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  1. Btay

    Commonwealth Games

    Managed to get down to them as the Gold Coast is about an hours drive from brisbane where I live. really really good atmosphere to the games - my cousin plays for the women’s hockey team and got a silver medal but each time I went down it was incredible how well everything felt.
  2. Btay

    Kopite Thread

    Shows how essential recruitment is. robertson/Martina SVD/ Keane mane/bolasie ox/Rooney salah/Gylfi and I’m sure there’s others.
  3. Btay

    Huddersfield Town (Away) Saturday April 28th

    i must say though I really couldn’t care with these last 3 games. The only thing I want to see know is klassen and Vlasic and see what they have to offer.
  4. Btay

    Huddersfield Town (Away) Saturday April 28th

    I think Mark means that we should be looking at a minimum to win home and away against promoted teams. Although we have no right to win this and I think they will want it more than us.
  5. Btay

    Newcastle (Home) Monday April 23rd

    Bolasie has been terrible. schniderlian has been very good though
  6. Btay

    Manager strengths and weaknesses

    Before his Achilles injury Yak was no slouch. Haven’t seen someone so composed in front of goal. Saha is just a natural footballer, absolute freak.
  7. And 130k a week
  8. All unheard off that have good world cups
  9. No way Spurs would let him go, any interview any spurs player is him they cannot praise him enough. Signing him would be a Barry-esq signing. Huge player
  10. I don’t think it’s fair to rely on Jags, Baines and Rooney for our first team next year. I’d be aiming at them to play 25 games each for the season and get absolute quality out of them for that. this is why we need to use these last 5 games to get an idea if these players with question marks over their heads are going to be in be plan - Mori, Klassen, Vlasic ect. Pickford coleman Keane(?) Mori(?) Kennedy/Telles Davies Gana Gylfi Walcott Tosun Bernard Only gone Bernard because I think we will get Fonseca and he will bring him along... fingers crossed at least. I’d even look at another CM for Davies because I think he has really struggled here this year - McCarthy would have been ideal there and Morgan just doesn’t click with Gana in there. edit: Alex Telles has 18 assists this season for Porto from left back and we should definitely be after him!
  11. Btay

    Newcastle (Home) Monday April 23rd

    This for me. id even be happy with Jags for Beni to keep Mori and Keane steady at the start 3-5-2 keane Jags Mori coleman Davies Klassen Baines Vlasic Walcott Tosun
  12. We need to accept we are not a quick fix at the moment. I think we have Fonseca lined up in the summer - otherwise Sam would be out now and someone like Marco Silva in. I hate that we are going to waste these last 5 so games and be left with the same questions we had at Christmas such as - klassen - good enough or not - give him games to find out and settle, there’s really no pressure now. Mori - been here for years and I still don’t know if he is good. Jags has steadied the back 4 ( Keane has looked better but still scetchy ) but we can’t expect him to carry on next season. We need to partner Mori/Keane/Holgate or decide if we need to buy another and who to move on. Vlasic needs time - bolasie could do with coming out of the firing line, fans would be more forgiving of Vlasic putting in these kinds of performances for 1/2 games as he is potential still.
  13. Cenk - for reasons above. Although thought he was off with getting the ball to feet today - let the CB get in front of him a lot.
  14. My thoughts exactly. I’ve said before I don’t him having a bad game to learn from it - but he’s stagnated quite a lot since “that run” again City... needs to play in a team on the front to be judged properly
  15. Exactly this - genuinely every fan I know would not have had an issue if we went out and gave it a right crack and went down. We didn’t even try again for 80 minutes and it’s embarrassing. Just hit long balls up to Tosun and hope he can hold it. Klavan has been sketchy as all year and we should have gone at him not stop ( like how teams went at Martina when he first went to LB )