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  1. Vastly overrated. Scored 15 goals for celtic, however leigh griffiths scored 20 so doesn't exactly reflect how good he is. Loved by the fans until his "goals in scotland don't matter remarks" Wouldn't be over excited if he signed....
  2. Being from Scotland, we hear endless amounts about the Dundee Utd youngsters, and rightly so. However as they signed Robertson in the summer on a free transfer from a 4th tier team, I can't help but feel it is a steep price to pay. On the other hand, Gauld is something special and merits all the applause being put in his direction, simply sensational with the ball at his feet and really will be a big player in the future. Having signed 2 new deals in the not so distant past (one before and one after his 18th birthday), he wouldn't come cheaply I wouldn't imagine, Dundee United have arguably sold well in the past. Souttar, I've never seen him be outstanding while playing against my home team (Ross County) but I suppose has never had to be, there is a youngster with Kilmarnock Mark O'Hara, who has been brilliant and of a similar age to the Utd trio. All this being said, the very much unsung hero at Dundee Utd would be Stuart Armstrong, the Scotland U21 captain, goes about his work a lot quieter than any of the previously mentioned players, while also being a vital part of their jigsaw. I think it would take something special for Jackie Mcnamara to sell any of his starlets!! Just a wee curve-ball to throw in....
  3. Can't believe people are even comparing the two after no more than 2 weeks incharge!! Bearing in mind 3 of the 4 signings got relegated along with Martinez (touch wood) doesn't mean that he is better? The young Lad is the most promising of the 4 IMO....
  4. At least he isn't a former Wigan player! Ha
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