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  1. Suprised at the different opinions here to be honest. I think Richarlison is one we really just have to wait and see on. I think he definitely has more talent and potential than most of our other wingers. Vlasic has shown nothing to me to make think he's ever going to be more than a solid bottom half of prem player or top Championship level player. Works very hard, Tracks back well, but doesn't really any creativity, invention ability to go by a player going forward. Lookman has all the talent in the world going forward, but is lazy and inconsistent at tracking back and needs to mature in his decision making Bolasie since his injury hasn't been the same force going forward to me, and has never been great tracking back. Walcott is good all round for me and our best winger..... when fully fit. I'd rather be investing in younger potential that still is just on the verge of getting in first team rather than paying £30M to £40m for 28+ year old in their prime that are difficult to move on if they don't perform (e..g. Bolasie, Williams_) whcih according to Fat Sam is what we should be doing!
  2. The issue to me is. We now have many players that are capable of playing a great final ball, but not enough players able to provide movement to create and move into space intelligently in the final 3rd. We then always get caught on the ball trying to pass to a load of static players. It looks like this is simple misplaced passes but I think its beause everyone off the ball is too easy to mark giving whoever it is on the ball no options, so ends up giving it away.
  3. I read through this topic and find it so frustrating that we just do not seem to have a working formation that fits the players most of us want to see on the pitch. It's becoming like watching England where we always end up compromising formation/players ideal position/tactics. For me, I want to see a formation and tactics decide upon, players picked in their 1st position only. So only 1 of Rooney, Sigurdson and Klassen can be on the pitch (assuming Vlasic is a winger and not the no.10 that BT sport said he was). If 4-2-3-1 is formation then Pickford Kenny, Keane, Jags, Baines Davies, Gana Lookman, Rooney/Siggy, Vlasic DCL Then someone needs to have a word and try and understand how we go from 1 central player behind the front man to 4 of them at a cost of starting a new country and economy.
  4. Mo Besic may well and up playing at RB for us at this rate.
  5. Agree. Great article! He'll never make it as a journalist with that well reasoned intelligent kind of article! He needs to learn to make must stuff up!
  6. This was the article on Moyes Scouting system. I betbthis went with Moyes and now needs to be rebuilt by Steve Walsh. Hopefully you can appreciate by reading it that building this kind of thing is going to take time! http://www.independent.co.uk/sport/football/premier-league/scouting-system-that-reveals-david-moyes-mind-8756011.html
  7. I completely agree with Haf's view on this. I actually think we have quite a repair job to be done on the scouting piece. I remember Louis posting a book or article that one of our old head scout's wrote about how when Moyes came in one the good things he did was overhaul the scouting system and had a room in Finch Farm with the target formation drawn up and 1st to 3rd transfer target against each position that would improve the existing squad etc. We picked up quite a few under the radar good quality players under Moyes. My view is that under Martinez, this fell away a bit. Martinez was all about coaching, positivity and bringing players on. I didn't see any evidence while he was at Everton of great scouting and player identification. Both Barry and Lukaku didn;t really need a scouting network to identify. Alcaraz, McCarthy and Kone were from Wigan and known. McGeady, Niasse, Lennon, Deulofeu, Traore, Atsu, Robles, Besic, Eto'o Out of those I'd give you Deulofeu and Besic as possible talent if they stay injury free and work a lot harder. Lennon in my opinion is a "solid" rotation player. I wouldn't say that any of them have proved to be a an unknown diamond destined for great things. You could argue that Stones, Fellaini, Baines, Jagielka, Coleman and I'm sure there are more were "identified" as good targets and fulfilled their potential.
  8. Much easier when you have money and you are in Europe though. Like Witsel, if you receive a bid early in the window from a Non-European Cup team, you will always play for time to see if one will come in later for you. So for a club like Everton in our position it's very difficult to get your business done early. The better the player the less chance. The only other option is to do it the Chelsea way when Abramovich first came in and spend eye watering amounts of money in comparison to other clubs and massive agent fees to overcome the non-European cup issue. We're financially sound, but I don't think we're going to take th Chelsea/Abramovich approach. It would probably have taken about £400m to spend this Transfer Window to have the impact of that first season when Chelsea broke the £100m barrier for the first time.
  9. Seriously, it may hurt now, but in the long run people will look back on windows like this and highlight the utter crap that was transferred for mega money.
  10. Add to this that you cannot talk directly to the player until you have clubs permission. The way this unfolded seem to be with only a few hours left in the window. 1) Sissoko agent contacts Everton and outlines the deal needed to close quickly. 2) Outlines Personal Terms (probably what was already agreed with Spurs) and is probably agreed first. 3) Transfer fee was the Issue as Spurs will not offer £30m needed, so Everton you will need to contact Mr. Ashley (or whoever) and state you agree to the fee. 4) Once you've agreed with Mr. Ashley let me know and I'll give you Mr. Sissoko's phone number for you to talk directly. In the meantime Spurs have been back in touch to say don't sign anything we going to agree the fee. Personally I don't think any negotiating professional would have avoided this. The 2 outcomes regardless would have been either. 1) Say "not interested" and either Sissoko would still be at NUFC or at Spurs for less than £30m 2) Get Involved and Spurs cave in to pay the full £30m To be honest I'm happy we got involved as we got a Peer football club to pay more than they wanted to for a player. That gives them less money to spend because of us! That's still a win in my book! That and I think we can spend £30m more wisely.
  11. It's early days guys. It's been a difficult window with inflated prices all round. In the light of day, I'm ok with us not spending big this window, with the proviso being that we do eventually spend big in either Jan or next summer and we get our top targets, not what is left over. It's Valencia I'm not happy with. It's a middle of the road buy that's not an improvement on the existing squad members. It seems to me its a buy to make sure we have some over up front. I'd rather bring in an untested youngster personally. For the Jan window to be successful we have to be Top 6 at the end of the year and looking good for Europe otherwise it'll be more of the same. I don;t think you can judge Steve Walsh on this window. He's not had enough time to get his feet under the desk and if he didn't have some kind of restriction (probably period of time related) in his contract on transfer targets he'd already identified at Leicester I'd be shocked. Time will tell and lets see where we are at Christmas. That will ultimately show how this window has impacted us.
  12. I was hoping nobody would start a thread just as a sign of how "meh" the signing is.
  13. FFS. McGeady MkII. Panic buy if ever there was one.
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