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  1. That would be too expensive and also probably sends out the wrong message. Clubs rarely release players in this manner unless they are in dire straits in which case they usually negotiate some sort of deal with the players (e.g. "we release you if you only take half of the money left on the contract"). Players are still eligible for the money owed by the contract so there would be no savings. Player contracts are fixed-term so you can't just sack the players and stop paying. And I'm not sure how it would be counted in such a case. It could well be spread across the rest of the contract meaning no difference to keeping them or counting the entire wages for this year which would just increase total wages. It would also incur big losses as player amortization values would drop suddenly. Club would make a big loss as every player released this way would be a double whammy as they are paid the rest of their contract plus their value in the books would drop to zero immediately. It's better to try to loan these players to someone who pays even part of the wages.
  2. Issue is probably with the wages the club currently plays. They can't increase them further so have to shift players out first.
  3. If and when Lookman leaves we have Richarlison, Bernard and Walcott in the senior team. Not that I think Zaha would make sense at that price. We could sign someone as good from the continent plus a CB for that money.
  4. Not sure if I'm Kean on Leao or Leaoning towards Kean.
  5. I hope it's a very small part.
  6. Hard to see this even if the player would be keen. And that's a big if. Lille will want north of 50 million for him in any case and we still need a centre-back at the minimum.
  7. Yeah, Jagielka is 180 cm, that midget.
  8. Where did you get that? All the sources I checked give his height at about 182cm, about 5' 11½", or just shy of six feet.
  9. A Spanish reporter is claiming we have bid 40 million euros for Celta Vigo striker Maxi Gomes.
  10. Apparently we have been talking with Barca about this one. Barca want 35me, we don't want to pay more than about 30.
  11. Wouldn't that other one be Gomes then?
  12. Besides, they will probably sell Wan-Bissaka for ridiculous money so they don't exactly need to sell Zaha, except for more ridiculous money. Just not worth it.
  13. Don't be silly. You really think they will sell those players and not sign anyone?
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