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  1. Total coincidence. I became a footy convert around mid-90s, when US hosted WC. Had a friend who played at my college in US, D2 All-American. He was born and raised in Wigan, his family lifelong Evertonians. I started following Everton and EPL as much as possible, but mostly I just became more and more a footy nutter. Whatever was available on my area’s cable system — La Liga, good bit of CL, WC of course. Loved Les Bleus in ‘98. Love Derek Rae, think he’s the best. Gradually more EPL, so I’d catch a few Everton matches. Then NBCSN got EPL and I’ve been able to follow the Toffees passionately since. As I say, total coincidence. Or fate.
  2. Disappointed to see Walcott starting. Would prefer Sidibé at RM and Coleman RB. I’ll hope Walcott plays superbly, makes good decisions, doesn’t fluff opportunities, crosses for an assist, and scores a scorcher himself. “Hope springs eternal in every human breast.”
  3. Here’s one that seems horrible to me. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2020/jan/08/everton-director-marcel-brands-wards-off-angry-fans-at-training-base
  4. Smart defending by City in that sequence. Wouldn’t let Sidibe cross it.
  5. Nope. Started match that way, but Ancelotti shifted Digne back in first half, and continued 4-4-2 to start second half. So, before taking off Coleman, it was 4-4-2. Digne way back, Sidibe RM. Digne consistently aligned with Mina, Holgarte, Coleman. Sidibe consistently up with Sigurdsson, Davies, Delph. But ..... our disagreement is irrelevant now, as we’ve collapsed, whatever our shape was.
  6. Jeez, Ancelotti took Coleman off instead of Sidibe.
  7. Yes, different match. There are no wingbacks, haven’t been for a long while, as Ancelotti moved Digne back in first half, went 4-4-2.
  8. He’s not played much on the left, and has failed a few times, badly, to track his man. But I concede he’s working hard to break up City’s attack.
  9. If Keane were better, Ancelotti could bring him on, move Holgate to midfield, bring on either Kean or Walcott, get Sidibe and Davies off. If .......
  10. Sidibe and Davies way off the pace today. Let’s have Walcott on the right, move Richarlison to left, bring on Kean up front.
  11. Jeez, Mina gets a fair few header opportunities, but he’s off repeatedly.
  12. Don’t know how Ancelotti can avoid subbing for Sidibe at halftime.
  13. City may be somewhat down this season, but even their B team is smoother than Everton.
  14. Our passing still a weakness. City’s is so much crisper.
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