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  1. PSG. Tuchel will go to Bayern in the summer, Poch to PSG. he played for them and loves them and has said many times he would love to manage them. that's my guess.
  2. he's gonna be mooted for Real Madrid, PSG (his old club), Bayern, there is 0 chance he comes here. i would love him here but no chance at all that happens.
  3. Makes absolutely 0 sense. More proof Levy is an idiot. Opposite style of football and opposite style of thought on transfers and building a squad.
  4. nuts. he's a top manager, he was hamstrung by their new stadium and levy being a cheap fuck. he repeatedly bitched about levy being cheap in the media and supposedly went to complain to him in person today when he got sacked. i'd have him here in a heartbeat. with funds he will win big.
  5. i'd have him here in a heartbeat. did well at soton and spurs. levy was skint as hell with him. moshiri would open the coffers and he'd be able to have the squad he wants. no chance he comes here though, united most likely.
  6. why mention it? when someone asks me about my job i don't talk about the 4 jobs i got turned down from, i tell them about the 1 i have. he's bitter, to even bring it up shows he's still thinking about it and it bothers him.
  7. sounds very bitter, doesn't sound promising for us.
  8. 27 year old for cover? no thanks. also said they will demand a fortune. no thanks.
  9. its going to be end of the year for an evaluation on Marco. The board and Brands especially will want to give him time and the ship is fine for now. Bar a 7 game losing strike and relegation battle i think the summer is when he will be gone or kept on to see out his contract.
  10. it is comical isn't it? Jardim from Monaco for me.
  11. i've always rated holgate, i remember reading articles after we bought him that said he could be better than stones. currently he is.
  12. I have been one of walcotts biggest detractors. I still think he’s Shit, but Marco played it right. He benched him for a while for garbage performances and not tracking back. Now when he was given a chance again due to injury he knew he had to take it and couldn’t coast anymore. He’s still inconsistent and still misses plenty of sitters but he’s working hard and I can’t fault him for that. Also with Bernie injured and kean not a winger we don’t have much else we can put out there
  13. Spot on. This article states the same, different rules and setup to everyone else is the reason it’s so poor. https://www.espn.com/soccer/blog-marcottis-musings/story/3989588/var-has-become-a-hot-mess-in-the-premier-league-heres-how-to-fix-it
  14. Mina that’s all I have to say. The same people who have written off kean did the same with Mina. He’s been our player of the year arguably. Seems Marco did it right.
  15. The good thing about the big teams is they play attacking football which suits us. We will have our chances. They aren’t going to be a parked bus which we can’t break down.
  16. rudolph hasn't been susupended. only garrett, ogunjobi, and pouncey. its a joke. none of this would have happened had rudolph not ripped at garrett's helmet. NFL is a joke we all know it, steelers is one of their favorite teams hence them getting off lightly. they hate the browns, always have, let our franchise be stolen from us (see ravens). it's a violent game.
  17. it's a smart move. keeps everton and shalke on their toes and likely means more money for kenny. tactical remark that's all. players in all sports do it all the time, keep the options open and go to the highest bidder.
  18. amen, he's a has been, no thanks, never wanted rafa
  19. this is why i didn't want him here, decent player but james mccarthy-esque in his fitness
  20. he's young it happens, it's all part of him learning to be a pro and grow up.
  21. lacina traore was a 1 in 1 striker scoring a goal on every shot he took
  22. i think it's just positive talk to appease Gomes and the fans. i doubt they are going to rush him back. just trying to make positive spin of the injury and situation
  23. unless the manager of our dreams is out there and willing to accept the position, i agree, keep him till the summer. not worth it all the hiring/firing.
  24. if you got your rating of sidibe from highlights well that's why. you didn't watch the whole game. he mina and holgate were very solid back there. he is a lot better than current form seamus.
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