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  1. What's the fewest number of points a snooker player can score and still win the game?
  2. Ok, another football question: According to the rules of association football, is a square football pitch allowed?
  3. Quite right, on all counts. For a throw-in or corner kick, the sub is not yet officially on the pitch and cannot contribute to play.
  4. In football, a new substitute may perform only one of the following three things as his first action in the game: (i) take a throw-in; (ii) take a corner kick; (iii) take a free kick. Which is the substitute allowed to do?
  5. This is what I had in mind. I saw this rule applied years ago. The final batsman in an innings hit the ball in the air for an easy catch. The fielder removed his cap, pretended to bow, and caught the ball in his cap. To everyone's surprise, the batsman was given not out and his team was awarded five runs.
  6. Let me start the ball rolling: How can a cricketer score five runs on a single hit without running?
  7. OK, I understand. Still, can't someone simply purchase a proxy service to imply they are accessing sites from overseas?
  8. That's true, but don't underestimate the following that RM is beginning to get on ESPN. You'd be surprised how many guys in the US who play in amateur indoor and outdoor leagues follow ESPN coverage, and RM's name is getting about in these circles.
  9. Is it too late to hijack Mignolet's transfer to Liverpool?
  10. I don't see how they can, really. Al Jazeera Sports, for example, often broadcasts games live, and I watch games live using their feed. There are plenty of others.
  11. Based on RM being a commentator for ESPN, Everton will surely see a noticeable uptake of support from the US. Maybe next summer, the team should plan a US tour.
  12. Later today, the World Cup and European region winners play the surprising champions of the Oceania region in the Confederation's Cup. Would anyone care to predict the score? I shall go for 8-0. What I wouldn't give for Tahiti to score!
  13. He did the same for ESPN during the World Cup and really knew his stuff. His analysis of games was second-to-none. I'm not surprised they asked him to return for the Confederation Cup.
  14. I'd be disappointed, because that might actually increase the average age of the team. Surely one goal must be to plan for the future by bringing in some younger players.
  15. Last year, maybe Swansea and WBA were the two teams that did surprisingly better than expected, whereas Stoke and Newcastle were perhaps the two surprise disappointments. What about for the current season? For surprises on the positive side, I'll predict Villa and Sunderland improving on last season's performance. On the negative side, I wouldn't be surprised to see Liverpool struggle, and Newcastle have the potential to self-destruct. As for Everton, I'll leave the discussion to the thread and poll in the General Everton Discussion section.
  16. I didn't vote either because, in this first year of change, I'd suggest 5th place is a realistic target (especially if Spurs lose Gareth Bale). After that, becoming a Top Four team is realistic.
  17. Better late than never! I've been posting away for a couple of weeks but never thought to write an introduction. My name is Steve. I'm originally from Cornwall (please never call me English!) and moved the US almost 30 years ago. As a child, I mostly supported Spurs, but I do remember many players from the Everton team during Harry Catterick's time as manager. In particular, I still remember Morrissey's long throw-ins during the FA Cup final against WBA. Living in the US, I lost touch with English football for a while but did coach all six of my children as they played "soccer" locally. My oldest son was quite talented, becoming the leading scorer in the Georgia high school league in which he played and later captain of his university team as they made it to the national finals for the first time. Traveling home from one international business trip, I met him at Manchester airport, and we watched Liverpool play at Anfield. He remains a keen Liverpool fan (God bless his cotton socks). In recent years, I've again followed English football more closely and became enamored with Wigan's style of play. Roberto Martinez is an occasional commentator in the US, and I found his analysis of games to be excellent - far better than the comments of others. During the last World Cup, in particular, he was by far the most credible commentator and always saw (and predicted correctly) the tactical strengths and weaknesses of each team. So, in truth, it wasn't Wigan I was supporting as much as it was Martinez. Now that he's been appointed manager of Everton, I'm learning all about the Blues and intend to follow them. Undoubtedly, some will claim I am fickle for switching teams, but I don't see it that way. There are certain teams (like Barcelona) that you just can't help but admire. For me, despite their very limited resources, Wigan was a team to admire. They played very attractive football and were simply unlucky with the defensive injuries that cost them relegation. I won't forget their victories last year over ManU, Arsenal, and especially Newcastle. Indeed, their victory over Newcastle was one of the most impressive and convincing wins I've seen in years - and it was all because of Martinez. (This year's FA Cup quarterfinal victory over Everton was pretty good too, and I was very impressed with the Everton fans who applauded Wigan's performance at the end of the game.) So, here I am on ToffeeTalk, and thanks for the welcome you've given me to date. As you can see from my posts, I am very excited about the Martinez era at Everton. It may take a year or two to establish a more attacking and passing philosophy, but I can see a revolution happening here. We assume that money is always needed to win the league, but it's simply not true. I remember how Notts Forest were promoted in third place, next year won the (then) First Division, and then won the European Cup two years in succession. I can see the same incredible progress being made at Everton. The skills are here, the desire is here, and now the manager is here. He's already defined his BHAG, and now he will achieve it. Am I being unduly optimistic? Maybe. On the other hand, it's truly exciting to anticipate what Everton and Martinez might do together in the coming months and years.
  18. I don't see that working too well but would be glad to be proved wrong.
  19. So what exactly is the amount of the price trigger? I've seen 22m, 22.5m, 23m, and 24m, depending on which news report you read. One stated that it's 24m in general, but 22m for a club playing in the Champions League.
  20. Now that Malaga are banned for a year from all European competition, and given the above report, maybe it's time to poach Isco!
  21. I've read that there is indeed a sell-on clause, and it's of the order you suggest.
  22. Of all the articles I've read recently, this one most closely matches my sentiments. I find myself agreeing with the team assessment and with the writer's ideas for transfers in and out. In: McCarthy, McManaman, Moses, Soldado, and others Out: Heitinga, Fellaini, Naismith, and Anichebe
  23. Part 2 of the 6-part interview is also up: The importance of keeping Baines.
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