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  1. Martin Terrier

    I hear he comes with a good pedigree and should settle in well as he's very chummy.
  2. Predict our result: 2017/2018 season

    Everton 2 WBA 0 Rooney
  3. Be fair Mike, he got a lot of experience during his four games in charge. At training, he put the cones out and handed out the bibs.
  4. Travel in today's world

    Her indoors does not have a fear of flying, its a fear of crashing. As you say MikeO, the old ones are best.
  5. Longest Thread!

    On my 'quote' in Matt's post its added two 't's, but in MikeO's post its only added one!
  6. Travel in today's world

    Nearly as bad, but not quite: My missus refuses to go on an aeroplane. Never been on one, never will.
  7. Theo Walcott

    The simple fact is that he is better than anything we've got at the moment.
  8. Longest Thread!

    Sorry, problem with my original post. I was posting as to why people are using two 't's in 'isn'tt', but it appears that the system adds a 't' automatically?
  9. Vaunt the Good Vibes

    Mark, good on you. I remember the feeling from November 1959! The next excited feeling is when you make the final mortgage re-payment which I did in 1999. (4 mortgages after that first one though!)
  10. Yeah, I remember us getting relegated in 1950, Cost me a threepenny bit, lost bet! (50% of my pocket money)
  11. Tottenham Hotspur (Away) Saturday January 13th

    Someone posted earlier saying we are going to be mid-table for the next two or three seasons. At the moment, I would settle for that. Today, we play a new striker and surprise, surprise, play him as a lone striker. In his first game in the Premiership he should have had DCL or Niasse starting with him, but that would have meant Sam sacrificing a midfielder/defender.
  12. Tottenham Hotspur (Away) Saturday January 13th

    Tosun must be wondering what he's let himself in for.
  13. First Annual TT Personality Awards

    I played a bit of hockey in the Army. I hated hockey but it meant you got time off duty and hockey was marginally better than duty. I was once stood a couple of yards from a guy who whacked the (very hard) ball straight at me. I jumped in the air and the ball hit me square on the instep of my right foot. My foot was numb for about three days but if I hadn't jumped, the place it would have hit me would have been a lot more painful and eye-watering!
  14. Just Googled it. Voodoo originated in West Africa and was transported to Haiti in the seventeenth century.
  15. Mason Holgate

    I think perhaps the words you are looking for are: Thoroughly unlikable and biased Liverpool supporters.