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  1. Paddock

    Injury Crisis

    Ahh with you now. Not sure how I managed that- must have been a typo as I know how to spell crysus 🤔
  2. Paddock

    Injury Crisis

    I’m talking about the thread title- what’s wrong with it?
  3. Paddock

    Injury Crisis

    Still not got the slightest clue what anyones on about and to be honest, I’m not in the slightest bit arsed.
  4. Paddock

    Injury Crisis

    Every fuckers injured- we’re struggling to put a strong team out against West Ham- have they really been not worked properly and are they really that unfit or have we just been unlucky.
  5. Paddock

    Summer Transfer Window 2018

    Keanes had a bad atart but in a shite team. Lets see how he does under Silva- plus I’d like to hope Brands and Silva wont fuck up like Koeman and Walsh.
  6. Paddock

    Summer Transfer Window 2018

    So we buy an already proven younger CB. Jagielka has been a great servant I’d hate to see him being treated like Reid was at the end, imo opinion that’ll happen (already is in some sections of fans) should he play another season with us after this one.
  7. Paddock

    Summer Transfer Window 2018

    Will they be next year? 37 is old for any player to play premier league football.
  8. Paddock

    Summer Transfer Window 2018

    See above post. If we want to push into top 6 having a 37 year old full back who’s legs are on the way out is not for me. Buy a replacement and let him go.
  9. Paddock

    Summer Transfer Window 2018

    I don’t want a 37 year old defender as back up- his legs have already gone. Buy a replacement and move him out.
  10. Paddock

    Summer Transfer Window 2018

    Next season he’ll be 37 wont he?
  11. Paddock

    Kurt Zouma

    I’ve always liked him- I think he’s going to be a fantastic player in a couple of years. He’s strong, quick ( but not rapid tbf) and he is good on the ball. Stoke were just dreadful last season.
  12. Paddock

    Tom Davies

    I just don’t see it with Davies, I’ve been patient and watched and watched him. I don’t get it, he’s not good enough
  13. Paddock

    Summer Transfer Window 2018

    Apart from Baines they should both be released. Baines deserves one more season (as back up) for me.
  14. Paddock

    Oumar Niasse

    Naismith (Lukaku aside) was the best finisher we have had in a long time. His inability to keep up with the forward play and constant losing of the ball breaking up attacks was his downfall. His finishing was top notch.