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  1. aaron

    January Plans

    Problem with January is the availability of players who will improve our squad. For me a striker and right back are a must either in Jan or in the summer.
  2. aaron

    Aaron Ramsey

    Lads it was the scum newsrag that started that rumour, don't believe a single word of it.
  3. aaron

    Predict Our Result: 2018/2019 Season

    Everton 3 - Palace 1 Walcott (anyone else finding it hard to predict who will get the first goal due to the amount of potential goal scorers we have? Nice little headache to have!)
  4. At the moment - Richarlison. That way Walcott and Bernard can play the attacking wide man roles.
  5. aaron


    Whenever Everton try to make me hate them I always remember this part of the club and remember why I love this club so much. EITC are fucking great.
  6. aaron

    Ross Barkley

    Souness is a prick, he's either in love with Pogba or is racist the amount of times he has needlessly picked on him. As for Barkley, he is a rat, was hoping he would be at Wet Ham by now but looks like he is going to be an important player for Sarri, keeping Loftus-Cheek out the team.
  7. aaron

    Video Game Thread

    That's COD Black Ops 4 isn'tt it? Looks boss their Battle Royal
  8. aaron

    Predict Our Result: 2018/2019 Season

    Leicester 2 - Everton 1 Richarlison
  9. aaron

    Man of the Match v Fulham

    er...I thought Zouma was MOTM... this is the right thread for this isn'tt it?
  10. in all seriousness Pickford Baines Arteta Pienarr Lukaku
  11. Gerrard Kroldrup Nyarko Wei Feng Max-Moore
  12. aaron

    Video Game Thread

    Fifa 19 out today, anyone else getting it? My missus has bought me it but because I have EA access on the xbox ive been able to play it for the last week, quite enjoying it. Ultimate team is what usually has my attention on it and this year in the free packs you get at the beginning ive packed Kante and Mbappe (not in the same pack) so I'm having great luck! Shame I'm utter shite against other people though.
  13. aaron

    Kopite Thread

    To be fair I think majority of those votes will be Egyptian fans more than gobshites. That scorpion kick from the edge of the area (think it was the MLS) or Bale's deserves it.
  14. aaron

    Fulham (Home) Saturday September 29th

    I reckon with those three it would work, wouldn't play it away from home mind but it frees up an attacking spot which we need especially at home.
  15. aaron

    Fulham (Home) Saturday September 29th

    Id go with this: Pickford Keane Mina Zouma Kenny Digne Gana Sig Walcott Bernard Richarlison