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  1. I'll take my crown whenever is convenient 😀
  2. Was just chatting with my girlfriend's roommate. His sister has a friend who works high up in government health care, and apparently within the next 24-72 hours, Trump will mandate a 14-day quarantine nationwide. One household member will be able to go out to grocery stores and the doctor, but besides that, full quarantine. This might be conjecture, but figured I'd give a heads up to my fellow Americans in case it's true!
  3. Unless all of these rumors of us going after a center forward are because we are intending on selling Richarlison this summer.
  4. Would love that, Steve! And the working from home thing seems to be the norm now. I had heard a rumour from a few friends that the subway was going to shut down, potentially as early as last night. So I packed a quick bag and am staying with my girlfriend in Manhattan (I'm living in Brooklyn) Strange times out there, friends. Stay safe, stay healthy, UTFT.
  5. Fully agree with you there, Mike. We'll never hear the end of it if this Prem season is called off and the shite miss out on the title
  6. Just announced over here in the states that the NCAA men's and women's basketball tournament games will all be played in empty arenas. March Madness is a big deal (and money-maker), and I feel like this is just the beginning to the inevitable reality of all sporting events being played to empty stadia.
  7. Well if there's any silver lining, Sheffield Utd came back from 2-0 at the Bridge to earn a draw. But they look like world-beaters compared to us
  8. Only in name. To be fair, could be said about a fair amount of our guys today
  9. I'm worried about it doing the opposite. We just look absolutely off the pace, I'm afraid this could turn ugly
  10. Well that was coming. We've looked completely outmatched thus far
  11. Is it too early to sub Sidibe off? Can't stand watching him anymore
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