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  1. Kopite Thread

    He's been suspended till the end of the season now by Sky. Sky have some bad double standards though, Kirsty Gallagher, charged with drink driving whilst being several times over the legal limit gets away with it, hardly mentioned, Carragher, although what he did was disgusting, gets a 2 month ban. I know what's worse, shame Sky don't.
  2. Jack Wilshere

    He's an absolute media darling. Rather invest those wages into someone else.
  3. Kopite Thread

    There is another video floating about of Liverpool fans spitting and chanting "Munich" at United fans as well. Not defending what Carragher done, because its disgusting but the fella driving whilst on his mobile is much worse. He needs fining. Carragher needs sacking though, which is a shame really because it pains me to say but he is a very good pundit.
  4. Predict our result: 2017/2018 season

    Stoke 1 - Everton 1 Bolasie
  5. Brighton and Hove Albion (Home) Saturday March 10th

    Hippo headed, chippy tits has pissed me off that much I've sold my ticket for Saturday, just cba going to watch us play absolute shite against a team we realistically should be beating 3 or 4 -0. To whomever bought the ticket from stub hub I thank them for letting me miss this shit show on Saturday. They got a good deal too, well below face value for them!
  6. Predict our result: 2017/2018 season

    Everton 2 - Brighton 1 Sig
  7. Predict our result: 2017/2018 season

    Burnley 2 - Everton 0 none
  8. Mason Holgate

    That's not what I meant in the slightest.
  9. Mason Holgate

    I didn't think Firmino was racist tbh, Firmino isn'tt exactly Caucasian is he! Holgate has most likely misheard him. Glad its been dealt with and it can be moved on from. The FA have done well (for once), a proper investigation, not just a quick turn around. This "I'm not surprised" shout is bitter as fuck, they banned Suarez did they not?
  10. What Are You Watching?

    I honestly thought it was meh, Iron Man 3 and Thor 2 level. Added nothing to the over all story of the MCU. Another poor villain which I thought Marvel had sorted out. You knew the outcome before the film had even begun due to the Infinity War trailer which spoilt it for me.
  11. Predict our result: 2017/2018 season

    Watford 2 - Everton 1 Niasse.
  12. Morgan Schneiderlin

  13. Morgan Schneiderlin

    Hope the booing kicks his arse into gear, but knowing this little snide he will try even less now.
  14. Morgan Schneiderlin

    No question about it, it was for him, not the sub, when his name was read out that's when the booing happened. I joined in. Fuck the little snake, if you want to support him then go ahead, but this prick is a mercenary, he doesn't care about the club we love, he cant be assed being there, so fuck him and I'd happily boo him again until he sorts his act out. Morgan fucking SNIDErlin.