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  1. Not feeling brilliant last couple of days. Think it's the new medication. Sitting in the warm waiting for the Rugby to come on TV. Two daughter's have come down today and have taken her indoors out for a shop and some lunch. Nice and peaceful here!
  2. Yes, I agree. I nearly posted 'Trump & Hilary and Johnson and Corbyn.
  3. The problem with world politics at the moment is that in all the leading countries in the world, there are no outstanding politicians of either gender (or 100😁). The problem for voters is: 'who is the least worst candidate'. Trump and Hilary is the best example.
  4. Thanks Matt. My son-in-law who scanned it for me is also a Matt! Thanks to Mike0 for loading it up too. Really hope things are improving/going well for you.
  5. Partly agree with you Bailey, but I would much rather take a goalies clearance from hand, on my chest, with the new ball - not the old!😵
  6. They don't show you the safety net 350 feet down though.
  7. Ouch! Hope you get sorted soon. When they decided that my heart condition had been wrongly diagnosed, they put me on different beta blockers. Been taking them for two weeks and have felt absolutely lousy for two weeks. Been trying to make contact with the consultant but its a nightmare. After going through all the options 'press 5 for etc.,' I end up with (the last one) that says 'this number is unobtainable'!
  8. Hope you are back in good health soon. Did they put you in isolation? Hope you have your mask on when you post on here!
  9. I consider myself very fortunate. I enjoy a glass of wine but never bother with a second. Enjoy a pint of bitter, never bother with a second. Enjoy a dram of Scotch, never bother with a second. Don't know why it should be that I really enjoy a drink but am happy with just the one. The other advantage is that I have never been drunk. Have never smoked either. On reflection, I'm just a boring sod really!😁
  10. Haf, I remember once playing an Amateur Cup game against Reckitts & Coleman at their sports ground. The pitch was like a bowling green. The club house can be summed up in one word 'luxury'. Expensive tiles, underfloor heating in the dressing rooms, power showers. They provided all our players and officials with a large pack of their products. I felt a bit guilty after we beat them 10 - 0! I remember thinking, after the game, I wish I could play on a pitch like that every week.
  11. Be fair Mike. During the recent storms, some of the poor guys won't have been able to get into London. I think they have to sign in to get their money? (Talking about the Lords here) (this is an ironic post!😁)
  12. No wonder Bercow is desperate to get in there.
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