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  1. So you would have said no to Beardsley and Watson?
  2. Think he had three available midfielders and the third was Schneiderlin.
  3. Well, you have to take deprecation into account in any business. If you as a business owner buy a machine you might consider it takes 5 years before you have to replace it. So 20% if its value is deprecated every year. This is also what it says in Everton's financial statement: Under FRS 102, the Club is required to capitalise the cost of acquiring a player’s registration (transfer fee) and then amortise it over the length of the player’s contract, effectively reducing the balance sheet value of a player over that time. No increase in the valuation of a player is permitted until that player is sold and a revised value is crystallised in the profit and loss account through a one-off profit or loss on disposal.
  4. I don't think it works like that. If that was the case the club should have already kicked out some of the wasters.
  5. That would be if it works as I have read but not if they work like Pete explained.
  6. Pete, do you have some sources for that? I've read differently. For instance, home-grown players are worth nothing in the books as far as I know.
  7. Player's value is very simply the price bought versus how long he has in his contract left. So for a 30 million pound player on a five year contract value drops by six million each year. And players who go beyond that original contract (sign a new one) are AFAIK considered to have no value. They don't really try to guess what players are worth in the accounts.
  8. Chelsea did the same with Abrahimovic. They own way more than that to him. Giving money directly to a club is not exactly simple so that's why they do it like this. It also wouldn't make much sense if they called the loans in. They wouldn't get more than scrapes. A player firesale would bring only a fraction of their real value and apart from that there isn't that many saleable assets. If they wanted to recoup their money they would rather sell the club to someone else because the rest of the value is in intangible assets, i.e. Premier League status and sponsorship deals.
  9. VvD also played for Soton before moving to the RS. Morales is not that good. Complete liability.
  10. Absolutely not. Gets stupid red cards and plays in Mickey Mouse league.
  11. Why not a 50-goal striker while we are at it?
  12. Walsh may have framed that to put him into a good light. For instance, how many other players that weren't signed did he suggest? Did he really suggest Maguire and someone else at the club bought Keane or did he actually suggest both?
  13. How many training sessions has Ancelotti had so far? Five? No wonder they haven't picked up the tactics yet.
  14. Good thing we didn't pay 35 million then.
  15. We've been saying this for the past five years.
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