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  1. Count your blessings you don't live in the state of Georgia. This, ladies and gentlemen, is the guy in charge where I live. Incidentally, it's nice to see that Uncle Arthur is doing well here in Atlanta. Does Del Boy know?
  2. https://www.huffpost.com/entry/potato-boss-filter_n_5e856b8ec5b6f55ebf47d7cd
  3. I'm thinking, for nostalgia's sake, to buy a Subbuteo set on eBay and play the remaining ties against one of my sons.
  4. It's a rather improvisational work. You'll see that not all members of a section (e.g., violins) are actually playing the exact same thing (watch their bowing, for example). I've seen the score, and it is rather amazing. In fact, you see pages of it on some of the music stands in the video. Some of his other work is more approachable. If you perform a YouTube search, you'll find several fine examples.
  5. With yesterday's death of Krzysztof Penderecki, I decided to listen again to perhaps his most famous work: Threnody for the victims of Hiroshima. It's not easy to listen to, but it's a masterpiece of modern music. Of course, he wrote much other music, much of it relating to Poland and his Catholic faith, but it's the threnody that most will remember.
  6. Regarding masks, it can be even worse than that. In the US, nurses are asked, when they take them off, to place them in an ordinary paper bag, so this happens many times throughout the day - potentially helping to transfer the virus from the outside to the inside of the mask.
  7. [[edited version]] My oldest son is an ICU nurse at a major hospital in a large US metro area, and he's telling me all kinds of anecdotes. I'm very proud of him, though, because he's working at least 12 hours every day of the week right now (and so is his girlfriend). He's surprised at the number of younger people being admitted to ICU. It seems young adults are partying in their basements and spreading the virus, not realizing this virus is no respecter of persons. One lesson my son keeps repeating: This virus is not only a danger to older people; it's a danger to everyone. In the US, if you don't have a full-time job then you won't have medical insurance. One visit to a doctor, if it requires tests or, heaven forbid, a hospital bed, could bankrupt you if you have no insurance. This means that many continue working when they are sick, even knowingly sick, because they can't risk losing that job. If they don't have a job, then they can't afford to see a doctor. Every time my son calls he tells us to stay indoors. In practice, I walk the neighborhood two or three times a day and stay a good distance from others, but he even chides me for that. I suppose it's because he sees first-hand, almost every minute of his waking hours, patients who are fighting for their lives. One of these is the head of the hospital's respiratory department. Just three weeks ago, this guy asked my son whether he'd be willing to work on the virus task force, and today my son insists on working at the ICU every day in part in an effort to save this man's life. Yesterday, one of the patients, terrified, tried to rip off the tubing and ventilator to which he was attached. As my son struggled to stop him, the exhaust from the ventilator was being pumped onto his face. Multiply such incidents by the number of hospitals across our countries and you soon realize that medical personnel are special and rather selfless people. The point is: this is serious, whether you're young or old; hospitals are being overwhelmed; medical staff are real heroes; the US healthcare system will be proved to be in desperate need of change. I'm also proud of my older daughter. She's what they call here a physician assistant, which is who you get to see when you visit a walk-in medical clinic. She's seeing patients when they first demonstrate symptoms, and she too is working much longer hours right now in another, more rural, part of the country. The infection rate is picking up there as well.
  8. In Spanish, of course: "We're going to build a wall, and Americans will pay for it!"
  9. https://nypost.com/2020/03/23/senators-blast-rand-pauls-irresponsible-behavior-while-awaiting-coronavirus-results/ And guess what is this guy's profession? He's a doctor!
  10. In the meantime, President Trump is apparently bored with this virus and wants something else to talk about. His government is seriously thinking to end all current restrictions and encourage everyone to return to work next week. In the words of one conservative, it's just not worth the money and the hit to the economy to save the lives of older or sick people. Frankly, I couldn't believe that when I read it, but it's totally in line with the philosophy of the president's principal financial backer, Bob Mercer.
  11. I'm not a fan of Boris Johnson, but all credit to the government for this lockdown. Not a moment too soon. People have been pouring into Cornwall and crowding the roads and beaches. I saw pictures yesterday of Tregantle in east Cornwall, and the parking and crowds are ridiculous. If these people get sick, they'll tie up the very limited resources we have in our country. Our only major hospital (Treliske in Truro) has fewer than 1,000 beds.
  12. My older daughter is a physician assistant (whom you see when you visit a 'doctor' in the US), and my oldest son and his girlfriend are nurses. My son texted us the other night because they are seeing a rush a new patients in the ICU where he works, and they're not just older patients: some are in their 20s, 30s, 40s, or 50s. He's urging us to stay at home for as long as it takes. They're already working longer hours and on their days off. I really hope they don't get sick: If doctors and nurses go down with this, who helps patients then?
  13. Trump may have tested negative, but Rand Paul is the first US senator to test positive. This is the guy who voted against the government offering free testing and financial support to those affected.
  14. In this age of social distancing, a new sport is gaining in popularity.
  15. But the moaning would be bearable with a significant sum of cash in the bank for players in other positions.
  16. If we could trade Pickford to United for Henderson and cash, you can be sure that Pickford (as United goalie) would be England's #1. That's the way the system works.
  17. Do a deal with United: Dean Henderson plus 40m.
  18. Will round 29 be the final round this season? We shall see. MikeO and I won this round with the (un)impressive score of two points. Our collective predictions were simply terrible - and so was the result. dunlopp9987 retains a strong lead for the season and per prediction.
  19. I just arrived home, driving 14 hours from New Jersey. My wife is in Tennessee and should arrive home tomorrow night. If you're correct, we may have just made it in time.
  20. Bored? Then do what I’m doing. Lie comfortably on a sofa, maybe with a shot of whisky close at hand, and meditate on the following: The Reds were knocked out of the League Cup, the FA Cup, and the Champions League. The league will end with no winner. After all the boasting and gloating, their fans will have to accept the fact that this has been their least successful season in years. I’ve spent hours doing this, and it never ceases to lose its pleasure.
  21. Click on 'Leaderboard' in the blue banner near the top.
  22. Maybe you're stubborn, I'm one of very few at these forums who can say, from first-hand experience, that you're an all-round nice guy. All the very best with that procedure, John.
  23. They've banned handshakes at the beginning of rugby games, too.
  24. Didn't realize you lived in NYC. I work each week in northern NJ. One of the weekends I'm in town, and not traveling home to Atlanta, we should get together to watch a game. The mayor of NYC and the governor of the state seem to have their act together. It's tough, though, when the nation's leader is proving to be totally inept. It's obvious the number of reported cases is going to explode in the coming days. Personally, I'm driving home to Atlanta this weekend and will work from home for the rest of the month.
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