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  1. From the moment the owner's cousin, or whoever, awarded them a marketing contract of immense proportions, this has looked rather obvious from the outside. Of course, it's dangerous and unfair to assume; however, I'm not at all surprised of this news. Now we need a commission to determine the impact of gambling sponsorships and their influence on VAR decisions. https://www.thedrum.com/news/2019/08/05/the-season-kicks-just-three-premier-league-clubs-have-no-betting-brand-partnerships
  2. Honestly, I'd say that Brits in general are quite the opposite: We can be very harsh on ourselves. Only when an outsider says we're crap do we get all upset and claim we're the greatest. You see it here in this discussion. Giving our own opinion, we can be quite critical of Pickford. When the media is critical of him, they're biased and we defend him.
  3. I love these forums because I’m forever learning stuff and meeting interesting people. Who knew that Crooked Sam’s nephew was amongst us? Glad you stuck with us even while demonstrating family loyalty. It must be tough. Honestly, I struggle to find anything positive about those regrettable months. The style of play was simply awful.
  4. How would the public respond if they were to blow up Arlington National Cemetery? Why is a Native American cemetery any less sacred? The answers that would be given by this administration, for sure, are (i) how dare anyone even suggest desecrating Arlington National Cemetery or burning a flag! (ii) But these are defeated non-white heathens, so what's the problem? The fact that the Apache nation was not even notified speaks volumes.
  5. Why does England do this? The nation piles undue pressure in all its goalies. How many careers has that messed up in recent years? Frankly I’d much rather we didn’t have the England keeper on our team. Every little mistake will be exaggerated, which is bound to get to Pickford in the end and become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Sad to say it, but it’s much better these days not to have internationals playing on your side - unless you have a big squad.
  6. I can only repeat my comment from last season. He's like English ivy: the first year it sleeps; the second year it creeps; the third year it leaps. This is what we're witnessing.
  7. But this happens every time! He shows little effort, he's the most culpable on the field, and then he shows up for a couple of games - and how soon we forget! I don't see this leopard changing his spots. I'm glad he had a good game, but we need consistency and strength and 110% effort in the heart of midfield.
  8. In the early1980s, I taught myself how to write computer programs, enough to obtain adequate modeling results for a PhD. This won me a job with Britain's most prestigious software company. I was great with Algol, Fortran, and even C. If I were to try to apply these skills to writing software today, I'd be a joke - a total dinosaur. So much has changed since I was a good programmer. It's the same with David Moyes. Two decades ago, he was just great, and his skill continued for ten years or so. But things change, and football is very different today. Personally, I don't see that he's changed much - and probably still expects the squad to run laps during every training session. Maybe I'm being unfair, and maybe West Ham will survive relegation, but I'm not convinced.
  9. And see West Ham since David Moyes took over.
  10. One for the history books: a classic example of courage, integrity, and conscience - from a man with whom I mostly disagree but whom, today, I admire.
  11. Congratulations to pete0 for coming very close to scoring a 10-pointer but, in the end, scoring 5 points and winning the round. He leads for the month of February. For the season and per prediction, dunlopp9987 retains a strong a lead.
  12. Bernie Sanders would be the Democrats' Jeremy Corbyn. Because of some of the things he's done in the past (such as praise Venezuela's Hugo Chavez), he would be unelectable - the easiest candidate to defeat in an election. Sad but true. At this point, I don't see a viable candidate, and I fear that big money will once again come into play (Michael Bloomberg).
  13. I really worry for the safety of the whistleblower and his family now that multiple senators have publicly quoted his name. Some crazy Trump supporter might well seek to cause him harm.
  14. Financially, we made our financial bed with Koeman, Allardyce, and Silva and we have little option right now but to sleep in it. I doubt there's any other reason. The summer window should be different, and my guess is that things will look quite different by then.
  15. "Not available in your country." I thought that was commonsense or intelligent voting or a conscience. (Strictly, not my country, but I do live here.)
  16. This implies an amazing statistic. None of the previous three managers (Koeman, Allardyce, and Silva) ever managed a come back win away from home. Ancelotti is the first since Martinez.
  17. But for appalling lack of focus, it should be two points. And if not for VAR, we would be 5th already,
  18. I remember suggesting exactly that when we did make it into Europe, and you can imagine the indignant howls from some quarters: "we can win this!" If we had the discipline to play only youngsters, I agree with you, but we don't. We don't even have the discipline to play them in the Carabao.
  19. I really don't get this urgency, almost desperation, to get into Europe. What happened the last time? Martinez did great in his first season and nabbed a spot in Europe. We did well in the group stages, but it affected our performance in the league. Then we were knocked out, but we never regained form in the league, and it was viewed as a bad season. IMO, we should get into Europe only when we have the squad required to support a European campaign and not before. We're not there yet.
  20. Mike: You were right about 2-0 with Kean scoring. I was celebrating my ten points when Newcastle went and scored twice! I remain without a 10-pointer this season.
  21. Congratulations to Heath for predicting the correct score against Newcastle. MikeO wins for the month of January. For the season and per prediction, dinlopp9987 is running away with it.
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