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  1. They must be considered because EU citizens don't require a work permit until Brexit.
  2. You misunderstood. I meant for all workers. Footballers, from the perspective of law are employees like plumbers or software engineers. Those association rules have nothing to do with work permits and they do not stop clubs from signing any number of foreigners, only limit the number that can play at the same time.
  3. If they reconsider them for footballers they obviously need to consider them for everyone else as well. It would be ridiculous to allow footballers to have work permits easier than other professions.
  4. Very much doubt we'd get a permit. Haven't played enough international games. Better to sell him and buy someone we can actually play.
  5. It was an open letter so probably they didn't. But it does not look like it was written tongue in cheek. It reads more like fuming from someone who thinks he knows football better than people who are actually paid to think about tactics.
  6. Jesus, that's embarrassing. Seriously, was that written by a an adult?
  7. We tried that with Williams. Didn't quite work out that one. So I propose signing someone who don't see as the pension fund.
  8. No need to believe in rumours because Chelsea's accounts tell exactly how much he has put into the club. Which is, IIRC, just short of a billion. You can't put money into a club without it showing somewhere. Abrahimovic has loaned the club all that money on a zero percentage interest rate because giving money outright isn'tt quite as simple.
  9. We are already horrible, you want us to be hated as well?
  10. I rather not risk building a stadium too big just for the bragging rights. It could be a millstone for the next 40 years.
  11. I reiterate: income from a few thousand regular seats is pretty much a non-issue. Revenue is about 200 million, a million extra per year isn'tt going to make the club more competitive. And there are risks involved, such as if there are always empty spaces, people buy less season tickets. And of course it costs quite a lot extra. And once standing is allowed again, there is scope for an extra 10k seats.
  12. His size also sets some question marks on him. It will be interesting to see how he does in the U23s when his opponents are physically a better match.
  13. Except he's not doing if you look at the underlying stats. Both xGF and xGA have improved from last season. Goals from open play have almost halved and we have conceded seven less than last season at this point.
  14. The Walsh/Koeman case was an excellent example why manager should not decide who the club signs. There were obviously several players practically signed by Koeman who we are stuck with.
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