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  1. its probably not this deep but with all the talk about Pogba and Jose at the moment, maybe he wanted some news headlines of his own so spouted this shite off?
  2. Yeah I was being sarcastic there. Maybe its a trend thing? Victor Moses has just retired from International duty at the age of 27, now I know Nigeria aren't as good as Belgium but it could just be the new trend.
  3. Very strange, 100% it will be "to prolong his club career" excuse. Those couple of extra games a year must be oh so damaging to his long term career...
  4. aaron

    Andre Gomes

    Gomes has claimed Messi isn'tt as good as Ronaldo too. Messi has claimed Gomes leaks stuff to Ronaldo as well, basically, Messi is a prick and Gomes is boss.
  5. aaron

    Andre Gomes

    Who else is from Portugal who is a direct rival of Messi? hint: you've mentioned him in the same post
  6. aaron

    Andre Gomes

    Gomes being Portuguese wouldn't of helped I'd presume.
  7. aaron

    Wayne Rooney

    Sign him up!
  8. aaron

    Southampton (Home) Saturday August 18th

    Has Mina trained with us? Haven't seen him once at FF, if he hasn't then I can't envision he would start on Saturday.
  9. Shame that, it is usually the butt of jokes in footballing terms but the MLS is decent, I can only seeing it getting better and better if they would do a proper league system.
  10. Cardiff, Watford and Huddersfield for me, although I can see Burnley being down there too if they progress in Europe. Bournemouth, Newcastle and Brighton will struggle too.
  11. I think the MLS needs a big change, you need a proper football league, not a layout similar to NFL, why would a American football fan watch a sport with the same league layout when they could just watch their own sport? Introduce a proper 20 team league, have a secondary league which you can be relegated to and promoted from, create a better competition. That will bring audiences in, which in turn will create a better love for the sport. Correct me if I'm wrong but the way I understand the MLS is that its split into western and eastern divisions, the top teams go on to verse each other in knockout games and the winner wins the MLS cup? If so this is what needs binning off. Save stuff like that for a league cup competition. Do they still do drafts? Bin that off. Save that for other American sports. Bring in what the rest of the world do with football, have leagues, have something to aim for instead of just finishing first. The top 4 teams qualify for the north American champions league, bottom 3 get relegated. Just my thoughts on it anyway, its probably been mentioned before but if the MLS insist on doing it differently to everyone else then I can only see that as a problem.
  12. aaron

    New song for the terrace

    burn it with fire.
  13. rule N'zonzi out now, signing for Roma.
  14. aaron

    Predict Our Result: 2018/2019 Season

    Everton 3 - Southampton 0 Tosun