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  1. Not to these people it wasn't Mat I'm just clear to people..they know where I stand then haha
  2. Don't have to use email all that much..when I do its boring..sent a few texts calling people cunts but they were intentional
  3. Northampton..Midfielder apparently
  4. I'm not taking the piss..I'm genuinely lost as to what the point is...he scores less goals against top sides compared to others apparently...yet not seen other stats..then it's not a comparison against other players it's just to highlight rom scores more against lesser teams..which all strikers do...I'm going to bed haha
  5. I'm feeling thick here cos in reply to me I'm sure you said it's to show his percentage drops more than others...which is comparing him to others? My head hurts from this thread
  6. Maybe it's me being thick here..good chance...but if you're saying there's not a chance of a striker with a better ratio against top sides then what is the point of your argument? Doesn't that just mean he's like the rest?
  7. He is really shocking...genuinely could be the worst transfer in history
  8. And me..started the goal with a marvellous tackle
  9. Nurnberg in the 60s apparently..if you don't count the two Italian ones because of scandals
  10. Annoyed at their goal though...all that good defending and such a poor goal
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