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  1. Great finish...rom would go mental there if he missed! Good decision though..better right foot than rom
  2. Got lucky there rom! Get it out wide and get in...not gonna take on 10 men on your own
  3. More like it ross...such power in that foot
  4. How about kahn? I just seem to remember him being a nutter more than anything else
  5. Buffon is the best of the last 20 years for me..incredible
  6. Did nothing...was a poor game all round though to be fair
  7. Can see sissoko getting a ban after this game...got away with am elbow there
  8. More than fair shout for Martyn..he was an inspired signing
  9. The continental breakfast Get the fuck outta my face
  10. Matt started that one rubes I can't be helped for my wit The breakfast picture has given me an idea though
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