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  1. Seen some videos claim they landed the original planes and then flew drones into the buildings...killing the original passengers at some secret location...that's just too much for me..can't see it at all.. Also you don't know if these videos claiming there's no markings on the planes and such have been edited
  2. I was more interested in eating mud around then
  3. Joe Cole...always signed him on any footy game I played as a young teen...should have been special
  4. 14 year old made his debut for galatasaray apparently...mental
  5. Surely with little to no gravity it wouldn't just flop right down though? Or like Mike said had a horizontal pole too
  6. Just referred to rooney as the quarter back Prick
  7. Think he'll be a great long term replacement..please stay
  8. I was hoping besic would have played more and made himself a regular..he's a captain for me
  9. Sister believes the moon one...summat about the flag apparently
  10. Never been a fan of tomb raider if I'm honest..number 3 was OK and the best of the older ones for me...that new one is very enjoyable though..played it at brother in laws
  11. The towers one is interesting..I'm not sure what I believe about it but..there was a lot or convenient factors like the bomb sniffing dogs etc..also a lot of people came out of it a lot better off money wise..and money means more than lives to some..so it is possible..I'm just not sure I'd like to believe we live in a world where it's actually happened
  12. I think the real issue is here that ten got away with calling me names...bullshit moderation on this forum..don't see me throwing around needless insults...
  13. Speaking of Twitter saw a post on there saying baines has never scored a free kick at goodison..thought he'd have scored at least one!
  14. 110% Let's air this out Get the ball rolling Curve ball Hit the ground running Terms like these..just jump out that open window
  15. I hated meetings at barracuda..had to travel miles up and down the country to push bullshit round like a bunch of dung beetles..always got the cretins shouting their opinions from inside the bosses arse too..I got moaned at for making a paper frog and hopping it down the table No meetings at the moment is fantastic..pay is shit though
  16. Heard someone else playing it as West ham and they bought harry kane too...hope it's not just the same transfers no matter the team
  17. Sounds like a perfect place for me and haf I'm the same on the ordering..similar dishes too..could eat lasagne til it came out my nose
  18. Move fell through...always summat
  19. You do wonder don't you...are the people who made them just having a laugh?
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