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  1. They’re gonna win both aren’t they 🙈
  2. His thickness knows no bounds the fucking gimp. As if anyone with alhalf a brain would think he got anything hut a hostile reception.
  3. I’m not sure we’re going to win another game- I’m really not and if Southampton who are 3rd bottom win their game in hand they are 6 points behind us.
  4. Or fall over and stamp his feet. He reminds me of a Brazillian Anichebe with his sulky it’s not fair I’ve just run into a blind alley and been muscled off the ball attitude.
  5. Quote me on that? Plus I’m not really arsed if you’re disappointed or not. Our seasons over if losing to Cuty means Liverpool lose the league then so be it.
  6. No - hopefully we lose tonight, beat Liverpool and City win the league by 1 point. It wont happen but that’s what I hope happens.
  7. I hope we get beat tonight. Not even arsed what anyone says
  8. I’m not even sure what to say after that- it was shocking. Will we get to 40 points?
  9. I thought it was 3 for a goal scoaring opportunity. Meh what do I know 🤷‍♂️
  10. Lets pray his injury is just a niggle because Digne is suspended for 3 games now and we don’t have another left back.
  11. He seems to get a free pass though in a lot of quarters anyway 🤷‍♂️
  12. I’m starting to wonder if he’s part of the problem you know. I’ve never been totally convinced on him but is he as good as we think he is? Probably not.
  13. He needs to be told that he only goes if we sign a replacement- why has he waited this late to hand it in? Only Everton could be tryingbto offload half of our squad and we sell one of the players we want to keep. No replacement no deal, it’s that simple. He should have handed it in when they first bid instead of hangingg on for a payout.
  14. I just don’t think he’s good enough. Sorry but I just don’t see him adding anything to the side when he plays. He’s a headless chicken.
  15. Agreed a contract with them- goes in the summer apparently. oh well
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