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  1. Might have had 3. Set up by a perfect layoff from Mirallas (!), Walcott’s somewhat timid shot saved off the line by Monaco defender. And near the end, Davies hit woodwork. Both should have scored. Still think Niasse could score 4-5 goals and get/save us points as 70-75th minute sub. His lovely flick-shot over GK might have gone in on its own even if Coleman hadn’t headed it in. Hard to tell from camera angle. McCarthy gets a foot in regularly. Might still help us, though I guess he’s off? Digne, Coleman solid all match.
  2. Interesting issues here. I think of Gomes as pretty close to box-to-box, so don’t agree he’s “nowhere near” that. Doesn’t he prefer to move forward, rather than just sit and spray? Doesn’t he get forward more than “occasionally”? Don’t we want more shotblasts from him, somewhat similar to Sigurdsson? Yes, he is very good at linking up play, his single most important, though far from his only, strength. My view of Gomes leads me to think we need a true, mostly sitting DM, to protect the CHs as Digne and Coleman rush forward. Your take on Gomes’s play seems to lead to our need for a box-to-box partner — Gana, Delph(?), McCarthy, Davies, or a new player. But it strikes me that if Gomes’s regular partner is a b-t-b player, then either (1) Gomes will have to be something more of a traditional DM, or (2) our FBs will have to get forward much less frequently. Admittedly, there may well be considerably more variation and fluidity to the positioning and play of both our nominal DMs — Gomes and ... somebody.
  3. I hope he isn’t deployed principally as box-to-box. As you (Fb) posted earlier, he played mostly as a sitter at City. And that’s the best kind of partner for Gomes. As for doing Gana’s role, it seems highly (actually, ridiculously) unlikely that Delph could replicate anything approaching Gana’s manic brilliance/madness. If Gana’s role is narrowly (and misleadingly) defined as a protecting DM, ok, Delph could (and I hope he does) play that position; but that has not been Gana’s actual role.
  4. This is a major point (and a wonderful phrase). I hope it’s accurate, especially if, as expected, Gana leaves. Whatever one thinks about Gana’s play and compatibility with Gomes, it seems unlikely that any replacement for Gana could actually replicate his manic disruptive style. Gomes can and should absolutely become our consistent midfield attacking fulcrum. He has multiple controlling-attacking-CM skills; not so many as a DM. Since we are very unlikely to replicate Gana’s style, Silva will, I hope, pair Gomes with a protecting “full backs bomb on” sitter. Finn balor says that’s how Delph plays. That’s mostly how Schneiderlin plays, so if he stays, ok, let him compete with Delph to “full backs bomb on” sit in front of the CHs. If both Gana and Schneiderlin leave, we need to buy a sitter to compete with Delph to pair with Gomes.
  5. Ah, yes, you’re surely right. My fault....
  6. OS just posted lineup. Looks like 3-3-3-1, unless Schneiderlin is playing CH. Mirallas and Niasse starting.
  7. We see this somewhat differently, I think. The reason I see Schneiderlin as a better complement than Davies for Gomes is that I see Gomes and Davies both as box-to-box players. I want a sitter to complement Gomes. Schneiderlin is a sitter, right? Maybe (1) Davies could be a sitter, or maybe (2) you and others prefer 2 box-to box players as a pairing. Heck, do you and others see Schneiderlin as a box-to-box player? I've just rarely seen him exhibit any offensive firepower. He seems content to sit. Ok, just assuming Gana leaves and is not replaced..... I see Davies as a backup for Gomes (box-to-box type player), maybe for Sigurdsson (a sort of false 9), and maybe for Schneiderlin. (I vaguely remember Schneiderlin played decently late last season?) I can see Davies as both offensive and defensive-minded, depending on need. He seems our most likely several-position midfield utility player. I wouldn't be totally upset if Gana goes and is not replaced, but I'm pretty sure most others would be upset at that prospect. But jeez, if we lost Gana, McCarthy, and Besic, then it's Gomes and one of Schneiderlin, Davies, maybe Baningime? I sure hope Gomes has an injury-free season!
