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  1. Theo Walcott

    Neither of the young wingers are good enough to play week in week out.
  2. Theo Walcott

    None of those players would even consider coming here though Nogs.
  3. But you don’t so to stack up the figures like that is grossly unfair and basically just suits your agenda.
  4. Sam Allardyce Everton FC Manager

    I hold no malice towards him- he’s inherited an absolute bunch of shithouses, an unbalanced, disinterested zero moral bunch of players, he had no left back or striker of any sorts to work with and has just been left with a bunch of mish mash. His job was to keep us in the prem, as long as he does that I’m at peace with the whole situation. I honestly think we’ll pay him off in May and I also think deep down inside in his heart of hearts he knows this. Let’s just get to the magical 40 points- we only need 13 out of 45 available and put this whole sorry mess behind us.
  5. Theo Walcott

    I think he’ll do well here and give us pace and direct running. I’m quite pleased with this one. I know he’s not full of potential or a top class player but fuck me- the state we’re in at the minute I’m amazed a player with his reputation would even consider us.
  6. Theo Walcott

    That’s the real one.
  7. You’re talking out your arse again Steve- so if Unsworth managed for 1 game and won it and Allerdyce managed for 8 and won 5 lost 2 and drew 1 Unsworth would have better points per game ratio. Any manger who manages for 5 or so games will have a better ratio if he wins a few of them than a manager who is managing for 20 or more.
  8. Theo Walcott

    The real Paul Joyce has over 130k in followers.
  9. Needs for 2018/19

    New CEO new chairman, new manager, new left back, centre half , box to box midfielder who can drive us forward new winger and a top class centre forward.
  10. We weren’t really scoring many before that Nogs and were conceding at an alarming rate. Granted we just got bummed by Spurs but so will a lot of sides this season.
  11. They will because Unsworth managed for far less games.
  12. Michail Antonio

    There is absolutely no way West Ham would sell him to us imo
  13. Sam Allardyce Everton FC Manager

    The point I’m making is once we even try to be (albeit slightly) more adventurous we get mugged.
  14. Sam Allardyce Everton FC Manager

    It seems to me that any time at all we try and play a bit more attacking or adventurous we get bummed. It was the same with Koeman- everyone was screaming for pace and width, he done it and we got twatted. We’re just a right fucking mess and it’s not Allerdyces fault- as much as I hate him being our manager none of this is his fault.