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  1. as mcgiven said i think he needs an old school 442 formation and another striker to partner with. he's slow and not good in the air, but he's supposed to be a decent finisher. i don't know many sides that play a 442 anymore.
  2. montenegro are real world beaters, top notch team there. watch out world cup
  3. agreed, big letdown. 5 people from his campaign/associates are going to jail, 199 criminal counts. that has to count for something. but it won't for Trumpians.
  4. one correction, he said there was no collusion, BUT he said THAT DOES NOT EXONERATE HIM. which means there could be some shady shit in there. could not be, but why would he say that?
  5. yeah i was going to say the honeymoon is over they got knocked out of the FA cup
  6. he was getting paid more than i will likely ever make in a salary in my life, and he was 18, i was playing for free. i am not for the abuse, i think it's horrendous. but the way the system works is those neanderthals paid for a ticket and can yell and scream at the players if they want to. every club has those fans, so to act like that is to blame is missing the point, they are everywhere, so it's a moot point. koeman/martinez, contract treatment sure that's debatable, but the fans yelling things is not in my opinion. there is no safe place stadium in the UK or probably even the world, unless its a closed doors match.
  7. The whole fans giving stick unless you ban noise in the stadium it will always be there. There are stupid and drunk people everywhere and the players need to learn to tune it out. I played many sports in high school and when I was “in the game” I can tell you I never heard a single fan. Not even my parents yelling for me. Hell sometimes I didn’t even hear the coach! Singular focus on the match and that’s it. If a young MJB can do it surely a pro can. So I don’t see that as an issue honestly, part of sport.
  8. Honestly ste I loved Ross and thought given the right squad and players he could be more consistent and really grow into that number 10 free role like he did with Martinez but take it up a couple notches. I didn’t think he hit his ceiling. Now I’m realizing he did hit his ceiling and That’s the best he’s got. Which surprises me, when he makes those driving runs and the ball is just glued to his foot and he’s passing guys and his balance is like that of a dancer just so gracefully he’s gliding by them. Those were honestly magical to watch, I’m sad that they are outliers and not a regularity I guess is what I’m trying to say.
  9. Pretty telling that a bunch of us with varying opinions on the squad all think digne is player of the year.
  10. He’s got some real talent around him now at Chelsea and a manager playing attacking ball and he still isn’t showing anything more than what we’ve seen.
  11. Good thought matt. Digne and Gana for me. Gylfi and richarlison begins them.
  12. I don’t know that he would be much better than Coleman. Spurs make a lot of players look good they have quality all over. Also I would prefer a younger player. no from me
  13. Wonderful story about Jaime Mata, from 4th division to Spanish national team. http://www.espn.com/soccer/club/spain/164/blog/post/3806301/jaime-mata-had-given-up-on-football-but-now-he-could-win-his-first-cap-for-spain
  14. if he's still U21 eligible i'd rather him play there because he will start every match at that level and get more playing time which he needs. the end of the bench with england senior side i don't see any benefit.
  15. exaclty my point you say kepa was benched for being a tit, that's what jordan was. i didn't have a problem with his keeping in newcastle, his behaviour and attitude is what i have an issue with and he should have been benched for.
  16. Yeah I don’t think he’s bad, just the Whole system of rewarding and dropping players gets messed up when you throw it out because XYZ. When managers are more consistent the players are able to count on it. What if stek had a worldie and showed his early form with us? What if he’s been working his ass off so he can get the Netherlands job back? You never know, willy caballero was a hell of a gamble and Sarri didn’t hesitate. Benching our leading scorer Richarlison was a gamble and it paid off.
  17. Strange Romey I saw Richarlison and Gylfi benched this year when not playing well, same with gomes and Coleman and many others. For some reason people take the GK position differently. Look at Kepa, he was benched too. Not sure why Jordan is treated different.
  18. I’m saying we should figure out how these other teams do it. Richarlison and many others are allowed in and we struggle to get permits. Id be surprised if there were bribes involved but I’m sure there are legal ways to improve your chances. A small donation to the judges re-election campaign is how it’s done over here, totally legal, ethically ambiguous.
  19. I loved Ross one of my favorite players and I’ll freely admit he was very hot and cold. He was very very lazy when it came to defending, he is not Ronaldo or Messi and yet when the ball went the other way he sure acted like he was. On his day he was excellent in attack, but those days were not all that often. The pub fights and stealing girlfriends and gangster friends didn’t help either. The way he left will alsways leave a sour taste for me.
  20. He doesn’t qualify for a work permit because he isn’t “an exceptional talent” or whatever they call it or because he doesn’t play something like 70% of his national teams matches. Most of us are hoping his time with the national team this year will help him qualify. Also he is doing well in turkey which always helps to raise his profile. Honestly big bucks moshiri should just find the guy who takes the bribes. Richarlison fulfilled neither and was denied then magically accepted by Watford. Clearly a payoff or something there. Find that judge or civil servant and make them your best friend.
  21. Qualifying match too, good for the work permit. I hope we are able to pull some strings and get this guy to England.
  22. i meant instead of richarlison. id take almost anyone over walcott at this pointn.
  23. i don't want lozano. he's 2 years older and not even the best player in a lower league. richarlison has a massive ceiling, if anything we should be extending his contract and seeing how long we can keep him before we sell to barca.
  24. so freely admits to making mistakes and then says (IN BOLD) he shouldn't be questioned. he's delusional. how can he make mistakes and not be accountable for them? after the newcastle match he should have been benched for match, he wasn't and now he thinks he's invincible and shouldn't be questioned regardless of form.
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