  8. I agree with Shukes in one -- but only one -- specific sense that Gomes is "at home back there." He is, as Baily says, comfortable receiving the ball from the back. But his role -- seems clear it's the one Silva has given him -- is to pivot immediately and initiate offensive movement. He's "most at home" not near the back but moving toward the opponent's goal. So as StevO says, he begins by dictating from deep, but... he doesn't stay deep. As a controlling CM, he dictates the offense in multiple ways: from deep, with long, pinpoint passes; by dribbling, sometimes pirouetting, fending off defenders; mid-and-short-range-passes to any of several attackers; even the occasional blast (more of which I expect him to attempt this next season). He really is box-to-box. I doubt he's a particularly good defender (nor do I think Silva expects him to be), which is why I think he needs to be paired not with a box-to-box twin, but with a full-on sitter, a real DM. StevO rightly highlights Gomes's vision and passing ability, to which I'd add: strength to hold off defenders, on-ball balance, confident dribbling. His considerable skills are offensive skills. He needs a partner with a mainly defensive mindset, a hard player, a grafter. That's the sort of player I'd hope we could get, if Gana goes. I assume he will be sold and that we'll probably start the season with a Gomes-Schneiderlin pairing.
  9. As I posted above, the sensible thing might be to replace Gana with a player more like Schneiderlin than Gana. My premise is that Gomes is a/the key to our attack as a controlling CM. It’s at least conceivable to me that Schneiderlin, a sitting DM, is a better pairing with Gomes than is Gana, an everywhere disruptor. I wouldn’t be satisfied to depend on Schneiderlin for an entire season, so if we sell Gana, we need to buy his replacement, but not a Gana-like-for-like replacement. Rather, a sitter, to allow Gomes to originate our attack from midfield. If Gomes does become the consistent midfield fulcrum of our attack, he probably can’t play 90 minutes every match. Even less likely if he has to defend a lot. Hence a dependable sitter is also crucial. So, Schneiderlin and a similar new player as sitting DMs, either to pair with Gomes. Davies as backup for Gomes and Sigurdsson. Need first-choice striker, Gana (sitter) replacement, Zouma or replacement, Lookman replacement (though I prefer that he stay and get the occasional start).
  10. I’m not a big Gana fan, but his stats surely are often impressive, and obviously he’s highly regarded by most. Some months back we got into a discussion of his play in terms of risk-reward. For whatever (biased? uninformed?) reasons, I have tended to notice his risky moves. I’ve thought his great ability to disrupt opponents sometimes produces an unhelpful disruption to his own team. In this sense, although I demur from signing on to all of their Gana-deconstruction, I’ve thought pete0 and Palfy make sensible points about his sometimes being out of position, and about the dangerous consequences of his unremitting chance-taking. I’m not here to try to convince anyone that Gana is grossly overrated. But looking forward, I do wonder whether Gana is the right “fit” with Gomes, who is, to me, a wonderful player. Is it possible that Schneiderlin — or preferably a more talented player “like” him — would be a better pairing with Gomes? (If Gana is sold, I guess this is a moot point.) Gomes is box-to-box, right? In a 4-2-3-1 setup, he’s nominally a DM. But he’s no DM; he’s a “controlling CM.” We want him consistently moving forward, holding off defenders with his strength and ball-control, producing pinpoint, attacking passes. Gomes probably isn’t a particularly good defender at all. My view is that Gomes should be given free rein to initiate and control Everton’s offensive movement. In this — my — overriding scenario, he needs a partner to “sit” back, no or very little box-to-box stuff, in front of the CHs, especially when either Coleman or Digne is going forward. Gana’s no “sitter.” Indeed, he’s not just box-to-box, but touchline-to-touchline, byline-to-byline, a chaotic, if often exhilarating, disruptor. But he’s incapable of staying back near the CHs. That’s not who he is. He can’t do what I think straightforwardly needs doing. Although Gana is a truly exciting individual player, I suspect Everton’s producing exciting team-football depends more on Gomes’s controlling play, Richarlison’s maturing consistency, the Bernard-Digne partnership, Sigurdsson’s sneaky goals, and a new striker. Schneiderlin is certainly not the player Gana is, but he or an upgrade at Sitter-DM might produce a better flow, a different, more effective offensive excitement. We want goals. Gomes is the key to getting the ball to players in places where they can produce shots. Is Gana the ideal partner for Gomes? I am skeptical. No player can do what Gana does. But maybe what Gana does isn’t what Everton needs doing. I readily concede, finally, that Gomes’s wanting to play for Everton, contrasted with Gana’s somewhat dispiriting if easily understandable desire for CL football, furthers my enthusiasm for building our top-4 near-future project around Gomes.
