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  1. Theo Walcott

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/42704214 BBC reporting he's having it now.
  2. Jermaine defoe

    Is he going to give up a three year deal on over 100k a week to come here where we might pay more but won’t give him that long of a contract? Can’t see it, wouldn’t worry about this one lads.
  3. Ticket and Transport questions

    Anyone renewed their season ticket yet? The 12 month direct debit worth it?
  4. Tom Davies

    Same source, he could actually be going this month. I pray it’s bullshit
  5. Tom Davies

    can you go suck a bag of dicks?
  6. Tom Davies

    Little known fact, I only found this out over Christmas - He actually turned down a move to Chelsea last summer, they was offering him stupid wages. My brothers mate is friends with him (a former footballer who didn't make it). He's in with the right crowd, apparently him and Baines are really good mates.
  7. Predict our result: 2017/2018 season

    Everton 2 - WBA 1 Tosun
  8. Thought Voodoo originated out of Haiti and not Africa....
  9. Didn't think you'd ever say that Bill!
  10. curious about .... NAMES?

    not sure how I came up with my TT name...I have a hunch that with it being my actual name, that has something to do with it. Not convinced though....
  11. Nicolas Gaitan

    I can imagine people turning their noses up at Cristiano Ronaldo due to him being the wrong side of 30 too! You've made a good point there though. I'd add that with age comes the experience to show the younger lads how its done too. For example I can imagine Rooney has been teach DCL as much as he can about being a striker which, if through all the errrrs DCL can stay focused on what he's saying im sure he has learnt stuff which will improve his game.
  12. Davy Klaassen

    I think that says a lot. A young lad in Beni is getting more of a look in than him.
  13. Ross Barkley

    unsurprisingly it turns out Barkleys agent was paid £7m for this transfer. SEVEN MILLION POUNDS.