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  1. "I'm back" Absolutely made up he's ours. Will be a legend.
  2. True that. Though if you live to work holidays can get in the way. If Mrs B has got him to have a break in the sun that's all that matters!
  3. Don't think Marcel is having much of a holiday, like his work ethic.
  4. Let's get Zouma now, not that I'm greedy!
  5. Love it, True Blue and Marcel shows how he totally gets our club, happy days.
  6. Just can't see him at West Ham, wrong club for him.
  7. Could he realistically be an option for penalties next season?
  8. Me neither but it was a legitimate challenge to Mercedes which heaven forbid us f1 fans want. Now the drivel from LH.
  9. Oh fuck off. Vettel gets a 5 second penalty. Don't think he had any alternative for his re-entry. Play to the little prince.
  10. I agree, just thought it should be aired for the laugh value.
  11. https://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/transfer-news/everton-give-tottenham-demands-lucas-16269684
  12. He couldn't admit it was a stunning goal that no keeper would have saved.
  13. Absolutely correct Mark. I didn't think I was watching the same game!
  14. I just can't help but get irritated by the spelling of his name.
  15. Kane shouldn't have lasted the game/shouldn't have started.
  16. I do like a Metaxa, first had one 40 years ago in Ayia Napa!!
  17. Nothing else to do this evening. Don't give a toss really but as the alternative is some catch up for OH I'll watch anything with a 'pig's bladder' being kicked around
  18. Hope you are on the Greek sauce Mike!!
  19. I like to think his heart is here, look at what he did in the community whilst on a loan deal. Doesn't bear thinking about if we don't sign him.
  20. This! Make this a day to remember
  21. Let's hope it rains on their parade then.
  22. Schalke or Palace. I think Burnley will be relegation fodder next season.
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