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  1. I suppose Gana’s mistake wasn’t horrible, but he did dive in instead of try to steer the player away. Defending in the box was all too typical, incompetent.
  2. Gana mistake, free kick, City score in stoppage, header.
  3. We’re playing well. Though .... confused defending in box, lucky to escape that time. Maybe lucky to escape free kick outside box, too.
  4. We are alert today. Not talented enough, but at least alert. I dread corners and set pieces, of course.. And here comes a corner ...... which we deal with. Then Gomes out-muscles Aguero.
  5. I’ve been successful with soccer-live.stream. I always try Link 1. Often have to exit out of ads and keep trying.
  6. Actual footballing from Everton there. Passing, decent header attempt.
  7. Free header for City. Laporte misses. Alas, typical corner defending from Everton. And now City hit the bar.
  8. Yep, that’s it. More frequent shocking lapses in concentration, throughout the squad. I am uncertain as to whether our players are overmatched physically, but we have too many emotionally lethargic players. At least that’s they way they look. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2019/feb/02/everton-wolves-premier-league-match-report Good heavens what an awful thought: ”the epitome of a nothing team.”
  9. The third Wolves’ goal exemplifies 2 of our weaknesses: lack of relentlessness and lapses in concentration. 1. Yes, Coleman’s pass was short, but Lookman’s defender simply strode right past him. Lookman wasn’t the aggressor, even though Everton were down a goal. 2. And then, as Wolves players poured toward our goal on the give-away counter, Dendoncker rushed forward while Davies stopped at the top of the box, to watch.
  10. Virtually all of our players lack intelligent aggressiveness, which I prefer to characterize as relentlessness. We are passive on defense, which shows consistently and disastrously on set pieces. And opponents know it. Opposing teams are invariably more confident than Everton; even inferior teams expect to beat us. They enter a match expecting we will lose concentration.
  11. Toothless has it pegged just about right. Physically and mentally. Opponents know our passing is intermittently abysmal, we are chaotic in the final third and can’t finish, will make dunderheaded plays all over the pitch, and rarely display either relentless effort or mental toughness. Again this season we offer too many displays of non-football that are embarrassing. Edit — I neglected to note a key phrase in Shuke’s post: “yet again.” The outlier was the Burnley performance.
  12. Normally I favor major changes for such a match. Even with 7-8 changes, we should easily beat a top League Two side at Goodison. Coleman, Gomes, and Walcott will by then need a rest, and Digne, Sigurdsson, and Richarlison could use one. I assume all these will start against Leicester. So for Lincoln City, sticking with normal circumstances, I’d prefer...... Stekelenburg Mina Keane Zouma Kenny McCarthy. Baines Lookman Davies Tosun Niasse Kenny and Baines to provide the width, McCarthy (or Baningime?) mostly protecting the back 3. Richarlison, DCL, Digne, Gana, Sigurdsson on bench. I’m aware that many would strongly advise only minimal changes, presumably no matter our result against Leicester. For me, the Leicester match — our energy, the crowd’s mood, the excellent or poor play by specific players, the result, the delight or gloom afterwards — will determine whether I’ll still think we can afford and should make substantial changes for Lincoln City 4 days later. Should we be desperate for a win because we lost to Leicester, then I’d have to concede that we’d have to start our strongest 11, and be satisfied that our most worn-out starters would then have 8 days before our next match.
  13. My passion for Everton goes back only 20 years, and really I’ve been able to follow our club closely for only about the last 10 or 12 on American tv. So I’m probably not qualified to judge our boys quite so fiercely as seve has here. But ..... The mental qualites I most value in athletes are relentlessness and alertness. The essence of football surely demands, and rewards, these attributes. Too many of our players do not play relentlessly, and their alertness, maddeningly, wanes at crucial moments. Even the best players make stupid plays occasionally. But presumably the best teams are best in large part because they are composed of players who demonstrate their skills regularly and their mistakes rarely. The best players are physically gifted but also mentally alert. Too often our players — individually and in groups — don’t pay attention, are not alert, to the play around them. We all complain when one of our own is ball-watching. On the Spurs’ 3d goal, our wall collectively turned once the ball sailed over their heads ...and watched ... as Kane tapped in the rebound off the post. They did not much move. They weren’t, individually or collectively, alert to the possibilities of the play in the moment. In a fundamental sense, they were’t ready to play football. Not daydreaming, exactly, but not alert, relentless football instincts, either. Not a bonehead play, like Pickford’s. But lazy, as seve says, “soft underbelly.” A Christmas gift to Kane. We’re far too good at gift-giving. We give away goals, and thus points. We seem to have more physical talent this season. But we are mostly mentally soft, rarely relentless, intermittently inattentive to the basics of the game.
  14. None of us will be satisfied to remain a 7-10th place team for the next 5 years (or longer). But that’s what we are, right? Which of our players are top-6, much less top-4? Gomes, whom we may not be able to sign? Anyone else? Maybe Richarlison, Digne, Sigurdsson? Lookman, potentially?
  15. That was a pessimistic realist, me. Turns out I was unrealistically optimistic. Maybe 3-7?
  16. I am tempted to say that our odd mistakes, plus a debatable call on DCL goal, explains the score. Sort of bad luck, atypical mistakes. But maybe they’re not atypical. We screw up because we don’t have many consistently good players. We’re just not good enough.
  17. Odd, dumb mistakes — Pickford, Zouma, ref on DCL goal, Everton players watching — just bloody watching — as Spurs attack for easy 3d goal. I repeat: 2-5.
  18. More goals in this one. I fear a final score of 2-5.
  19. We are a most creative side in inventing ways to screw up.
  20. Gotta give Fb credit for inspiring that goal. An Everton fan yelled at Walcott that Fb just posted that, and Walcott said, “Fy, Fb.”
  21. Have to give credit to Walcott for lovely cross there.
  22. Brilliant long ball from Gomes. Walcott had plenty of time to get a foot to it. Disappointing.
  23. He’s fluffed too many this season - several really good chances.
  24. True enough, several others have made poor passes. Gana has made more poor passes, even at short distances. I’m disappointed McCarthy’s not on the bench, maybe instead of Davies. If Gana continues to be out of it early in second half, who but Davies could replace him?
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