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  2. When I get my first pay at the end of the month I will chip in.
  3. Wholehearted agreement with this (but then again I would be regarded as an "arl arse" by most on here)!
  4. 1. What are your thoughts on Saturday’s game? What team is Moyes likely to select and what formation will he adopt? What weaknesses in United’s team will Moyes look to exploit? Despite some decent efforts against you in the last couple of seasons I fear the worst, would have loved to have been a fly on the wall in your dressing room after last weeks game (although I may well have been hit by a flying object!) You need no better incentive than that to turn in a performance and going on most of our recent performances you will be able to capitalise. We are likely to go 4-5-1 or possibly (if Moyes is feeling adventurous) 4-4-1-1. We need to really have a go at you and put pressure on your defence to stand a chance but I just can't see it happening. 2. What are your thoughts on Everton’s start to the season? Frustrating - again. The potential of the squad has been shown on a few occasions but we are far too erratic and don't seem to be able to capitalise on our superiority when we have it. Our defence has been shakier than we have come to expect and goals are in short supply. 3. Tell us about the potential of Ross Barkley? He has impressed on the limited amount I’ve seen him, however is being over-hyped? Or is he a special talent? Are you worried about losing him? Barkley could well become one of the best British midfielders in years, he has all the tools, but needs game time which he not currently getting as Moyes seems to prefer experience. Most Evertonians would love to see him get an extended run but this might not happen until injuries force Moyes' hand. I do fear he may go, either because of a cash offer that cannot be refused, or frustration on his behalf at not getting game time. 4. Similar to Barkley, Rodwell received plenty of attention when he burst on the scene. Has injury and selected in different positions stunted his development? Has he stagnated? How has he started the season? Do you believe he will fulfil his potential? The injuries and playing out of position have certainly not helped but I would not say he has stagnated, after a quiet start he is getting back to form, there is more to come and he will get better. 5. David Moyes is approaching his tenth anniversary as Everton manager. What are your thoughts on his ten years as a whole? What are your current thoughts? What does the future hold for him as Everton manager? On the whole he has done a decent job given the financial circumstances, he has managed to steer us away from almost perennial relegation battlers to a team that most others have some respect for. He can frustrate with some team selections and substitutions but in my mind he is nowhere near adventurous enough. Whilst playing one up front against established top teams can be excused, adopting the same tactic at home against the West Broms and the like is not acceptable. As for the future, well he does have a chairman with total faith in him so he would be extremely long odds to get the sack, whether he stays or not is another matter. If a club with generous financial backing that would allow him to get the better/best players came knocking then believe he would be off. 6. Do Everton fans now think that they are getting the tag of being a feeder club with their players? Not yet, all clubs sell players that they don't necessarily want to partly because of the power players now have, but given our current financial problems we may start to see in increase in younger talent looking for greener grass.
  5. French tv will probably pull the plug at half time when they are getting smashed
  6. Australia v Wales (3rd/4th playoff) on Friday with France v New Zealand final this coming Sunday Matt..........
  7. In fairness none of the British (football) teams exactly shine in tournament football but hopefully he will a fit set of players to pick from and I can see them reaching the semis with a decent draw.
  8. I may be in a minority here but I think he's done a fairly decent job with the U21's.
  9. That's just about a given Matt, but as the Olympic mens teams are under 23 (I think) there may be some interest for Evertonians with Berkley/Rodwell etc
  10. Stewart Pearce and Hope Powell to be managers of GB teams
  11. "Tactical injuries" are not a new thing although when instances have been proven there have been repercussions. It doesn't surprise me that Gatland considered it, but it does that he admitted it. The IRB are reviewing his statement but I doubt that anything will happen as he only said the idea had been discussed but not acted on.
  12. Not confident at all, to quote Bailey "I just hope we actually have a go, it would make a nice change" Given most recent performances it would surprise the hell out of me.......... On a side note, this will be the first game at the cottage that I will have missed for a long time, but I will be back in employment at the end of this month so will hopefully start getting to some games soon
  13. Felt sorry for Wales, massive effort on their part when down to 14 but as previously stated, as much their own fault for missed opportunities. All Blacks deservedly through against a distinctly average Australia, would take a brave man to bet against to win the final.
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