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  1. He's going to be a top six player hope it's with us he was excellent against us a great investment.
  2. Got pace skill can score goals what more do you want move Walcott on I think he's a lot younger than Theo
  3. Bernard wouldn't give you the goals Gylfi does goals is Bernards downfall.
  4. 600 thousand a week no thanks can’t see anyone paying that.
  5. I don’t think he wants to come to us he will leave it late and see what other options come in
  6. He needs to play a level above the 23s the championship would be great even a level below.
  7. I haven’t done anything on TT for a long while my mistake so what’s the rules for a thread ?
  8. Has anyone heard you can't sign international players till the 16th of June I'm sure I read it somewhere ?
  9. Can’t get potato streams up any other links
  10. Obviously the way things have gone this season we don't need Smalling Keane now looking the player we thought we were getting all due respect to Marco.
  11. He's decent but I wouldn't lose any sleep if we don't get him Lookman is now looking like he wants to be here.
  12. If anyone is interested and in town the everton two shop may have tickets for free I got 2 yesterday I went in to buy them and was given them free they are complimentary.
  13. After today's performance he wouldn't get in our team Gana was tremendous in fact the whole midfield was.
  14. How many times have we said this we have 4 days off now and then 2 weeks off no need for the changes whatsoever it's not like we will go down to Leicester and thump them is it stek is awful he's on his knees watching the ball go past him he only needs to dive on it it wasn't even a hard shot. I like Silva but he deserves all the flack he gets for this 1
  15. Too much negativity on here regarding Siggy that's because he cost 45m that's not his fault but he is easily the best midfielder and most productive we have and this year he is fitter I said a few weeks ago he needs quality with him. I see he praised Bernard for his quality that's what we need.
  16. For me Gylfi is our best midfielder at the moment but he's on his own he's the only one with a goal in him Gana Tom and Morgan just don't score sad to say but we are missing Rooney's goals.
  17. As far as I'm concerned he should never wear An Everton shirt again he is not interested he couldn't wait to get off the pitch and I'm sure he dodged Silva on the way off big mistake not taking the money offered and to think he's blocking a young player who wants to play.
  18. This won't be easy we struggled in the league game
  19. He's staying put so he might play tomorrow if he's over his injury
  20. It was his best game for some time
  21. I would take that as long as the fee was right we obviously are going to recruit again in January so yeah I would take that. The other thing you have to look at is the young players who want their chance see this spoilt brat playing ahead of them and he wants away. Im sure some players in first team squad must be pissed off with Lookman.
  22. I think he might rest Gana and bring Morgan back in as Gana had a knee problem I just hope Bernard is fit It's great to have that buzz back going the game been missing to long.
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