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  1. Alas ...... https://www.toffeeweb.com/season/19-20/squad.php
  2. Villa stay up. We are the most embarrassing story, after the relegated teams.
  3. Villa score, Watford and Bournemouth going down (as of this moment).
  4. Absolutely yes, replay shows deliberate use of defender’s hand.
  5. Think DCL should have passed to wide open Sigurdsson.
  6. Ball in their half, Sidibé passes backward.
  7. Opponents know we can’t pass forward more than a few yards accurately.
  8. Ah, thanks, missed that news. Injuries on top of lackadaisical play. Not a good end of season.
  9. Blecchhh! Don’t see any outside-the-box thinking by Ancelotti here. Sidibé is no RB. Sigurdsson is no LW. Kean not even on bench. Injured? Gordon should start. Mostly bummed about this look. Thrilled with a win, hope for a point, expect to lose with little fight.
  10. I repeat that Gomes seems effective only in the middle 50 yards of the pitch, as a playmaker. For me, he’s far superior to Davies as passer-playmaker. I agree with you that Davies is the better defender of the 2, but it’s a low standard, so I won’t say Davies is a solid DM. My 4-3-1-2 depends on all 4 backline defenders staying back. No FBs going forward, or rarely. I don’t predict Ancelotti will follow my advice. I’d guess he’ll plug this usual suspect or that into a 4-4-2. Maybe it will work. I’d settle for a spirited effort and a point. But that would be settling, as we need a couple of wins, a dramatic turnaround to our embarrassing storyline.
  11. I’m worried, too, about what threatens to be a continuation of our end-of-season collapse. Two final humiliating defeats would mean a pathetic 2 points taken from our final 6 matches. Other than the 3 relegated clubs, our Toffees are the next most embarrassing story. I don’t expect to win tomorrow, but I hope Ancelotti will think outside the box to give us a better chance. Desperately plugging this player or that into a 4-4-2 is more of the same, and not promising just now. So, my (also admittedly desperate) take on Bailey’s “however we end up having to do it” looks like this — 1. 4-3-1-2 Pickford Coleman Keane Branthwaite Baines Walcott Gomes Digne Gordon Kean Richarlison 2. The width to be provided by Walcott and Digne, not Coleman and Baines. For tomorrow’s match, our fullbacks cannot attack. If we get a penalty — fat chance — let Baines take it. 3. We have no capable DM, period. Great hope Gbamin injured all season, desperate hope Delph injured much of the season, missing hope Baningime not part of Ancelotti’s plan this season, jack-of-some-trades Davies has shown he can’t ply his trade defensively, and Gomes can only be effective as playmaker in the middle 50 yards of the pitch. In the absence of any plausible DM, therefore, all 4 defenders must stay home, crossing midfield in only very limited circumstances, e.g., Keane and Branthwaite in the box for corners. 4. Walcott and Digne have to run the touchline all match long. Attack and defend. They’ll need the water breaks. 5. Gordon as a 10. He seems to possess some creativity, courage. 6. If behind on 60 minutes, subs from Sigurdsson (who cannot defend but can turn and blast and can score from a free kick), Sidibé (who might put in a good cross), DCL.
  12. Again (and again), Bernard is outmuscled, leads to a great pass and shot for Wolves.
  13. Once again Bernard is simply, easily moved off the ball.
  14. Discouraging the number of times we have ball at midfield and pass backwards. At least a couple of promising attacks, but fizzled. Wolves have more pace, accurate passing.
  15. Another nice pass from Walcott, not enough players in box.
  16. Awful pass from Davies.
  17. Yes, I see now he’s mostly on right.
  18. Gordon playing as a 10? Or is he tucked inside of Baines on left in a 3-5-2?
  19. Important points by Bailey here. Raises the problem referenced in the link above posted by duncanmc-magic: as Gomes “is playing in a 4-4-2 system that doesn’t suit him, ... Ancelotti will be left with a conundrum as to whether he thinks Gomes is worth adjusting his whole tactical set-up for next season.” I have been enthusiastic about Gomes from the beginning, but he’s not really a DCM. Nor is he quite a box-to-box. He’s neither a deep-lying playmaker, nor a 10. He’s sort of mid-pitch playmaker. He can play very effectively in the middle 50 yards of the pitch, but not much more.
  20. Pickford Coleman Keane Mina Digne Gordon Davies Baningime Bernard Kean DCL Use several subs. Baines, for sure, either to give Digne a rest if we’re winning easily, or to move Digne up to LW if Bernard disappoints and we need a goal. Sidibé for Coleman (only) if we’re winning easily, or at RW if we need a goal. Iwobi for DCL if winning, Iwobi midfield, keep Kean as lone striker, giving DCL a rest. Sigurdsson for Gordon, after Gordon’s 2d assist puts us up 3-1. Prefer to rest Gomes and Richarlison.
  21. Anyone know, definitively, whether Kenny is eligible to play for Everton the remainder of this season? If yes, I’d strongly prefer to see him rather than Sidibé rotate in — as sub or even starter — for Coleman. And if, by chance, we had the unusual option to sign him for July but chose not to do so, I’d be baffled. EDIT update — Just found answer. Not eligible. https://www.msn.com/en-gb/news/newsliverpool/carlo-ancelotti-says-everton-talks-over-jonjoe-kenny-will-wait/ar-BB16bUHF
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