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  1. How is this question even being asked yet? On paper it would indicate no but only time will tell, pointless even asking this now. Should be asked midway through / end of the season.
  2. haha I presumed with "GREAT WALL OF MINA" you was rhyming Miner with China. I pronounce it Meena. I don't think ive ever heard anyone say it as vodker tbh, always been vodka, must be a southern thing that.
  3. Please tell me you aren't pronouncing his name as miner? We all though Zouma brought the best in Keane out, but what if it was big Mick Kegger who is brought the best in Zouma out and is now making King Yerald look a belter?
  4. Go and ask Man City if it means nothing. It was the start of their trophy haul in the recent years. Honestly cant believe I've read people turning their nose up at a meaningful trophy. Absolute disgrace that.
  5. Everton 1 - Watford 0 Richarlison
  6. Palace 1 - Everton 2 Richarlison
  7. Whilst I don't rate him he is better than having absolutely no one to cover Mina and Keane. Holgate and Rojo are the back up CB's it seems which although not ideal is better than just Holgate.
  8. Seeing as he said he cant spell the name then I think you are spot on
  9. Fully expect Spurs to be in for him now Dybala deal has fallen through.
  10. £600k a week, he wont drop that wage. He's injury prone. This is why only Chinese clubs was coming in for him and no other big European team. Zaha is easily one of the best players outside the top 6, I don't get why people wouldn't want a very good player who is an upgrade on our squad. A player who wants to join us, even when we don't have European football to offer (which will be putting off the cheaper alternatives on the continent). He's proven in this league, scores goals and wins a lot of freekicks / pens. Prices of footballers have changed, £85m buys you poundland Michael Keane these days so £70m for Zaha isn't "that" bad of a price.
  11. lads....what if he's handed it in to go to Arsenal and we end up with Iwobi and they get Zaha....
  12. Wont happen, its being reported by GFFN on twitter Luiz has refused to train to force through a move to Arsenal. GFFN usually get everything spot on.
  13. Mark mate, its the scum newsrag who have put that out there, its complete fiction.
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