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  1. Makis

    Tom Davies

    Beni is the one who might need to be loaned out if anyone.
  2. Makis

    Andre Gomes

    Brands said Gomes was too expensive to buy and it took some convincing before Barca allowed a loan.
  3. At least half the clubs would go bust. And it wouldn't matter if the stadium is 55k or 60k, Everton would go bankrupt paying the salaries and outstanding payments for player purchases. There's no way the club could survive about debt in the region of 200 million or more and with revenue dropping 80%. The club couldn't even pay the stadium loans. And as per rules, bankrupt clubs would be relegated. So if that was to happen we'd be playing in the lower levels on a stadium not owned by the club.
  4. The biggest income I believe comes from increased number of executive boxes. GP has a ridiculously small amount of them. New stadium should also increase matchday sales of other things (refreshments, food, merchandise). And it should improve sponsorship deals. The extra money from the regular seats is really not that much in the grand scheme of things. If you get 10,000 extra seats sold out every week @25 pounds a pop, that's 250,000 per match, or in the range of 5 million per year. With the next TV deal Everton's revenue will be close to 200 million, so it would mean an increase of about 3%, say 4% including all other income from those fans. So while it's a nice thing to have it would mean the club can pay the wages for one star player more. This is also why financially the gains from a 60k stadium as opposed to a 55k stadium is not very much. It would however increase build costs, possibly require more policing etc. Just to break even would require those extra 5k seats should be sold out for most games for the next 40 years.
  5. Makis

    New Ownership Incoming?

    Moshiri got his money from Usmanov.
  6. Does Burns actually ever talk about the players, the team, the manager or anything else actually concerns football?
  7. Anyone else not surprised Burns is talking through his arse again?
  8. So how do you know all this then? How do you know Meis is having problems? Have you talked to him?
  9. https://twitter.com/vamoss_cules/status/1027284769661485057
  10. Tragedy would also suit this club. Although a horror comedy would probably be the best fit.
  11. Makis

    Rumours Without A Link

    I think people who only have two categories for players (great and shite) are a bit stupid.
  12. You can stop daydreaming. https://mobile.twitter.com/david_conn/status/1026806623749267456
  13. Makis


    http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-6032461/Everton-sign-Brazilian-Bernard-free-transfer.html Bernard signing for us?
  14. Yeah, he took a while to get used to the PL which I think influenced a lot of people. Did well late in the season.
  15. Makis

    Yerry Mina

    Copied from a report I read a few days ago. Don't even seem to have credited the original source, so basically Mirror is stealing someone's elses text.