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  1. Iwobi for energy and commitment. The rest were up for the cause and it showed, proud to be a blue today.
  2. All forums have the grammar/spelling police!
  3. Whatever they're on I want some....Siggy!
  4. A good manager won't hide behind injuries and with a squad like ours, should make the best of what he has.
  5. However you view his yellow/reds, 2 in two games isn't acceptable for a club and country captain IMO. In his defence I think the pressure at club level has got to him.
  6. Can't blame him wanting out if it's true. Don't suppose he fancies a relegation fight when he thought he was joining a club with the potential for top 6.
  7. Sanction should be short and sharp when it takes place, that the country be banned from international competition for a specific time and that to include club competitions as well.
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