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  1. johnh

    Happy Father's Day

    I'm an orphan but my two daughters took me out for lunch.😊
  2. johnh

    Kopite Thread

    I see Salah is fit for Egypt's opening game. Champions league injury couldn't have been that serious. It does seem that the World Cup was more important.
  3. johnh


    If it'd been a Tory government the numbers would be higher? Mike, have you been on the sauce? Can't think I have ever seen such an illogical post from you.
  4. johnh


    The study was based on stats for the period 2010-2014. This wasn't a Tory government, it was a coalition and it could be argued that Cameron was a bigger Liberal than Clegg. The fact is, that the need for austerity was solely due to the fact that Labour screwed the economy, as have every Labour government since the war. This time, they left the epitaph for all Labour governments in writing. When the Coalition took over the Treasury they found a note which said 'There is no money left'. Memories do appear to be short.
  5. johnh


    If this is a competition to find the world's most stupid post then my entry is: Blair's Iraq war cost more than 120,000 lives.
  6. I was lucky in that my parents didn't drink. We never saw alcohol of any kind when growing up, even at Christmas. I'm fortunate in that I enjoy a drink but am happy with one glass of wine or one pint of beer. Impressed with how you conquered the demons there Mike, the boy done good.
  7. Never, ever been drunk in my life - not even on wedding anniverseries.☺️
  8. johnh

    Marco Silva (manager)

    The best news is, its not Allardyce.
  9. johnh

    Eddie Howe (Manager)

    My daughter used to live in High Wycombe, 8 miles from us in Maidenhead (though all uphill and a lot higher). We often used to get phone calls to ask us how we were managing with the snow. 'No snow here, its dry' we used to say and were told there was 3 inches of snow in High Wycombe. It happened in reverse too.
  10. johnh

    Jokes thread

    Excellent Holy, I've pinched that.
  11. johnh

    Longest Thread!

    Hero indeed. Found myself clapping at the end of that video.
  12. johnh

    Kopite Thread

    When I read match reports in the press, I sometimes wonder if I have been watching the same game. In todays Telegraph Sport, the match report on the Liverpool game (written by Jason Burt, Chief football correspondent, says: 'The loss of Salah after Ramos executed the football equivalent of a rugby spear-tackle.................' No comment needed.
  13. johnh

    Cricket Thread

    There is no danger of England being accused of 'fixing' the defeat against Pakistan. No one would make it that obvious.
  14. johnh

    Kopite Thread

    I can forget all about it down here in Berkshire but you guys on Merseyside will have to put up with the Echo for the next few weeks.