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  1. Newcastle (Away) Wednesday December 13

    I have a tactical formation question about this specific match, relating to the fact that we have no good option at LB: might (and/or should) Allardyce go with 3 at the back? Such as ..... Pickford Holgate Williams Jagielka Kenny Gana Lennon/Davies Rooney Lookman Sigurdsson DCL
  2. Newcastle (Away) Wednesday December 13

    There are no good options, only bad ones. Happens in life repeatedly. Kenny is probably the least bad, but he’s played so well at RB recently that it seems unwise (to me) to move him to LB. I have advocated Besic as preferable to Martina, but radio commentary on his play Thursday at CH was nervous. I’m perhaps alone in thinking Jagielka - not a LB to be sure - is least bad option. I think Martina is the worst of the lot of bad options, but I fear Allardyce will stick with him there. I’d even put Schneiderlin at LB ahead of Martina.
  3. Newcastle (Away) Wednesday December 13

    In trying to figure out a good lineup, several limitations. (1) We have no competent LB. Baines looks out for another week or more. If Allardyce prefers 4 at the back, he must choose the least-bad option among nothing but bad options. (2) Davies does not seem to be at the top of his game recently. (3) Rooney can probably play 60-70 minutes on short rest, as he has more emotional energy than the vast majority of our players. His best position is Deep Lying Playmaker. So ..... Pickford Kenny Holgate Williams Jagielka Gana Rooney Lookman Sigurdsson DCL Niasse 2d half subs: if behind, Vlasic, Mirallas; if ahead, from among Lennon, Schneiderlin, Davies, Besic
  4. Newcastle (Away) Wednesday December 13

    I got the impression from Allardyce’s pre-derby press conference that Baines might be out for awhile, weeks. Anybody remember such a comment? If yes, I absolutely dread seeing Martina at LB again on Wednesday. Is it even conceivable Allardyce thinks Martina played ok today? Might this be a case of “no good answer left,” so that no matter Allardyce’s selection, the selection will be bad, and he may think Martina is bad, but the least-bad possibility? Isn’t a less-bad option 3 at the back?
  5. Cuco Martina

    [Shukes’s comment from matchday post] “Garbutt struggles to make an impression in the U23s mate. He’s nowhere near this level. We need Baines and Coleman back and a new signing.” I’m always on alert when called “mate,” but at least Shukes didn’t call me a bloody idiot, no matter how tempting. Anyhow, I admit to ignorance of how Garbutt is doing with U23s. I’ll say that Martina is nowhere near this level, either, at least at LB. I’m pretty sure almost all on TT see that even a declining Baines is a much better option than Martina. And if Coleman can return - I’m nervous about whether and when he can recover - then I suppose Kenny can be temporary backup at both FBs. True enough, we desperately need a new LB signing in Jan.
  6. Liverpool Derby (Our old stadium) Sunday December 10th

    No, no, not for Rooney! Sigurdsson on a yellow, Sam.
  7. Liverpool Derby (Our old stadium) Sunday December 10th

    Sigurdsson on yellow. Sub Jags for him.
  8. Liverpool Derby (Our old stadium) Sunday December 10th

    Rooney’s pass to DCL was excellent.
  9. Liverpool Derby (Our old stadium) Sunday December 10th

    Get Martina off, Lookman on. Pickford Holgate Williams Schneiderlin Kenny Gana Lennon Lookman Sigurdsson Rooney DCL
  10. Liverpool Derby (Our old stadium) Sunday December 10th

    That “clearance” from Martina was his “best” foot. Garbutt surely a better option asap - January?
  11. Liverpool Derby (Our old stadium) Sunday December 10th

    Sigurdsson helping Martina is a recipe for second yellow.
  12. Liverpool Derby (Our old stadium) Sunday December 10th

    If Klopp tells them to attack over and over against Martina, this will end up 4-0.
  13. Liverpool Derby (Our old stadium) Sunday December 10th

    Worry that Sigurdsson will get a second yellow. Don’t trust him, nor, more important, Pawson for that matter. For now, Lennon on for Sigurdsson, Rooney to left, Lennon right. Lookman and Vlasic later, unless we score a miracle goal, in which case Jagielka, I guess.
  14. Liverpool Derby (Our old stadium) Sunday December 10th

    Even a marginally improved Martina is a pathetically poor LB.
  15. Liverpool Derby (Our old stadium) Sunday December 10th

    Klopp doesn’t just think his B team can beat us, he knows they can. We’ll be exhausted by 60 minutes.