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  1. He wasn’t saluting the genocide of the Kurds, though. I’ve seen him do this before. It’s how he celebrates. Let’s not read too much into how players celebrate. PS - I just read the BBC article and take back what I wrote.
  2. There’s an easy solution to winning. Tell each player they begin each game with 60% of their salary. They secure an additional 20% for each goal scored and lose 20% for each goal conceded. La voila.
  3. Benitez would not be a good fit at all. Slow and steady loses this race.
  4. Do these episodes happen to coincide with those times when you watch highlights of recent Everton games? Seriously, be diligent in following up, John. Wishing you all the best.
  5. Working on a project that should result, with luck, in a rather special birthday present for my wife. (Awaiting comments on this with some trepidation.)
  6. Please don't joke about it. I didn't sleep well last night.
  7. If Moyes and Martinez would work together as joint managers, yes. Moyes would sort out the defence for good, and Martinez would have us playing exciting, attractive, and attacking football. That would be quite a partnership - except that neither has the ego to work with another or with a director of football - not to mention double the manager salary.
  8. It's surprising how most of us here agree on what's needed: Stop with the two holding midfielders and aimless passing, drop Sigurdsson since he doesn't fit with the way we play, and stop with the zonal marking on defence. Add urgency and energy, and don't be so predictable. I'm convinced that changes like this would have a big effect.
  9. Three 10-pointers this round: Aidan, Bailey, and dunlopp9987. For Bailey, this was the second 10-pointer in as many games - the first time that's ever happened. Can we achieve a hat-trick? For the season and points per prediction, these three, together with MikeO, lead the pack.
  10. The next to go, according to OddsChecker. https://www.oddschecker.com/football/english/premier-league/next-manager-to-leave-post
  11. As of now, after the easiest schedule in recent years, we are officially in the relegation zone. That has to be the trigger for change.
  12. I just had a terrible thought: Please, please, please do not bring back the crook through the end of the season. 😟
  13. I noted in the game thread that I'd like to see Unsworth be given the role until the end of this year. But I have more to say on this, because the problems we have we really can fix. Pickford: He must be getting frustrated. I get the sense that he needs reinforcing support. He's still comparatively young, but we're treating him like a veteran. The last thing we need is for Pickford to just go through the motions while looking to jump to another team. Let's not overlook him. On the other hand, why aren't we playing Lossl in cup games? Defence: Keane and Mina need time to forge a partnership, but the zonal approach to defence is a big mistake. These two have the right skills to do well; the problem right now is tactical. A strong and proven defensive coach would see this and address it quickly. I know Coleman had a great game recently (against City), but now is the time to alternate him with Sidibe, who has to be the longer-term option. Digne relies on confidence, of which he's getting a little short. Midfield: This is our biggest problem by far. As I write so many times, games are won and lost in midfield. There's no strong leadership. There's no urgency. Too often, it's the easy backward pass or simple sideways pass. (I was once a strong chess player, and that's a good analogy: you can either make safe moves and lose or have a clear strategy and go for it.) The midfield should be our engine, but too often we're running on idle. Give Gomes and Davies a go: experience and energy. Davies will make mistakes, but he needs that chance. You can't improve without making mistakes and learning from them. And, if we're going to spend in coming windows, splurge on a really top-class midfield leader. Up front: Why ever are we not playing two up front: DC-L and Kean? Anyone with eyes to see knows that DC-L creates loads of chances for a goal poacher, so why not play to that strength? The lad has kept going, and puts in his all, but he's being wasted right now. Add Iwobi behind them, with Bernard or Richarlison (who needs a real rocket under him right now) to add their trickery, and we really could be scoring a lot of goals. Kean is admittedly unproven for now, but give the lad a chance. Why buy him, play him in ever-changing configurations for a few minutes at a time, and then slam him for not scoring? There's no role in this team for Schneiderlin. I just don't see it. There's no urgency. There's poor judgment. Good that he plays the occasional great pass, but one redeeming feature does not a starter make. His lackadaisical attitude (which may be an unfair judgment on a calm personality) can spread, and we need energy and urgency in midfield. Neither is there a role for Sigurdsson. He too has redeeming features, but they are not enough to justify a starter role right now. I've always struggled to see where exactly he fits in our team configuration, and I still don't see it. He's a bit of a square peg in a round hole. A good manager will see the problems right away. I'd go so far as to say that, if we bring in an insightful and motivating manager, our results could turn around on a dime, as they say. Sorry Marco, but you do not pass Go - although you'd be collecting more than $200.
  14. I'll get slammed for this comment, but I would be happy to see Unsworth be given the job until the end of the year. He knows and loves the club, he knows the players and they respect him, and I personally thought he twice did a decent job holding the fort between managers. I've lost all hope in Silva, I confess: He's like a deer in the headlights right now, and we shouldn't rush the next managerial appointment. Give Unsworth the chance, with more time this time around, and see how it goes. He's likely to be a big improvement on what we're currently experiencing. We have good players (bar a couple): Brands has done a good job. I can see better ways to use our players, and so can plenty here. It really isn't the players right now - except for lack of confidence and motivation, and that comes from the manager.
  15. We're in the bottom four after playing mostly bottom half teams. I don't want to think about where we'll be after playing the better teams in the league.
  16. Meanwhile, Liverpool are given the softest of penalties in the fifth minute of stoppage time - salt in the wound.
  17. The really sad thing is that a top six position is there for the taking this season, even top four. Arsenal, Spurs, and United are struggling, and Chelsea's not so hot right now either. Mind you, they haven't played us yet, so we might improve their positions.
  18. At least we lost to a top four team. 🤔
  19. Now there's a surprise. Davies for Schneiderlin with five minutes to go?
  20. Who wants to predict the substitutions? I'd like to see Kean for Sigurdsson and Gomes for Schneiderlin - right now at half time. It will probably be Kean for DC-L at 60 minutes and Davies for Schneiderlin at 80 minutes.
  21. Just realized that Mina-Keane sounds rather like mannequin, which is how they’ve sometimes played - but hopefully not today.
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