statistical sample, but the only teams not in the top six at the time have since been relegated. I would suggest teams win because they are top six. The corollary is clearly not true: winning this cup is not a path to becoming top six.
  9. You and I are both older than the League Cup competition. If prestige comes with age, what happened in our case? My grandfather fought in WW-I, and my brother was researching his medals. Most are genuine, but one was given out after the war by one of the national newspapers (Daily Sketch, maybe?). Do you think that medal carries anywhere near as much respect as the others? The Caraboa Cup/League Cup is the Daily Sketch medal of trophies. If others are satisfied with winning such silverware, then so be it. Personally, I want to see Everton become once again the best team in the land, and I don't want anything getting in the way of that. I won't be satisfied with anything less than the best - and surely that's the attitude we should have as fans. Scraps at the table might satisfy some, but we should be looking to feast year after year.
  10. I did write that virtually no-one would agree with me, and it turns out I’m a prophet! I’m sticking to my guns, though: If we don’t pursue it at the cost of all else, we’ll never make it back to the top four.
  11. If playing our second team bolsters our chances of finishing in the top four, go for it. We won’t reach the semis, but that’s no loss.
  12. Tongue in cheek maybe since virtually no-one will agree with me. There’s a business simulation game that’s popular when teaching graduate business students. The class is divided into teams, and each team manages their resources in order to maximize success. Every team starts out with the same products, cash in hand, factories, and so on. The winning team, therefore, succeeds on its own merits and decisions. Without meaning to give away secrets to any aspiring business student here :), the biggest factor in success is having a strategy, sticking to it, and not getting distracted. In particular, teams must be decisive by immediately selling factories making a product inconsistent with their strategy, even if that product is profitable. The temptation, of course, is to try to succeed with everything, but that rarely works. You have to decide upfront and then ignore all the distractions and temptations. How many real companies have struggled because they won a big contract that, in truth, they should have avoided? This goes against the grain. Won’t a big win breed success? Not if it distracts from the main goal. Resources get tied up on the wrong thing, and the team loses sight of its real goal. The key to any strategy is not so much what you will do but what you won’t do. Ask any experienced CEO. Our real goal is to participate in the Champions League every year, which means becoming once again a top four club. It helps that the real money comes from a top four finish, the added TV money that comes from it, and the new marketing cash awarded to the big clubs. The Carabao Cup gains us nothing (anyone who believes the Europa is worth it, let me point you to Roberto’s second season). The prize money is pitiful. Reaching the final rounds would cause us to drop points in the league, the financial cost of which would far outweigh any prize money from the cup. Again, the key to success is strategy, deciding what NOT to do, and sticking to it. If our strategy is to become a Champions League regular, then forget about all else. (Other top teams know this, which is why Bradford, Burton, and the rest make it to the semis or even the final.) Apologies for harping on about this, but it’s about time we started wearing big boy pants.
  13. Maybe we’ll get to play Leyton Orient or Accrington Stanley in the final.
  14. Here we go again: The distraction of the Mickey Mouse cup. Focus, focus, focus. Do we want to break into the top six or not?
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