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  1. Or refuses to pass time and time again and holds on to the ball to try and be the superstar. He needs to learn to be a team player. I’m all for players wanting to be the best but the team comes first not his ego.
  2. Not one person here has said we have the best defensive mid in the league- he leads some stats and does his job well. We could have any defensive mid in the world playing there and we’d still be miles behind Liverpool because they are superior in almost every position, both in strength and in depth.
  3. A loan move there would be perfect for him. I doubt he’ll ever make the standard we want though.
  4. Nobodys writing him off- just pointing out he had a mare on Saturday- Which he did.
  5. I was never expecting anything to be honest Ste but I can’t help be disappointed with the goals we conceded, they were awful and I think the 3 cbs contributed massively to that. I l’m not too disheartened just frustrating the way we lost.
  6. Sorry Pete but you’re wrong on this. Sigguardson was anonymous and it’s no coincidence Gomes had his worst game as he was missing his partner in crime. First goal is exactly where Gana would be to put a tackle in before he slides in Jesus.
  7. Think Silva got it wrong yesterdat- there was no need to play 3 cb against that attack, we can put to bed the “ Gylfi in a deeper role” shout now as he was utterly lost.
  8. Zouma although that fucking irks me considering we had 3 6ft plus centre halves playing and 2 5ft nothing players scored headers.
  9. No but he’d have been about to break play up rather than letting them knock it about in out last third. We never toucched the ball, it’s what he does well wherher you want to admit it or not.
  10. Not blame him? He’s a professional footballer and kicked it aimlessly to one of their players 30 yards from our goal then never bothered his arse getting out for the offside. It was fucking shocking. Basic stuff, hoof it for a throw, up the line, put his laces through it and put it past half way, he looked like he just kicked it without thinking.
  11. Doesn’t mean I’m any less frustrated by him.
  12. Frustrates the fucking life out of me this lad you know, he cannot keep hold of the ball, wont pass and is selfish.
  13. He had an absolute shocker today, dreadful performance and arguably culpable for all 3 goals definitely 2.
  14. They are not 2 of the brightest young prospects about Steve, that’s the whole point. Offload Schneiderlin, Bolasie, Niasse, Tosun and a couple of others pay the money for Gomez and buy a top class striker otherwise we stay with the also rans- No doubt about it.
  15. He used us to get a better contract at Stoke. Fuck him right off.
  16. You’re probably the only one that sees it like that.
  17. Intersting how stats are interpreted https://twitter.com/evertonarentwe/status/1070083176595382274?s=21
  18. He’s not a striker- can’t wait until we buy a top class striker ( at last) and move him back where he is best.
  19. Pickford was erratic all game for me. Yes he made a couple of good saves but he looked too pumped up. Young head on him though, he will learn from that.
  20. He’s a fantastic player and we will be immensely lucky if we grab him.
  21. This fella needs to be convinced to stay and signed no matter what the price- absolute priority it should be.
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