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  1. Fair points Steve and this is not to be scornful of Palace or Sheff Utd in any way. I'd suggest that their expectations this season were to stay in the Premiership, the fact that both are doing well is a bonus. On the other hand we had high (maybe impossibly high) hopes of a top six finish so are going to be disappointed even with a top class manager and he has to prove himself by taking an under-achieving club upwards.
  2. Always think I could have been a Glory Supporter and supported West Ham especially as we lived in Essex then!!
  3. World Cup final, first full game I ever watched on TV with my Blackburn Rovers supporting dad. Mesmerised by Alan Ball, became a Blue then.
  4. Mike you are the voice of reason but can you seriously think of any 'top' side letting this happen in the way it did?
  5. Nobody is knocking the kids, they've done a great job and well done to the People's Club as well. Thing is we Brits find humour, often offbeat in many things and contrary to belief it usually isn't malicious.
  6. I won't knock the lad, he tried. But in your short pro career surely it is better to be playing competitive football in as higher league as possible and maybe improving your football?
  7. I think we always hope that we get a new signing with credentials who comes in and immediately does the same here, doesn't happen.
  8. Just don't want Moyes putting one over on us, his lot will be fire up that's for sure.
  9. Sorry to hear Mike, I'd noticed you hadn't been north this season.
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