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  1. Another annoying international break to potentially interrupt the progress.
  2. Don't think we'll be able to sign Zouma unfortunately.
  3. I'm not an actor but if I go to a performance that doesn't hit the spot I'll criticise it, same with music. Fans or audience pay the bills at the end of the day.
  4. I thought he kissed the Chelsea badge first.
  5. Big thanks for what you do, I'll tolerate the ads.
  6. For those without a stream, Barkley getting the boos from the start.
  7. When the site was down I looked in on other fan sites and it seems Pickford gets an easier ride here. He's been ripped to shreds elsewhere.
  8. My guess is Southgate might drop him and that might bring back to earth and take stock of his game and focus more. His ego has gotten bigger this season IMO. I also wonder about the goalkeeping coaching as well.
  9. My rage knew no bounds yesterday so agree, probably good that site was down.
  10. As if all other teams never have to cope with the weather, doesn't he realise what a prat he sounds. When he opens his mouth you can be sure some drivel comes out. Also he's aged in four years!!
  11. First practice in Australia in 9 days could shape up to be a bit more of a contest this season. Testing isn'tt a great barometer but Ferrari did seem on it so hopefully hit Merc with a win. Red Bull have the Honda engine and Max will be a threat, not sure about Gasly though. Probably same old in the mid field, hope Perez shows Stroll a thing or two - can't stand the spoilt rich kid. Williams looking like a basket case again and am not sure of the wisdom of Kubica coming back, I was hoping that Ocon might get that drive.
  12. Good if true but how many times have we ultimately been disappointed?
  13. Summer transfer window..... a striker, end of.
  14. If he's playing now best put himself in the window or stake a claim for his EFC future.
  15. Man of the March? Do we vote on the 31st?
  16. Felt his Sky interview really focused on the fans being the 12th man, team playing for the fans so get them behind you. Maybe today is a game changer for positivity going forward? Can but hope seeing as this season is going to be at the best average for our expectations.
  17. Loved that it was "Everton this , that" then he lapsed into "we should have done this, that" Loves the club.
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