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  1. January Transfer Window

    I'm honestly not sure if they would be such improvements over DCL that they'd be worth paying the kind of money their clubs are after.
  2. January Transfer Window

    You sure you want to put Werner into the same company with the other two? Dolberg has managed all of three goals in Eredivision this season. Dembele plays in a shite league. Werner, meanwhile, has 8 in 14 in Bundesliga. But we have less chance of getting him than Aubameyang.
  3. January Transfer Window

    He was also very good under Allardyce and turned shite after he left.
  4. January Transfer Window

    We won't sign a 25-million player for every position that needs strenghtening. That would be 100+ million pound outlay which is not going to happen in 2018 unless a substantial amount is made from sales.
  5. Lamine Kone

    He was rock as long as Allardyce was there.
  6. Lamine Kone

    Makes perfect sense. He was very good under Allardyce, the type of player we lack and would be available at a cut-price.
  7. Steven N'Zonzi

    Arsenal agree a deal with him? https://www.sportsmole.co.uk/football/arsenal/transfer-talk/news/arsenal-agree-35m-nzonzi-deal_313915.html
  8. Youth strategy

    United got a golden generation, but they did make some big signings to complement it. They wouldn't have won all that silverware without Schmeichel, Keane, Cantona, Irwin, Pallister and many others, like the strikers they signed (Cole for instance). And on top of that they had the greatest manager ever in PL and arguably at least one of the top three in the history of English football.
  9. Paco Alcacer

    Sergio Aguero, Alexis Sanchez, Diego Costa, Cesc Fabregas, Mesut Ozil, Juan Mata, David de Gea, Yaya Toure, Toby Alderweireld and David Silva? And more. I don't think you can say La Liga players flop in the PL unless you have a very selective memory. What other league has supplied as many match winners as La Liga for the PL?
  10. Aubameyang

    So, the site is effectively saying that Everton don't know what kind of player he is or if he's worth signing? Absolutely ridiculous click baiting.
  11. As far I can gather, Allardyce was not sacked from the England job because he was crooked but because what he said about the big wigs at the FA. What exactly did he do in that interview? Tell how to circumvent some rules but he also said you'd get caught doing it. The main problem was seemingly his other comments and frankly a disgusting quip toward Hodgson. If he had done something illegal why didn't he end up in court? Now, this doesn't prove he's clean as a whistle either, but so far there has been no concrete evidence to prove otherwise. I think Allardyce is underrated as a manager. There are managers who have done about as much or less and are regarded more highly. He's not the top manager we all hoped for and his teams don't play exciting football but why is someone like Dyche a more preferrable choice? What has he done? Both have won promotion from the Championship. Dyche plays an even more defensive style. For getting the club out of this mess, Allardyce is probably the safest bet. He's not considered to be a long-term solution as his 18 month contract suggests. The managers seen as being both able to fix the current situation and being able to stay long-term were not available (although Silva has not been at any club for long). Villa tried to solve a crisis with a foreign manager and that didn't end well. The critical thing is how he and Walsh gets on with the job. The very first thing is to steady the ship. Wednesday's win should help. I expect two or three important signings in January and looking at Allardyce's last two appointments when he needed to make signings that help immediately he didn't make stop-gap signings. Out of the total of eight signings he has done during the last two January windows, only one was over 30. And they were not bad signings, being instrumental in saving the clubs from relegation. He didn't have the best of times at West Ham in the latter stages of his stay there including some questionable signings, but his work at Bolton was superb. He basically had no transfer budget and had to juggle with loanees. At Blackburn he had to balance the books but on hindsight he could spot a player then, too. Kalinic didn't work out then but now he's highly regarded. N'Zonzi has been excellent at Sevilla.
  12. January Transfer Window

    You are happy with Martina at LB?
  13. Who should replace Koeman?

    Yep, the board & owners have really f*ked this up.
  14. Who should replace Koeman?

    Because Allardyce knows he has the clubs's balls in a grip. The club is running out of candidates and the owners are desperate for someone to get them out of this mess.
  15. Who should replace Koeman?

    Wouldn't be too surprised if Jeffers was sold to appease the banks. Besides, in hindsight it was a good deal. We got a lot of money for someone who ended up spending more time in the physio room than on the pitch.