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  1. Well we only need EU goods until we source them from new trade deals. With some EU countries on the verge of recession, eg Germany, Italy. any disruption to their trade will concentrate minds - in member states if not in Brussels. I don't think the EU's financial centre is going to make many waves, particularly when several EU banks are in danger of folding, particularly Deutche (sp) Bank, which is already on life-support. On your second point, you obviously don't understand 'irony'.
  2. Just an example as to why it wont last very long. Also, we know that the kid's will take priority. I don't mind going on a diet for a couple of months.
  3. Just a thought. If all the products supplied by the EU are delayed then their payments will be delayed. If the delay causes perishable products to go past their sell-by date, then they wont get paid at all. Probably wont bother Brussels but I think it will bother member states.
  4. Was coming on to post exactly that. When was that rule introduced? Never knew a sub could actually bat. Anderson's injury probably cost us the first test.
  5. Try the Army assault course on Salisbury Plain. Not too far from you. 😁
  6. Sorry, don't pay out on place so can't accept each way.
  7. Mike, I'll give you generous odds of 3 to 1 that your team don't win the cup. That's not 3 to 1 'on' either.😁
  8. I thought we'd brought in a striker? We have DCL and stats that are identical to last season. 70% possession and one shot on target.
  9. Telegraph Sport today says that the latest bid is not thought to be significantly more than the £52m Palace rejected, but may involve a player as part of the overall package.
  10. Don't think any teams at that level pay very much Mark. More like pocket money. I think the only 'full-time' pro's are in the Conference league and even there, some teams (including my local team Maidenhead United) do not have any full-time pro's. Below the Conference there won't be any teams with full-time pro's.
  11. We have no openers, our middle-order can only play the short-form of the game and we have no spinners.
  12. 80 odd for 4 at lunch. I played a bit of cricket but was a hopeless batsman. I never, ever, played as bad a shot as Roy did today.
  13. You can see it now. England will be bowled out for under 200 - unless it rains.
  14. I think we would have settled for a 90 run first innings lead before the start but 5 of our batsmen got 41 runs between them. The lead could have been 200 or more.
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