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  1. it is so refreshing to see a ball slung into the box and see ACTUAL players in the box trying to put it in! how many years of martinez/koeman/silva it seemed the box was hot lava and we couldn't be in there.
  2. the difference is when we played poor last year we were punished for it. this year we are winning when not up to speed and playing poorly. that's what good teams do. Also Carlo has never been shit.
  3. it's away everyone. Crystal Palace 1 - 2 Everton Richarlison
  4. Was it because they are actually good or just that man United is massively overrated? I didn’t watch, took a nap instead, I’m feeling good about my choice
  5. Glad I’m not the only one. Commentators were shocked he was so slow to move on that.
  6. agreed i would hope brands is still looking for a replacement come winter or next summer.
  7. its made my day too, 7:30a start for me well worth the early wakeup.
  8. honestly not a car guy so have no idea. i meant is he is world class, just a joy to watch him. everytime the balls goes near him i get excited.
  9. like gana you take them out of a relegation side and put good players around them and they really shine.
  10. I’m counting James as a forwRd since he’s playing right in a 433. Gomes doucoure Allan the mids in my opinion.
  11. You didn’t read my post. I said the issues I had were defensively with him. You posted offensive stAtS. I had no issue with the attacking side of his game.
  12. Another winnable game here and if we want Europe we should win this. Not a great side, one dimensional with Zaha falling over trying to win pens for Milivohoveic to bang in. Play the regular XI and go for the jugular Pickford Coleman Keane Mina Digne Allan Doucoure Gomes James DCL Richarlison
  13. yep as others have previously stated with a proper supporting cast he will get 20 goals if he's healthy.
  14. We have a very favorable draw here and after this. Play the reserves and keep some strong options on the bench. play keane and mina to build that partnership more. throw bolasie in there, can't be any worse than walcott was. gordon injured so play iwobi. Virginia Kenny Keane Mina Niels delph bernard gylfi bolasie kean iwobi
  15. any time he touches the ball near the box i just get the feeling something magic is gonna happen, it usually does. never the same thing twice either.
  16. DCL. i thought James, Richarlison, Doucoure, Digne, and Coleman also had nice games.
  17. the mentality was great, we went down and fought back, they leveled after the half and we continued to fight and win. DCL, James, Richarlison, Doucoure, Digne, Coleman all had a great game. On to the next!
  18. rolls royce out there. sublime passes and selfless in attack. i will savor each performance.
  19. he's proving me wrong and i'm loving it. he was the best of the midfield 3 today. he's everywhere in attack and gets a foot in defensively. he looks massive but he's only 6'0". i hope this form continues
  20. i missed the first match, not at all impressed with him. slow, late to everything, not very mobile. he can pass well, but defensively he worries me. i hope he improves because we shelled out a decent amount for him
  21. not sure how gomes is still on the pitch. get him off he's doing fuck all
  22. gylfi coming on. i hope he does my profile pic proud
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