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  1. i thought you said he was a box to box? then how is he an upgrade on gana who was our sitting DM? this is the hilarity i'm talking about. on his day gomes wipes the floor with doucoure at ball retention, transition to attack, and vision and passing. if we are so excited for doucoure's defense, why did we sign allan (the supposed box to box/DM)? are we playing 2 defensive minded mids now and going all fat sam? in a 442 just don't see room for doucoure and would rather the money be spent elsewhere (romero for instance) i've said my peace, i'm fine with being lambasted for it,
  2. its hilarious because everyone has a different idea of what "box to box" means. i love how all of a sudden this guy is an amazing defender, attacker, and fast as lightning! lol i never noticed this guy when we played watford, even tried to watch him sometimes because we were linked with marco. their fans didn't have a lot of good things to say about him this year either. i get allan and james, i'm not excited about this transfer. i don't think he offers anything over what we already have other than a bigger body.
  3. we have a ton of box to box players on our squad, i just really don't get this. if you all think he's that we already have gomes davies delph. we need DM help not more box to box.
  4. i just don't understand doucoure, he's the same player as allan. is he the backup/rotation piece?
  5. this would make the window outta this world for me. he would walk into the starting role IMO
  6. Biggest day in transfers since we landed Barry and Lukaku. Hoping it has the same or better effect
  7. if the owner of napoli said the fee is agreed, WHY DOES IT TAKE US SO LONG TO SIGN SOMEONE! spurs got hojberg in 2 days. we are taking weeks with this. it's enough to drive you crazy
  8. can you imagine the silky passes and link up play with him and richarlison? my lord
  9. exactly, he doesn't play as a forward, he plays as a left mid or central mid. james is stronger than bernard but he's not wayne rugby build rooney out there. palfy said play him as a 2 with richarlison, i would never think that would happen.
  10. No chance. James is tiny and sleight, he also isn’t a forward. He’s midfielder. No more round pegs square holes, moyes isn’t our manager anymore
  11. i get that, i just think James massive wages, the fee, and Allan's fee and wages will be the whole kitty, we still have some serious deadwood that isn't likely to be offloaded. just those 2 players and i'd still think this was a 9/10 window, both are huge players and fill large needs for us.
  12. i think it will be coleman starting and Kenny to sub and rotate and play cup matches. coleman on his day is light years ahead of kenny.
  13. i don't get where people think we will play a 433 from. carlo's system is the 442. it's what we used most of the time. with richy and DCL up top it suits our strengths. I don't think we're getting doucoure, just a smoke screen to push napoli with allan. with gbamin healthy it's not needed anyways.
  14. same for me. Allan and James sound like a go, just need that RW now. I don't think we will see it though. I think this is the lineup we will see Pickford Coleman Keane Holgate Digne Walcott Gomes Allan James Richarlison DCL We'll see Bernard/Gordon/Walcott as the RW tandem seeing action. James will be the main LW in Carlo's formation and maybe bernard will see some time there.
  15. Heard he’s gonna get into the taxi business after retirement
  16. Bring him in marcel, and bring us back to European glory
  17. Bwahaha, I spit out my food laughing when I read that
  18. I would love Romero. I’d sell Pickford if we need to raise funds for Messi now that he’s available
  19. yes i've had a ton of issues getting into the site today and yesterday. @Btay messaged me and said he was having issues as well.
  20. i forgot about mcgeady. yeah russia hasn't produced a lot of top talents in the PL.
  21. i'm thinking this as well. deadline day, they fold for 25m or something.
  22. it makes sense for business travelers. but not for professional athletes are see medical staffs daily and are likely getting tests daily/weekly as well. oh well, maybe we'll see Allan come christmas or maybe the new year
  23. this 14 day quarantine foreign players have to do.
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