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  1. I'm not fussed whether he returns or not, quite honestly. I do agree, though, that we should focus on strengthening our midfield - which is where games are won and lost. Cash in on Gueye and Schneiderlin and find a real and passionate leader. If we plan to spend, that's where it should be.
  2. Nice to see, but we shouldn't be choosing players for this reason. Naismith comes to mind.
  3. One swallow does not make a summer. His attitude and overall contribution for over 12 months was awful. Sure, he improved recently, but are we comparing those performances against the previous twenty or against the standard we should expect week-in week-out? I'd prefer to sell, quite honestly, because there's a strong possibility the "couldn't care less" attitude will return.
  4. Personally, I think he's a pretty decent keeper. If anyone has a hangup about the fact his team were crap, just consider where Pickford came from.
  5. Sadly, much of today's more visible Christianity in America is totally un-Christlike. We have a president who is, in almost every respect, the complete opposite of everything Christ stands for yet he's fanatically supported by these same visible Christians. It's more than sad; it's a travesty. I've been mulling over whether or not to publish my second book on this subject. Let's be clear: Love of money is the root of all evil. The bible does NOT promote a free market economy. The greatest Christian leaders throughout history have proved the point that true followers of Christ learn through suffering and self-sacrifice and struggle, not through material success. This is quite evident when we read their biographies (and I just finished a biography of Thomas Cranmer, for example). Anyone who even glances at New Testament teaching would soon see that Christians are called to give until it hurts, even to those we might, on the surface, regard as enemies. Members of the earliest churches sold their possessions to give to the poor. The Gentile churches in Asia and Europe raised funds for the struggling Jewish church in Jerusalem, despite themselves being quite poor. In other words, please don't for one moment believe that Joel Osteen and his ilk represent the cause of Christ, because they absolutely do not. It's not about what we say so much as what we do: We can tell what a tree really is by considering its fruit. Incidentally, I do not see traditional congregations failing. One of the fastest growing denominations right now is the Orthodox church. Our Episcopal/Anglican church is thriving. Numbers aren't the complete picture: the zeal and impact and unity of local churches counts for much more. Also, self-appointed Christian leaders, often subject to no oversight, may be very visible and regarded by the press as representative of today's Christian faith, but that's deceiving. Those making the biggest impact day-to-day are quietly running food banks and housing the homeless and treating the sick. These never make the headlines and would not want to.
  6. And here are some of his goals. His self-confidence is amazing.
  7. Henry and DC-L up-front will be dynamite. Mark my words.
  8. I seem to remember it was the final ten games as opposed to the final 18.
  9. German duck turd? I think I’ll give that one a pass.
  10. I'm staying overnight at a hotel near Gatwick airport, having spent the week in Nice and flying to New York tomorrow. If ever you're in Nice, I recommend Le Frog restaurant. It's distinctive, and the food is great. It's not often you find a menu like this...
  11. It looks like the only English team in the Scottish leagues may lose the playoff and be relegated to non-league.
  12. Before playing us, they were ahead of City. After playing us, they were behind City. In other words, we cost them the title.
  13. Here are the final standings, and what a close race it was. This week, the TT Average won the prediction, with Palfy one point behind. It's the same for the month of May, with TT Average scoring 10 points and Palfy 9. Drum roll please... For the season, thanks for Palfy predicting correctly Walcott as our first goalscorer, it was a tie: Palfy and Cornish Steve share the honours with 97 points. dunlopp9987 was leading with just a few rounds to go but was pipped to the post (I won't mention of which team this reminds me!), but only 3 points behind. Congratulations, too, to nyblue23, the only other player to finish above the TT Average (which, according to the wisdom of crowds, will always do well). Per prediction, though, there is a sole winner: Cornish Steve. Thank you everyone for playing again this season. It was close to the final game of the season, and this is the first time we've ever had joint winners.
  14. Three wins against this year’s top three, please.
  15. The BBC and its commentators have been all in for Liverpool in recent days. They deserved' to win. They were unlucky. It's unfair. They only lost because of 11 millimeters on VAR. The headlines were not "Can Man City repeat" but "Can Liverpool make history". It's sickening. The truth is, though, that only one headline warrants the front pages: "Everton stopped Liverpool from winning the title!" (I was flying from New York to Gatwick today, but I managed to hear the final scores as we were boarding. It made for a happy flight.)
  16. If Lookman doesn’t start, he’ll leave in the summer.
  17. I got behind with that but will update this week.
  18. I'd be very surprised if any of us break the 100 mark this season. I might have managed it, though, if I hadn't forgotten one prediction and received -1 that round.
  19. My prediction is in. Good luck to dunlop, palfy, and nyblue.
  20. Our predictions were brilliant for this game. For the first time ever, to gain the extra point for your prediction being better than average, you must have predicted the exact score. Four people won the round by predicting that score: AlbanyNYToffee, markjazzbassist, nyblue23, and Palfy. With one match left to predict, it's very close at the top, especially with Palfy winning this round. As with previous seasons, anyone capable of winning for the season must message their prediction to a neutral third party and not post it here. Is someone willing to receive predictions from dunlopp9987, Palfy, nyblue23, and myself? Thanks.
  21. Congratulations to Aidan for winning Round 36, the only one of us to predict no Everton scorer against Palace. Cornish Steve won for the month of April and has taken over the lead for the season and per prediction (the game's not rigged, I promise!). With two more matches to predict, everyone currently above the TT Average score has a chance of winning for the season.
  22. Meanwhile, returning from the twilight zone to the real world for a moment... Gana.
  23. When Liverpool lose the title race, there will be one simple reason for it: Everton stealing two points from them. (And it should have been four.)
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