  11. Sharks’ GK the hero. Two very nice saves, and scored winning PK. Everton lose on PKs, 4-3..
  12. Everton score. Williams, free kick just outside box. 1-1. Young team second half. The “vets” are Holgate , Baningime.
  13. Neither Holgate nor Martina would be excellent as RB backup, but either would probably be adequate. Martina was simply overmatched at LB. I’d be satisfied with Holgate/Martina as 4th/5th choice CH and 2d/3d choice RB. Backline priority is obviously keeping Zouma, or buying a comparably talented starter, with Mina beginning the season as 3d choice CH. Given our desperate needs for a starting CH and 1st choice striker, hoping to find a 2d choice RB — one significantly better than Martina/Holgate and who would be willing to sit most matches — seems misplaced focus to me.
  14. I know you’re being sarcastic, but I’d still like to know from some of Gana’s (many) strong supporters what fee you think Everton should demand. That is, assume both that he’s determined to leave for CL football and Everton are determined not to sell for less than what Everton and many others say is an unusually valuable player? How much should we insist on, in that scenario?
  15. I’m thinking about inconsistency here, my own, re Gana. Or maybe it’s irony. For, I tend to agree at least as much as disagree with Pete0 and Palfy’s criticisms of Gana. Many months back, for me it came down to a “risk/reward” calculation, and I seemed to notice more of Gana’s risky mistakes than disruptive rewards. But educated (speaking of irony) by the “weirdness” back-and-forth in this thread, I do see more of Gana’s value. Not enough to think Pete0 and Palfy were utterly misguided, but maybe a slightly more balanced, if still skeptical, critical perspective. I will not be devastated if he goes this summer. I am much, much more concerned that we keep Gomes and Zouma (than Gana), and that we sign a good striker. But if he insists on joining PSG or another bigger club, I want an outrageously high fee, a fee more than commensurate with the very highest praise of his enthusiasts. I’d want a shockingly high fee for a player I do not consider great. Inconsistency, irony? Surely not hypocrisy. Ha! So, what would be the expected range of a fee Everton could demand? And for his many fervent supporters on TT, would you be outraged if Everton fail to secure the very top figure in that range, and maybe more in, say, add-ons?
  16. Yesterday on the Kenny thread I asked whether there’s “any chance” Holgate could be backup both at RB and RCH. Now a couple of posts on that thread implicitly say “yes, that will happen.” I hope so. If we sign Zouma, keep Mina, then I’d think we wouldn’t need to pursue any other CHs this summer. Right? Priority should be Gomes, Zouma, and a striker. Any other essential signings? If Gana goes and Gomes stays, are we set with Gomes, Schneiderlin, Davies, and McCarthy at DCM and box-to-box mids?
  17. Any chance Holgate would be backup RB and 4th choice CH (assuming/hoping we keep Zouma)?
  18. Two massive giveaways by Stones and Barkley allow Netherlands to win. Embarrassing, both. Good match. Youthful Netherlands v. Ronaldo on Sunday.
  19. I’m watching, pulling for Spurs of course. In US, CL rights this season belong to TNT/Bleacher Report. Their studio coverage is a bit amateurish, though I’ve no objection to the addition of Steve Nash, famous NBA great, Canadian, lifelong Spurs fan. How amateurish? Well, first half the announcer feed was BT Sport (Fletcher, Jenas, McManaman). Now second half, we get Tony Jones, David Pleat. They’re all ok by me, but the incompetence of feed mix-up is hilarious.
  20. Do we get credit for denying Liverpool the title?
  21. Footballers are dead stupid. Gomes’s challenge had no chance. He screwed up.
  22. That should endear Gomes to Spurs.
  23. Amazing. Spurs’ corner defense looks like ours.
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