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  1. xavier


  2. xavier

    Muhamed Besic

    Just came in to say fair play to Besic to play a day later. Btw, Hope y'all are doing well?!
  3. xavier

    Kopite Thread

    Very, very classy. Thank you.
  4. xavier

    Kopite Thread

    Absolutely. Thanks for the kind welcome, Mike and Rubecula. I'm fantastic, hope you are well as well! Take care.
  5. xavier

    Kopite Thread

    I still pop in here, fairly routinely to see what you guys are upto and my team getting its mickey taken out of. Loads of fun. But this is brilliant, eh? Chuffed for the kid! http://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/news/liverpool-news/fantastic-lfc-fans-made-disabled-11223197#rlabs=6%20rt$sitewide%20p$1
  6. xavier

    Kopite Thread

    Typical red? Hahaha you're an idiot.
  7. By going in two footed as opposed to trying to take his foot away? It was either a red for both or neither, bud.
  8. xavier

    Kopite Thread

    Yeah. You're spouting bollocks.
  9. Perfect for us, then. Thanks!
  10. xavier

    Kulula Airlines

    Rough crowd. Nah, looking at the design on the wing and the fact that they're flying to Chicago, they're probably Southwest Airlines.
  11. Any information on his quality/style of play or something would be appreciated, Louis. I heard that Liverpool scouted him and have just began talking to Twente about his availability, nothing advanced. Also heard that the player fell out with Steve Mcclaren and almost joined Fulham on loan, in January. Since, I've seen a few Belgian lads roaming about this forum, thought I'd prop the question in here.
  12. xavier


    That was my first reaction as well. Bullshit then?
  13. Guys, Have you heard something about Osman moving away? A couple of guys I've spoken to are certain that Liverpool are trying to sort out a deal for him. It just doesn't make sense. I wouldn't make this post if i thought that they were bullshitting.