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  1. What Twitter sources are these? I follow several Everton related ones and not a peep.
  2. Makis


    No-one is expecting. And there is definitely a big risk involved, but the money is rather meagre (5 or so million pound transfer + 40kpw). He looks like the type of player we don't really have right now which probably explains the interest. We don't really have a ball-carrier in central midfield at the moment, Davies needs to improve his technique to turn into one but since Barkley left we haven't had anyone who can do those penetrating runs.
  3. Makis


    Think he had something. Five games in the national team & 20 million transfer. Don't think that happens if there's nothing. But I repeat, I gather you know a lot about him as you are so certain he's no good?
  4. Makis


    I take it you know this player well then? Been following him for long?
  5. The bigger the stadium, the more the extra seats tend to cost (structural requirements alone grow). 5k seats @ £330 is £1,650,000 per year. The stadium will cost in the region of half a billion pounds, so financially 5000 extra seats won't make a difference to club's finances. It would increase the risk that income is lower, though, because those seats will have to be paid whether someone sits on them or not. And this payment will go on for decades. Way beyond the current owners or their successors. Many of us will be long dead and still the club will be paying for the stadium. Whether the stadium has 55k or 60k has absolutely no effect on the sponsorship deals. The only thing that matters in that case is how well the team does on the pitch. Two million extra per year will not help (and remember, this assumes every game is sold out) when you consider our revenue is over 150 million already, and will be, IIRC, about 180 million with the new TV deal. You can pay wages for a reserve with that (£40kpw). The real money in the stadium comes from corporate boxes on matchdays unless the club raises ticket prices. I think that would have a detrimental effect, though. Overseas fans would be also good as they buy more merchandise but the number of Everton overseas fans is dwarfed by the bigger clubs. So this won't help either, unless the club first becomes very successful and stays like that for a decade at least. To me this all "we want this big stadium" is more about wanting a bigger one than the neighbours which is just stupid. Stadium size should be based on facts and figures because that's the only way to actually build a stadium that benefits the club.
  6. Makis

    Yerry Mina

    Apparently he wasn't fully fit when he joined Barca in January.
  7. Not sure who she is, though. As for capacity, 5k doesn't really produce that much more revenue when you factor in increased costs. And that's assuming every match is sold out.
  8. Makis

    Summer Transfer Window 2018

    I thought Dowell was in Austria.
  9. Makis

    Emil Forsberg

    I think the Lozano boat has sailed and doubt Forsberg is coming either. These guys get offers from CL-clubs.
  10. Makis

    Emil Forsberg

    Lookman and Bolasie? Of which the latter is for sale if someone wants him.
  11. Makis

    Emil Forsberg

    He had injury problems last season, maybe he wasn't fully fit? I also didn't think the tactics helped him, Swedes were playing so deep and there wasn't usually a lot of support that what was he supposed to do?
  12. So you could fit a 100,000 seater on that site but it's not big enough?
  13. So by replacing Goodison Park with a new, bigger stadium in a better place instead of copying Spurs we turn into Tranmere? That's the level of logic Burns is capable of.
  14. Notice how John once again has absolutely no sources. He hasn't heard of anything, so it has stalled. There's no more behind this than his imagination.