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  1. Don’t think any backline would like playing against Mitrovic, especially with Bernard, Richarlison and siggy around him.
  2. Terrible time for him. I hope he has a good support network around him and clubs respect his space and don’t push transfers at him until he is ready to deal with it.
  3. Lookman skips past players with ease. Think he is lost out side personally. Looks an instinctive, street style footballer and I’d like to see him in the middle.
  4. This would be so Everton to sell him and he becomes world class without playing a game for us.
  5. He’s a quality player but I think wan-Bissaka is a better option.
  6. I’ve actually got no issue with this at all. I think he’s proven to be a decent keeper with Huddersfield in the prem. Their first season he was actually very good. Low wage, fills the void until Virgina is ready and if it allows him a loan to a championship team or similar to play first team then even better.
  7. The last 11 we got 21 points. 18 goals for 5 goals against
  8. We never seem to beat a promoted team when we get them first. Would love a home game to start the season. Would like chelsea because they will be all over the shop. I think you want city before or just after a champs league tie to be honest.
  9. I think most this is taking into account that jags retires and Zouma goes back on loan leaving; keane - 26 mina - 24 holgate - 21(?) Jury is still out on Mina but I think he will come good. Best result is to get Zouma but if not why not throw an old head in with that, you know 100% what you will get from him he needs to step in for a few games and probably still has enough in him to be a strong CB for a season or two. Let Mina/Holgate settle and develop. Cahill offers good depth, great experience
  10. If you add a 15 goal a season striker to this current team then that’s challenging top 6 right there. Throw in a rb on the same level as Digne and Onyekuru offer what his potential suggest - big cause for excitement. First we need to bridge gap in points between us and 6th.
  11. Double standards everywhere. If they are happy having adverts on shirts then players can’t be punished for collecting a pay check. im with you mike, the amount of advertising betting gets during a game is disgusting.
  12. Luiz has been woeful in the Europa this morning, Christensen came off after a soft knock so I can’t imagine Sarri is too happy. Brought on Zapacosta and pushed Azpelacuta (?) into CB, so obviously Cahil and Sarri are done. Not looking good.
  13. Luka Jovic looks a quality player for Frankfurt. Haller come on with 3 to go in normal time, now 10 played in extra time and think he’s touched it once, big fella though - takes corners though, which is strange. edit - haller just missed a sitter
  14. Good signs for the time to come!
  15. Window opens on the 16th of May. Just over 1 week away...
  16. Ask man city when they lost to Wigan mate.
  17. Fingers crossed mate as it’s the only thing that will stop him from reaching the top levels in my opinion. Signs of improvement are evident so credit to Jordan!
  18. His dips are due to arrogance and ego though. Credit he has been very good recently. Never doubt his ability - I think he is an absolute class keeper, I just hope some of these incidents have screwed his head because he can reach whatever level he wants to in the end.
  19. 100 % agree. It’s a massive result for them and they should be incredibly proud of their players. Im heavily rooting for Ajax or spurs though.
  20. The Morgan from the first 6 months of his time here would allow us to play inverted triangle in midfield. At the expense of Gana but having Morgan sit with Gomes and Gylfi in front is handy option against teams that drop deep.
  21. Stranger things have happened though mate, he’s gotten back into the France squad and plays alongside Digne. Think Onyekuru should get approved this year surely, will negate us having to sign another winger hopefully. Then Striker, Gomes, RB & Zouma. Loan Kenny out Coleman to compete with new RB, Holgate an option at CB and cover RB if we are desperate. If there’s no one in 23’s a promising LB to back up Digne when Baines moves on.
  22. Yep. I really wish it’s going to be DCL and I do think he could get there eventually. It’s just wether you get another striker who may or may not hit the ground running or stick with DCL and hope he scores more. What’s the bigger risk - especially given getting another striker will hinder DCL’s growth.
  23. That will come. We’re building a quality core squad. Big hopes for players like lookman and Onyekuru to add that extra bite off the bench next season in those games. Also add in a real quality striker - that makes the difference for me. Im actually starting to believe if we get the summer right we could really push on next year and surprise a few.
  24. They got away with that. Could be huge moment. Still love it if they dropped points to us last and lost the title.
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