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  1. Didn’t know Digne could throw it that far. That could be a weapon, yes?
  2. Two good tackles from Gana. Worry that he’ll miss one of those as he did at end of first half.
  3. Looked like Pickford was angry with Keane for just watching that ball come down. It did look as if Keane stood there.
  4. I suppose Gana’s mistake wasn’t horrible, but he did dive in instead of try to steer the player away. Defending in the box was all too typical, incompetent.
  5. Gana mistake, free kick, City score in stoppage, header.
  6. We’re playing well. Though .... confused defending in box, lucky to escape that time. Maybe lucky to escape free kick outside box, too.
  7. We are alert today. Not talented enough, but at least alert. I dread corners and set pieces, of course.. And here comes a corner ...... which we deal with. Then Gomes out-muscles Aguero.
  8. I’ve been successful with soccer-live.stream. I always try Link 1. Often have to exit out of ads and keep trying.
  9. Actual footballing from Everton there. Passing, decent header attempt.
  10. Free header for City. Laporte misses. Alas, typical corner defending from Everton. And now City hit the bar.
  11. Yep, that’s it. More frequent shocking lapses in concentration, throughout the squad. I am uncertain as to whether our players are overmatched physically, but we have too many emotionally lethargic players. At least that’s they way they look. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2019/feb/02/everton-wolves-premier-league-match-report Good heavens what an awful thought: ”the epitome of a nothing team.”
  12. The third Wolves’ goal exemplifies 2 of our weaknesses: lack of relentlessness and lapses in concentration. 1. Yes, Coleman’s pass was short, but Lookman’s defender simply strode right past him. Lookman wasn’t the aggressor, even though Everton were down a goal. 2. And then, as Wolves players poured toward our goal on the give-away counter, Dendoncker rushed forward while Davies stopped at the top of the box, to watch.
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