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  1. The ting that stopped Liverpool winning the league was City took 4 points off them.
  2. They still have the CL final which I’m absolutely certain theybwill win
  3. And when Hicks and Gilette had them they never stood for it, they petitioned they made sure they ran them out- we laughed at them for that but look at them now. They buy smart sell big their players would run through a brick wall and a mine field for their club. It’s fucking sulickening mate- we could have had that, we could be it but we are so far away from it I doubt we’ll ever get close again.
  4. They’ve had it for ever Mark- through the 70s, 80s yes they struggled in the 90s, they had it under Benitez, almost under Rogers we laughed at them for finishing 2nd- they almoost done it but not quite, same under Klopp CL last year they’ve ran a team like City all the way this year literally gone toe to toe, lost once all season another CL final, another 3 goal turnaround against a top side yet we laugh at them. no I wouldn’t want to be one I’d sooner cut both my bollocks off with a blunt rusty knife than be one but they have something in their club that breeds success and belief and it’s something we lack.
  5. If we had the same belief they had we would be such a better club for it. Yes I hate them- I hate them more than any of you could even begin to imagine but the simple fact is they always believe and never give up. How a side with Origi, Henderson, Wiljandum or however you spell it, Matio, Shaquiri beat Barca 4-0 is nothing short of a miracle. We would have lost that tie as soon as our name came out the hat against Barca. They get buzzed off for their belief in their sude but yhey perform miracles time and time again. I hate to say it but we are light years behind the horrible cunts we really are.
  6. He’s come on leaps and bounds and is a prime example of how quickly fans can write players off.
  7. The lads had a great season- made up for him.
  8. Anyone still thinking he’s shit and the worst player to pull on an Everton shirt- anyone?
  9. Fair enough- expect a donation from me this week Louis.
  10. Also does this mean donations are no longer required or still needed to run the site?
  11. Fair enough- if that’s what it takes then I can live with it. If I have to look at that ugly woman with the bug fat arse with the caption “ find your black woman now” caption once more though I may have to stab my eyes out with a fork. Just to clear up- her colour has nothing to do with it - the fact she looks like an bloated ex crackhead with an arse like the back end of the 55 bus is the issue.
  12. I’m also getting the not secure when I load a page- I also updated my software yesterday.
  13. How come we get ads at the top of the page now? It’s super irritating.
  14. It’s called having ambition lads.
  15. Well if you find out you find out- it’s hardly the end of the world.
  16. Right into his Thomas the Tank Engine undies.
  17. It was fucking boring Shukes- I kept thinking John Burns would be shitting bricks right now if he was here listening to this.
  18. Picking and choosing tbh mate, the away supporters club I am in can always guarantee me tickets tbh. When I say pick and choose, if I’m in work I’m no longer taking holidays to go, I just miss if I’m off I generally go. Sam has been to most with me, Jake has just completely lost interest.
  19. Ok ok, Moshiri like Hobnobs and said we’re signing Messi in the summer but don’t tell a soul any of you.
  20. Honest to god- it’s not any involvment or input of any kind- we just needed to see how our vehicles could get in and out, how easily accessible it was going to be how the weight of traffic on matchdays would affect us and stuff- itvwas all solely from our own point of view and we had no say in it- best way I can put it is we’ve had our concerns allayed. Christ, I never meant this to sound like I know anything more than anyone else or I’m involved in any way at all. Ease of access is what it was.
  21. I’d rather not say tbh Shukes because if I did everyone would instantly have access to where I worked- No I wont have anything to do ( or the company I work for) the building or involvement in the stadium- we will need access in and out of it with designated points made especially for us which was what the meeting was about.
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