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  1. It’s not just you. I thought Sidibé was wildly inconsistent, with some good tackles and that beautiful cross, but also beaten repeatedly at other times. Of course, most of our players are wildly inconsistent, so.......
  2. Thought Sidibé’s defending was truly awful at times, rescued by a couple of good tackles and that perfect cross. Schneiderlin’s play, for me, was opposite of Sidibé’s: solid throughout, save an awful moment when they scored. Davies good, Mina good except for that likely penalty that wasn’t called on him, Holgate probably MOTM, I like Sigurdsson, but he deprived us of 3 scoring opportunities, with 2 pathetic passes to attacking teammates and a weak shot on clear goal-scoring opportunity. Thrilled to win, but overall we still don’t finish well, and barely beat an awful team today.
  3. Of course I hope Gomes fully recovers, but I worry that if he somehow is "fit" enough to play in, say, May, then he might be selected for Portugal's Euro 2020 squad. But maybe that selection must occur earlier, and he will not be considered?
  4. Don’t understand the late red, after original yellow. Was it after consulting linesman, or 4th official, or VAR?
  5. They made a clear and obvious mistake last week, and today are trying to reestablish some standard. But VAR has become a farce, and it’s our luck to suffer the consequences lately.
  6. Can’t be “clear and obvious” to take this long.
  7. Yet again. Atkinson simply isn’t going to call anything, other than perhaps a yellow for a dive.
  8. Richarlison could have his jaw broken, and most just wouldn't believe it, because he has plenty of history of going down so easily.
  9. White and Le Seaux on NBCSN are embarrassed at the play of both teams here, but especially Everton. Wouldn’t care if they were wrong, but they’re mostly right. A goal would change this dull match, preferably one by us.
  10. Given this very specific choice, it strikes me as indisputable that winning the League Cup is, yes, clearly preferable, as it breaks our dismaying trophy drought and automatically qualifies us for the Europa League. A cup trophy is by now a pressing psychological and club-cultural need, and a place in (even 2d-tier) European football essential to entice better players to come to Everton. Now, I can imagine at least 2 counterarguments (which means the right choice might not be indisputable to all). 1. One who thinks Europa League participation harms the team’s performance in the EPL might say, stay away from Europa League, and finishing 7th means we might avoid that horror show. Top 4 or bust. 2. One who thinks putting out a strong team to try to win each Cup tie will simply tire out our best players might say, don’t make it even harder to climb up the table. This line of thinking says the League Cup is itself a foolish distraction, and we should never set out a strong squad. If we lose early in the League Cup competition, good riddance. Top 4 or bust.
  11. Does this mean 4-3-3? 3-4-2-1? Maybe 3-5-2? Would this be a stacked midfield? Sidibe Keane Holgate Walcott Davies Gomes Sigurdsson Digne Richarlison DCL
  12. This seems indisputably true, but it’s not our situation surrounding the Leicester Cup tie. We have a brutal December (through Jan. 1): 9 matches over 32 days (average of a match every 3 1/2 days ), including City, Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal, ManU, and Leicester twice. More specifically, 3 times Everton will have 3 matches over 7 days, which is much more challenging physically than one extra match over 6 weeks. I guess December always presents a crowded fixture list. The addition of a Cup quarterfinal just makes it all the more challenging for the same 10-11 outfield players to start all those 9 matches. Even absent further injuries, I think we’d expect somewhat more than minimal rotation. By which, to be clear, I do not mean/want/predict wholesale changes from match to match. And if by some minor miracle we take points away to Leicester and Liverpool in early Dec, then, ok, don’t change a thing for Chelsea 3 days later. Then figure it out from there.
  13. Man City or Liverpool would be worst draw (as in, duh). One minor plus if we draw Reds: because they play in Club World Cup in Qatar in Dec, their League Cup match will be delayed to Jan 7-ish, much better for us because of our brutal December. Too minor to be of sufficient consolation, admittedly. Not trying to be controversial, just curious — would anyone actually prefer to draw Liverpool?
  14. Generally I’m one (a minority, I think) who prefers some rotation for cup matches. Maybe 3-5 changes, not 8-9. Partly this comes from my view that we don’t have a clear “excellent” first 11, nor do we have unanimity on TT as to who is the best choice at every position. (Some think Delph is preferable to Davies; others scoff at that thought. Some think Coleman is past it; others disagree. Should Holgate replace Keane, when Mina returns? Should Baines get a start in Dec? Etc.) The next round of the League Cup this season presents a special problem. We’ll probably play Wed Dec 18, 3 days after facing ManU away and 3 days before Arsenal at Goodison. That’s 3 matches in 7 days, which, further, is the end of a brutal first 3 weeks in December. So, I’m skeptical that we’ll know — or agree about — our best 11; and even if it were clear to all our first-choice at every position, I assume somewhere in our December matches, some rotation will be necessary. I’m desperately hoping for Colchester or Oxford, at Goodison. Only one who truly thinks this season’s League Cup is a fool’s errand when we might be in the relegation zone by mid-Dec will prefer any of the other 5 possibilities.
  15. My complaint is that it took a long time for VAR to give the pen. The rule states “clear and obvious.” If it takes multiple viewings, it’s unlikely to have been clear and obvious. I’m irritated that Silva didn’t make that point. As to the push on Richarlison, as Matt says, that seemed clearly (thus obviously) a foul; but I suspect Matt’s point about Richarlison already having a reputation as a diver was a factor.
  16. Agree. Delph subbing in was maddening, and puzzling. At the time I assumed Silva was playing for a draw, since he subbed out 2 attackers but brought on only one.
  17. Sidibé the least bad of a set of mediocre performances. Holgate decent, with a superb through ball. Last week, 7 or 8 solid candidates. This week, struggle to praise the team or manager.
  18. I do hope Silva’s complaint about the penalty specifies that it cannot have been “clear and obvious” to take that long.
  19. Amen. Has to be clear and obvious. If it takes that long, it’s not clear and obvious.
  20. Well, DCL replaces 2 attackers and scores. Ha. Lovely through ball from, good heavens, Holgate!
  21. Two attackers off, only one on? Playing for draw?
  22. Enough of Walcott for me. Kean or DCL, please.
  23. I’d give Walcott maybe 15 more minutes. If he is hesitant on another opportunity, I’d hope to see Kean or DCL. Probably can’t take Davies out yet, as need to save one sub for late.
  24. Are we capable of effectively shutting up shop? Serious question. Would a professional performance today look entirely different from last week? i’ve no idea how Brighton play generally, play at home, or will play today.
  25. Delph or Schneiderlin if injury to Holgate or Keane? Or could Coleman or Sidibe move to CH?
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