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  1. That and balding mate...luckily I'm a stunner otherwise
  2. I had to walk 3 miles each way..didnt appreciate how fit it kept me until my arse grew
  3. So cos you think the rules should be changed it makes it a dodgy pen? come on mate have a word
  4. Council estate too but we had uniforms and prefects...I was one. Only did it to stay out of the rain Not real teachers though..one was a pervert...one was a drunk..one was a shite magician and one had a nervous breakdown
  5. Not sure which gana to pick..sure there's more than one
  6. marcopaulo


    This is giving my eyes flu
  7. Fuckin hell the pervy twats made me piss myself
  8. Amrabat might well be the worst footballer I've ever seen He makes Claus Thomsen look like fuckin pirlo
  9. marcopaulo


    With 2 rb on the bench...doubtful Fuckin mental
  10. marcopaulo


    Surely Lewin isn't playing wing back?
  11. Defo harsh but it had me in fuckin stitches
  12. marcopaulo

    Jokes thread

    This bird I was with the other night had an asthma attack..thought for a minute i was just doing well
  13. Anyone see his tweet about Rooney coming back? Saying it's great etc.. then someone replied saying don't you fuckin think about it poppadom hands Fuckin hell still in tears now
  14. Exact reason I've stopped coming on here regularly...great performance and win and still the same old shite in every thread...he did try and claim and and fuckin right too...I want him to want to score as many goals as possible...who gives a shit if he upsets people along the way..grow the fuck up
  15. Not long 30 Still thick as fuck sometimes though..learned nowt
  16. I'm so glad we made a good start to the season...I'd be shitting myself over relegation otherwise
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