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  1. Elston Gunnn

    Cardiff City (Home) Saturday November 24th

    Over in the Gana thread, Shukes said this, and it caught my attention. [Shukes] “I think the next few matches with important players missing is more of an opportunity to blame Gana for anything that goes wrong, rather than see if he can step up and fill the obvious gaps.” I discuss Shukes’s comment here not to say or ask anything whatsoever about Gana, but to ask Shukes and anyone else what he/they might have read about “important players” missing “next few matches.” This doesn’t sound good. Sigurdsson and Gomes out for awhile??
  2. Elston Gunnn

    Weirdness Abounds (or the Idrissa Gana Gueye Thread)

    Ok, no hurry. I, too, want him back up the pitch the vast majority of the time. I do want more attackers, but that’s not his strength, about which we all agree. I get a little nervous when either Coleman or Digne (and especially when both) are down the side, but we’re exposed to the counter. It’s a matter of balance. I’ve little sense yet of Gomes’s shot. And I confess unlike you I am still very much in the “oh not again” mode. That could change, though unless he scores a few, it won’t for me. And honestly, I would generally think it a bad sign if Gana is consistently blasting forward toward the opponent’s box.
  3. Elston Gunnn

    Weirdness Abounds (or the Idrissa Gana Gueye Thread)

    Yes, definitely fair. Concrete examples help me. I mentioned way back upthread how surprised I was when that rocket shot hit the post. Now, fair’s fair, surely almost no one on TT thinks Everton can count on Gana to score . None of us expect that; it’s a big bonus when it happens. So I do think the claim that he is awful at shooting is closer to fact than to opinion. Another example, and much more important if it’s fairly typical of Gana. Responding to what he thought an inaccurate generalization on my part, MikeO provided several match-examples to contradict my generalization. I’ll repeat that the next 5 matches — 3 mediocre opponents at Goodison, 2 very difficult away matches - should provide plenty of plays to, um, “debate.” I will guess that Gana’s critics will provide (or claim to, if you prefer) some concrete examples if this debate rages on. I want to think that my skepticism re Gana was substantially a function of the mismatched Schneiderlin pairing. So far, the insertion of Gomes looks very promising. I suspect that maybe all on TT agree that Gana and Gomes may — by Silva’s design and by learning on the pitch each other’s most effective role — have a chance to control the midfield against all but the top 6. We probably won’t get a good next test if Gomes is out v. Cardiff. Maybe not if Sigurdsson is out, either. I still want to see McCarthy. Silva cannot count on Gomes and Gana to be injury-free all season. Happy McCarthy’s not in the RoI squad this weekend.
  4. Elston Gunnn


    Posted this in the Gana thread, but it belongs elsewhere. I’d be delighted to read other examples of Soz as “not just a word, but a way of life.” Person 1: “Hey dude, I had sex with your girlfriend, soz.” Person 2: “Don’t wory about it.” Person 1: “Hey I ran over your dog with my car, soz man.” Person 2: “It’s alright, I’ll get another one.”
  5. Elston Gunnn

    Weirdness Abounds (or the Idrissa Gana Gueye Thread)

