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  1. Both Davies and Coleman late tracking their men. Glad to get the offside call.
  2. https://www.theguardian.com/football/blog/2019/dec/31/david-moyes-west-ham-manager-old-new Interesting read. Not, uh, complimentary toward Moyes. But not toward Everton, either: a “storied mid-sized club” with “an unbridgeable gulf between expectation and reality, where the interests of the fanbase — take some risks, play with romance, make us dream again — are at direct odds with the business plan, which demands mid-table Premier League football in perpetuity.” Is that Everton under Moshiri??
  3. This seems to me the sensible way to look at his play, potential, strength, and weakness. He makes too many mistakes as defender, but has provided a solid number of fine crosses. Honestly, he might not have the stamina to run the touchline the full 90 every match, and I’d worry about his backtracking after 75 minutes. I’m no Walcott fan, but 15-20 minutes, ok. Or put Davies over there late in matches occasionally.
  4. If we can grab a 3d goal, let’s go 5-5-0 rest of match.
  5. Not even a foul on Walcott. Still, we scored after a weak foul, too.
  6. If we continue to look panicked, I’d want a change on 60 minutes. Walcott and Kean out. Coleman and Mina in, move Sidibe up to RW, Holgate up to DCM, Richarlison partnering DCL. 4-4-2.
  7. Don’t know whether we can regain our footing. Excellent first 30, awful last 15. Ancelotti’s subs — when and who — will be key.
  8. Last 15 minutes awful. Going to regret missed opportunities first 30 minutes.
  9. Neither Walcott nor Kean had any clue what the other would do there.
  10. Don’t sense Ancelotti wants Sidibe forward much today, as Baines is consistently forward on the other side of the pitch.
  11. We’ll need more goals. Defense won’t hold up.
  12. The porous defense and inability to finish still seems too familiar.
  13. Well, posters on TT have certainly praised Sidibe for his crosses more than for his defending, so maybe it’ll work.
  14. Football is mostly a running, passing, and finishing game. We have little pace, “inconsistent” (to put it kindly) passing, and only occasional finishing. I like many of our players, so much want them to do the shirt proud. Can they? If Ancelotti’s tactics can’t transform these lads, we need lots of new lads.
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