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  1. I like Jimenez neves Patricio and Ones for the future in jota and traore. Nuno is a great manager, they had a really rough patch to start the season and he weathered it and kept the dressing room.
  2. pickford winding up the newcastle fans instead of staying focused on the match. he let it get to him. i don't care about the night on the town, i'm talking in game stuff with newcastle.
  3. let's hope he signs that deal, he's young and talented, one of the ones we need to keep.
  4. i hope Carlo has a word end of this year and Jordan does some soul searching this summer. i would love for him to come back with a better attitude. really would. sadly i just don't see it. anytime we play newcastle it will be a shit show. mackem for like and all that.
  5. i think you and i are the only ones who aren't ok with jordan. if he was spanish no one would give a shit about him, the english starting keeper bit gives him some hype (unjustified IMO). Tim Howard was no different and he got loads of flak on here.
  6. you can see the fans preferences for him. in the english parlance, "being a tit" is ok for pickford, but not for morgan and delph. the double standard is telling.
  7. Some on here wanted Arteta, look at how Carlo is doing with us compared to Arteta who has 1 win. Carlo baby, I’m still buzzing that we actually have this guy as our manager
  8. Yeah I think we paid 30m. I’m only interested in selling if we can get 60m+. Anything less than that and just keep him.
  9. What a difference a proper manager makes!!!! Same squad and he’s working miracles. Long may it continue
  10. yes i want it. more money from the league, more money from Europa to balance the books. not to mention, we finally have a manager who knows how to handle European competitions, so i wouldn't be worried. exactly!
  11. i like Ryan a lot. only 27 too which is still young for a keeper. if we did sell pickford i wouldn't be mad if he was the replacement. also it's about time we get another aussie!
  12. coming off a big win away we should be flying high at home. bar zaha i don't see a lot of talent in the palace side. we should win this. COYB Pickford Sidibe Mina Holgate Digne Walcott Gylfi Morgan Bernard DCL Richarlison
  13. Just read through the thread. Man the roller coaster!! I could feel the emotion in the thread. Love this club. very happy with the result and fight back. Coyb
  14. I think he’s still tinkering. Notice Bernard on the bench and iwobi starting. Bernard was a standout player. I think he just wants to see what iwobi has to offer. That left mid for him is the creative position and people keep saying iwobi is a CAM, so here’s his chance.
  15. maybe negotiate a better deal once the summer comes instead of the increase in fees in winter.
  16. wow just wow. that is damning to say the least
  17. just realized i will miss this, have a friends birthday party. honestly i'd rather be watching the blues
  18. i would say Carlo knows we have Niasse, Stek, Sidibe, and Martina out of contract come summer. and that brands will be better suited to sell players in the summer to begin the squad overhaul. Also he hasn't seen Gomes Iwobi or Gbamin play yet to see how they respond to him and his tactics and managing. i think we will end up top half of the table still. I just hope Brands has a ton of stuff lined up this summer, we need players OUT.
  19. it was always going to be. a wall will stop nothing and has stopped nothing. you need to go to the heart of the issue which is US/European influence in latin america dating back to bolivar.
  20. terrible new but i think this means a CM is coming now or will in the summer. he had injury issues previous to joining us so we would be smart to have another at his position that's healthy and quality.
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