    I agree with you. Part of my post was to ask you and pro-Gana posters to say a bit more about his additional strengths. As pete0 and probably Palfy believe, he doesn’t really have many additional strengths. We do have in recent posts in this thread a fair disagreement about what would constitute a strength or weakness in Gana’s passing proficiency. I need to pay more attention to this issue in upcoming matches. I’m not claiming he’s a lousy player except for his brilliant tackling, and it will be interesting to see if the pairing with Gomes will, as appears plausible, prove to make us happily forget the previous pairing with Schneiderlin. (I’m holding my breath on the Gomes and Sigurdsson injuries, and so welcome this particular break.) Now, as to your unexpected (to me) final phrase — “extremely good, not quite excellent, defensive, ball-winning midfielder.” I suppose it might just be a matter of precise definitions, but I’d guess Gana-supporters would cite those tackling stats, and come pretty close to characterizing that as excellent defense/ball winning. Though not convinced of his overall excellence, I have to assume that denying his “ball-winning” excellence must push us Gana-skeptics to show that ball-winning comes at a price. Again, it’s a pretty good debate. So long as Gomes and Sigurdsson are healthy shortly after the break — hope neither will have to miss more than one match — there will be substantial evidence on the pitch to assess Gana’s value. We might be tempted by one particularly outstanding or one particulalry abysmal performance to settle our judgment(s). But we need a string of matches to be more confident. Wonder whether McCarthy will be paired with Gana against Cardiff. I see he’s not in the RoI team for their 2 international matches. Surprises me. I learned a new word! “Soz.” Chicken pox, whoa. On behalf of TT, Soz hafnia. (I bet that’s not an appropriate use of the word, which connotes apology rather than condolence.) Love these examples of Soz as “not just a word, but a way of life.” Person 1: “Hey dude, I had sex with your girlfriend, soz.” Person 2: “Don’t wory about it.” Person 1: “Hey I ran over your dog with my car, soz man.” Person 2: “It’s alright, I’ll get another one.”
  6. Elston Gunnn

    Weirdness Abounds (or the Idrissa Gana Gueye Thread)

    For me, this is an interesting debate, though the back-and-forth sometimes goes off the rails. I think pete0 raises a good general criticism and gives relevant specific examples; that is, examples that so far ring true with me. Matt and many others will perhaps provide counter-examples to support the general assertion that Gana does exhibit other positive skills. I have both admired Gana’s “Energizer bunny” qualities — borne out by those tackling stats — while being dismayed by his misadventures as shotmaker and playmaker. As my bias is against the 2-DCM setup, I along with virtually everyone on TT thought the Schneiderlin-Gana pairing just awful. At first, the “Gana debate” was actually a “Gana v. Schneiderlin” debate. I favored Gana, hoping that he’d become the single DCM, and further hoping (against hope) that he’d cease his box-to-box ramblings. So now I’m hopeful that Gana has finally been paired with a much more promising partner in Gomes, a genuine box-to-box controller-playmaker. I will be looking at whether Silva and Gana will cede the playmaking to Gomes and Sigurdsson. Being so far unconvinced of Gana’s consistent delivery on (Matt’s) “elevated expectations,” I need to pay more attention to see whether early on I got it into my head that Gana was a lousy passer, playmaker, and shotmaker, but he’s significantly improved. Maybe .... by being required to do a little less going forward, by having the attack propelled by Gomes and Sigurdsson, Gana will have a more effective role. I don’t expect him to sit back, as I had hoped pre-Gomes, but I’m prepared to see his energized running as less chaotic, more purposeful, more “elevated” as this season progresses. Those tackling stats are outstanding. Do they or do they not mask ongoing weaknesses (positioning, passing, playmaking, shotmaking) otherwise? Do Gana enthusiasts think he’s actually quite a good passer, a dependable playmaker, with a good shot, and so energetic that he can pretty consistently recover from being out of position.?
  7. Elston Gunnn

    Weirdness Abounds (or the Idrissa Gana Gueye Thread)

    I've probably remembered it wrong, not sure. Still, whichever, it wasn't 4231. I myself am satisfied that if Silva thinks he's got an ideal pairing in Gomes-Gana, we'll have a good test of it in the next 6 matches. For me, success will be 3 wins at Goodison against mediocre teams, and maybe one draw away to the 3 big teams. None of the results will depend solely on the play of Gomes and Gana, but they'll have a major influence, one way or the other.
  8. Elston Gunnn

    Weirdness Abounds (or the Idrissa Gana Gueye Thread)

