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  1. How many drunks will fall in the water each year? I got money on at least 5 a yeAr
  2. I started getting nervous and my heart rate went up and my toes were tingling the minute she started moving! Aaaaaaahhh, scared the crap out of me mike.
  3. They will be very confident after that. We are a good side though and Newcastle are not. I’m hoping we can get out front early to dent their confidence.
  4. If I could give this 1000 likes I would. I only have 1 other forum I visit that has as high a level of civility and respect between the members. One of my other favorite things about TT for is the diversity of age of posters. Most forums are millennial or gen X heavy that I visit. I love reading from John and Bill and Palfy and others about the old days, it helps to give a better perspective to newer fans like myself.
  5. Yeah me too. I really like conte as a manager. I love his intensity and passion. He wanted Romelu at Chelsea too. I’d love for them to win the league and beat Juventus.
  6. And All this time I thought we were friends.....
  7. Love Yerry the player and seeing this makes me love Yerry the man. I’m so proud of all the community work this club does. We really are trying to make the world a better place.
  8. Yeah the holier than thou bit. No thanks I’d rather have a conversation or debate with someone who isn’t talking down to me all the time thinking they are better. I don’t care about your political affiliation.
  9. I would love if it stands but you’re right, it won’t.
  10. if there is anyone who could break the trophy drought it is Ancelotti. He is known for winning everywhere. He is like mourinho in that way. I have no reason to believe that won't be the case here. he knows how badly the club and fans want a win. he also knows how badly we want europe. the 2 go hand in hand. i think the Liverpool loss will give him a renewed vigor towards the cups next year and if we make Europa i would think we could have a shot there too. "the everton problem" is in good hands currently.
  11. I don’t do twitter so I’m not sure if she retracted it, apologized later, I really don’t care. One tweet doesn’t make a person a bad person. It’s the whole record. I don’t believe any politicians are perfect. Hilary was a deeply flawed candidate who I did not vote for. I was for Bernie. Bernie is not perfect either, but unlike all the candidates from this year or last he has been saying the same thing and holding the same position on 99% of issues for over 3 decades of politics. Right or wrong he is consistent, which is not common among politicians. Also he has been an independent senator, not a democrat or republican. I don’t know why you feel you need to constantly come on here and lecture us all As to why the far right and far left are wrong and your moderate and centrists beliefs are correct.
  12. I’m confused she tweeted a news article, please explain. What has AOC or pressly or Omar done wrong? Furthermore, do you believe politicians Should be infallible, or are they fallible like the rest of us humans?
  13. i'm watching coppa italia juve and ac milan. i like castillejo from milan, very quick and involved in a lot. the difference between ronaldo and ibra is wild. ibra is pressing adn running like a madman, ronaldo stroling about unless the ball is coming to him.
  14. same here, we adhere to a budget which revolves around our paychecks which arrive roughly 2 times a month. I have it broken down by week. I know everything that comes in and goes out, easier to control cash flow that way. We've paid off a lot of debt by adhering to a monthly budget, it's been a real blessing for us financially. It helps us not to overspend and not to be frivolous as well, i'm not rich so this is really the only way we can survive.
  15. when the whole barca thing happened with the fans making fun of him after his struggles, it seemed like every evertonian just knew this was the right place for him. and it really has been. so happy, he seems to love it here and really enjoy the warmth he gets from fans. the reaction when he steps on the pitch will be massive.
  16. yes to some extent. it's not a knock, myself and other americans do the same with american players (Howard, Pulisic, Dempsey, etc). hell i thought we should have bought yedlin back in the day before he went to newcastle.
  17. sadly i don't disagree. lies and falsehoods win the day sadly.
  18. i wouldn't call it a bias, i would call what all you have is a bias, i would call what i have is a realistic valuation.
  19. yes similar to bernard but even skinnier if possible lol. ossie was little but he wasn't easily bullied off the ball, also he grew up playing english football so he knew what to expect and adapted. pienaar i didn't feel was ever bullied off the ball, he was so silky and would draw fouls a lot. bernard would probably be the closest mike.
  20. i will also be interested to see how it turns how. he's a really nice player, but he is small and light weight, i don't know if he will be up to the physical demands of this league.
  21. that's my point, it's just a media campaign against the "leftist squad". in reality and in fact they have done nothing bad or wrong.
  22. i've said i would be fine with selling him if we get a large amount. we paid 30m, anything less than 50m is a no from me. he's under performed and has attitude issues. not a big fan over here.
  23. What is wrong with the squad? What have they done that is bad?
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