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  1. There should be rules that pitches must always be like that.
  2. If there had been 10 minutes extra time we'd have lost 7 - 2. Everton that.
  3. 'Get rid of foreigners and close borders' is not remotely what RPG said.
  4. johnh

    New PC

    In the 1970's I won a competition in Golf World magazine - caption competition. The prize was an Atari game set which included the ping-pong game. Think I still have it up in the loft.
  5. johnh

    Bad news

    Just had a phone call, her indoors is coming home today. Daughter is at the hospital and will bring her home. Just waiting for prescriptions etc., Thanks again guys for all your very welcome support.πŸ‘
  6. johnh

    Jokes thread

    Marriage guidance counsellor says to his client 'your wife says you never buy her flowers'. Client says 'didn't know she sold flowers'.
  7. johnh

    Jokes thread

    Passed a guy in the street with a sign 'Falkland's veteran'. Gave him a tenner and he said 'Gracias senor'.
  8. johnh

    Bad news

    Her indoors is still in hospital. Daughter was with her today and they were confident she was coming home but they came and put a new drip on middle of the afternoon. Hopefully tomorrow now. Daughter says she is a lot brighter now. Fortunately, I can sort myself out, though I must admit, I am getting a bit fed up with toast!
  9. johnh

    Bad news

    Thanks for your support guy's. Went in the ambulance, blue lights and sirens all the way. Never been to the hospital so quickly and never been through so many red lights! Because she fell as a result of fainting they had to do xrays for body damage and blood tests for the fainting. Nothing broken fortunately, just bruising. Blood tests showed a urinary infection which was causing low blood pressure and high temperature. She is now in a ward and on antibiotics. I left the hospital at 2.30am, Daughter stayed until her indoors went on a ward. Daughter left at 4.30am. Daughter no.1 is on her way down from London and we will be visiting the hospital this afternoon. Thanks again fellow Toffee's, your support really means a lot.
  10. Her indoors has had a very bad fall. Fortunately my brilliant son in law and daughter are here, we a waiting for the ambulance.
  11. Good idea that Palfy. (note to Mike - it was Palfy's idea not mine😁)
  12. Just spotted this in our local (Maidenhead Advertiser) paper. Ted Brown, a keen Everton supporter, celebrated his 100th birthday on December 17. Born in Liverpool in 1919. In WW2 he served in India, Ceylon and Burma. Don't know the guy, but am going to send him a belated 'happy birthday card'. Anyone who wants to do likewise, the address is: Ted Brown, Clivedon Manor Care Home, 210 Little Marlow Road, Marlow, Bucks. SL7 1HX. Be nice to give him a surprise from fellow 'Toffee's'.
  13. There is one positive to take out of today, we can now concentrate on avoiding relegation.
  14. johnh

    Jokes thread

    My mate came running out of the room, tears streaming down his face and shouting 'it's a boy, it's a boy. That was 10 years ago and we haven't had a holiday in Thailand since.
  15. Its early days but I don't think the 'Ancelotti factor' is a coincidence. I don't think Silva had any clue how to make best use of DCL. Ancelotti saw something straight away and both tactics and training ground work are showing some early results.
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