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  1. Personally think Emery is a much better coach than Silva with evidently a much better track record. Sevilla very similar club to ours and he did really really well there. I wouldn’t be disappointed if it was Emery personally.
  2. It’s survival first so appointment will be someone with a track record in that, I’m convinced
  3. This won’t happen on the basis of us being in the bottom three and both being unproven as managers. A fairy tail story but would be a bold move. Moyes with Arteta/Cahill as number two would be more likely.
  4. Think he’s good going forward. However he leaves us wide open when he does. Not a major issue for me though
  5. He’d be a pain in the arse to play against. Technically not fantastic but he puts himself about. Richarlison is absolute quality as is Digne. We’ll be ok
  6. The players are there mate. Richarlison, Iwobi, Digne etc will run themselves into the ground. We’ve got some top plates. I think Kean the striker will come good too. Keane is poor. Sigurdsson is technically a very good player but doesn’t dominate/dictate games he just floats in and out of them. We are a man down at times with him in the pitch.
  7. I’ve said it in another thread. Keane was a major problem tonight. Mina looks like he can be a good CB. He just needs a partner.
  8. I think this lad will come good. Give him some games
  9. A solid CB in replacement of Keane will no doubt sort us.
  10. Genuinely after tonight I’m not sure he should go just yet. We went to Anfield and at least had a go. He has something but that defence needs sorting.
  11. Richarlison - although Mina also had a really good second half. So many bad performances though, Keane, Siggy, Bernard 🥴
  12. First time in a while we’ve gone to Anfield and had a go. Defence all over the place though
  13. Two left feet lad but works hard and is mobile. Think he’s done ok me
  14. We’re not playing bad but we are carrying some absolute shite in Keane and Sigurdsson
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