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  1. Paddock

    Marcel Brands (DoF)

    Where the fuck is Matt :shakingfist:
  2. Nust the fact I’ll never have to look at Suntan Bob in any capacity to do with Everton makes me sleep better at night.
  3. Paddock

    Marcel Brands (DoF)

    We’ll get some brands new ideas
  4. Paddock

    Marcel Brands (DoF)

    Hopefully we’ll be brandishing a few quality signings.
  5. Made up he’s gone - he’s fucking ruined us and set us back 5 years. Fucking joke of an appointment.
  6. Move the thread move the thread MOVE THE FUCKING THREAD!!!!
  7. Paddock

    Stadium at Garston

    Did your psychiatrist explain that to you as your over use of it suggests you’ve recently been enlightened to this and are now thinking you sound intelligent by spouting utter shite. take your meds John put your train set back in the cupboard before someone de-rails this thread.
  8. Paddock

    Stadium at Garston

    It’s not a competition John- you’re one man crusade is border line obsessive. I genuinely belityou need professional help for a mental disability and I sincerely hope you get it.
  9. Paddock

    Stadium at Garston

    I say we keep poking him with sticks.
  10. Paddock

    Wayne Rooney

    I fear the opposite and that’s why Rooneys off.
  11. Paddock

    Stadium at Garston

    Ok I’ll bite- how do you know this Smithers?
  12. Point being is regardless of how good a season they’ve had- Burnley should not and never should again do the double over us. Fucking Burnley ffs