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  1. 8 minutes ago, Bailey said:

    Hate to say it but in Thiago and potentially Jota they have made some really good signings into what is already a strong group. 

    Not sure what the big fuss is with Jota, he couldn't crack the lineup at Wolves.  Thiago i seen play for Bayern, i wasn't blown away, good player but i think they already have better in their squad.

  2. 23 minutes ago, Hafnia said:

    I don't see anything about Moyes that says building a decent team.  He struck gold at Everton on the low fees high wages model.  It's all different now.   

    He's had loads of chances to prove himself and failed to live up to his Everton reputation

    i agree with you here Haf.  It seems he does better with strict boundaries and limitations.  the unlimited money (united, WH) hasn't been kind to him.

  3. 4 hours ago, Tonsta said:

    Dont see any future for Moise at the club, awful. no touch,no control and no end product.

    This is the reason we got him from Italy for buttons.


    i think we actually paid a lot of money for him which is the problem.  we are likely to lose on that come sell time so i think they're hoping he comes good.

  4. 2 hours ago, pete0 said:

    Gordon should have done better, we targeted their right back as he was clearly their weak link yet Gordon's end product let him down. He'll not be happy with that performance, and he'll not have an easier game in his career. 


    Really don't see what Davies done wrong to ignite his moaners. He played better than the captain of Iceland and a Brazilian international who are both more experienced yet less stick. On Bernard, given the opposition I'd expect an exhibition from him, he was really disappointing today, half arsed or in two minds what to do. 

    i'll agree with you on davies, i also thought he had a good match.  when he was the DM he was intercepting and pressing like a madman, when he was the more forward CM i thought he played some nice passes.  i'd give him a 6/7 out of 10.  i honestly believe he has become the new ross barkley where he can't do any right for most fans.  sadly i fear gordon will be next.  do we really need to eat our young?

  5. 3 hours ago, StevO said:

    I know it’s only Salford today, but even Spurs and the end of last season, he looks to have really stepped up a level. 
    He made comments about getting an old coach he had at United to help him work on his game. Maybe that made a big difference. Whatever it is, he’s looking good and hopefully it continues. 

    could be that, could also be a manager who has backed him and a DOF who gave him a new contract.  i would think both of those would be bigtime confidence boosters knowing you are wanted and appreciated.  i hadn't heard about the old coach, but that sounds plausible as well.

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