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  1. Just hasn’t worked out for him here. Can see him going back to turkey or a team like Palace.
  2. Surprised me how old he is. Apparently spurs want to replace him with Wan-Bissaka. Think we should be looking at him in my opinion.
  3. Yeah sorry fair point pal! I really hope we keep Richarlison AND sign Lozano. Just depends on what impact Onyekuru will have/permit issues as I feel he is ahead of lookman...
  4. Lozano is some player. I’d have him in a heartbeat - especially over Walcott.
  5. Read that he missed a lot of chances though.. have to look out for some highlights.
  6. Fuck me if Gomes got a second yellow you’d be the first to complain Silva should have subbed him. Is this an actual piss take?
  7. Exactly this. I think it will come with him, he’s snatching a few chances but key is he is now getting chances. He can hold his head for his recent performances and is a good example from the front.
  8. Can’t stand west ham. We owe them one for earlier this season.
  9. Came out a different team, players have indicated he tore into them at half time and got the response he needed. Made good subs. Job done Marco
  10. Good. Gylfi was lucky to stay on after half time.
  11. I don’t think so either, which is why we need to see what Mina can do.
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