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  1. Again (and again), Bernard is outmuscled, leads to a great pass and shot for Wolves.
  2. Once again Bernard is simply, easily moved off the ball.
  3. Discouraging the number of times we have ball at midfield and pass backwards. At least a couple of promising attacks, but fizzled. Wolves have more pace, accurate passing.
  4. Another nice pass from Walcott, not enough players in box.
  5. Yes, I see now he’s mostly on right.
  6. Gordon playing as a 10? Or is he tucked inside of Baines on left in a 3-5-2?
  7. Important points by Bailey here. Raises the problem referenced in the link above posted by duncanmc-magic: as Gomes “is playing in a 4-4-2 system that doesn’t suit him, ... Ancelotti will be left with a conundrum as to whether he thinks Gomes is worth adjusting his whole tactical set-up for next season.” I have been enthusiastic about Gomes from the beginning, but he’s not really a DCM. Nor is he quite a box-to-box. He’s neither a deep-lying playmaker, nor a 10. He’s sort of mid-pitch playmaker. He can play very effectively in the middle 50 yards of the pitch, but not much more.
  8. Pickford Coleman Keane Mina Digne Gordon Davies Baningime Bernard Kean DCL Use several subs. Baines, for sure, either to give Digne a rest if we’re winning easily, or to move Digne up to LW if Bernard disappoints and we need a goal. Sidibé for Coleman (only) if we’re winning easily, or at RW if we need a goal. Iwobi for DCL if winning, Iwobi midfield, keep Kean as lone striker, giving DCL a rest. Sigurdsson for Gordon, after Gordon’s 2d assist puts us up 3-1. Prefer to rest Gomes and Richarlison.
  9. Anyone know, definitively, whether Kenny is eligible to play for Everton the remainder of this season? If yes, I’d strongly prefer to see him rather than Sidibé rotate in — as sub or even starter — for Coleman. And if, by chance, we had the unusual option to sign him for July but chose not to do so, I’d be baffled. EDIT update — Just found answer. Not eligible. https://www.msn.com/en-gb/news/newsliverpool/carlo-ancelotti-says-everton-talks-over-jonjoe-kenny-will-wait/ar-BB16bUHF
  10. Ha! No, no, no. I thought he was with us until season’s end, but I guess without an interim contract extension, he’s free to sign with Barça, Dortmund, PSG, whomever. So, is Kenny eligible now? Don’t know whether Coleman can last with matches so jammed up, and Sidibé’s no RB. Bailey posted above that he might want to see Baines to relieve Coleman at RB. I’ll hope Kenny can rejoin us for July.
  11. I’m still thinking about this season, but the run-in part, not the Europa part. Finish as high as possible, top half, long shot for 7-8, and if 7th gets us Europa, fine. We can still move up, but only if we take 3 points away to both Wolves and Sheffield United. Unlikely, and realistically, we’re closer to 14th than to 9th. Goodison opponents are weaker teams, though Southhampton will see Thursday’s match as big opportunity in their goal to finish top half. And Villa and Bournemouth will be desperate to stay up. With matches coming every 3 days, squad rotation is a big issue. I guess Gomes, Davies, Sigurdsson are the CMs, so can’t start all 3. If Gordon continues to impress, he’s a candidate for starting every match. Give Digne a break soon, start Baines. Give Coleman a break, if Kenny is available. If absolutely necessary, play Cuco over Sidibé, who should get some time at RW, but is no RB. How long is Holgate out? Are we down to Keane and Mina for remainder of season? Let Kean start for one of the strikers, sub him out in second half if he looks lost. Any chance Bernard would be more effective as a 10 than on wing? Clever dribbler, maybe passer, but he is too easily physically overmatched isolated on wing.
  12. Spurs’ plan especially included fouling Richarlison every time. I guess it’s worked.
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