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  1. They have Andy Carroll for set-pieces.😲
  2. Steve, Where have I said that I'm happy at people being excluded from the vote? I have never even commented on the issue. Also, it was Matt who inferred that I was undemocratic. You posted a number of views in support of Matt, hence my comment 'how does that make me undemocratic' .
  3. Steve, how does that make me undemocratic?
  4. Palfy, Project Fear is also lies and there have been plenty of them from Remain.
  5. Matt, I don't know how old you are (after your recent posts, 14 or 15 springs to mind) but I became eligible to vote in 1957. I have voted in every GE since then. I have voted Conservative and Labour. I have voted when Conservatives have won and lost and when Labour have won and lost. I have been disappointed when my vote was for the losing party but accepted the result every time, 100%. I don't need you to tell me how British democracy works, your post was an insult and you should be ashamed of yourself. Democracy is a very fragile instrument and it only needs to fail once to fail for ever. YOU are amongst those who will be guilty of destroying it for ever. It doesn't matter how much you stretch logic or come up with mealy mouthed excuses, YOU ARE UNDEMOCRATIC. End of.
  6. The most depressing thing is that there is absolutely no sign of things improving. Too many players just going through the motions. This, in my view, is down to Silva. He has go to go asap.
  7. Still doesn''t justify a disgraceful post.
  8. Matt, that final comment is unbelievable. Made by someone who wants to overturn a democratic vote. You couldn't make it up.
  9. If there is a second referendum then the option must be the same as the first referendum, ie Remain or Leave. However, I think the options are going to be gerrymandered by the Remain Parliament eg May's deal or Remain say, resulting in a 'rock or hard place' choice for Leavers. Doesn't surprise me as democracy seems to be selective in the Remain camp these days.
  10. Pete, you must think that every voter reads the Party manifesto from cover to cover in a GE. They don't. They form an opinion and vote the way they think is best. The Remainers had no clue what they were voting for either. You seem to have believed Project Fear (lies) even more than Leavers did.
  11. I always thought that the claim of being the largest vote in democratic history related to the number of votes for 'Leave'. 17.4m votes is the largest number of votes for anything, in history. So it just shows how ridiculous are the claims that the vote was not democratic.
  12. Her indoors has bad arthritis in her hands. Recently, this resulted in having to have her wedding ring cut off to be made larger by having a gold segment welded in. I got the estimate today (£175) which was less than I expected. I still have the receipt for when I bought the ring in 1959 - 8 pounds 10 shillings. How times change eh. Still it was about a weeks wages at the time. Would have been embarrassing if the jeweller's had charged for a brass segment!😁
  13. Thanks guys for your good wishes. Feeling a lot better today. Episode always lasts for 12 hours (almost to the minute) and once, when I was in hospital and wired up to computers, the Doc told me that heart rate was 228 beats per minute for the 12 hours. End up feeling like you have just run a marathon! Have had it for about 15 years now but it doesn't get any easier! Used to get 7 or 8 episodes a year but as I am getting older they are increasing. The really weird thing is, in a relatively short time, I go from struggling to get up out of a chair to being back to normal as though nothing ever happened.
  14. Mike, enjoy and sunshine and the city. Quite a nice day here today but unfortunately can't do what I had planned. Might be able to join you in a pint though.🙂
  15. Thanks Mike. I went private several years ago. Spent a day undergoing all sorts of tests. Didn't really get anything out of it at the end of the day. I asked the Consultant about a pacemaker but he recommended against it. He said that half his patients who have them fitted ask for them to be taken out. Something to do with the 'jolt' when they kick-in, wakes you up sharpish in the middle of the night!
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