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  1. Who came up with the idea that some teams can't play their home game at home? Bloody ridiculous, we aren't the only ones being penalised.
  2. I know, I know. Don't know what day of the week it is at the moment, never mind who was in charge when Moise signed!! Anyway seems like Carlo has been here forever and easy to forget that he's only been in charge for 3 playing months (correct me if I'm wrong)😂
  3. As an old boss of mine was won't to say "It's a b*g*ers muddle"
  4. Having left home at 15, he understand the effect on young kids. No wonder Moise's mum was reassured.
  5. Another Blue feel good story, nice one Richi!
  6. Stand corrected!! Meant to say too that at least they have made a decision.
  7. I really can't see that happening, 9 games to play and a start in August/September? I voted Void the season in our poll. League 2 are voiding and in view of the pandemic I think that is fair. Yes as a Blue I'll be seen as pissing on the red parade but to paraphrase Shankly there are more important things in life than football.
  8. Last game of the season was scheduled today H to Bournemouth. I think we would have failed top 6 but possibly put the nail in the coffin for Bournemouth.... who knows?
  9. Premier League, Sky, BT don't make for good reading in the same sentence.
  10. Not singling him out at all but I wonder if many players across all clubs will change their mindset after this is over?
  11. Fernando being mooted to return to Enstone for a third time,possibly underwritten by Liberty Media (who are doing everything to keep Renault in F1?)
  12. Seems F1 silly season is over early. Has Vettel anywhere to go? I hope Fernando doesn't return, he can't achieve his old potential with Renault - except money talks and they might want the exposure. Love the young guns at Ferrari. Hamilton's career will end at Merc, now Prancing Horse possibility closed.
  13. Love him. Sending good vibes out. Husband, father and son and it's hard with family in France.
  14. Happy birthday. Hope you raised a glass or two.
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