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  1. aaron

    2018 World Cup

    Good start to the world cup last night! A hell of a lot better than I was expecting! Enjoyed the nickname it was given too - El Gasico.
  2. http://www.skysports.com/football/news/11095/11404230/mario-gotze-interesting-arsenal-everton-and-west-ham
  3. aaron

    2018 World Cup

    isn'tt the 2026 world cup 48 teams as well?
  4. Bring Tomas Radzinski out of retirement!
  5. aaron

    Vaunt the Good Vibes

    World Cup eve, quite excited for it all to begin now, even better for me is my missus absolutely loves footy and hates soaps etc. so there will be no disagreements on what is on the TV for the next month!
  6. aaron

    Issa Diop

    signing for west ham apparently.
  7. aaron

    2018 World Cup

    Mental isn'tt it! I get why but its still absolutely mental.
  8. US, Canadia and Mexico get the 2026 World Cup!
  9. aaron

    Summer Transfer Window 2018

    with Robles apparently going to Getafe this should make it even more likely now : https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/44412348
  10. aaron

    Summer Transfer Window 2018

    same here, he is everything Ross Barkley thinks he is. Be interesting to see what Chelsea do in the summer, do they keep their £15m investment or their youth product, cant see them having both tbh.
  11. aaron


    Think Whyte has come on leaps and bounds since his defeat to Joshua, remains to be seen to how Parker comes back after his first defeat. Can see Whyte winning on points. Was hoping for a Whyte vs Chisora rematch but this fight will do!
  12. aaron


    Dillian Whyte Vs Joseph Parker this July. Should be a brilliant fight
  13. agreed, I don't smoke it myself but if the government was to allow it like in Amsterdam at certain locations, the gov could make a bit of money from tax, lower crime rates related to drugs (although not all) and free up some police time for them to focus on other crimes.
  14. aaron


    If it comes from the S*n its going to be a lie (they are usually the culprit for all the Sterling headlines too), avoid that rag at all costs (you'll likely know the story but if not then google why Liverpool as a city hates that rag). The Liverpool Echo is aload of shite as well, the red echo its commonly known as round here. Best option is twitter, Paul Joyce usually has it spot on, Alan Myers (former communications officer at Everton) too.
  15. aaron

    Kopite Thread

    Van Dyke pushed Ramos into Karius didn't he. Those reds cant take losing can they. Everyone seen the letter that Anfield Wrap wrote saying they didnt really lose the final? honestly they are the biggest bunch of cringy gobshites to walk the earth