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  1. I think we are going to need that many players that Pickfords going to have another season - he needs to mature and really prove himself as a reliable option between the sticks. For me it’s 2x Cb’s ( Mina’s persistently injures) Gabriel or someone similar and maybe a Thiago silva. 2x Cm’s - Proper ball winner - exactly what Gbamin is meant to be and hopefully his injury issues are done. Someone who can keep the ball. Rakitic has 1 yr on his contract and could be exactly what moutinho is to wolves for us but better. Winger - just want 1 winger, who is fast and wants to be a winger. Give kenny a go at Rb and coleman to compete. Pickford on notice to improve.
  2. Davies’ head is gone right now, completely gone. Kids got no confidence and I’m worried for him.
  3. Simply because we have not had a transfer strategy at all.
  4. I honestly saw Robles as a steady, reliable keeper without being world class.
  5. This is embarrassing. I honestly thought we couldn’t have another window with mass exits and incomings but it’s pathetic. Honestly, I can’t even begin to fathom how some of these guys have an Everton shirt.
  6. Feel like I’m watching Davies career ending here.
  7. If this was Marco silva people would be tearing strips of the manager
  8. We are absolutely dire in every department.
  9. Shame though because every time we’ve had a 3 man midfield we haven’t had Gomes on the pitch
  10. Think this is the shape we should look at.
  11. Yep. Either load it or bypass it.
  12. Have to agree. Sit for the counter, pace up top and out wide.
  13. Yep. Pickford has not cost us as many points as our shit wingers and CM’s
  14. It’s but damned if you, damned if you don’t. I don’t think we have the midfield to play 442. We play most out footy with the keeper and centre backs until we smash it long, we lose the second ball because our cms are deep to try and collect of our cb’s who bar Holgate haven’t quite got the skills to pick passes out from our defensive third. Just all seems backwards to me.
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