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  1. Welbeck is hardly shit. He's a good player when he's fit but that seems to be a rare occurence. His injure record is enough to swerve him, there's absolutely no need to be stupid and call him shit.
  2. Don't worry about it It's just that there are two catch-all threads, one for Twitter rumours and one for rumours with no links so putting this one on the latter would have sense. It would just, IMO, make the area hard to read if a new thread is started for every tenious link.
  3. So why create a thread instead of using the one for rumours without a link?
  4. Think players signed before that are not counted.
  5. He's 30 so he knows he has reached his ceiling. Now it's about collecting a retirement fund basically. He won't be playing for a club that wins trophies, Everton is about the best bet at that as well, even if it's in the bench.
  6. His contract is runnin out + if we are signing another 2nd choice keeper it's pretty obvious.
  7. Stek is leaving and they obviously think Virginia is ready to be #2. This guy shouldn't be playing many games and is probably cheap.
  8. It's quite likely. He's been injured a lot and usually that doesn't change when players age.
  9. Or he might have an impact like Williams.
  10. We have a DoF who wants a young and exciting side and you lot want to go Allardyce the team? Instead of signing over-the-hill players with high wages how about signing young, motivated players with potential?
  11. I suspect this is just a rehash of last summer's rumours when nothing at all happened.
  12. Bowler has apparently been the standout player. Gibson looks good as well. Gordon maybe most promising but younger than the rest. Adeniran and Markelo possibilities. And Virginia obviously who will apparently be promoted to first team next season.
  13. In short: yes and no. If you are the manufacturing boss of a company and there's a disaster in manufacturing you are ultimately responsible. If it was CEO's fault and you did nothing, you are still at fault for allowing it or not walking away. If Walsh wasn't responsible what the eff was he doing at the club? What was he paid a surely handsome wage for?
  14. He was the guy ultimately responsible for squad building. That's what he was paid for. If he let someone else interfere and did or could not do anything it's still his fault.
  15. But who was the DoF in 2017?
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