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  1. I didn’t mind Hitzlsperger! The bloke had an absolute hammer of a shot. Swap him for Segundo Castillo for my team. We have had some absolute donkeys.
  2. Exactly right! Mental health creeps in a bit more during quite times and you just never know what’s going on behind closed doors.
  3. I just thought I’d drop a message out given the current circumstances of what we are all going through right now. During this time of isolation if there’s anyone who during this period of isolation feels they are struggling, alone or just feel that need a chat, drop a pm at any time and we can organise something. Lots of love to everyone 💙💙
  4. I understand some people talking about money as it’s key to survival - I’ve lost nearly everything I’ve worked FIFO for in the last 2 years on stocks and to be honest, that’s just how it is as it was always a risk. Our government has put restrictions in on non essential services. For instance hair dressers can’t take more than 30 mins on a hair cut - they can’t make enough money to pay for their rents but the restrictions mean if they close its a voluntary close not an enforced one - to which they have to pay their rent still. Honestly, lock it down. Everything that isn’t fighting this pandemic and essential. The economy will recover, eventually.
  5. Just watched this. Absolutely beaming with our club and what they are doing.
  6. https://www.google.com.au/amp/s/beta.hitc.com/en-gb/2020/03/19/do-imagine-the-scenes-everton-fans-cant-believe-who-theyve-been/%3famp Who would you rather?
  7. What’s the difference though to what other clubs are doing? Because He isn’t an official sponsor we can’t sell naming rights to him?
  8. First time in a long time I think we are okay here. Dom and Richie first 2 - both with room to develop and doing a great job. “If” Kean kicks on and becomes what is expected of him then we will have 3 of the best strikers in the league - I don’t want another striker taking up his minutes. Simms is in the pipe line as well and has obviously got the talent.
  9. He’s got everything. That Newcastle goal where he rolls it into the bottom corner sums up of good he is at finishing like that, composed as it comes - similar to his goal against wolves when he first signed. 20 goal a season striker, no doubt
  10. He’s a seriously good footballer. Technical ability is sublime. I don’t think he was interested at all but the ancelotti factor could get this over the line.
  11. Easy to forget Mina is still 24/25. Holgate 23. Good recruitment here and happy to see the change in direction. He is more than capable of coming into the first 11 as well. Also; finally a left footed CB
  12. I just don’t see him that way to be honest, I’m pretty comfortable with him at the back. He’s gangly and awkward but I think a proper solid RB and Holgate continuing to develop next to him is a good base. If we can get Digne back from last season as well that is.
  13. He’s aggressive and doesn’t take shit from any one. He’s an alpha and that’s what a CB should be
  14. And Bernard is easily our flair 10. RB, CB and CM with really energy and presence ( Gbamin hopefully )
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