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  1. aaron

    Edin Dzeko

    Not the type of striker we need tbh however I would take him on loan till the summer providing nothing else is available which being January, its slim pickings.
  2. aaron

    What Are You Watching?

    right finished season 1 of True Detective. It was good but I felt like it took too long to get the story to the last two episodes and when it did it felt the ending was rushed. Still a decent show. I always have a "short show" I watch, the 20 minute comedy shows, to go with the main tv show im watching, at the moment its scrubs for the millionth time, its just an ageless show and one of the best comedies about.
  3. aaron

    Southampton (Away) Saturday January 19th

    Doesn't matter about player quality, a little belief and confidence can be huge in this league.
  4. aaron


    Said in front of a "visit Malaysia" sign...
  5. aaron

    Predict Our Result: 2018/2019 Season

    Southampton 1 - Everton 1 Lookman
  6. aaron

    Jordan Pickford

    If its true then imagine those two partying with Drenthe! Drinks, drugs, stippers in hot tubs at finch farm and zebras! To some it would be the party to end all parties.
  7. aaron

    Ross Barkley

    He's got Newcastle written all over him. West Ham I would argue are now too good for him!
  8. aaron

    Southampton (Away) Saturday January 19th

    Their new manager has started very well, don't be fooled, this will be a tough game.
  9. aaron

    Jordan Pickford

    I don't want to be locationist (if that's a thing) but I've literally heard fuck all about these rumours and I'm local (im guessing you're in Aus with that name). Keane even when in terrible form last season said himself in an interview he wouldn't leave the house incase he bumped into fans. Mark has it right, fans have made this shit up. Probably Kopites doing it. Remember when Danny Agger was out for ages and the rumour was he was on the sherbet? Load of shite and was started by Blues to wind Kopites up.
  10. aaron

    Jordan Pickford

    Considering it takes 3 / 4 hours to get to Newcastle (depending on traffic which can be a nightmare en route to the toon) and they usually have warm down training etc the next day I'm going to call this false.
  11. aaron

    Favourite player

    Now - Digne. Ever - Ferguson. Honourable mentions to Speed, Rideout and Kanchelskis who I adored growing up. And Super Kev.
  12. aaron

    Bournemouth (Home) Sunday January 13th

    That ref had me shadow boxing in the stands when he pretty much squared up to Silva, I was screaming for Silva to "chin the bald twat". Worst refereeing I've seen at Goodison that. At half time I was saying to my brother SIlva needs to get in a local team, Prescott Cables or something have them play us in a friendly behind doors game so we can learn how to pass more than 4 times without losing possession. Gomes and Bernard need to play it simple sometimes as the rest of the team aren't on their clever passing wave length, yet. Pickford started very wobbly, but did great at the end. Zouma looks like he shits himself when hes under pressure, again him and Pickford nearly created a huge blunder, Zouma being at fault. Richarlison decided to turn up for the second half and led that line well, but he needs to fuck off this going down easy shite. How he got back up after being body slammed by Ake (no foul given either) surprised me, it was like watching WWE. Loved Zouma celebrating with Silva after the goal as well, nice to see.
  13. aaron

    Abdoulaye Doucoure

    Wants to leave Watford but for a Champions League team.
  14. aaron

    Tom Davies

    Ossie was shite though, and unfortunately its looking like Davies is the same. I really hope im wrong but just cant see him ever becoming any good.
  15. aaron

    2018-19 FA Cup

    We've only been given 2,200 tickets as well which is a disgrace.