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  1. If James can continue to dominate coming in from the right, Ancelotti’s current 4-3-3 (I think .....) looks exciting. But I can see that gradually James may need to be better positioned as a 10. So although I was thrilled when we signed Gomes, he would probably move to the bench if someone develops as a dependable RW. Maybe Iwobi, but I don’t see that yet. Gordon??
  2. Right, thought so. So why in the lineup is he listed as Rodriguez? Just the EPL or MegaFon or Cazoo or somebody just not caught on?
  3. Does James wear the name Rodriguez on the back of his shirt? I thought he preferred to be called James, as Allan is called Allan and Bernard is called Bernard.
  4. I thought the OS would have audio. So far, nothing??
  5. Several to chose from, which is a pleasant sensation. I voted Pickford, but Allan, Coleman, Doucoure, Richarlison played well. Gomes, too, first half. Wait, forgot James, who is class, showed it regularly. It’s but a single match, but I like the way Allan influences the game more than Gana’s approach.
  6. Not the money, as I said. It’s the lower quality viewing, at least for me. Maybe we Americans have been spoiled by the first several years of NBCSN’s excellent coverage. Clearly they’re moving to streaming a much higher number of matches. I’m skeptical that the overall quality of streamed matches will be consistently high. And I don’t think we’ll see all that many Everton matches on tv. But maybe other Americans on TT don’t share my irritation at NBC/NBCS’s new coverage of EPL.
  7. Peacock, Peacock Premium, and Peacock Premium Plus are streaming services. My guess is that fewer and fewer EPL matches will be on NBCSN and NBC this season. So it looks as if under the NBC umbrella, more and more we’ll have to watch EPL by streaming, as opposed to the regular old TV. Further, I think relatively few matches will be on the free streaming service, Peacock. It looks as if most of the streamed matches will be offered only on Peacock Premium, at $5/month. For me the issue isn’t the extra cost above my DirecTV monthly bill. It’s that it’s a much better viewing experience o
  8. This thread will be of no interest to most of you, and possibly of limited interest even to most Americans on TT. I’m apparently late to the news that many, possibly even most, EPL matches that would in previous seasons have been on NBCSN will this season be on “Peacock Premium,” a streaming service. I’d be interested in hearing from any in the US about this development.
  9. I think many of you might be interested in this, the newly posted Foreword to Michael Cohen’s book, Disloyal. You may know that Cohen served for years as Trump’s “fixer.” His book will provide bombshells. Not that it will change the minds of the tens of millions of Trump fanatics, who will forgive Trump anything and everything. It might, however, sway just a few of the so-called undecideds. This is worth a few minutes of your time. https://disloyalthebook.com/download-the-disloyal-foreword-written-by-michael-cohen/
  10. Alas ...... https://www.toffeeweb.com/season/19-20/squad.php
  11. Villa stay up. We are the most embarrassing story, after the relegated teams.
  12. Villa score, Watford and Bournemouth going down (as of this moment).
  13. Absolutely yes, replay shows deliberate use of defender’s hand.
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