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  1. Just now, Sibdane said:

    Trump is loving this. It was attacks on each other the whole night between all the candidates. Democrats are looking just as bad as Republicans last go around. 

    playing devil's advocate, is there another way to do a debate?  how can they articulate their differences and highlight their strengths without it coming off as an attack? 

  2. 6 minutes ago, TallPaul1878 said:

    Then why are Asian students allowed to flourish? Does that not fly in the face of white supremacists? What are the policies that cause black americans to struggle? Who are the people in the institutions that are holding them down? Are there other external factors involved? What are the barriers to entry?

    i don't know where you get were asians are flourishing.  plenty struggle too.  new orleans has a large vietnamese population that doesn't do well and they have massive gangs.  i blame capitalism and greed.  rich want more, they take from the middle class and poor.  they move to more exclusive cities which takes resources and tax money away from the cities so the poor and middle class suffer more, the schools suffer more.  their parents jobs suffer because the rich want more tax cuts and so the middle class and poor pay more.  this keeps them oppressed.  the majority of african americans live in the cities (by that i mean not suburbs) where the schools are bad, housing is bad, etc.  but they can't leave, they don't have the resources to leave and move to the nice suburbs.  


    13 minutes ago, TallPaul1878 said:

    I never said the education system was equal.

    no you said this

    25 minutes ago, TallPaul1878 said:

    You see this very much so in the American education system. When everyone is given a "fair crack of the whip" you find that Indian and Chinese students rise to the top and that African American students struggle the most. 

    which i stated was untrue because they aren't given a fair crack due to the issues i stated.  

  4. 5 minutes ago, TallPaul1878 said:

    That's not communism or socialism. It's altruism. Communism and socialism don't have the monopoly on social justice, they just have the most people involved in social justice. Communists and socialists tend not to believe in equality, they believe in equity. There's a distinction there, positive discrimination and quotas are a form of equity. It's giving people a leg up because they start from a lower position, something that isn't bad in and of itself but is prone to unintended consequences (by concentrating on one group you neglect another).

    You see this very much so in the American education system. When everyone is given a "fair crack of the whip" you find that Indian and Chinese students rise to the top and that African American students struggle the most. Equality doesn't work there so they need to intervene. Should Indian and Chinese students be held back to make way for others? 

    the american education system is the definition of unequal and inequitable.  i'm not sure where you got that info but our system is broken beyond belief.  i live in this country.  the reason african americans do badly on the whole is due to their unequal treatment.  less opportunities, less money for the same job as others, systematic racism, your analogy is as wrong as it can get.

  5. 9 minutes ago, TallPaul1878 said:

    What has not being a communist got to do with being a racist as Pete is implying that I am and that I don't appreciate?

    i agree that in theory communism is a great thing.  Same with Socialism.  I believe everyone is equal and should be treated as such.  that's what i agreed with.

  6. 2 hours ago, pete0 said:

    Really don't see how that addresses anything. What's wrong with the ideals of communism? Do you not believe everyone should be treated equally? Do you believe you're part of a master race, caste, or class that makes you more important? That you should and deserve to be treated better than someone else? Do you even consider those not of your race, caste or class to even be someone else or do you view them as something else? 

    (I've previously said in the perfect world communism would be best. Fact is it's ruined by power hungry individuals).

    i agree with you pete

  7. 2 minutes ago, Matt said:

    3-4 hours has become a false hope. That’s a weeks worth of sleep. I’ve broken bones and currently have an awesome steak sized bruise (I think I popped it again) on my left side). Insomnia can go suck one

    WhT do your medical professionals say?  I’m surprised you’re not on ambien.  I had a friend who got on it and it saved his life.  He was finally able to sleep.

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