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  1. Oh silly me- here's me thinking when you said "posts like the one above" you were recerring to mine. How utterly stupid of me! Lukaku was an outlet and he scored goals - something which we are now clearly lacking but a lot of fans didn't think that was important because he didn't support us or never ran around like a headless chicken.
  2. Where did I say he was too good for us? If you're going to bitch about my post at least have the balls to quote and address it directly. Our fans, rightly or wrongly heckled him all game- when he scored he heckled back- respect is a two way street. I couldn't give a flying fuck if he celebrates against us, he plays for Man U now not us- so what if he celebrates. The same fans heckling him are the same ones outside and inside the ground who moaned and booed him because he didn't jump for headers enough, run the channels enough yet he was rattling 20 odd goals a season but that wasn't important. State of us now he's gone- puts it all inperspective.
  3. He was given dogs abuse by some of our fans- the same fans who laughed at him because he didn't run enough, the same fans who sneered at his first ouch, same fans who said we wouldn't miss him and United fans wouldn't put up with him. Why would he give a fuck- he's single handedly scored more than our whole team collectively but just scoring goals didn't matter and wasn't everything- some where more arsed about how far he ran. He was the best thing we had and it's painfully obvious now he's gone what he gave us. Before you fly off on one Haf, those comments are not directly aimed at you but a whole group who had the same opinions.
  4. I don't get this playing too many games stuff- years ago you had one sub more league games and I remember us and Boro having 4 replays back in the day. Granted the CL and EL are now groups but it's 6 games then the knock outs so altogether it's 15 games if you started in the old European Cup it wasn't far off that antway.
  5. Ronald Koeman

    He's the only player with any energy in the side, he's all over the park, was our best player last season, is now getting slated because we're playing poorly, he loves the club, interacts with fans all the time and is a good player.
  6. Ronald Koeman

    Not one of the new signings have hit the ground running- not a single one, the team is far too narrow. I can't help but wonder if missing out on the striker is what's done us but until we sign one we will never know. I've supported Koeman and I still do- he at the very least needs to be given time to turn it around- changing manager now when we have just bought so many of his players would be absolutely disastrous imo. People wanting Unsworth- he wont attract top players, sad but true and we need top players. Koeman is clearly under huge pressure and cracks are starting to appear, he's brutally honest and I like that in him but blaming everyone publicly (himself included) may be a bit too honest. I don't think he's done Keane any favours calling him out, the lads confidence looks shot but in Koemans defence he comes from a footballing back ground where there are no shrinking violets and no hiding places for players. This season is going to be about building momentum, beddi g in what we have then bopefully adding quality next summer to a settled core of 8 or so players.
  7. Manchester United (Away) Sunday September 17

    Nothing like Everton being shite to get half the board squabbling 🙃🙃
  8. Manchester United (Away) Sunday September 17

    You and saving fucking money 😂😂
  9. Manchester United (Away) Sunday September 17

    Lets just burn Brett at the stake.
  10. Manchester United (Away) Sunday September 17

    You wanted to burn me at the stake the other week for disagreeing with you
  11. Manchester United (Away) Sunday September 17

    Crusty- have a moan about Tim Howard lad.
  12. Manchester United (Away) Sunday September 17

    But you conveniently miss out him calling another poster a name- cunt, bell end, twat, wanker, does it matter?
  13. Manchester United (Away) Sunday September 17

    Who's baiting him- alls I see is him throwing insults and calling people names needlessly- again!!! debating is one thing but abusing people for disagreeing is another.
  14. Manchester United (Away) Sunday September 17

    it's done now- the fixtures are out the way- no we didn't deserve to lose 4-0 and were in with a shout until Williams total fuck up but at the end of the day alls that matters is we lost 4-0. we have to win our next 4 games now, it's that simple and win them well. We're minus 8 on goal difference as well. I'm still not pressing the panic button but if we lose any of the next 4 home then I may just be getting a twitchy finger.
  15. Ronald Koeman

    Just like City have beaten Liverpool 5-0 and Watford 6-0 you mean and United have ripped everone bar their last game apart.