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  1. Kin ell, cant go on any thread on this forum without people having a dig at someone's opinion. This forum is going down the fucking pan.
  2. 100% this. We are privileged to attend all the home games where we can see what he does 100% of the time, those watching on TV will only see when he is on the ball and will have their view of him skewed a bit. This isn'tt a dig at people who "don't go the match" but honestly his stropping around when the ball is nowhere near him is very evident. Seen him plenty of times moan at someone else for his fuck up as well. Yes he's scored the goals but he did need dropping to show you cant just rely on former glory, you've got to stay competitive to stay in this team.
  3. Yeah its 100% linked into the Quantum Realm, which will be a gate way to the multiverse (which was mentioned in Dr Strange). Time vortex was mentioned and leaks show possible time travelling happening. My thoughts are they use BARF and the quantum realm to visit alternative points in history and build their own gauntlet.
  4. 4 3 3 with no Walcott or Sig please chief.
  5. I keep watching Avengers: Endgame theory videos on Youtube, I cannot wait for that film.
  6. See I wouldn't mind Lookman starting but I'd love nothing more than Richarlison scoring the winner and celebrating like fuck in front Watford fans with Marco.
  7. 433 works. Dropping Sig works. We went shite when he came on, not saying he's shite but our team work better without him in the team. Davies and Kenny work. Walcott is shite and needs binning off asap. Our defence against set pieces is shite and needs addressing asap. All in all, on Saturday I'd keep 433, replace Walcott with Bernard and play Richarlison on the left, swap DCL with Tosun and we will get 3 points (providing we don't give away any free kicks)
  8. I'm cant make it tonight myself, stuck my ticket up on stubhub for £20 and it hasn't sold which to me says the place wont be anywhere near full.
  9. er...no they didn't haha the deal didn't happen
  10. Scenario 1 - We win and get 3 points. Hooray! Scenario 2 - We draw, benefits us more than City, god knows we need points. Hooray! Scenario 3 -They win and go top of the league above them. Hooray? Scenario 1 for me please Jeff.
  11. aaron

    New PC

    If PC was is so good then why isn'tt there a PC 2 then ay?
  12. Hopefully does well and gets himself a move at the end of it as right now I cant see him making it here. Hopefully he proves me wrong though
  13. I'd believe the link more if Duncan Castles hadn't wrote it.
  14. Found the Sopranos boring as fuck and turned it off after a season and half. Just didn't do anything for me.
  15. Only 3 games if its a deemed a violent act of play.
  16. He's been spotted on bold street walking a bit gingerly, but at least he's out and about.
  17. Cant blame them for not wanting to take a wage cut either. Especially the younger players. Sandro will probably happily keep going out on loan, picking up his £120k a week until the end of his contract then go sign a bumper deal somewhere else.
  18. I'm not saying that its evidence of him raping someone, I'm saying that clearly shows he's off his tits on something.
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