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  1. Btay

    Bury (Pre Season Friendly)

    I see Niasse as the third striker. DCL is more complete as a player and I’d have him play the 60-70 then still bring a Niasse on. I’m just not sure if DCL is good enough or if we hung him out to dry last year.
  2. Btay

    Bury (Pre Season Friendly)

    This is the thing. For whatever we sell him for, to replace him with someone who is an out and out goal throat is going to cost us atleast 10mil, probably a 20-25 million player. Are they going to be as contempt doing his role and giving the effort he gives, works the way he does when he comes on?
  3. So at what point do we worry about no players coming in..
  4. Btay

    Yerry Mina

    Ah centre back who defends first - seems a dying breed these days.
  5. Btay

    Emil Forsberg

    Sounds a bit like Pienaar a bit in that regard. I don’t doubt he’s a good player - he would bring a wave of Swedish fans as well. I just feel a LB and CB are priority and I’d like Lozano or a pacey winger of that ilk
  6. Btay

    Emil Forsberg

    I actually thought he played centrally and was kind of shoe horned out left like Gylfi... has he got that much pace? Edit - I had a quick look at their 3016/17 season and it seems they played a narrow 4-2-2-2 with forsberg left of the 2 behind the front 2.. not saying he couldn’t do a job on the wing, but seems very similar to when Gylfi plays out there - I just want to see direct pace on the wings.
  7. Btay

    Emil Forsberg

    Think we are already crowded in his position.
  8. Btay

    Kieran Tierney

    Isn’t that technically tapping up a player... unless we got given permission to talk terms with him
  9. Btay

    Yerry Mina

    Apparently we’ve offered €24 million for him. I didn’t really want us to sign anyone based off World Cup performances but he is an absolute weapon in both boxes. Gylfi + Yerry surely = Goals
  10. This is how I feel for him. I just also feel we could be hanging him out to try by relying on him so much this year.
  11. Btay

    Ademola Lookman

    I think it’s within his rights to sit down and ask how Everton view him, are we looking to loan him out again or is he in around the first team. I agree no one has he right to be guaranteed to start, but if we say to him we want him to stay then we also need to be prepared to unleash him for a run of games. Not one here and there. I hope he stays myself, I had high hopes that last year was going to be his breakout year and I hold those hopes this year under a positive manager like Silva
  12. Btay

    Pre-season 2018

    Don’t mind that
  13. Btay

    William Carvalho

    Yeah that’s fair. I just desperately want us to sign a midfielder who can really dominate athletically and technically!
  14. I’m just concerned with Jags this could be the pre season that he drops... it’s like they dramatically loose that half yard of pace and it looks like a train wreck. We cannot expect him to be our number 1 starting CB for the season, it’s just asking for problems. We need to buy a proven quality CB. I do think Keane can come good and holgate has shown he can step in if needed. Edit - I’ll try and find the stat but we scarcely used the same back 4 in consecutive games last year which I believe played a part in Keanes displays. Keane + New CB jags/holgate rotate and cups.
  15. Btay

    William Carvalho

    I just feel he is lazy when I watch him. Like he would the other team counter us at pace to score before having to sprint 10 metres