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  1. Nah! Don't like the Villa. They think they're entitled to top flight football.
  2. Where we stand at the moment with a dearth of trophies, as far as possible play the strongest team for every tie.
  3. I've always remembered the name of their stadium, Sincil Bank.
  4. Only lived there 2 months and took sons 8 and 11, terrified the s***s out of us! The following year we were veterans
  5. Tears in my eyes! Lived in Ottery St Mary for 10 years in the 90s. Brilliant vet for our dog in Cullompton (not a million miles away from Willand)! Sorry, yet another TT thread off topic
  6. Not a surprise. Despite his podium in Hungary didn't think Kvyat would get back to RB at this point. Their line is to ascertain who will be in the RB next season. They need a rear gunner for Max and if AA steps up I guess the seat will be his. If on the other hand Kvyat gets more podiums surely he will be the choice?
  7. On SKy Match choice and they have the Bournemouth Sheffield commentary over our game. Funny if it wasn'tpathetic.
  8. Jordan was a worldie and saved us. I thought Keane worthy too.
  9. In Brands we trust 😉
  10. City Liverpool Arsenal Spurs Chelsea EFC Mancs Norwich Newcastle B & H
  11. Screw you Palace, we'll go shopping at Arsenal and save ourselves a bob or two.
  12. A relief not to have been held to ransom on TDD. Disappointing not to have got Zouma but plenty to be excited about with the new signings I think. COYB.
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