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  1. Think it’s going to be the same team as Salford with Mina for Braithwaite and Iwobi for Walcott. Strong bench again.
  2. Bit harsh. Think he was trying to hold his man up - didn’t do enough but he’s been steady and I trust him. Keane however has been the standout - happily changing my opinion and really hope this is new consistent level because it’s excellent, even without the goals.
  3. This is what E’to was meant to be. Both world class pedigree, one came for a pay check with a shit attitude - the other has come with humility and the desire to be part of this team. So proud to call him one of ours and genuinely believe he is proud to be a toffee.
  4. Makes it so much better. When to my city’s afl game ( I don’t think anyone would know or understand the sport but look it up ) straight into Everton! Now kicking on with some mates, really good night!
  5. Yewww Everton my last leg on my multi! Up the boys! 1:30 am here and still buzzing through the night! Loving this Everton and loving the positivity! Get around it lads, hope everyone has a great day/night! Big love!!!
  6. Kenny is a different player though. Nknounkou is an absolute physical beast and he uses those tools - Kenny needs to be more like Baines/Digne, use the ball well and pass his way around his opposing fullback on the over lap. Kenny is more reliable than sidibe and slightly under rated attacking wise. On another note - Theo Walcott is starting to really wind me up. he's lost that yard of pace and just seems to halt our attacks, poor end product as which has always been his issue but is definitely more prominent now. I'd seriously rather Bolasie get a run in the next cup game over him. Both pr
  7. Agree with all the above. He’s got Digne as well to learn off with Baines around the club still. Can’t ask for much more really. Marcel Brands And the scouting team have done excellently here.
  8. Even more impressive is hes only had 2 touches in the game!
  9. Agree. It just takes one moment and they are level and these players will be remembering moments like Newcastle. 2nd goal has to come to kill them off. also - walcott is so shit and shouldn’t be anywhere near even our second team
  10. 1-0 is not comfortable by any stretch to a lower tier team. Especially when our goal has come from a corner. Young Lb is looking very very good, great bit of business from brands. Gordon is following Richarlisons steps as the LF who can cut in, looking very dangerous. Bernard and Davies are trying to get on the ball and make things happen. Seems like Sigurdsson only wants the ball when it’s a corner/free kick. Kean - struggling. Keane - changing my opinion on him. Assured and looking like a leader.
  11. I hope they get the job done. Hope Virginia has a good game after his reading loan. Sigurrdson has to be a leader
  12. The whole world is watching us as a club right now, we have people that had never taken a moments interest in us - we really cannot slip up against a league 2 side.
  13. They proved last year they weren’t good enough to beat an under 23 side.....
  14. Free transfer and 77k a week apparently. Money absolutely well spent.
  15. I'm sorry mate, i can sort of understand your logic but ultimately any time any one puts on our shirt the ambition has to be to win. Any competition we enter, its to win. Remind me what Nil Satis Nil Optimus means again please?
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