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  1. johnh

    Bad news

    Thanks again guys. The weirdest thing is that on the days I'm wiped out I can hardly move out of my chair. When I make a cup of tea I have to sit down three or four times during proceedings. This is what it was like yesterday. Today I get up and I am just back to normal. Can't understand why I felt so bad yesterday! Can do anything today, go out for a walk, do some jobs (though if it's something I don't fancy doing, I tell her indoors that I'm still a bit woozy!) Thinking back, I remember that when I played football, in about 4 or 5 games a season, I used to get mega heart palpitations which lasted for several seconds. As I always considered myself to be 'as fit as a lop' (Yorkshire saying) I never bothered going to the doctor about it. Well they might have told me to stop playing!
  2. johnh

    Bad news

    Thanks Mark. I don't think I would want major surgery. I don't have to get shocked as it clicks back in automatically after 12 hours, almost to the minute. During those 12 hours the heart rate is 230 beats per minute. They told me this one time I was in hospital. It does wipe me out, feels like I have just run a marathon. It used to wipe me out for 24 hours but as I've got older it has increased to 48 hours. Get 7 or 8 per year, though last year I had two spells when I had 3 in 10 days. Was like a zombie by the end of it. Also had some episodes during the day when previously had only ever had them in the night. Just hoping a pacemaker will solve the problem.
  3. johnh

    Bad news

    Thanks guys. Will be getting second opinions. Am also considering a pacemaker, though when I mentioned it to a specialist about 10 years ago, he said that half his patients ask for them to be taken out. Hopefully, the technology has been improved?
  4. johnh

    Bad news

    Been to the hospital today to see the specialist about my heart condition (Atrial Fibrilation) which I have had for 18 years. Specialist did some tests and told me he doesn't think it is Atrial Fibrilation! He says he thinks it is Supraventricular Tachycardia (remember it for Scrabble). Will require a change in medication, different Beta Blockers and he also said I don't need to be on Warfarin. He is checking this further. I would be apprehensive about coming off Warfarin as I had two mates who refused to go on Warfarin and died after having strokes. If I do end up coming off Warfarin the big advantage will be getting through cold winters more easily!
  5. johnh

    Jokes thread

    Just booked a table for Valentine's night. Don't know what her indoors will say as she has never played snooker before.
  6. Be fair Mike, speedo Mick has got all us Toffee's behind him. - no contest.
  7. Matt, I have loads of programs from the 1950's and 1960's, including the first game I played for Yorkshire Amateur in 1957. (the year I was demobbed from the Army) Away at Goole Town. I also have six Yorkshire Amateur 'home' programs for the 1957/58 season. Must have about 20 odd programs for the 1950's/60's, mainly Amateur Cup games against teams from all over the country. Several London clubs. The biggest difference, distance wise was between Durham City (unfortunately didn't get a program) and Eastbourne United (did get a program).
  8. Spoke to son in law today, when he sorts out the scan problem he is going to scan the report and send it to me on email. Is there anyone on here can upload it to this thread if I forward the email to them?
  9. Don't have the facility but am seeing son-in-law tomorrow and he does. Will see what we can do.
  10. In season 1958/59 I played an FA Amateur Cup game against Durham City in Durham. It had snowed all week and only five games were played in the whole of the country, including ours. Durham put 80 tons of sand on the pitch and it was just like playing on the beach. We actually had a match report on the radio 'Sports Report'. We won 2 - 0. I have a match report from the Observer which described me as a 'young player with a future'. Should I take them to court?😁
  11. There should be rules that pitches must always be like that.
  12. If there had been 10 minutes extra time we'd have lost 7 - 2. Everton that.
  13. 'Get rid of foreigners and close borders' is not remotely what RPG said.
  14. johnh

    New PC

    In the 1970's I won a competition in Golf World magazine - caption competition. The prize was an Atari game set which included the ping-pong game. Think I still have it up in the loft.
  15. johnh

    Bad news

    Just had a phone call, her indoors is coming home today. Daughter is at the hospital and will bring her home. Just waiting for prescriptions etc., Thanks again guys for all your very welcome support.👍
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