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  1. I quoted the monies to show how far he’s fallen, I don’t care about real’ finances and how he looks on the books. He was a 63m player and is worth less than half now.
  2. Wow James cost real 63m pounds when they bought him. Selling for less than half. I didn’t realize he was going for that cheap! Although with not a lot of suitors at that price kinda speaks for itself, something not right there. Coutinho has performed better of the two IMO but he’s the more expensive and doesn’t really fit our formation. It will be interesting to see where they end up, honestly I’d be fine if we said no to both and looked elsewhere.
  3. James is only 18m? I didn’t see a fee linked. That is cheap in this market, although his wages would be astronomical.
  4. Sheff and burn let just drew. A win against spurs and we are 9th.
  5. Not in current form, is rather have holgate. We looked like geniuses when we sold him, why do we want to be the mugs this time?
  6. Yeah and if he comes back he won’t see England team time just like keane won’t. If he stays at city he will continue to get called up. It’s how it works. Has no basis on merit.
  7. I agree, performance is always number one. But look at Juve with Ronaldo, what’s wrong when performance and marketing are both on your side?
  8. Between him and Coutinho it’s a toss up of the has been worldies.
  9. Not current form, the old English preference is rearing it’s head again. He’s been terrible for England and city. He’s still living off potential, he hasn’t shown any consistency at a top level.
  10. I don’t have the profile he does, so no. We have a lot of fans on here and matchdays at Goodison from America because of Howard. It’s smart from a commercial perspective too (see man United’s kit sponsor) to get more visibility in the states. I’m all for good players but surely moshiri and the board thinking of this marketing stuff as well? Cahill got us a ton of Aussie fans, had Cenk kicked on wed have gotten Turks too. im not saying sign people just because of this. But I would hope someone is thinking of this stuff and how to maximize profits.
  11. I think he will end up at Arsenal, he could walk into a starting role there, he would be 4th choice here
  12. He’s an American we should sign him for that alone other than pulisic we’ll get a lot of press from the states (like we did with Howard). Could be worthwhile investment that way. as a player it’s a yes as well, this would be a great signing. Speaks English and has played abroad in a top league already, it shouldn’t be a hard adjustment.
  13. yes please i've been seeing this guy for a while because he is Jamaican and plays against the US a good bit in international duty. 30m is cheap for a young player of his calibre. a massive positive is english is his native tongue making a transistion so much easier than if he were from somewhere else. he's linked with city as well and is mates with Sterling. i'm sure he will be a hot commodity this summer.
  14. Never expected you to be into the kinky stuff mike but to each their own😂
  15. Oh I don’t think he would be the one, it would be Barca just like they do with everyone. The media campaigns they run to unsettle are legendary. as for fee I believe it was 90m when Barca was linked, not sure why it could hit over 100m, he’s still very young and growing and has a great attitude and life off the pitch.
  16. I love Aguero too but he is constant injured
  17. they got spanked 3-1 by sheffield. Mou is already losing the plot and publicly feuding with their most expensive signing ever in Ndombele. I hope we can wreak havoc as well COYB
  18. nice to have you back finn, i always appreciate your posts. hope you stick around this time.
  19. didn't miss it, i said acapulco gold, which is a strain of marijuana. you missed it its delicious and tastes better than the black tea shite you drink in what's left of the crumbling empire.
  20. it is ste, always is. all he has to do is throw a fit and put in a transfer request and his agent leaks it to the press. then it is over. happens all the time.
  21. if it weren't for COVID i think he would be gone this summer. Barca and Man U were after him he admitted it, but decided to stay in january. COVID has ruined Barca's finances and held back others. We may be able to keep Richy for another year, but the clock will be ticking when he's sold for 100m+. I've resigned myself to it sadly.
  22. contract expires 2023 so i would agree with you. we still have some time.
  23. japanese (this aint no Acapulco gold here lol). got off the coffee, it was too high octane for me. i've got a lot of natural energy just need a little boost in the morning, this is less caffeine than coffee but enough to get me over the line. nice health benefits too.
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