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  1. Gwlad all over

    Oumar Niasse

    He will go down in our history hopefully as a player loyal to our club.
  2. Gwlad all over

    Crystal Palace (Home) Sunday October 21st

    You are one great supporter supporting the cause, your were chosen....
  3. Gwlad all over

    Howard Kendall

    Kendall, Ball, Harvey were the midfield when I started supporting Everton. Title winners in 1970.
  4. Gwlad all over

    Theo Walcott

    No way. Why would we want a 30 year old who is far from match fit?
  5. Gwlad all over

    Who do you want as our main striker?

    Andy Hinchcliffe.
  6. Gwlad all over

    James McCarthy

    Are you Welsh?
  7. Gwlad all over

    Jordan Pickford

    Don't know what you're missing la!!
  8. Gwlad all over

    Stadium - All ifs, buts and maybes...

    A few V&T's or several V&T's?
  9. Gwlad all over

    Theo Walcott

    I'm happy to have him here as I think he gets the club. Yes he definitely can be selfish, going alone when a pass might give a better goal scoring opportunity but let's go back to an old mantra "in Marco we trust".
  10. Gwlad all over

    Marco Silva (manager)

    Since when do the Board get involved in team selection?
  11. Gwlad all over

    Marco Silva (manager)

    He's here to stay, we can't change managers at the drop a hat but he screwed up last night by not playing the team that got a result against Fulham. So you have to question why the League cup wasn't a priority in his thinking. After Leicester there's another infernal (international) break so absolutely no excuse to rest players.
  12. Gwlad all over

    Southampton (Carabao Cup Home) Tuesday October 2nd

    Agree with most that's been said so no need to up vote the relevant 8-10 posts. Angry that Silva meddled with a winning team. They've got to have the chance to gel in more than one game and if we'd put this to bed in the first half he could then have given the subs an airing.
  13. Gwlad all over

    Southampton (Carabao Cup Home) Tuesday October 2nd

    Shouldn't have changed a winning team at the moment the league isn'ttpriority
  14. Gwlad all over

    Southampton (Carabao Cup Home) Tuesday October 2nd

    I imagined Richi being cocky
  15. Gwlad all over

    Southampton (Carabao Cup Home) Tuesday October 2nd

    Last 10 minutes and we decide to really apply pressure.