    This is the issue that most interests me now. I’ve criticized more than praised Gana, thinking him a “risk-reward disruptor,” but no playmaker nor shotmaker. I’m always surprised when his shot comes anywhere near the net, and so noticed his hitting the post against Brighton. That Silva seems to think Gana/Gomes is an “ideal midfield pairing” also seems to mean he has given up on his own previously stated ideal - a 4-4-2 setup. Did Schneiderlin’s deficiencies expose Gana’s deficiencies, while Gomes’s “maestro” strengths allow Gana to flourish? I think there must be unanimous hope/relief on TT that the Gana-Schneiderlin pairing is gone forever. I want more attackers and so am somewhat leery of Silva’s conversion to 4-2-3-1. But if Gomes is indeed a maestro and Gana-rewards easily outweigh his mistakes, perhaps their control (?) of the midfield would allow Coleman and Digne to attack down the wings more frequently. I’d think this optimistic scenario far more likely in our next 3 upcoming home matches against beatable teams than in our next 3 upcoming away matches against the current top 3. Palfy’s claim earlier in this thread that the big boys will take advantage of Gana’s positioning/space left unmarked mistakes is still a relevant issue for me. I don’t know where all this leaves McCarthy. Maybe 75th minute sub when we’re protecting a lead?
  9. Elston Gunnn

    Brighton and Hove Albion (Home) Saturday November 3rd

    We are seeing some firepower, but I’m disappointed that at home Silva has not put out a “front 5.” Rather, it’s the same old 4-2-3-1. Neither of the 2 DMs is a firepower guy. Gomes and Gana each offers strength, though Gana (as discussed last week) is risk-reward, while Gomes seems steadier, a smooth organizer from deep. We need attackers, excitement, and goals at Goodison. I’d prefer 1 DM, 2 strikers, and thus an actual “front 5.”
  10. Elston Gunnn

    Manchester United (Away) Sunday October 28th

    The basic passing by too many players is still not good enough. Don’t want either Bernard or Walcott to start next week. Bernard missed making yet another obvious pass for sure goal, and Walcott is unwilling to work hard enough. Fair score would probably have been 3-3, as Pickford made good saves, while we missed 3-4 solid opportunities by poor, poor decisions. Thought Gomes, Pickford, Sigurdsson, Lookman, Zouma, Digne played well. Happy we made it a match late on, but too many opponents still see Everton as team that will make poor decisions and basic blunders. And they’re right.
  11. Elston Gunnn

    Manchester United (Away) Sunday October 28th

    Second week in a row, Bernard refuses to make a simple pass for sure goal.
  12. Elston Gunnn

    Manchester United (Away) Sunday October 28th

    I thought Walcott. No tracking, ball watching, lazy.
  13. Elston Gunnn

    Manchester United (Away) Sunday October 28th

    All 4 NBCSN commentators - Dixon and Le Saux at Old Trafford, and 2 back in studio - say no pen, dive.
  14. Elston Gunnn

    André Gomes

    I watch Barcelona occasionally, but don’t know enough about their full squad, players on loan, etc. I wonder whether Gomes is a strong candidate to replace Busquets (who’s 30) a couple years from now. If yes, maybe that’s bad news/good news - bad in that they are unlikely to sell him, but good in that they might loan him to us a second year. Any Barça experts out there?
  15. Elston Gunnn

    Weirdness Abounds (or the Idrissa Gana Gueye Thread)

    Ok, I’ll check it out. As I admit, maybe early on (I thought) he messed up as playmaker, was godawful as shotmaker, etc., and so in subsequent matches I noticed his playmaking failures but missed his playmaking successes. Maybe he used to be lousy as playmaker but has gradually gotten better. Or, fair’s fair, maybe he hasn’t been effective at creating chances, but was excellent in this regard against Palace. Despite the insults, real and imagined, in this thread, the substantive disagreement is about an important footballing issue. I don’t know what to expect from Man U - talk about weird - but I’ll assume they’ll test Gana and the rest of our team a lot more than did mediocre Palace. Sunday’s match might provide a good test of Palfy’s prediction that ....