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  1. Elston Gunnn

    2018 World Cup

    Did I hear right that VAR is at full speed, not slo-mo? Probably have to take Courtois for MOTM. Hazard brilliant, too.
  2. I appreciate nyblue23’s measured response to Ghoat, including its key point re “citing legitimate sources.” And while I cannot be certain that not a single liberal has ever advocated “opening the floodgates” (a loaded phrase used by Ghoat), I deny that that’s either the explicit or implicit “pro-immigrant” position of Trump’s critics. Trying to converse about multifarious American issues in 2018, we are bedeviled by an historically rare if not unique conundrum: the current President neither understands nor has any interest in understanding complicated policy issues. Proud of his ignorance, he boasts about his visionary intuition. He believes that making America great again is principally a function of his own narcissistic self-promotion. A sloganeering huckster (FAKE NEWS! WITCH HUNT! MAGA!), he encourages legions of followers to adopt simple definitions of and solutions to every problem. He is a scofflaw, a sociopath, and a pathological liar. He parades his boorishness, his contempt for law, and his various pathologies multiple times each week.
  3. Elston Gunnn

    2018 World Cup

    Just posted a comment on Gana thread re his standing still on the post as a Colombia header passed between Gana and Senegal goalie. Anybody see that? Am I wrong in thinking Gana sort of froze, made no attempt to stop the goal? It happened fast, of course, but Gana just looked bad. Help.
  4. Elston Gunnn

    Idrissa Gana Gueye

    I’m neither a great fan of Gana, nor a harsh critic. For me, he’s an effective disruptor but not a dependable passer or scorer. However, his strange lack of movement on the Colombia goal looked poor to me. I hope someone will look at that goal on highlights and tell me I’m wrong. Gana was on near post and literally did not move as the header by the Colombia player crossed the goaline halfway betwenn him and the goalie. He did not move.
  5. Elston Gunnn

    2018 World Cup

    US viewers just lost coverage of Uruguay-Saudi Arabia. Supposedly for a Trump announcement re border issue. Haven’t heard any announcement, only Cabinet members and Republicans praising Trump and themselves for their concern for children. Although Fox could switch WC coverage to FS1 or FS2, they haven’t. Meanwhile, the Trump self-praise is being shown on Fox, Fox News, and Fox Business channels. So, Trump religion has temporarily triumphed over the world’s religion.
  6. Elston Gunnn

    2018 World Cup

    Probably be scored a deflected own goal, but a good strike from Gana.
  7. Elston Gunnn

    2018 World Cup

    It was smart to go under the defenders. Colombia playing inspired after its defender’s foolish handball so early. He deserved the red. However, the “foul” against Japan that led to the free kick/goal was such a poor call, a sort of make-up call by the ref. Japan right to be upset by that call.
  8. Elston Gunnn

    2018 World Cup

    Not in the squad, knee injury.
  9. Don’t want to start separate thread, but I just saw something that surprised and troubled me. Was checking ESPN3 to see if I’d be able to get tonight’s friendly between France and RoI. They were showing an international youth cup (U-14) from California. One team - repeat: U-14 - was sponsored by ....... Bud Light. Huh?
  10. Elston Gunnn

    Ademola Lookman

    As to the Bolasie comparison - I had hopes for Bolasie. Disappointed after his return from injury, no idea whether he didn’t have enough time to get back on track or whether he just doesn’t have it. I did see Lookman in parts of (maybe 70-80 minutes total) 4 RBL matches, on both wings. Not only did he not look out of place in the Bundesliga, but periodically he made an impact on the match, scored some goals, was a threat who worried defenders with his pace and cleverness. He was much more impressive than this spring’s Bolasie.
  11. Elston Gunnn

    Ademola Lookman

    Yes there was. I watched it, and think these are quite well done, informative for fans like me who are behind on formation-tactics. But the RBL video lesson didn’t focus on wingers, so I didn’t learn anything about Lookman. I saw parts of 4 RBL matches, and Lookman played both wings. Seems clear they’d like to keep him. I’ll be more than disappointed if we let him go. He’s under contract until 2021.
  12. Elston Gunnn

    Wayne Rooney

    I have been hoping that Rooney would not leave Everton, perhaps for emotional reasons. But both Aiden and Bailey are persuasive. I had hoped that Rooney’s long passing would make him a good deep lying playmaker. It didn’t work out, so Rooney’s only possible role, as Bailey says, is up front. I will say, we are hardly flush with goalscorers, so unless we sign a proven or likely goalscorer, Rooney’s leaving takes with him some desperately needed goals. We can’t afford to lose even a 5-goal player, without a certain replacement. And as for Rooney himself, is he really physically capable of playing regularly in the American summer heat this season? When, beginning in July? So I’ll hold out, emotionally I guess, for the prospect that Rooney might wait to speak with our new manager, and maybe - maybe - stay and play part time at Everton in the Fall, then decide whether to take a winter break and join DC United for their 2019 MLS season.
  13. Elston Gunnn

    Ademola Lookman

    I’m surprised Lookman’s not been included in the U-21 for Toulon. He’s done very well, including goals and assists in last few Leipzig matches. Is this a case of the manager already knowing that Lookman has an England future, and wants to see others?
  14. Elston Gunnn

    West Ham (Away) Sunday May 13th

    Yes, he has embarrassed Keane.
  15. Elston Gunnn

    West Ham (Away) Sunday May 13th

    Generally, yes, but not that last one.