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  1. They beat Olympiacos today in Europa. Let’s hope they stay a couple nights in Greece and party too much 2 wins in a row they will be confident (and hopefully exhausted).
  2. i think it will be this now that gomes will start Pickford Sidibe Mina Holgate Digne Walcott Gomes Morgan Bernard DCL Richarlison
  3. not bothered. he was invested in arsenal he knows the game better than most.
  4. ah gotcha. yeah i feel the primary debates always benefit the incumbent, so it's kinda a necessary evil.
  5. playing devil's advocate, is there another way to do a debate? how can they articulate their differences and highlight their strengths without it coming off as an attack?
  6. @Cornish Steve all the debate recaps i read said that warren's ship is sinking so fast that she just went into attack mode all night. she didn't have a point to it, she just attacked everyone. basically lashing out as the door is closing on her campaign. i didn't watch it FWIW, i'm a bernie guy.
  7. Spurs folding like a cheap tent with mou tactics looking like vintage Pulis. Son and Kane out for the season. They could be in free fall soon. Europe is achievable lads
  8. feels like it's been an eternity. i can't wait for this one COYB
  9. The Sundays, great english band from the 90's. the lead singer's voice is so unique, her phrasing and cadence are again unique. i hadn't listened to them in a while and was so thankful i did today. wonderful band.
  10. atletico win! the shite had 0 shots on goal. let's hope more teams copy that method of playing against them.
  11. i don't know where you get were asians are flourishing. plenty struggle too. new orleans has a large vietnamese population that doesn't do well and they have massive gangs. i blame capitalism and greed. rich want more, they take from the middle class and poor. they move to more exclusive cities which takes resources and tax money away from the cities so the poor and middle class suffer more, the schools suffer more. their parents jobs suffer because the rich want more tax cuts and so the middle class and poor pay more. this keeps them oppressed. the majority of african americans live in the cities (by that i mean not suburbs) where the schools are bad, housing is bad, etc. but they can't leave, they don't have the resources to leave and move to the nice suburbs.
  12. no you said this which i stated was untrue because they aren't given a fair crack due to the issues i stated.
  13. the american education system is the definition of unequal and inequitable. i'm not sure where you got that info but our system is broken beyond belief. i live in this country. the reason african americans do badly on the whole is due to their unequal treatment. less opportunities, less money for the same job as others, systematic racism, your analogy is as wrong as it can get.
  14. my point is like 1 of 10 german imports is good. not a great ratio. de bruyne was already in the prem with chelsea he doesn't count. ballack was a decade ago!
  15. i agree that in theory communism is a great thing. Same with Socialism. I believe everyone is equal and should be treated as such. that's what i agreed with.
  16. lookman was excellent there, keita was a beast, neither have done anything in the premier league. i don't think it's a great league to buy players from TBH. haller max meyer, etc not pulling up trees.
  17. Naismith with the homeless, what a guy. He would be excellent to hire after he’s done playing. To help be the main face for EITC
  18. WhT do your medical professionals say? I’m surprised you’re not on ambien. I had a friend who got on it and it saved his life. He was finally able to sleep.
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