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  1. I know you’re being sarcastic, but I’d still like to know from some of Gana’s (many) strong supporters what fee you think Everton should demand. That is, assume both that he’s determined to leave for CL football and Everton are determined not to sell for less than what Everton and many others say is an unusually valuable player? How much should we insist on, in that scenario?
  2. I’m thinking about inconsistency here, my own, re Gana. Or maybe it’s irony. For, I tend to agree at least as much as disagree with Pete0 and Palfy’s criticisms of Gana. Many months back, for me it came down to a “risk/reward” calculation, and I seemed to notice more of Gana’s risky mistakes than disruptive rewards. But educated (speaking of irony) by the “weirdness” back-and-forth in this thread, I do see more of Gana’s value. Not enough to think Pete0 and Palfy were utterly misguided, but maybe a slightly more balanced, if still skeptical, critical perspective. I will not be devastated if he goes this summer. I am much, much more concerned that we keep Gomes and Zouma (than Gana), and that we sign a good striker. But if he insists on joining PSG or another bigger club, I want an outrageously high fee, a fee more than commensurate with the very highest praise of his enthusiasts. I’d want a shockingly high fee for a player I do not consider great. Inconsistency, irony? Surely not hypocrisy. Ha! So, what would be the expected range of a fee Everton could demand? And for his many fervent supporters on TT, would you be outraged if Everton fail to secure the very top figure in that range, and maybe more in, say, add-ons?
  3. Yesterday on the Kenny thread I asked whether there’s “any chance” Holgate could be backup both at RB and RCH. Now a couple of posts on that thread implicitly say “yes, that will happen.” I hope so. If we sign Zouma, keep Mina, then I’d think we wouldn’t need to pursue any other CHs this summer. Right? Priority should be Gomes, Zouma, and a striker. Any other essential signings? If Gana goes and Gomes stays, are we set with Gomes, Schneiderlin, Davies, and McCarthy at DCM and box-to-box mids?
  4. Any chance Holgate would be backup RB and 4th choice CH (assuming/hoping we keep Zouma)?
  5. Two massive giveaways by Stones and Barkley allow Netherlands to win. Embarrassing, both. Good match. Youthful Netherlands v. Ronaldo on Sunday.
  6. I’m watching, pulling for Spurs of course. In US, CL rights this season belong to TNT/Bleacher Report. Their studio coverage is a bit amateurish, though I’ve no objection to the addition of Steve Nash, famous NBA great, Canadian, lifelong Spurs fan. How amateurish? Well, first half the announcer feed was BT Sport (Fletcher, Jenas, McManaman). Now second half, we get Tony Jones, David Pleat. They’re all ok by me, but the incompetence of feed mix-up is hilarious.
  7. Do we get credit for denying Liverpool the title?
  8. Footballers are dead stupid. Gomes’s challenge had no chance. He screwed up.
  9. That should endear Gomes to Spurs.
  10. Amazing. Spurs’ corner defense looks like ours.
  11. Good heavens, Walcott with his left!
  12. Come on Digne, put it in top left corner.
  13. Jeez, Tosun ...... Rinse, repeat.
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