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  1. Should have sent it a lot earlier..bolasie had acres
  2. In the same camp..hunting for sport pisses me off..love when ricky gervais said he'd pay for a team of snipers next time someone wants to hunt..seeing as they call it a game..posh pricks And the shark cage thing..that's why I stick to jigsaws...might not finish but I will live to tell the tale
  3. I got out and chased some once..dad was driving...shit themselves..fuckin brave cos they know you can't purposely drive through them
  4. Chelsea 1 up already...shocking defending from morgan
  5. Yeah he's called Dylan Avery...check out his vids..some stuff is mad but if you Google loose change debunked then you'll see which points aren't true or he massaged (which in fairness everyone does)
  6. Have got to be careful with some of those videos..a famous one called loose change turned a lot of heads and I'm pretty sure I read a lot of the points were bias and debunked after...yet he presented them as fact in his videos
  7. Hate tenacious D And the team of 85 is possibly the only thing I hate about being young
  8. Started watching six feet under..enjoying it so far
  9. Some of the stuff they say..if true is very compelling..some points have been debunked though..the passport falling from the plane and being found on the streets of new york for me is a mad one..chances of that? It is hard to look beyond what more says though..the likelihood of all of those people being paid off..yet no truth has come out over 15 years later? Find it hard to believe that many people wouldn't have a conscience
  10. Was walking home from school and could tell summat wasn't right with people in town..got in and saw it on TV...mental it was
  11. Urgh...totally with you man..it's fuckin disgusting
  12. Wasn't upfront when he scored the hat trick I don't think..remember him coming to take a throw in near me and someone shouted "you gonna do anything today watto?" He loved it
  13. Pickford replaces Heaton...is there 3 gk in the squad? Don't see the point of that if so..he'd be better off playing for u21 side
  14. I bet they just employ mothers and the like...mine would love that job...proper nosey bitch
  15. Is that true? Saw a south park episode of it but thought they were taking the piss..don't really pay attention to current affairs...terrible I know but the shit you hear depresses me The only thing I don't get is the explosives that were clearly placed in the building..do buildings put them in to control it in case of situations like this? I've never heard of any building doing that before..as said some burn for hours on end without any fear ofor collapae
  16. They killed them in a secret location..that's why I said it's too much for me..can't believe they'd just put a bullet in people's heads in cold blood
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