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  1. I'd take Claus back right now tbh
  2. Apart from Sandro I'm not sure who was worse..he offered nothing
  3. Genuinely feel I'm a better player
  4. Sandro needs loaning out What does martina do? He's shit in his natural position nevermind out of position. I'm embarrassed to be a blue
  5. I'm not one for calling for sacking the manager but...something needs to be fixed before our season is over
  6. marcopaulo


  7. Great early business ruined..fuckin small time
  8. Would love to know why it seems to take us longer than anyone else
  9. All those defenders and a free header? Fuck off
  10. Can't even be arsed watching .its embarrassing
  11. Very true tbf..i just like to have a moan a out them lot
  12. True..they'd be bumming it if mane had scored ìt or summat..
  13. Amount of jobs I've had mate I'm not sure it's pretty thick
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