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  1. Yeah sorry fair point pal! I really hope we keep Richarlison AND sign Lozano. Just depends on what impact Onyekuru will have/permit issues as I feel he is ahead of lookman...
  2. Lozano is some player. I’d have him in a heartbeat - especially over Walcott.
  3. Read that he missed a lot of chances though.. have to look out for some highlights.
  4. Fuck me if Gomes got a second yellow you’d be the first to complain Silva should have subbed him. Is this an actual piss take?
  5. Exactly this. I think it will come with him, he’s snatching a few chances but key is he is now getting chances. He can hold his head for his recent performances and is a good example from the front.
  6. Can’t stand west ham. We owe them one for earlier this season.
  7. Came out a different team, players have indicated he tore into them at half time and got the response he needed. Made good subs. Job done Marco
  8. Good. Gylfi was lucky to stay on after half time.
  9. I don’t think so either, which is why we need to see what Mina can do.
  10. Deserves credit for today. Second half is how I envision he wants us playing. Challenge is for him to build the consistency and get us playing that style of football for 90 mins. Given there’s not a lot for us to play for bar pride whilst Chelsea are chasing champs league makes the result all the more impressive.
  11. After that. I think Chelsea could be in some trouble next year. Hazard wont hang around. Alonso is wank, azpelelucuta is a shade of himself, Luis shithouse. Transfer ban will hit them hard and can’t see a manager wanting to take over is Sarri leaves/sacked.
  12. Wish he had of gotten a bit more on that ball from Digne. Game game.
  13. Looked better. Promising for sure. Let’s hope he keeps it up.
  14. Just did his job and did it well. Good stuff Jordan.
  15. I don’t feel safe with Gylfi on pens, he’s missed 3 of his last 5 now.
  16. Get in. Bit of a dive but enough contact
  17. Just shows the players can do it when they want to, they need to keep this level consistently
  18. Much better. Get in lads keep it up
  19. He’s learning in the hardest league. What I like is he’s keeping his game basic, you may critique him for not creating a goal out of nothing but I feel he’s learning what he can and can’t do at this level. Keep it basic, keep the ball, get us up the field and bring other into play - now he looks to be adding goals. All ticks for me, then look to expand your game once you are comfortable executing the basic and know what you can and can’t do.
  20. Look if Silva tried Mina at CDM I’d be critical of his tactics ( unless by some sort of mirical Mina is secretly elegant and agile enough ). It’s not the same as Jags/Heitinga who (albeit not great) could do a job there. In fact of our Centre halves id only suggest holgate could do the role ( potentially ) but I wouldn’t want it!
  21. https://www.google.com.au/amp/s/www.footballfancast.com/features/fixture-in-focus/everton-vs-chelsea/the-chalkboard-marco-silva-should-turn-yerry-mina-into-a-centre-defensive-midfielder/amp beyond me how someone who is paid to write about football can have such a thought.
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