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  1. This entire match has been textbook Everton. Glad to see we're back to scheduled programming.
  2. Has Gylfi been on the pitch for these first three games?
  3. Oddly enough, it was a great start. We looked lively, creative. Looked a matter of time before we put one in. Now in the ten minutes or so since the goal, we look bereft of ideas
  4. I went with Keane, but it was truly a toss-up between him, Mina, Gomes and Digne
  5. Keane and Mina look to have a really strong understanding back there. Promising to see for sure
  6. Richy needs to come off. Completely off the pace today, had two clear headers in the box
  7. Any time Mina is on the ball in a tight space, it looks like a newborn giraffe trying to find its legs
  8. Agreed. Been pleasantly surprised with his partnership with JPG. Shaky finish to the half. I want to see Iwobi on for Richarlison at some point. And get Kean on for DCL.
  9. GET IN, BERNIE YOU BEAUT Massive goal for him, that. So important to get that first one early this season and go on and bag a whole lot more
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