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  1. Jack Wilshere

    I have nothing against him as a player but I’d be careful to sign too many injury-prone players.
  2. He owns just shy of 50% of the club so if he put 200 million in the club it would be like giving 100 million to the other owners. And as mentioned he doesn’t have that kind of money lying on a bank account somewhere.
  3. Unfortunately, no.
  4. "Exploratory talks"? So season ends in two months and the club don't know who the DoF is come summer?
  5. Ryan Astley

    Brilliant, I was going to correct you.. for about two seconds.
  6. Mikel Arteta

    Being a coach is totally different from being a manager. Harvey was a great coach but failed as a manager because he didn't have the skills for it. Management requires a lot of people skills, even more now than then. You have twenty millionaires many of them petulant and you have to keep them all reasonably happy and motivated or it doesn't really matter what you draw on your whiteboard. As a coach you don't have to worry about that sort of things.
  7. Mikel Arteta

    If we were in a steady situation with a settled team then maybe. With the current circus of players, half of whom seem uninterested and a squad that needs a complete overhaul, Arteta would be a too big risk.
  8. Where the heck am I supposed to find my customer number? Checked both the club's site & the store site, but can't find it. Hard to check the survey without it.
  9. Morgan Feeney

    For players at some point they start to separate their career with their support for a club.
  10. Eliaquim Mangala

    I can't help comparing him to Sakho. Shit at the RS and Sam made him so good the West Ham defence was practically quickly built around him. He's got pace and power and is good in the air. We need all three so it's convenient we get all of that in one package.
  11. Joe Bryan

    What's the last time Lennon scored a goal? Walcott is now 1+1 after less than two hours.
  12. Eliaquim Mangala

    So City would have saved gigarmous amount of money if they had bought Bramble instead?
  13. Joe Bryan

    I'll stop now. That there was so wrong that I can only conclude you haven't actually watched the matches.
  14. Joe Bryan

    You mean other players start their careers at 20?
  15. Joe Bryan

    If he had had a good season do you think he would have been sold for 20 million? He’s been struggling this seadon but he’s played quite a lot before this. Hardly a fringe player.