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  1. Perhaps they have a new manager to introduce tomorrow so no time to take charge for Saturday, Dunc in temporarily makes sense (ok, not to everyone!!).
  2. Birthday present is this game It will be great just to be there, always is. Wonder who the manager will be on the day though.
  3. Palfy, I'm with you after 52 years supporting I endorse all you have said.
  4. I think this is the worst I've felt even with the crap that's gone on over the past 4 years. We are in the bottom three and not looking good for points in the next games.
  5. 3 days to get someone to instil some positivity into the team, definitely not Silva. players are shot of confidence.
  6. Sorry Marco, been nice for you whilst it lasted but not for us supporters : (
  7. Can't believe this is happening. Not the derby but where we are now.
  8. They knew it was a stroll in the park, what could we do it's excruciating to watch.
  9. If he's fallen off a cliff, why? Down to management?
  10. No, good analogy. I've always thought he looks like a cute little dog
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