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  1. Report in today's paper on the Surrey game. ' England all-rounder jSam Curran claimed three wickets on his return from injury'
  2. Agree with this. Root has the discipline in his batting to be able to open. Curran has just returned from injury? Needs a few county games.
  3. Me too. We would have to get someone who can take penalties as well.
  4. johnh

    Jokes thread

    Couple returned from holiday in Spain. Wife was disappointed because all the food was English and everyone spoke English. She said, 'next time we go on holiday I want to go somewhere where the food is crap and you can't understand what people say'. Husband has booked a fortnight in Scotland.
  5. Politics comes a very poor second to what we share on here - lifetime supporters of Everton. Will make my day whenever I meet fellow Toffee's. Cornish Steve the only one so far. What a memorable day that was.
  6. Yes, me too. Don't want to fall out 'cos if we ever meet up you won't buy me a beer!😄
  7. Mike, no matter how much gloss you put on it, IF Boris is voted in by the membership he will have been 'voted in'. Brown wasn't, in spite of the fact that Labour Party rules state that the membership should vote. Brown was 'nodded through'. Democratic that. You state that 'nobody voted for Boris and this situation is totally unprecedented in our history - however much you suggest otherwise. As for 'pointing out facts' - Half of all Prime Ministers appointed in the last 100 years, were not appointed as a result of a General Election, ie voted in in accordance with party rules. Not exactly unprecedented. Not up to your usual standard Mike.
  8. The fact remains, Gordon Brown was never voted in and you seem to have a sudden respect for voting after three years of trying to overturn the largest vote in our history.
  9. Mike, I've answered it. The rules for both Labour and Conservatives require the membership to vote. Bringing the 'voting public' in is hypothetical. I will state it again, if the Conservative hypothetical vote is 0.27% then Gordon Brown's was 0%.
  10. Its always totally different. Let me get this straight. For the Conservatives, 0.27% of the voting public (though its not the voting public, its the membership - same rules as Labour). For Labour it was 0% of the voting public (membership).
  11. Matt, I'm afraid that most of the above 'rant' (for that's what it is) is not worthy of a response, but I do agree on one point. A General Election should be held if there is a change to a PM during a term of government. However, I would restrict this to circumstances where a PM is replaced due to a vote of no confidence. This would also help to concentrate minds and head off ultra-ambitious would be PM's. A PM could be replaced by illness or death, what if this happened a few weeks after a General Election? Another one next week?
  12. Mike, I presume you raised your concerns then when Gordon Brown was installed as PM? Its the way the cookie crumbles. Both parties have gained from it this century.
  13. Mike, I am not sure what your beef is about 'democracy'? I don't particularly want Boris in but am puzzled by your tirade against those voting Boris in. I don't see any difference between that and the left-wing Labour members voting in a left-wing Corbyn.
  14. Matt, I think the phrase you were looking for is 'least worst'.😁
  15. Really sorry to hear that Mike, will join Rubes in saying a prayer.
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