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  1. Congratulations to Heath for predicting the correct score against Newcastle. MikeO wins for the month of January. For the season and per prediction, dinlopp9987 is running away with it.
  2. Oumar brought a positive attitude to a team that, at the time, didn't appear to give a hoot. Despite a lack of ability, he scored goals through sheer will power and determination. It doesn't matter if some of them were ugly; they all count. I don't blame him at all for turning down "opportunities" in lower leagues for potentially less pay. Everton signed a contract with him, and our opinion of him can't affect that. I'm looking forward to him scoring his first goal under Carlo. It won't be pretty, but it'll prove he still cares about scoring goals for this club. Once a blue, always a blue. isn't that what we say? Then why should we criticize a player for wanting to remain a blue? I thank him for it.
  3. Let’s remember the game for a different reason. Well done, Moise Kean. You played a great game and deserved your goal.
  4. Perspective everyone. Deep breaths. We were by far the better team. In the long run, this is what matters. I’d rather lose by fluke than win by fluke, because flukes happen very rarely. We are improving significantly, despite all the injuries.
  5. Everton 2-0 Newcastle Richarlison (if not playing, then Kean).
  6. Three people predicted the correct score: MikeO, Bailey, and Palfy; however, of these three, only MikeO predicted DC-L as our first (and only) scorer and thereby achieved a 10-pointer. This moves him to the top of the leaderboard for the month of January. For the season and per prediction, though, dunlopp9987 retains a healthy lead.
  7. Just the kind of player we need right now. This would be an excellent move. Frankly, who cares if he used to play across the park? What matters is the here and now, not the past. Weren't plenty calling recently for Benitez to be manager?
  8. We assume that big money buys success, and it's usually true. Politicians pour hugs sums into getting themselves elected, because big money buys influence. The big money teams, despite occasional glitches, do tend to hover near the top of the table. But this year, we've really seen the influence of good managers: Chris Wilder and Roy Hodgson in particular. What Wilder has achieved has been nothing short of amazing. Yet again yesterday, he stole points, away from home, from one of the league's traditionally stronger teams. Compare his budget with theirs! Roy Hodgson took the poisoned chalice when managing England, because that's not like managing the same players week in and week out. His true value can be seen this year as Palace have played exceptionally well against the league's top teams. It's a repeat of what he achieved at Fulham. This gives me hope. We have an investor who wants to make us a big money team, but we've yet to click. That's OK, because Liverpool struggled for years after their investor took over. But now, for the first time in recent years, we have a world-class and proven manager, who understands this league and has won silverware. If he can build some momentum and get us into the top six, then the big money will keep us there.
  9. Woke up late today, so only now am I reading this thread. I have to say, some people will argue for arguing's sake. Moise Kean is the team's future, if he's managed correctly. So are DC-L, Holgate, Richarlison, Gordon, and Gibson. I've always been one to bring through the youngsters, and Ancelotti may be the man to do it. The problem we have right now is not Kean: It's the overpaid, under-incented, aging players who are sucking the lifeblood (and money) from our team. Move them on, please: Schneiderlin, Sigurdsson, Walcott. They're a sunk cost anyway, so don't worry about making a loss on their sale.
  10. I'm very pleased that DC-L and Kean are starting together upfront. Let's hope this is the beginning of an impressive strike partnership.
  11. Given the line-ups, I'm changing my prediction. WHam 2-3 Everton Kean
  12. That's fine. I don't expect everyone to agree with me. I've always been more of an idealist than a pragmatist. It's not that I claim to have superior morals or anything like that: I'm suggesting that the journey can be more important than the destination. How can a less compassionate leader result in a more compassionate society? How can a leader who mocks and ignores the law lead to a more just society? How can a war-monger lead to greater peace among nations? How can an intolerant narcissist encourage society to be more tolerant and inclusive? I just don't see it.
  13. I challenge it - every day. Given his increasingly cult-like status, it's cost me more than a couple of friends. So be it.
  14. The fundamental issue raised by Donald Trump is whether any means can justify an end. I have plenty of friends who believe that the thriving stock market and the possibility that abortion might be banned justifies supporting an immoral, narcissistic liar. I cannot agree, however. For me, a person's character is more important than their policies.
  15. ...unless we're planning to make a huge profit in the next year or so. Pickford to United for 90 million, anyone? I'd do it.
  16. dunlopp9987 is running away with it! He scored a 10-pointer this week and now leads in all categories.
  17. What points tally do you think we'd have had if Marco Silva had remained Everton manager?
  18. It's at times like this that family really pull together. The encouraging thing reading through these messages, John, is that your family are being there for you. Family can be a real blessing, although we often don't realize it. Praying for you and "her indoors".
  19. I’m quite choosy about players, but I’d be more than happy to see him brought in.
  20. We need sign only one player in this window: a real bulldog in midfield. I’d be happy with that.
  21. I wish him the best. A friend of mine, an avid Palace fan, seems quite pleased. Tosun will surely get more chance there to get used to this league.
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