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  1. Tricky Trev

    Tom Cleverley

    Gutted we haven't got anybody but you never know what can happen. I guess it depends on how much they wanted for him
  2. Tricky Trev

    Tom Cleverley

    I know that but the deals don't just stop at eleven they come through after that aswell if the paperwork is done in time
  3. Tricky Trev

    Summer Transfer Window

    How much did we get for the Forshaw transfer? Brentford made a comment saying they wouldn't sell a player like him for £3-4 mill
  4. Tricky Trev

    Danny Welbeck

  5. Tricky Trev

    Tom Cleverley

    Dissapointing window if nobody comes. It all comes down to these last two hours
  6. Tricky Trev

    Muhamed Besic

    The game was gone, it will be a good learning curve for him
  7. Tricky Trev

    Chelsea (H)

    So many things wrong with the above post its laughable
  8. Tricky Trev

    Chelsea (H)

  9. Tricky Trev

    Micah Richards

    Good first season and then made a few mistakes
  10. Tricky Trev

    Lewis Holtby

    Im hoping for a mad loan from Barca etc not Holtby
  11. Tricky Trev

    Roberto Martinez interview

    He wasn't happy at all. I can see a bit of business being done tommorow
  12. Tricky Trev

    Who would you have as captain?

    Why not now? I agree he is young but have a look when it goes off he is always in there getting amongst it. He is a leader already with his performances
  13. Tricky Trev

    Who would you have as captain?

    That's like saying Mirrallas could be a world beater but he isn't a good defender. Mccarthy has a role to play in the team. If you saw him for Wigan he played the box to box midfielder and scored goals. We will do well to keep him for another few years
  14. Tricky Trev

    Defensive Frailties

    I think the Matic goal summed up how poor we are at the moment with the centre backs. Half hearted attempts to stick half a leg out to block the ball. For me Jags and The Milkman aren't up to it. Stones need to play and id go for Richards, he is a beast
  15. Tricky Trev

    Who would you have as captain?

    Mccarthy by a mile. Should be our Gerrard