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  1. Get Sidibé off, Mina on, go 3-5-2. Their midfield is totally overrunning us.
  2. Sidibé loses concentration, couldn’t even accept a pass straight to him.
  3. Sidibé not our only problem, but he’s just pathetic at RB. I’d prefer Cuco, seriously. Sidibé can only play RW (or RWB in a 3-5-2).
  4. No. Ancelotti said he’s fit again, available for this match.
  5. I’d like to see 3-4-3, unless that would play into Chelsea’s strengths. Would it? Holgate Keane Mina Sidibé Davies Gomes Baines Richarlison DCL Bernard
  6. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2020/mar/03/carlo-ancelotti-orders-everton-backroom-staff-to-improve-their-english Ancelotti’s comments on midfield combos, and need for more “energy.” Does “energy” mean pace, toughness, relentlessness, what?
  7. Hope he’ll sign on for another year. Signing another LB shouldn’t be a priority this summer.
  8. Thank heavens, Bernard on for Walcott. Have to save last sub for a while longer.
  9. A bit more than Walcott, as that last bit of Walcott’s incompetence shows.
  10. Probably unanimity that Bernard should come in on left. But as we can’t use both subs right away, I think Walcott is worse than Sigurdsson, so he comes off.
  11. Can’t afford to use both subs to start second half, but one is essential. Walcott and Sidibé are disastrous as a pair on right. I’d prefer Bernard subbing for Walcott, maybe move Sigurdsson to right. I think Sigurdsson might have a great pass or shot in him, but Walcott has only multiple fluffs to offer. Then later maybe Kean on for Sigurdsson
  12. Posting this after the Arsenal loss. Hope we: 1. Don’t sign Sidibé. Stick with Kenny and Coleman for ‘20-21. 2. Sign Baines for another season. Stick with Digne and Baines. 3. Sell Keane if possible, sign 1-2 CHs. At least one is high priority. 4. Maybe keep one of Delph/Schneiderlin strictly as backup, but not both. Gomes and JPB in midfield to start season. Davies also backup. 5. Start Bernard at LW. Iwobi as backup mostly. 6. Sign new RW, high priority. Walcott has one more year, use as sub mostly. For heaven’s sake, don’t offer to extend his stay here. 7. Stick with our 3 strikers. Maybe sign a 4th? 8. If possible, sell any/all of Keane, Delph, Schneiderlin, Sigurdsson, Walcott.
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