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  1. patto

    Ademola Lookman

    lookmans head goes down to easy it's a lack of confidence but I still want us to retain him but obviously with a new coach/manager. I can't believe Vlasic hasn't had game time he looked quite good when he came.
  2. Don't worry the sort of money we pay there will be plenty that will want to come we just have to select the best one available
  3. patto

    Ademola Lookman

    We have a squad and it's in a mess we need quality 1st teamers
  4. patto

    Ademola Lookman

    none of them players would get into a top 4 team so lets be realistic about our youngsters
  5. patto

    Mini Raiola

    Where we are going now is nowhere so it's moshiri's money so it's up to him to sort it we have to change things if we want to be in the top 4/6 I'm for Raiola if it makes us successful I'm sick of going to semi finals and finals and getting beat so we have to try something.
  6. I'd take silva or fonseca I'm not bothered about a D.O.F
  7. But I see no reason not to go for silva he was our first choice
  8. Anyone who wants Rafa has a short memory I'd rather have Rodgers at least he never insulted our club and I think he's more progressive and was really unlucky not to win the premier and can pick up good young talent.
  9. Silva was the one we wanted so why not get him now we can't possibly carry on with Sam
  10. walk away now it seems like Koeman all over again he didn't want to come and in the end he couldn't not accept what was on offer that was a big mistake let's not do it again our main priority is a top manager and some decent scouts.
  11. If we had scored in first half we would have won.
  12. patto

    Hello from the Fans' Forum

    Try phoning them if not email is good.
  13. patto

    Moussa Marega

    I hope this isn'tt true 35 m for a nobody
  14. There's not a pick on baines that's why if he can stay fit he's got a couple more years left in him.
  15. He looks heavy especially in the arse but who knows he might be good.