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  1. Can hardly criticise two attacking players when they're brought on to defend..baffling..when he switched to 4 at the back I thought he'd found some bollocks..clearly not..dont bring an unfit attacker on to help close a game out..idiot
  2. Shit at it..if I bet on gravity I'd float off
  3. I think it's the best season of tv ever made..its what put it ahead of the sopranos for me
  4. All sounds very promising...forest fans are smitten
  5. Never having kids..hell with that..they'd sap away all my positivity..and as you guys know that's a big part of who I am...
  6. That explains it then! Thought romey was just in a mood
  7. Rooney looks fit and trim at the moment..everyone playing well and surprised how good Martina has been..hope he carries on proving me wrong
  8. Someone said on Facebook or something he isn't worth signing anymore cos he's 32 it's taken that long..i do love ott sarcasm
  9. Gotta love the internet..people believe anything if it's got a caption
  10. http://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/row-zed/7-amazing-stats-prove-gylfi-10789915#ICID=sharebar_facebook Pretty impressive tbf
  11. It's a gentleman's special interest website
  12. Would get some interesting results on pornhub with those keywords :lol:
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