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  1. To be fair, they only just signed him and Allan wasn’t in their last squad for the cup game...
  2. Lobotka? Now plays for.... you guessed it - Napoli
  3. He can play a bit, before this season I thought he would go to one of the big boys. Will add goals and end product. At worst - added depth to the wings behind bernard/Charlie.
  4. Unfortunately we need someone for now. Gomes/Gbamin are young enough. Davies stays because of age but needs to push on. anderian is looking good in the 23’s. Simply put - Delph plays like a kid coming in from the 23’s, stupid, irrational and rushed.
  5. I’ll personally fly from Aus to the uk and drive the coach my self for any of these pricks that are letting us down.
  6. God help us. Have us fans not suffered enough with the dire football. Don’t take this place from us as well @pete0 @Hafnia
  7. Yep. We just have no one. id even see us go with a “narrow” 4-3-1-2. To get an extra body in midfield and Bernard behind the 2
  8. Agree. Only this is the misconception that Keane is better than holgate against a physical opponent. I’ve seen Keane get bullied by Ayoze Pérez and atleast Holgate has the pace on the recovery. Richarlison adds goals and hopefully Kean kicks on! Delph and Morgan get another go. See out the 90 here and we get 3 points.
  9. Exactly what you’ve said. Great attitude and application unfortunately not up to the skill set we need. I think he’s done pretty well out of us and we got some crucial goals from here. Both need to move on one other.
  10. Happy for him, definitely eases the pain of the result. DCL is looking like a goal threat and once we get Richarlison back we will have some goals in us
  11. Davies and Digne fucking around with it in our own corner started all this. New manager - same Everton. I told everyone when we sacked Silva we needed a change out of some players to stop this kind of rot and it’s evident now. That is truly pathetic to drop those points at the end of the game. There’s a real false arrogance to our team that as soon as we start winning we think we are top 4 team and instantly forget the absolute shit that’s been served up previously. Not good enough
  12. I like bernard, I really do but he just doesn’t contribute enough telling moments. He is an Assist’s kind of player but just doesn’t effect enough game changing moments to make up for his lack of goals. Richarlison can score out of nowhere, I don’t have that feeling with Bernard.
  13. What’s even better is richarlison DCL Soares Rabiot Gbamin Gomes Fingers crossed
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