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  1. gotta be summat if he hasnt signed yet i mean if he was workin on transfers the whole time why did it take so long to sign those players especially the free ones? and its been almost two weeks now since its done with internationals aswell so not had as much training to do with the team so why is it not happening? it is a worry and i will be glad when newcastle get a new manager and was glad utd got a number 2 wasnt sure if he was holding out for that cos number 2 will be number one next year almost certainly. if it was moyes would have been anyways. keeps sayin hes gonna sign well why havent you moyes? just wish we got a clear answer
  2. problem is whoever has it will need do summat quick and no top boss will wanna risk their rep for that! gonna have be a no namer to be honest otherwise not a chance of getting anyone!
  3. can't fuckin stand him love it when anythin pisses him off
  4. this is from the everton site "Jack Rodwell played for 45 minutes as England under 19s defeated Holland on Tuesday. Rodwell, who has played every minute of Everton's three league games this season, occupied his accustomed central midfield berth in the game at Shrewsbury Town's Prostar Stadium. And the 17-year-old could have opened the scoring early on when his header from a Henri Lansbury corner was cleared off the line. England were dominating but Holland took the lead after 41 minutes through Georginio Wijnaldum. Having taken a slight knock seconds before the half-time whistle, Birkdale-born academy product Rodwell was withdrawn at the break and replaced by Chelsea's Michael Woods. Eventually, a swift double from Arsenal's Rhys Murphy secured the Three Lions the win their performance deserved. Rodwell will now return to Everton to prepare for the visit to Stoke on Sunday." so obviously not serious just a precaution eh thankfully! last thing we need is more injuries!
  5. your right its no fun and not special at all as there is no talent in writing a cheque! hughes will be rubbing his hands as will the city fans but as you say money can't buy moments like when rooney scored or vaughany scored against palace! we'll still piss it into top 4
  6. gotta be rideout for me that i've actually been there for just cos of how big it all was! was only 8 at the time so only thing i've seen us win sadly! more to come in the near future i am sure though!
  7. hi all i'm back for a 3rd spell you won't remember me!! joined ages ago and never got round to postin much and just forgot tried to join again today and said i already had so now i'm back and rarin to go!
  8. keep old of maccers, hes quality in a couple of years! as was that craig gallagher kid, next paul robinson he was labelled! and also andrew fowler from time to time!
  9. 2nd in first season with Everton and got to the semi's of the champs league, knocked the shite out in the qualifiers too then won both in my second season!! you just gotta know where to look for the right players
  10. got a few young uns that are qualitty obvious ones like billy jones from crewe, can play in centre of midfield and anywhere along the back! also go to scotland and the big clubs there have good young players, hibs are good for them. David Murphy is a quality young left back i have. also in brazil, 18 or 19 year old midfielder called lucas, attacking and defensive midfielder! and he does it very well! theres one called sergiy kisliy 17 year old forward and after a year he was a 25 plus LEAGUE goals a season player! Keith Keane from Luton, Versatile player, and hes good after a couple years, just send him off on loan for a season, thats what i did! Francis Smith from Liverpool is a good player sometimes on the game, other times he isnt! Libis Andre Arenas is a top young goalie! get hold of him! Freddy Guarin from Envigado is quality too, although you sometimes dont get a work permit with him! thats all for now
  11. excellent film, one of the best ive ever seen, really like it!
  12. fridays are ace, cos if out goes tits up, its the weekend so its reet and monday, well, no one likes them, so grrr at mondays :
  13. sorry guys, im around now ive been busy lately though!! christmas and all that
  14. hi all, just joined up!! life time Everton fan so i thought its about time i joined a forum of others that are! look forward to talkin to ya all!!
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