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  1. don't want stones, i would take rudiger though.
  2. digne, james, gylfi. i bet james is smooth as silk
  3. i wouldn't consider nkounkou a youth, he's a first team player.
  4. i didn't know about the 2 club rule, good info there mark
  5. if you go to the threads where that discussion takes place it's very positive! carlo, james, longest everton thread, matchday thread, on the whole everyone is very positive an excited. this is a single player thread, we are discussing him here since that's the way the site is setup. all people are saying is when the next big transfer kitty comes up GK should be on the list. not sure what's so negative about that, RB should also be on the list. not a knock against them, just we are aiming higher and need to improve there. pickford has had issues for a couple years now, the new manager pub
  6. Nonetheless quality teams are always moving forward. Man city didn’t say squad is fine after winning the league, they improved. We should too.
  7. He didn’t play against salford, Virginia did. 2 of 2. Someone’s gotta do MikeO job while he’s healing 😃
  8. I’m not sure but I’m glad we got one match against them done and a win! Just in case he is good we won’t have to see him twice
  9. i don't want foster. i respect @StevO opinion and he's right, we need a better keeper. not six and a half dozen the other. it's clear CB is the priority with the injuries for this summer. But mark me, next summer GK will be a priority i believe.
  10. it hasn't happened overnight, trump put in 2 judges (1 of whom replaced a liberal) so before RBG died it was already a conservative court with moderate conservative Chief Justice Roberts being the "swing vote". With RBG gone, that is a 3rd judge appointed by Trump, even if Roberts went left on a decision the hard righters now outnumber the moderates and liberals, so it's conservative decisions all the way. If Biden is elected there is a possibility Breyer and Thomas retire during his term, 1 lib 1 conservative. that would put the court back to it's current state. Alito is 70, if biden wins
  11. it's wierd, we did our major transfers early (which is wonderful!) so i thought the window was closed, but we still have 2+ weeks. It ends October 5th. Even if we blew the transfer kitty already i would still expect 1 loan for a CB with holgate and branthwaite injured and Gibson headed out on loan. also i'm hoping to hear of some outgoings which has been really quiet.
  12. they are 10th in league 1 so far, won 1 lost 1. 3 goals for, 3 against. doesn't tell you much, but i'm a curious person. Joey Barton is still their manager.
  13. amen, credit to Bill K as well, he hung in there and didn't give up on finding the right owner, could have cashed in but got Moshiri and now he can live in peace with that.
  14. he doesn't say this to him until AFTER he is sent off knowing he can't do anything and seamus gets a free pass. an analogy is you and some dude have beef have a fight, but he shows up with 5 extra dudes, you walk away knowing you're good as dead, and dude is running his mouth acting big and bad when he ain't got nothing to do with it. it's pussy shit man. seamus had nothing to do with it, just piling on gibbs like he had a dog in the fight, he didn't. if james wants to square up and have a go, that's man to man, go for it. i got no problem with that (other than the red cars that ensue) but
  15. terrible news, thoughts and prayers go out to the family.
  16. sometimes i see carlo and everton in the same sentence and i still can't believe it. credit to moshiri, he got the right manager and he opened the wallet this summer. i've been critical in the past but he has got it right an it looks like it could be life changing for this club.
  17. no problem just wanted to let people know so they aren't DQ'd, get your points y'all!
  18. appreciate that but i'm fine, i just hate the shit talking. i'm old school. we played to win, you kept your mouth shut, you had class. that was drilled into us by our coaches, win or lose the only thing you have left is your attitude and integrity. they can't take that from you. you win with class, you lose with class. i didn't grow up a spoiled rich kid so maybe its just my upbringing.
  19. that's what refs are for, he was sent off, he's not gonna do it again, he's a wimp, he did it to james when he wasn't looking. he didn't even square up, all these guys are all talk. don't stoop to their level. just kick the ball and keep your mouth shut. i thought this was just american sports, i didn't realize football had no class either. thank you @Wiggytop i'm fine, i just can't stand the shit talking. i refused to do it when i played sports, i'm old school. i just don't see what benefit there is.
  20. i didn't realize seamus was a shit talker, thought he was more the quiet go about your business type. honestly respect the guy less, i can't stand the shit talking, let your play and the scoreboard do the talking.
  21. ste you have said time and again we are improving the lineup and the average players need to go. you champion the james, allan, doucoure richarlison saying that is what he need to aim for. so why do you want to stick with pickford? wouldn't you rather a top keeper to go with our top players? i would
  22. he's been out injured for a long time, give him time. he was excellent before his injury, fitness and rust are the issues.
  23. great news hopefully he gets game time
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