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  1. Fingers crossed I won't be penalized for not doing my prediction for the Newcastle match? Went on the site after the lineups had been announced and it was down.
  2. http://www.espn.com/soccer/liverpool/story/3787667/silva-hits-back-at-jurgen-klopps-world-cup-final-taunt-ahead-of-merseyside-derby This does three things for me. 1) Boosts my opinion of Marco. Glad to see him call this out. 2) Further strengthens my seething hatred for Klopp 3) Hopefully is another added fire under us to go out there and get three points on Sunday
  3. Christ they're up 5-0 on Watford. Sunday could be a bloodbath.
  4. Did we....did we just see a Gana/Schneiderlin tandem actually work??
  5. Jags and Morgan both ended up having strong showings after rough starts And get in DCL!!
  6. Go on and get one more, keep a clean sheet and head into the derby with some much needed momentum
  7. And Bernard does what Charlie couldn't do. Brilliant play there, fantastic finish by Gylfi
  8. He's had plenty of chances today to do something of note and hasn't been able to do much at all
  9. Yep, and undoubtedly a couple chances will rest on Richarlison being able to make a pass or complete a dribble and he'll inevitably fuck it up
  10. Fucking christ Charlie has been dreadful in this one
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