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  1. Thursday night, FoxSports 2, 8 pm EST.
  2. Best chance still free kick. Quite exciting, given our 10-men. Oviedo needs to show up, he should have plenty of energy left.
  3. Lukaku so much more effective running with ball. Gets us a free kick, Baines. Good entry but headed away. Barkley loses control. Bah.
  4. Guess our only hope is set piece, OT, PKs?
  5. Dumb McGeady. Bad challenge, second yellow. Dumb and dumber. And dumber still.
  6. Good strong effort from Lukaku. But saved.
  7. Fortunately, WH goal comes early second half, so our guys will still be energetic.
  8. WH corner, headed to Collins, bad shot, happy to report. Naismith hustle forces WH to boot it wide. Now WH chance, they blow it. Goal WH....... Caught short, bad balance, bad defending, I guess.
  9. No changes for either team. US audience has Kevin Keating as announcer. And Matt Jackson? Good pass from Lukaku, Barkley loses control in box. Blecchhh.
  10. Agree. Good, not quite excellent play from our boys. Effort is definitely there on short rest.
  11. Naismith even runs off the pitch at break. Never stops, or so it seems.
  12. Naismith is everywhere. Good cross Lukaku to Naismith. N to McGeady, wide. Possible goal there, not quite.
  13. Naismith hustle earns Everton a corner. Stones header caught, foul on Stones anyway.
  14. Sloppy, sloppy giveaway by Barry. McGeady has to take a yellow to stop the ball.
  15. Lukaku blows opportunity with offside.
  16. McGeady into box to Lukaku, who loses control.
  17. Not much yet from Barkley. McGeady, Naismith still energetic. Lousy giveaway by Besic. Ditto Naismith. WH counter dangerous. WH corner. Robles catches it.
  18. Repeat, end-to-end. Both sides will be energized, yet frustrated at poor passes, Everton more missed opportunities than WHam. Close shot by Downing, just wide. He was given too much space.
  19. Poor cross into box by Barry. Opportunity lost.
  20. End-to-end stuff. Cross into Everton box, easy catch for Robles.
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