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  1. Richarlison missed an open goal header today. Edge of 6 yard box, no pressure, free header, and he tamely headed it so that the keeper gathered it easily.
  2. BBC live text gave an interesting stat. Everton have never come from behind and won under Silva. That stat actually says a lot. No heart, no fight and there have been plenty examples of that recently.
  3. At least we've got the Rugby World Cup to take our minds of it.
  4. The Blades haven't had a single shot on goal - and are winning 1 - 0.
  5. Mike, it may, or it may not. My point is, to give all the credit to the EU is nonsense. The easiest activity on this planet is to spend other peoples hard earned money.
  6. The regeneration money cycle is: UK taxpayers - UK government - EU - chunk returned to UK. ie its our own money returned.
  7. There are multiple strains of flu and the flu-jab doesn't cover them all, just most. Getting the jab increases the odds.
  8. Its already started to explode in Bettel's face. A number of EU member states highly critical. Maybe the EU will book him on a diplomacy course.
  9. Had a bit of ear trouble (never had it before) on Sunday. Had a busy Monday so went to the Doc's today. Asked for the duty Doctor (urgent appointments) and expected something tomorrow. It was 10.30 when I got there and they gave me an 11.00 appointment. The Doc even gave me my flu jab while I was there. Result!
  10. Our non-decent spinner got 4 for 49. He's not bad with the bat either.
  11. The risk to London as the Financial Capital is more at risk if we stay in the EU. France and Germany have had their eyes on this for years. If we remain, I can see the EU coming up with a 'Common Financial Services Policy' much like the Common Agricultural Policy and the Common Fisheries Policy. We will then be instructed to transfer a chunk of these services to Paris and :Frankfurt. And just as the Fisheries Policy decimated our fishing industry, you can bet the City will come out of it not very well. If we leave, then at least we can fight it.
  12. Steve, please read my posts more carefully. I said 'Macron' is desperate for us to go - not 'France'. Now that Merkel is on the way out, Macron thinks he is going to be top-dog in the EU. He doesn't want the UK in there queering his pitch. His ambition is far more important than 'trade'. Having said that, why should trade suffer either way? It will only suffer if the EU whack tariffs on everything.
  13. Steve, I can't believe you just posted that. First, Germany don't want us to leave but France do. Macron is desperate for us to go. Second, the EU are already changing the law on veto's. It is not convenient for the dictatorship. The EU is proposing a change to move to majority voting (which means Germany and France) in certain areas. How long before it covers all areas? First crack in the dam.
  14. To quote Chac, RPG The FT is Remainercast, so take it with a pinch of salt.
  15. The worst possible scenario. We lose, but DCL scores, which means Silva wlll pick him for the next dozen games.
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