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  1. Point was, if Spurs value their naming rights at that level, Everton getting less than half shouldn't cause any issues.
  2. Think he got that shirt from Iwobi as a present.
  3. It's not that much. 10+ years means less than 20 million per year. Spurs are looking for 40 million p/a.
  4. He has struggled defensively in the BL, tho. Decent going forward but not so when defending.
  5. Probably yeah, but it would mean not strenghtening in other areas. I think we defo need another defensive midfielder and a right midfielder as priority. Also a CB. These three would cost 100 million. That plus at least 50 million for Grealish isn't happening.
  6. Neither is very good on the right. Buying Grealish is like when Walsh & Co bought all those #10s. Just because you can, you shouldn't. There are at least six positions that need strengthening before LM.
  7. We already have Bernard & Iwobi for that position so rather spend that money on a right winger. Brands won't have hundreds of millions to spend and LM is way down in the priority list.
  8. I would argue that it's no worse than the other big leagues. There are duds from every one of them.
  9. Apparently we are signing a Brazilian centre-back from Lille called Gabriel. 22 years, left-sided.
  10. Wow. So Tosun, who is basically useless and Brands has trouble getting rid of solved something? He cost, what, 25 million and plus probably around 20 more million in wages.Walcott cost 20 million and about 100kpw or 5 million per year. So those two cost the club in the region of 100 million pounds. Great solution.
  11. No, considering his history for the past ten years. And it was he who got Tosun and Walcott. If he had been at the heml we woud never have gotten those players.
  12. Yeah, I couldn't really watch us properly under Allardyce. I had the game on in the background in case something happens which rarely did.
  13. Some people have short memories. You really rather watch the team get about one shot on goal per match?
  14. Traore is ridiculously good at the moment and would cost way over 50 million. More like 80 I would guess. He would sort out the right side but don't think he is in our price range.
  15. We defo should want Europe. Even a modest success is worth easily over 10 million. Consider that people wishing a 60000 seater stadium, that 8k seats would bring 2-3 million extra per year so getting through the group stages in Europe would be worth several years income from that big stadium (assuming it's sold out every match). Plus there's the prestige and extra pulling power both for players and new sponsorships.
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