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  1. eventually but i think they are trying to ease Kean into the position, today was good for him to see the more physical side to the game. a couple times he was bulldozed and looked for a foul that never came (gbamin as well). the quicker they realize they need to stand firm and those fouls wont come the better. you can see he's a lot more comfortable with the ball at his feet and he wants to score badly, i say let him get 30 min of villa and start lincoln, bag a brace at lincoln and then force the manager to start you the next match.
  2. Friday match, Wednesday Match, Sunday Match. 3 days between each one, we should be fine. I expect some rotation with some of the newer players getting some time. We could rest our whole starting XI and i'd still be confident, for the first time in a while we have some real quality in depth. Lossl Sidibe Keane Mina Baines Davies Morgan Walcott Iwobi Bernard Kean
  3. Short week for this one, they don't have a win in the league yet and will be home, they will be hungry. Good news is they are lacking quality and we are the better side. Against these lower teams we need 3 points, the away draw is fine and all but if we are trying to be ambitious it needs to be 3 points. Digne a doubftul due to the hamstring, luckily we have Baines. I'd still stick with DCL but i would make Kean my first sub and give him a solid 30 minutes of playing time to see what he can do. Pickford Coleman Keane Mina Baines Gomes Gbamin Richarlison Gylfi Bernard DCL
  4. great wall of Mina for me. i thought Gbamin and Digne did well too.
  5. GREAT WALL OF MINA, i love this guy. very vocal, doesn't take shit, defended well today. for a big guy he's not super fast but has decent acceleration. he and keane are forming a very solid partnership.
  6. very happy with the result. we worked hard and will only improve.
  7. sidibe baines holgate the young lad i forget his name. instead we named kean tosun iwobi walcott, no need for all them IMO
  8. id rather have 2 defenders on the bench ni case a fullback and cb need subbed than 1 for all 4. no need for 4 attackers on the bench you only get 3 subs
  9. sidibe can play LB and RB, holgate is CB or RB. baines LB only.
  10. digne off injured for holgate. coleman to LB. should have had sidibe on the bench or baines
  11. kean on for DCL, this might be the moment he takes the starting job
  12. classic walcott, does all the hard work and beats his man and then skies the cross FFS
  13. mina showing he will be the one with steel in this team. i love this guy
  14. pereyra what a joke. he deserves that yellow
  15. richy another free header and he should have scored.
  16. pickford 3rd time now he's made a mistake and we're lucky they don't capitalize. he's sleeping back there.
  17. richarlison should have scored there, wide open, great kick
  18. marco might be the best looking manager in the premier league, young, sharp dresser, i bet the ladies of liverpool are swooning
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