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  1. Let’s get one thing straight. I’m all for Kean I want him to do well but he is struggling. Lukaku comparison is silly really tho as Rom is pretty much a 1:2 striker-everywhere he’s been. Kean would do well to match that.
  2. Don’t even make a comparison with Lukaku yet Haf. Lukaku proved he was a goalscorer. At present Kean looks lost he’s giving the ball away too much. He’s young and we’ll all give him time
  3. Went with Lewin. Holgate was class. Thought Gordon struggled
  4. Not sure what his qualities are? Sits deep passing sideways. Looks like Mo Farah in the middle of the park 🤷🏻‍♂️
  5. He’s struggling that’s for sure
  6. Flash in the pan. Isn’t and won’t ever be a top player
  7. If was the two clear cut chances from corners that confirmed this guy is not good enough. Both efforts over the bar not even on target. Poor is an under statement
  8. Delph needs to do one. The most negative player ever.
  9. All ifs buts & maybes
  10. The worst result in Everton’s history. Beaten by Liverpool Reserves - who deserved to win. Dross from back to front but with a central midfield of Sneiderlein, Sigurdsson and Delph what can we expect. Absolute garbage.
  11. The one chance he got (apart from the header) I thought his first touch took him away from goal. If he’d had gone the other way was a dead cert.
  12. It wasn’t that bad of a result. As stated by Hafnia, with the squad we’ve got what was expected.
  13. On paper before the game any football fan worth his salt could have told you that
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