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  1. Where have I said it’s true??? I merely said there are rumblings- not once have I said it’s true. What I did say was any official press that the club use would be gagged on writing about it IF it was true until the situation became so bad it had to come out.
  2. Nope- the press who are close to the club would be gagged. 100% - if they wanted to stay close until the time was right anyway
  3. It’s coming from freelance journos. If and I stress IF it was true any close Everton press would be told to keep a lod on it. It may well be all bullshit but there’s whispers.
  4. All sorts of rumours doing the rounds. We’ve got serious money issues, Moshiri has fell out with his backers, Moshiri is dictating who we sign - all seemS really odd but it’s being whispered from various accounts on Twitter.
  5. Apparently Gattuso has changed his mind on the Italian lad and wants to keep him 🙄
  6. Paddock

    Yerry Mina

  7. Paddock

    Marco Silva (manager)

    Yrs he’s doing a boss job- cocked another semi final with much much better players. He’s a good cup manager which is why he suits international football but his lack of defensive tactics and stubborn refusal to change his philosophies will always trip him up.
  8. Paddock

    Yerry Mina

    His agent has said it’s not happening hasn’t he??
  9. Paddock

    Kieran Tierney

    Thanks- it wouldn’t let me post the link for some strange reason.
  10. Paddock

    Kieran Tierney

    On the BBC we’ve pulled out.
  11. Paddock

    Kieran Tierney

    25 million is just stupid money for him. No thanks ( at that price)
  12. I’m against the grain here- I don’t rate him at all.
  13. Paddock

    Ramiro Funes Mori

    It’s nothing to do with not replacing him because he’s better than Williams and everything to do with the fact he’s only 27 is naturally left footed and our 2 other centre halves are 34 plus- so we’re left with Keane who had a mare of a first season and Holgate who don’t know if he’ll make it. We now need 2 new centre halves and defo one who is left footed. Mori done ok when he played, he scored goals and played like he cared. I honestly think we’ve dropped a bollock selling him.
  14. Paddock

    Ramiro Funes Mori

    There is absolutely no way it was that much. I doubt they have a budget where they can pay that much- especially for an average centre half. It will be around 7 mil in my humble opinion.
  15. Paddock

    Ramiro Funes Mori

    I’m sorry to see him go. He’s left footed and better than Williams. He should have been first out the door.