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  1. Here are the results from the first round. markjazzbassist is off to a flying start. dunlopp9987 is not where we might expect him to be.
  2. I shall be putting my spreadsheet together this evening and hope to post first round scores before the day is out. Just in case, though, let me post my score for tomorrow's game. Everton 5-0 WBA Richarlison
  3. I really do believe we can finish in the top four. Why not? Fifth with Martinez, so why not fourth with Ancelotti?
  4. I can remember two final replays before Everton eventually lost to Villa. Amazing to think we used to have replays if the final finished with a tie.
  5. Just think: If we win the League Cup, we could be the ones next year playing Lincoln Red Imps in Gibraltar!
  6. B team - job done. Same next round, please. I don't get why some want to tire our first team in order to beat Salford - Salford! - by a larger margin. Let the first team focus on WBA this weekend and make it 6 points from our first two games. By Sunday night, we could be in first place!
  7. We appear to be playing our B-team and winning, so maybe we're all happy.
  8. Of course I have no problem with winning. If we win the League Cup, I'll be delighted. My point is that there's no way it must be allowed to undermine the primary goal: sustained winning over many years, something that requires focus, strong finances, and no distractions. We simply have to accept that, right now, we can't have it all, so we must be sure to focus where it really matters. I reiterate: if we could finish 5th in the 2013-2014 season, we can certainly finish 4th or higher this year. Why wouldn't we?
  9. Prize money for winning the League Cup? Less than one week's wage for Bernard (a bench-warmer). Financial benefit from finishing 4th instead of 11th? Close to what we paid for Rodriguez.
  10. Just look at this blatant bias. Here's the league table as shown on the BBC website. Correctly, teams are shown in order of points, then goal difference, and then alphabetical order - with one obvious exception. Look at the teams on 3 points and a goal difference of 1.
  11. The FA Cup I could understand, because it carries prestige. The League Cup, though, is a waste of time and effort. Are our sights really so low that the League Cup is what we aspire to? We should follow the Leicester approach, not the Swansea approach.
  12. I know I cause frustration every time I make this point, but it's so important (in life, in business, in sport, in everything). We succeed when we focus! What exactly do we want: to win a cup wth virtually no prize money just so we can claim, like Bala or New Saints, that we're "in Europe" or to become a powerhouse team once again, earn many millions more for finishing in the top four, and genuinely earn our right to play in Europe because we're good enough? We have to choose, because a lack of focus will mean we achieve neither - or the wrong one. In Martinez's first year, we finished fi
  13. Spurs were not poor. They’ll likely beat the likes of Chelsea, Leicester, and Arsenal. We were supremely better and very worthy winners against a good team.
  14. How soon we forget. Getting into Europe set us backward the last time. Europe must be because we’re strong enough for it, not just so we can say the word ‘Europe’. So what? Bala plays in Europe.
  15. It depends on whether or not we focus. If we strive solely to finish in the top five, I genuinely believe we’ll do it. If we waste effort and risk players in other ventures, it will cost us. Now is not the time to believe a Mickey Mouse Cup is a route to Europe. Leave that to the lesser teams. Place every effort and all our focus in once again becoming a powerhouse in the league.
  16. B team all the way in every round. Focus and don’t be distracted by this waste of time Cup.
  17. Simple question: where would he fit in our team right now? The starting line-up today was well-balanced, and we have Bernard and Kean on the bench. I'm not a fan, but some would say Walcott is also an option. What would an expensive Zaha bring right now?
  18. Doucoure. The increase in real talent was like an incoming tide lifting all boats. Doucoure's Prem experience showed, though, among the newcomers.
  19. This is just the type of game we must win to make the top tier again. We’ve positively shoved Spurs behind us. We must do the same to Chelsea, Leicester, and Arsenal. Next we have two games in which to really build up some steam and for that midfield to become a dynamic and creative rock (if that makes sense).
  20. Why can’t the BBC just call him Allan?
  21. No taking advantage of your lack of Internet access then to outwit you in today's draft!
  22. Terribly insensitive, I know, but when I read the BBC headline "Amazon expert killed by arrow shot by indigenous tribe", I wondered what it was that a tribe member might have ordered online.
  23. When you make a great deal, though, you shouldn't brag about it. It makes the other party look weak, and that means others in the future will be wary of suffering the same fate. Make a great deal, yes, but keep it hush hush.
  24. This is proving to be an awesome transfer window. I've said little about our deals over the past few years because I would have sounded unduly negative; other than Kean, I was not particularly struck by any of them. This time around, though, I'm pleased with every single one of them. Very well done, Everton.
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