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  1. johnh

    Predict Our Result: 2018/2019 Season

    Bournemouth 1 Everton 1 Tosun
  2. johnh

    Hello All From NYC

    Welcome in Hank. Whenever I see the word 'Yank' it brings back memories of my upbringing in Liverpool during the war. If we were on the tram and there were any Yank soldiers on, we would always start singing 'It wasn't the Yanks that won the war parlez vous'. Of course, what we didn't know (being only 7 or 8 years old) was without the Yanks and the Russians we wouldn't have won the war. Only found out recently that that song was from WW1. Look forward to you posting Hank.
  3. johnh

    Longest Thread!

    Yes, spot on Mike.
  4. johnh

    Longest Thread!

    Just seen an article in the local paper about a new service at the Hinds Head in Bray. They are introducing 'afternoon tea' with a selection of finger sandwiches, cream scones, bakewell tart and chocolate cake. If you decide to treat her indoors it will only set you back £78 (£39 per head). Of course, you could send her indoors in alone while you wait outside, it will only set you back £39 then. I am going to settle for a cup of Yorkshire tea and a digestive at home.
  5. johnh

    Longest Thread!

    I agree and I'm a real live example.😁
  6. johnh

    Longest Thread!

    France and Germany are reported to be looking at bringing it back.
  7. johnh

    Longest Thread!

    Had a 'meet-up' today with a guy I did my National Service with - Singapore 1955-1957. He lives in Shepperton so we meet at Old Windsor which is about the same distance for both of us. Had a nice meal in a Toby Carvery and good craic for a couple of hours. Used to be five of us but, sadly, we are down to two now. National Service did make some good friends and strong bonds, 'all in it together'.
  8. johnh

    Ashley Williams

    Her indoors won't go on a plane, never been on one. We went across the channel on a ferry in a gale, she won't go on a ship now. We had a crash on the M1 once and now she won't go on long journeys in the car. For years, when we went on holiday in the UK, I used to take the kids and luggage in the car, she went on the train! She would always take one of the kids for company though.
  9. johnh

    The Automobile Thread.

    Palfy, I have never owned a rear wheel drive (deliberately) , they are a disaster in the snow and ice too.
  10. johnh

    The Automobile Thread.

    The most ridiculous high powered road car I ever drove. The director of a company we dealt with phoned me one day and asked me would I look after his car for a month as he had been banned for speeding. It was a Ford Escort RS with a 2.9 Cosworth engine turbocharged. He said to use it as much as I wanted. When you accelerated, you actually went back in the seat. As I didn't want to lose my licence I kept within the speed limit but used the acceleration which was phenomenal. Never got held up as I could overtake everything! Happy with my Nissan Qashqai now, plodding through its 3,000 miles pa!
  11. johnh

    The Automobile Thread.

    Ah! Ford Fiesta. Back around 1990 I was buying 3,000 Ford Fiesta's a year for the company I worked for. Fiesta has been going for a long time (should have ironed any problems out by now!) Best car I 'owned' (company car) was a Citroen Pallas 2.4 GTi. Fantastic car to drive, particularly on long runs. The bodywork rusted after only 3 years though, so glad I didn''t own it.
  12. johnh

    Elephant in the room

    I'm quite good at sums.
  13. johnh


    Mike, I think you missed the point. Regardless of the intelligence, bias or whatever of those against Brexit, they still caused considerable difficulties for the Brexit negotiators and gave support to the EU side. If the whole of Britain had got behind the negotiating team we would have been out now with a good deal.
  14. johnh


    Mike, the single biggest reason for the mess is two years of obstruction caused by remoaners. House of Lords, Civil Service, Whitehall, Treasury, BBC etc., etc.,
  15. johnh


    No Chach, there is nothing more to it. Don't overestimate prize plonkers like Cameron. As I have posted on here before, Cameron was more of a Liberal than Nick Clegg. I also think he was overly influenced by his missus, just like Blair was.