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  1. I've heard a rumour that the HS2 route is being diverted to Bramley Moor Dock so that Mark Clattenburg can get out of town quicker after giving two penalties and a red card against Everton.
  2. My intention was not to compare abilities as players but to compare the course Lukaku's career will take.
  3. There are signs that he is going the way of Balotelli and Benteke.
  4. Great post that, thanks Mike. I was 40 in the March and played my last game at the end of April. Never had a serious injury and then halfway through the second-half of the last game, I got clean knocked out with a clash of heads. The other guy ended up in hospital. I had gone to the match in my car but couldn't drive home as I didn't know where I was and couldn't have found my way home. Another player drove me home. I spent a week walking around as if in a dream (they claimed at work that no one noticed!) and it wasn't until the second week that I started to feel somewhat normal. I should, really, have packed in at early to mid 30's, my knees would be in a lot better shape than they are. If I had my time over, I suppose I would still play 'till 40. Loved every minute of it.
  5. johnh

    What Grinds Your Gears...

    I bow to your experience. Also, his timing may be perfect but his material is crap. No, on reflection - absolute crap.
  6. johnh

    What Grinds Your Gears...

    Are you sure? I have listened to it again and every time he pauses there is hysterical laughter, even though what he said is not really amusing. If there was no 'canning' then the audience must have been pissed. πŸ˜€
  7. johnh

    What Grinds Your Gears...

    Never found Kenneth Williams particularly funny. On that video the canned laughter is way over the top. But thanks for the thought.☺️
  8. johnh


    I agree, he wasn't mocking May but he wasn't dancing either. Just pissed out of his head as usual.
  9. johnh

    What Grinds Your Gears...

    Our local mini-Supermarket now provides paper bags as well as plastic bags for fruit and veg. I always use the paper bags. The other day I needed something for the evening meal that could be done easily and quickly. I saw a cottage pie and put it in the basket. When I got it out of the fridge to put in the oven, I removed a cardboard outer package, then I removed a sealed plastic cover and found that the contents were in a wooden basket with a paper lining. It was very nice but I reckon half the cost was for the packaging!
  10. johnh

    Ryder Cup

    You and me both Mike. Though I am playing snooker on Wednesday, practising for the new season!
  11. johnh

    Ryder Cup

    My best shot (and the only people to witness it were the guys I was playing with) was at the Belfry on the 18th. You drive over water and then your second shot is over water. I hit a good solid drive but (unlike me) I pulled it a bit. This meant I had to carry about an extra 20 yards or so of water. My ball hit the far bank and plopped back into the water. There was a dropping point about 50 yards from the tee but the grass was three or four inches deep so could only hit a nine iron across the water. This left me about 200 yards from the green. I hit the sweetest one iron I have ever hit. Never felt it come off the club face. The ball never left the pin. I repaired the pitch mark 3 feet short of the pin and my ball was 3 feet past the pin. I sunk the put for a birdie (with my second ball) but a 5 net 4 for 2 points. Wish I had a video of it.😒
  12. johnh

    What Grinds Your Gears...

    That nearly happened Holy, but then I woke up (in a cold sweat). It was only a dream (nightmare).😊
  13. johnh

    Ryder Cup

    I hit my driver with a high cut fade (more or less every time) put a lot of side spin on the ball which reduced distance. My best was about 220 yards but more often than not 200 yards. Couldn't hit fairway woods to save my life. The upside was that I hit my irons the same which meant I was very accurate and could stop the ball on the green. I carried a one iron which I could hit off the grass almost as far as my driver. Hardly ever missed the green with a seven iron or less and was a fairly good putter. Got down to 10 but my lack of distance off the tee stopped me getting into single figures.
  14. johnh

    What Grinds Your Gears...

    I also had a post go missing last week. I thought it might generate a response but when it didn't I checked back and couldn't find it.
  15. johnh

    Predict Our Result: 2018/2019 Season

    Steve Tried to send pm re 'meet-up photo'. Tells me 'Cornish Steve not receiving pm's'? Anyway, found photo OK. Much obliged for your help. Cheers John