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  1. Agree. If DCL can get double digits for goals ( and similar for assists ) then I’m happy - Gylfi and Charlie are hitting good numbers and I expect Bernard will be more clinical this year.
  2. City, Liverpool and spurs yes. Arsenal yes - but I honestly think player for player behind the 2 uptop we are better - convincingly. UTD and Chelsea...?
  3. Would be a good price in this market.
  4. Regardless it’s good to see our players conducting themselves this way.
  5. Wonder how much of Coleman is rubbing off. Great to see this stuff.
  6. Juve apparently interested in selling now.. Not sure how much longer Brands can wait on this one.
  7. He’s almost certainly the reason we seems comfortable selling lookman
  8. West ham have done good business. I think if we get another 2/3 players that are first team quality - we could seriously push 4th
  9. I thought we signed some Mirallas guy as a rb?
  10. I kind of showed that his tally of goals + assists would be about 20. Thing is I don’t care who scores the goals - our front 4 could get 12 each or we could get lukaku back and have 1 player score 15-20
  11. Just looked at his stats on fantasy football. last year - 6 goals 5 assists in 1769 mins ( 160mins per goal affected ) year before - 4 goals 8 assists in 1871 mins ( 155mins per goal affected ) Based on that being quite consistent ( despite him having inconsistent runs in the team ) over the course of a full season (3600mins - granted he won’t play every minute) he’s looking at a tally of about 21 goals scored/assisted. Believing this could be his big year.
  12. Why stop there? Have a Bolasie and a Besic as well. seriously though - brands has some massive work ahead of him cleaning up after Walsh and Koeman. I think now some of the European comps are coming to an end a lot more activity will happen. If we finish this window with additions like - Gomes, Zouma, Malcom, Kean, Lossl + 1st team rb while moving on players like - Mirallas, Bolasie, Besic, Schniderlain, Niasse ect. Then the man deserves a statue
  13. Bolasie wants to play - I think he will move on. Squad depth of Richarlison, Bernard, Malcom, Lookman would do me nicely this year.
  14. What are we quoting for lookman - 22mil? Think this guy will go for 30-35 mil pounds.
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