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  1. Oh I would be shocked if Wolves don't score at least another. Don't worry, mate, we're too awful at the moment to only lose 2-0
  2. Well that's an auspicious start for Branthwaite
  3. I've been on this soapbox for a bit, and will continue to shout it from proverbial soapbox. I actually think Jordan is a good enough keeper for us, but he just has absolutely no one breathing down his neck for the starting spot, which leads to complacency. He can flail around and make boneheaded mistakes because he knows he will always be out there between the sticks. Legitimate competition for the #1 shirt could maybe push him to improve his game, but until that happens, he'll continue to plateau and remain a serviceable keeper, but not a great one.
  4. Again, I don't understand all of these links to a number nine unless we are already set on selling Richy or DCL in the window. CM, RM and CB for me is what we need. And a backup keeper who can actually provide legitimate competition for Pickford.
  5. I believe we're level now! Gonna be a race to the finish!
  6. Think you're actually in for a 10 pointer, Mike. Soton's energy has dropped and they don't look nearly the threat they did in the first half. Looks like both sides are comfortable with a point
  7. Ward Prowse escaping without a card again. Mason can go fuck right off
  8. Does Lee Mason know football rules? Has he ever seen the sport played before?
  9. Christ, can't believe Siggy is outperforming Gomes and Davies in the middle. This has been such a strange one so far
  10. Jesus we don't deserve that goal
  11. This one was not a penalty. The stomp on Gordon's ankle was rough but unintentional, but the challenge by Walker-Peters was no penalty
  12. Not sure what exactly has happened to Gomes. The drop in form has been truly shocking
  13. God this is a mess. Remember how strong we started the restart? Seems like an eternity ago
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