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  1. Gwlad all over

    The Everton Question

    That's where the players get their "we'll never win against Arsenal during my playing career" negativity from......MikeO!
  2. Gwlad all over

    The Everton Question

    Want. Top 5 finish Happy with. A Cup Settle for. Players showing endeavour and working together for Everton - no egos Unacceptable. Outside Top 7
  3. Gwlad all over

    William Carvalho

    And hardly mentioned in the commentary.
  4. Gwlad all over

    2018 World Cup

    Ronaldo and Costa probably 2 of my most disliked players in the Prem ever. Ron beats Costa for arrogance. Good game for the neutral though.
  5. Gwlad all over

    2018-19 fixture list

    With those fixtures we have to hit the ground running, great opportunity.
  6. Gwlad all over

    The greatest ever Evertonians

    I know Dixie should be a given but I'm going for ones I've seen and say Alan Ball - the reason I was drawn to Everton (met him at a dinner once and he had time for a long chat, lovely fella), Southall best goalkeeper we've ever had and Kendall greatest manager.
  7. Gwlad all over

    Marcel Brands (DoF)

    Joel shoud go and he's been a good team member for us but he deserves to be a first teamer or his career will be over.
  8. Gwlad all over

    Marco Silva (manager)

    Assuming we get Carvalho and the others!
  9. Gwlad all over

    Cenk Tosun

    Cenk will be supported by us, family first think later.
  10. Gwlad all over

    Captain next season?

    Tbh I think Jags is too. Whilst not wanting deliberate confrontation I want a captain stepping forward to 'reason' with referees and calm players down. I think Seamus ticks those boxes.
  11. Gwlad all over

    Marco Silva (manager)

    In the Prem no-one comes close except Poch maybe
  12. Gwlad all over

    Cenk Tosun

    I'll back the lad if he's defending his family against abuse.
  13. Gwlad all over

    Captain next season?

    If we get the clear out that we want, how many will really thinking that Jags has been disrespected? Also Seamus has been around for ages so not a problem.
  14. Gwlad all over

    Marcel Brands (DoF)

    Feel very positive about Brands
  15. Gwlad all over

    Captain next season?

    Surely they new regime have to go forward with no sentiment, Seamus Club captain. Jags has been great club man but time to move on?