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  1. Christ you are really going for it.
  2. Each to their for opinions mate. last season I saw a Davies that was under criticism for consistency and now he seems to be stringing together a series of good performances. I’ve noticed a massive improvement in forward passing - especially threading between fullback and centre back. My point is - he is 21, he’s playing the best and most consistent football I’ve seen from him and I hope as much as anyone that this is his natural level and we will see this and more from here on in. You can look back on my comments on him, last season I asked for consistency and this season I asked for him in a midfield 3 because I appreciate his qualities.
  3. Understood. Last year a lot of people thought he was stale and hadn’t progressed at all from when he first came on the scene. Without knowing the exact details of what they have worked on or spoken about in regards to his game it’s hard to pinpoint how much Silva and his team have effected his consistency right now. For me, giving him the captaincy has matured him vastly - credit silva. Maybe sitting out a bit and developing bits of game has contributed to what we are seeing now. If he stays this consistent and keep a producing good levels, then I’ll happily say having a quite year was worth it, given he is still only 21.
  4. He’s 21 and seems to have matured. If his form stays consistent as it’s been recently then I’d have to credit the coaching staff because when he was getting minutes it’s was an 8 followed by a series of 4’s.
  5. This won’t be popular but I want to stick with Silva. The league is so tight - the points lost at Brighton would have had us even with 5th. Mass injuries at the moment haven’t helped Leicester are in good form but an injury to a few starters would seriously hinder them. I don’t actually fear the next run of fixtures so much. Norwich, Leicester, Liverpool, chelsea, Man U & Arsenal. Norwich we need to win. Leicester - who knows but let’s get at them and we can get points. We turned up well for the last 2 derby’s and I don’t fear Man U or arsenal one bit.
  6. Shortlisted for the ballon d'or after his performance.
  7. Was an absolute peach of a ball to be fair. ( wish he’d whipped one in first against spurs at the death even more after it! )
  8. Davies for me. He’s moving it around nicely in midfield and really stepping up at the moment
  9. I thought he was okay against Southampton but his stats suggest he had a world class game. I’m unsure if I’m overly hard on him but I sometimes see him as awkward/clumsy. In fairness we’ve been spoilt to athletic and technical rb’s for the last decade in Coleman, Hibbo & Neville that any RB would struggle to live up to expectations...
  10. I think we need to stop lumping a striker uptop by themselves and asking why they are not scoring...
  11. I love baines and appreciate everything he’s done but I really don’t think he’s going to be anything near the player he once was mate.
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