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  1. I said before DM will not sell Lescott, however now he has been so brave to hand in a TR when away on England duty shows what a man he is. Lescott will hope this will be all sorted before he has to return, DM has a very tough decision to make therfore I expect Lescott to leave but I think Moyes will wait until he returns from England duty. Lets be honest, do we really want a player playing for us who does'nt want to. Give DM the money (all of it plus what we had anyway) then hopefully we can buy some decent quality player at a sensible pricee, because if City weren't buying Lescott he would only be worth between £8-10m anyway. Let's move on.
  2. Don't wont this lad, has taken far to long to make up his mind
  3. Rumour has it that Viera's agent has been in talks with a number of Prem Clubs over a possible move Would you want him at Everton!!
  4. Everton will reject Citeh's revised offer, I've said it once and say it again DM will not allow Lescott to move in this Tranfer window. Although certain members of the board would see this as a good deal, the majority believe selling Lescott would seriously p*** o** DM and the failure to back his tranfer policy (i.e not selling his best players) could lead to DM questioning his future with Everton.
  5. DM will not sell Lescott in this transfer window, MH has been told this and so has Lescott, however come the January tranfer market things could change depending on certain circumstances.
  6. Moyes is playing his cards very close to his chest, after the Naughton affair DM was p***** off to say the least. Everton quite rightly would not increase there offer which had been previously accepted by S/U, therefore Naughton was in limbo as Spurs were the only club with an accepted offer on the table. If you remember this tranfer news only broke when Everton had had an offer accepted. Don't expect any transfers until the squad return from their pre-season tour and remember the majority of rumours are rumours, not so long ago I started the rumour of the "medical team are in". Reporters can make you believe in almost anything if your desperate enough to believe.
  7. toying with your emotions, that's not very nice!!!! Still nothing here but will keep those who believe informed.
  8. Riquelme left merseyside early this afternoon to have talks with other clubs
  9. 2 domestic and as many others but you can only play a max of 5 in any one game Leeds got done for playing six in one game
  10. Riquelme on season loan been seen a couple of times therefore a strong chance of a deal being done. Appiah very quite no news at all not even a mention Can someone confirm the amount of loan signings your allowed as its a bit confused to how many you can actually have. TG Wessells Piniar Riquelme I dont think your allowed 4
  11. I'll be here reporting from bellefield and the local airports etc etc. 2 players have been strongly rumoured to sign before the deadline
  12. <_< don't usually post on this issue but had to today, the boys have worked 110 per/cent this week and aj looks like he could be included in the final cut. But remember when we cross that white line, fight fight fight with all your might and we'll beat the red f*cking shite. cmybb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Everton are holding talks with Matt Etherington from West Ham in a proposed £2m pound move
  14. Same person said Rooney should move on to further his career! (TW4T) Would love to see Barton come to Everton, but it's going to be a long drawn out affair. But from what i've heard JB is interested in a move to Everton but will only agree to a move if none of the so called bigger clubs dont come in for him, therefore Chelsea = don't need him Manure = could be an option Arsenal = don't need him So if Shithouse Gray has heard that manure are going to offer the £5.5m needed to capture JB then he'll be a UTD player by next week!!! Thanks Andy
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