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  1. Went with Gomes. Tie with Mina. Don’t know anyone who played poorly or lackadaisically. Didn’t like Davies’s stupid yellow, Walcott’s offsides, or outside of footers from Iwobi and Walcott. But the concentration and effort all through the team impressed.
  2. That’s what Sigurdsson can do. .
  3. Excellent effort from Sigurdsson, none of that outside of foot stuff.
  4. Like Iwobi, Walcott chose style over substance, shot nowhere close. Too stupid.
  5. Iwobi chose style over substance with that outside of foot strike. Not smart.
  6. Why wasn’t that goal allowed to stand? Didn’t Everton have the right to a quick restart?
  7. That petulant yellow from Davies at end of half is too stupid.
  8. Maybe the Keane-sighting and comments about Silva’s maybe-last match is no more than media need to speculate, stir things up. Maybe literally a coincidence. Keane’s spat with Solskjaer is in the news, just the latest of Keane’s argy-bargy with pretty much everyone. i don’t want him as manager either. But it wouldn’t surprise me if he’s part of the speculation in coming days. Everton are a mess, just now along with Spurs the leading “how embarrassing” stories.
  9. Commentators on my feed noted the camera (twice) on Roy Keane, said he’s interested in getting back into managing. Also said twice near end of match that this might well be Silva’s last match. Is it obvious, or a wild stretch, to surmise they were implying Keane might be interested in replacing Silva? Or is Keane more likely to be the next Man U manager?
  10. Probably look bad to take Schneiderlin off at half, but he hasn’t been effective disrupting City’s play as they attack. (Am I wrong about this?). Give him 10-15 more minutes maybe, then replace with Davies? I see CS’s suggestion to replace Schneiderlin with Kean. And move Sigurdsson back?
  11. And Walcott. For tracking back better than Bernard?
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