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  1. it would be wonderful, we could start a trend hopefully. the amount of money generated by kit tops is minuscule compared to corporate sponsorships and the like. with the kitbag deal being a downer as well we might as well just keep the same kit.
  2. agreed, dortmund and bayern are it and neither has been excellent since when they played in the CL final against each other almost a decade ago. the finance is not there in that league. davy klaassen walked into werder bremen and is a lynchpin major player for them after becoming a player not even on our bench!
  3. i agree, my point is he doesn't have balance and skill to get past them like those you mentioned do. he holds onto the ball to long and then is shoved off it. in germany he did better because it's a more technical game and less physical.
  4. he's not strong enough to be a 10 matt. he's tiny and weak, he's pushed off the ball so easily. david silva is tiny but he plays to the left or right in a midfield or as a forward for similar reasons. a less physical league like germany or spain would suit him more.
  5. no need to degrade the working man/woman, especially these rich spoiled pricks making millions. i'd have hoped the club would have fined him, that's a real terrible reflection on the character of a club. although it is west ham so no surprise.
  6. i'm not surprised. he didn't do much in his sub appearances and as our friend @StevO has pointed out many times he does not play wide, he always cuts inside and clogs up the middle and leaves the FB alone. i would hope we get 20-30m for him and use the success of Sancho as a reason to get the most out of them.
  7. just a numbers game, too many right footed wingers, some have to go, well get a left in. bernard richarlison look nice, lookman can be sold for profit, henry too, walcott can be sold for very little due to age and decline. it will be walcott staying i bet.
  8. i think so to. not saying i want to. but i could totally see lookman vlasic and henry all sold this summer.
  9. german work permits are different from UK ones, are they not?
  10. people are attracted to what they want. if you want to be rich, the prosperity gospel churches will appeal to you. is it correct theology? no, not at all. all it takes is one read through the bible to see all the massive holes in the prosperity theology. jesus himself was in his later years homeless and without any possessions. hardly rich. the early church in the book of acts sold their possessions and gave to those in need as a community helping one another. but if you are greedy and want that big McMansion with the BMW in the driveway that doesn't appeal to you. helping the poor sick widowed and imprisoned isn'tt "your thing". so you go to the prosperity gospel church which tells you what you want to hear.
  11. not a big deal we will buy him next year when he's pissed he never played 😂
  12. Got a vacation coming up might give the books a go, never seen the show either. Figure it would be good now I can read them all and then watch the whole show all at once
  13. still don't want him. he's past it. like rooney when he came back here. plus bale has serious injury issues. he will go to united or sit at madrid for a year and then go to west ham.
  14. this is a very European concept, that once you reach a certain pay raise it is somehow an affront to your humanity that (gasp!) you should ever make less money than that. in the states professional athletes take pay cuts ALL THE TIME, because they are coming off injury and want to prove themselves, because they had a bad year and want to play more, because they simply want to continue playing at the highest level and know to do so they can't charge as much, and yes some players even take a pay cut TO HELP THE TEAM. tom brady makes a small salary in american football, because he wants the team to have more money to put talented players around him, he makes a ton of money modeling and endorsements so he's able to do this. Bale is already a multi-millionaire. to a person like him a paycut won't affect his life in any way shape or form. wouldn't affect his kids life even (if he is smart investment wise). if he loves the game of football and wants to play its simple, you take a paycut and keep playing the game. there is no shame in making less money to do something you love.
  15. im with @patto no thank you. he's had attitude issues in madrid too. Zidane is an excellent man manager, for Bale to still be sulking and stuff shows me he has issues. Lastly, his agent stated he will see out his contract which means he's a greedy bastard. Had he shown some humility (due to his shite form and injury record) and said he'd take a paycut and look elsewhere i'd be singing a different tune, but as is, hell no. prima donna
  16. Not even the top 6 have good backups. Willy caballero? Michel vorm!!! Mignolet, Sergio Romero, Claudio bravo, etc none are good enough to challenge their 1st keeper, most are older and collecting a check and are an insurance policy against injury. barca with ter Stegen and cilleson and Real Madrid with navas and courteous the only ones with actual competition. We aren’t close to that level.
  17. Ah then never mind, find some foreign guy for cheap, we’ll pay a premium for Wilson and I didn’t realize he is that old. No sell on value and he’s reached his prime. We can do better.
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