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  1. All the top London clubs got home draws. Palace were the only one drawn away.
  2. Sunderland (League Cup Home) Wednesday September 20th

    No point in playing for a nil - nil draw tonight. The last thing we need is extra-time. DCL and NIasse up top.
  3. George Green

    I was interested to see that he had a spell with Ossett Town. I played for Ossett in the late 1960's for a couple of seasons, in the old Yorkshire League, before I moved south. Hope the lad gets sorted out.
  4. Bournemouth (Home) Saturday September 23rd

    Mike, I had left my reading glasses in the car and it was raining! In my defence, I did phone Diane Abbot and her answer was 'one hundred and thirty eight thousand, three hundred and twenty seven point seven five - approximately'. Bit confused, so phoned Jeremy. He said that he'd no idea as he supported Spartak Moscow.
  5. Bournemouth (Home) Saturday September 23rd

    Bournemouth have scored more than twice as many goals as us and have got Defoe. We have got our usual space up front.
  6. Wayne Rooney

    Exactly this. The report of the Stoke game summed it up. 'Rooney spent more time in his own penalty area than he did in Stoke's'.
  7. Manchester United (Away) Sunday September 17

    Not sure why playing better is a plus. No matter how much better we play, we are not set up to score goals. I have posted before that if we don't sort out the strikers problem in the January window, we will be the lowest scoring team in the league this season.
  8. Manchester United (Away) Sunday September 17

    We are in the relegation places. We haven't got a good enough defence to play for a 0 - 0 draw every game.
  9. Manchester United (Away) Sunday September 17

    Another two and we are in the relegation places.
  10. Manchester United (Away) Sunday September 17

    Another two and we are in the relegation places.
  11. Manchester United (Away) Sunday September 17

    Sorry about that, just shows how much interest I've got in the Co-op cup, or whatever it is.
  12. Manchester United (Away) Sunday September 17

    Have I lost a season somewhere? Sunderland are in the Championship.
  13. Should we sack our manager?

    'arry's available.
  14. F1 Chat

    Couldn't beleive that Coulthard said that the pile-up at the start was a 'racing incident'. Vettel cut across the field when he wasn't a cars length clear.
  15. Just read this. Atherton Collieries fan, Eric Lancaster, cycled 51 miles to Ossett to watch their FA Cup qualifying game. Unfortunately, Atherton lost 1 - 0. Fortunately, Eric got a lift back on the Atherton coach, well, he is 85! Made my muscles ache just reading that!