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  1. Makis

    Rumours Without A Link

    I don't think anyone is allowed to leave until a new manager is selected & him and Brands go through the squad.
  2. Makis

    Hirving Lozano

    23 million? Snap him up. Someone like Richarlison would cost 40 million.
  3. Makis

    Summer Transfer Window 2018

    There's also that de Jong from Ajax. Big, big talent for CM.
  4. Makis

    Summer Transfer Window 2018

    Lozano out of that pack by a country mile. Looks like a future superstar. Doucoure just told everyone he's not moving. And if we got Lozano there'd be no use for Richarlison.
  5. Makis

    Summer Transfer Window 2018

    de Ligt is one of most sought after young players in Europe right now. He's more likely to go someplace like Barcelona. But the nice thing is we don't really need to sign a world class player to improve that defence. No need to shell out 50+ million on one player. Any half-decent defender would be a big improvement.
  6. Makis

    Summer Transfer Window 2018

    Brands should get Lozano from his soon-to-be ex-employer. Richarlison would cost a ridiculous amount, especially considering Watford are already suing us over Silva.
  7. He has been dismissive of the fans the whole time. It doesn't really matter what the fans say to him, he's at a job to keep his fume to himself. Yes, we might be speculating unprofessionals but really, it's not the managers job to tell that.
  8. Indeed, just pointing this out because the previous message mentioned Denise in relation to the stadium project.
  9. Harris is responsible for the stadium project, tho.
  10. Makis

    Summer Transfer Window 2018

    No wonder you think Davies is similar to Cleverly.
  11. Makis

    Summer Transfer Window 2018

    Davies is nothing like Cleverley. Davies is absolutely not someone to rotate the ball around. The closest I think of in the current squad is Sigurdsson. But Silva has altered his tactics before. He's used 4-2-3-1 but also 4-3-3 and 4-1-4-1.
  12. Makis

    Summer Transfer Window 2018

    He has an infectious personality that can drive the team forward. He doesn't hide, even when things don't go his way. Let's see what Silva can do with him. Not ready to be first-choice but especially with Allardyce's style his positive attributes are totally wasted.
  13. But then the World Cup is starting and nothing gets done. Eventually the new gaffer is hired late in July.
  14. This part? Want to read more? Register with a few details to continue reading this article.
  15. Makis

    Stadium at Garston

    So that's a no then?