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  1. Sorry for Brentford but Fulham the better team on the night, don't like them.
  2. I know he wasn't long at Man U but should we really be going after failures from so called top 6 clubs?
  3. Not holding my breath.... but if Carlo is encouraged, enough for me.
  4. If he can't hack it with us and an Italian manager, he ain't going to make it in the Prem.
  5. If he did go could take Baines with him as coach.
  6. Is it if he only has it for one season? I'd prefer a bit of continuity, a captain needs to establish himself.
  7. If you do it will be 90 minutes of your life you won't get back!!
  8. Back to your day job tomorrow Marcel.
  9. Blue, blue and blue, thanks for everything Leighton.
  10. No,gut says he's not right for us, can't say why really. Probably same as why I wouldn't have taken Vardy.
  11. He commented about Michael Keane as a leader so was just wondering?
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