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  1. Giving players time to settle is an interesting one and I get that the way the game is played is different in other countries Lookman seemed comfortable enough at Leipzig and Jadon Sancho went to Dortmund at just 17. Bernard, Gomes, Richie and Silva have a common language, so communication isn'tt too much of an issue. If settling is an issue then we need to weigh that up with future signings, I don't think.
  2. Silva's going somewhere and has promised Admola that he'll sign him!!
  3. I think it's Moshiri who's really under pressure now.
  4. Agreed but I bet he only comes out with sound bites.
  5. Another bollock in injury time makes scoreline worse,
  6. When will I wake up from the nightmare of zonal marking?
  7. Unfortunately this isn'tt the season where we've been able to capitalise on others' failings as we've massively failed ourselves.
  8. Hope you're not in the same mood on his 18th!
  9. Black cat on the pitch as McGeady scores for Sunderland.
  10. I doubt our mental resilience, hope to be proved wrong.
  11. If move is on at end of season can't see he'll bust a gut for us now unfortunately.
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