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  1. Me neither. Many happy returns, John.
  2. I would say the bigger danger is whether an opponent will be allowed to win. Emergency powers will still be in place by then and possibly expanded. Moreover, his supporters would believe his claims that the election was rigged. Of course, we assume a peaceful and orderly transfer of power, but we can longer assume that, unfortunately.
  3. Let me just say that I don't sense at all any less commitment and devotion to the president from his supporters, none at all. If anything, I would say their support is stronger today than it was at the outset, which is quite terrifying.
  4. It barely made the news. Sad to say, but most don't really care.
  5. I can't find fault with asking the general population for their opinion and vote. The fault really lies with how fickle and easily swayed the general population has become. (And I admit that I would have voted for Brexit but, as I mentioned at the time, as a way to gain some leverage against the flood of non-financial rules being imposed on the country. I never thought the country would actually leave - and it still may not.)
  6. It seemed quite an aggressive punch to me. Just imagine the consequences to football if the guy had had a knife.
  7. Once again, the game was lost in midfield. They usually are.
  8. I’ve been thinking about this in order to be fair. Each week I calculate the average prediction; you see it listed in the results as ‘TT Average’. For the Newcastle game, I shall apply the average prediction to those unable to predict.
  9. What matters is whether we’re happy with him here and want him to stay. Right now, I’m in two minds.
  10. He's a player where performance-based pay would make a big difference, I think. When you're guaranteed a fortune every week, whether you play well or poorly or even at all, it really doesn't matter too much. When you only get paid for putting in a real shift, though, you're going to do your best. Some players are motivated by playing for a particular team. Others (Schneiderlin and Walcott among them) are just doing a job and picking up a pay packet. For them, I say hit them where it hurts.
  11. We did our part, City. Now it's up to you.
  12. Congratulations to Matt, Shukes, and Wiggytop for scoring five points in this round. MikeO, despite a poor prediction against Cardiff, did enough to hang on and win for the month of February. For the season, dunlopp9987 has come back fighting and is now in a tie for the lead. He's retaken the lead per prediction. Despite a flying start, Matt Tiger has failed to predict for many weeks and has now dropped out altogether. It's on to March and the derby.
  13. I fail to understand the logic of this lineup. Resting players for the derby?!
  14. Gueye + Schneiderlin. Will we ever learn?
  15. I totally agree. We must never give up what we believe in (which includes compassion) in the name of defending what we believe in. That’s what’s been happening in the US: privacy being taken away in the name of defending a way of life that honors privacy.
  16. Has the Silva thread disappeared? I haven’t seen it since yesterday.
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