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  1. I agree with these comments, but In past seasons there’s been significant disagreement on TT about whether to rely on depth/big squad or stick with our “top 11” in cup matches. I expect such a debate to begin immediately at the conclusion of the Aston Villa match, or by the next morning at the latest. Granted, it may not be absolutely clear which players constitute our “top 11” only 3 matches into the season.
  2. Amen. They lost 0-3 to Brighton. Let’s hope Deulofeu doesn’t kill us.
  3. I’ve just seen 2 sites that list him as right-footed.
  4. Today’s OS has a piece in which Silva announces that Schneiderlin is staying at Everton. Which begs the question: are Mirallas, Martina, Niasse, Bolasie, and Tosun “staying at Everton”? Still a few weeks to find some takers on a free transfer in European leagues? Bolasie seems to have turned down a move to Zenit, owing to concerns about their fans’ racism. Would we prefer to sell Tosun, or is he our 3d-choice striker who might play some in cup matches? Any of the others? Will we hear another word about any of Mirallas, Niasse, Bolasie, or Martina, even the standard, “X is fighting for his place in the squad”? I can understand why there’s still a glimmer of hope about Tosun. My view is that if Niasse came on in the 70th minute of 15 matches, he’d score 3-4 goals and get us a few points. I’d understand if on that scenario I’m a minority of one.
  5. “Kit-designer-speak....” https://www.theguardian.com/football/blog/2019/aug/05/modern-football-kits Non-kit-designer-speak...... “It’s white, it’s rectangular.” And it’s shite.
  6. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2019/aug/01/premier-league-201920-preview-no-8-everton "... hectic end to the transfer window ... and yet there is greater stability within the Everton squad than for several years." "It is time to push on, both on the pitch and on the dock."
  7. £29m, no buy-back, Juve gets first refusal. Hope this is the real deal. Also hope Kean is the real deal.
  8. Same Lookman you’ve watched, but as with any number of players — not just Lukaku and Gana — different fans see different things. I’ll try to avoid a lengthy debate with you, as Lookman no longer plays for Everton; but to some extent I’m comparing Lookman to Bernard and especially the consistently disappointing Walcott. I think I recall Lookman being aggressive enough, in his limited appearances, to take opportunities presented to him (unlike the strangely timid Walcott), and strike the ball well (unlike Walcott, who regularly fluffs at the ball or hits it meekly). Bernard offers more than Walcott, but I’m not persuaded he’d actually score more goals than Lookman, given roughly equal playing time over a season. Lookman is a clever dribbler; true, probably tries to do too much at times. As does Bernard. So over the next few years, I think Lookman would have been more productive offensively than Bernard, and much more productive than Walcott. If you’re saying have I watched how useless Lookman is defensively, I concede that my impression is he’s less effective there. Silva says he wants to buy a winger. I’ll simply hope we get someone more goal-productive than Walcott and Bernard.
  9. Although I am looking forward to beginning the new season, it’s not easy to be optimistic right now. We’ve looked toothless in every preseason match, against mediocre opponents. We’re yet again looking to very late transfer hopes. And I confess that my outlook is especially soured by the puzzling sale of Lookman. Yes, of course, Silva “knows football,” but I thought I saw real multiple skills in Lookman’s play, including clever dribbling, assists, shotmaking, willingness to take shots. Was he unwilling to help the fullbacks defend, far inferior to all of Bernard, Richarlison, and Walcott in that regard? Lookman seemed a more promising winger than Bernard or Walcott. We need goals. We’ve sold a promising goalscorer.
  10. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2019/jul/25/everton-moise-kean-juventus-ademola-lookman-rb-leipzig This says €40m with €60m buy-back.
  11. Yeah, he’s probably way more upset with Walcott than was Walcott with himself for the missed shot. No more layoffs for Theo. No matter where (or whether) Mirallas plays this season, the searing memory of his missed assist augurs ill for wide-open teammates.
  12. Might have had 3. Set up by a perfect layoff from Mirallas (!), Walcott’s somewhat timid shot saved off the line by Monaco defender. And near the end, Davies hit woodwork. Both should have scored. Still think Niasse could score 4-5 goals and get/save us points as 70-75th minute sub. His lovely flick-shot over GK might have gone in on its own even if Coleman hadn’t headed it in. Hard to tell from camera angle. McCarthy gets a foot in regularly. Might still help us, though I guess he’s off? Digne, Coleman solid all match.
  13. Interesting issues here. I think of Gomes as pretty close to box-to-box, so don’t agree he’s “nowhere near” that. Doesn’t he prefer to move forward, rather than just sit and spray? Doesn’t he get forward more than “occasionally”? Don’t we want more shotblasts from him, somewhat similar to Sigurdsson? Yes, he is very good at linking up play, his single most important, though far from his only, strength. My view of Gomes leads me to think we need a true, mostly sitting DM, to protect the CHs as Digne and Coleman rush forward. Your take on Gomes’s play seems to lead to our need for a box-to-box partner — Gana, Delph(?), McCarthy, Davies, or a new player. But it strikes me that if Gomes’s regular partner is a b-t-b player, then either (1) Gomes will have to be something more of a traditional DM, or (2) our FBs will have to get forward much less frequently. Admittedly, there may well be considerably more variation and fluidity to the positioning and play of both our nominal DMs — Gomes and ... somebody.
  14. I hope he isn’t deployed principally as box-to-box. As you (Fb) posted earlier, he played mostly as a sitter at City. And that’s the best kind of partner for Gomes. As for doing Gana’s role, it seems highly (actually, ridiculously) unlikely that Delph could replicate anything approaching Gana’s manic brilliance/madness. If Gana’s role is narrowly (and misleadingly) defined as a protecting DM, ok, Delph could (and I hope he does) play that position; but that has not been Gana’s actual role.
  15. This is a major point (and a wonderful phrase). I hope it’s accurate, especially if, as expected, Gana leaves. Whatever one thinks about Gana’s play and compatibility with Gomes, it seems unlikely that any replacement for Gana could actually replicate his manic disruptive style. Gomes can and should absolutely become our consistent midfield attacking fulcrum. He has multiple controlling-attacking-CM skills; not so many as a DM. Since we are very unlikely to replicate Gana’s style, Silva will, I hope, pair Gomes with a protecting “full backs bomb on” sitter. Finn balor says that’s how Delph plays. That’s mostly how Schneiderlin plays, so if he stays, ok, let him compete with Delph to “full backs bomb on” sit in front of the CHs. If both Gana and Schneiderlin leave, we need to buy a sitter to compete with Delph to pair with Gomes.
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