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  1. Think about it this way: when you sit your legs take one place and your arse another (or two if you're a lard arse).
  2. Makis

    Borja Iglesias

    Seems like he has rejected the move.
  3. Makis

    Cedric Soares

    Problem with Wan-Bissaka is he'd cost something like 40 million. As the team needs strenghtening up top, right wing and midfield something's gotta give. The club can't buy a 40 million player to every position.
  4. Club might get a better deal elsewhere.
  5. Makis

    Wilmar Barrios

    Apparently he's mates with Mina and he's not too expensive. Release clause is 20 million euros. Looks an obvious replacement for Gana. Spurs are also rumoured to be interested.
  6. Makis

    Marco Silva

    I'm not even going to comment about the fact an Evertonian wanted to keep Allardyce except to say I nearly quit watching the matches because they were so horrible to watch. I basically put them on the second monitor and had a peek the one or two times a game we actually got a shot on goal.
  7. Makis

    Abdoulaye Doucoure

    Yeah, PSG is really not worried what UEFA or FIFA say or do. They break the rules and then threaten to go to court against those organizations if they complain.
  8. Makis

    January Plans

    Clubs are less reluctant to sell in the middle of the season. So there are fewer players available and prices are higher.
  9. Makis

    January Plans

    Just watched first episode of Sunderland 'til I die. There's an example what happens when you plan for the short term.
  10. Makis

    Marcel Brands (DoF)

    And obviously there's a difference between buying a player to win the title versus buying a player to finish seventh.
  11. Makis

    Marcel Brands (DoF)

    Nope. Short term we can take a step back but if we jeopardise the long term for a short term gain it's much worse. For example Tosun. Wages and fee means club will spent around 40 million on him. That so we got a short term boost. Walcott likewise.
  12. Makis

    Marcel Brands (DoF)

    Ferguson didn't exactly leave the club in a good spot, though. They are still trying to get back because for the last few seasons he wasn't interested in the long run anymore. And Manchester United can afford to throw 30 million away on a short-term solution.
  13. Makis

    January Plans

    I don't think so. Brands's plans are for the long term. Buying a 30+ year player is very short-term. His business plan seems to be to buy players before they hit their prime. I'm pretty sure part B is to make a profit on them. This is what he did at PSV very well and what he seems to be saying in any interviews.
  14. Makis

    January Plans

    Everton is not going to sign 30+ players any more. That's not how Brands operates.