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    Hang the Kopites one by one on the banks of the royal blue Mers
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    The same as the rest of you, except:-

    Military history
    Gulf War Veterans Association
    Fine wine
    Large breasted women with loose morals
  1. mac get your butt on here and help me lol

  2. What Are You Listening To?

    Cant believe this is still going, bloody impressive boys and girls. ATB Mac
  3. Longest Thread!

    Next August, 21st. In Sunderland. ATB Mac
  4. Longest Thread!

    Asked Sue to marry me tonight and she said yes....... ATB Mac
  5. Jacko Dead?

    This was always going to be a bone of contention, he has been accused of possibly the worst thing a man can be accused of several times and yet he escaped a sucessful prosecution. In my mind, I am glad to see the back of an idiot who courted the press with a series of insane revelations. The only regret I have is the fact he had no childhood as such. The man was overrated in every sense of the word and I for one am gutted he died because he will be on telly for the next two weeks non-stop. ATB Mac
  6. First Game 2009/10

    I think we could well end up with the RS. No basis for it just a swag. ATB Mac
  7. Josh O

    Belated greetings young O. Hope you had a great day, you are slowly catching up on me. ATB Mac
  8. Mac

    Thanks a lot folks, had a nice quiet night in with the loved one. A cheeky red or two and a session which made me feel older than I am. ATB Mac
  9. Chelsea - Fa Cup Final

    Got 40-1 on a 3-1 win at betfred. COYB. ATB Mac
  10. Chelsea - Fa Cup Final

    I cant see anything but a win here, our name is on the cup. About bloody time because 14 years is too long for a club our size to wait for a trophy. 3-1 to us. ATB Mac
  11. Longest Thread!

    Something sexy about a girl wearing your footy top eh Craccer?. ATB Mac
  12. New

    Welcome to TT. hope you stick around. ATB Mac
  13. Longest Thread!

    How else do you think I managed to get her?. ATB Mac
  14. Longest Thread!

    I know, and she likes me, can you believe that shit?????? ATB Mac
  15. Longest Thread!

    Mark as told in my text, here is my Mackem in blue