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  1. And it’s dickhead attitudes like yoours that get clubs in trouble in the first place- It’s not Moshiris money- do you think he’s buying these players out of entirely his own money- do you think he wont want whatever money he has spent back when he leaves? It’s the clubs money, money the fans spend and the club generates through revenue and sponsorship etc- pissing it up the wall is not good for the club.
  2. Thought he looked ok when it came to getting stuck in- no Roy Keane like but defo never shied away from anything.
  3. I hate this attitude- well it’s not my money so who cares. It’s the clubs money and for every disater signing the club suffers financially which means what we invest in the future is hampered.
  4. I don’t think anyone has ever said he’s a superstar have they? What he is is a very good ball winning midfielder, a terrier if you like, tough tackling great engine- his job isn’t to hold his position it’s to hunt the ball down- that’s what he does. He’s full of running and stamina and can’t be held responsible everytime our forward line lose the ball and we’re caught on the break. He’s nowhere near world class but the unjust criticism here is laughable it really is- ranked near the bottom of the worst defenders ever to play for us? Fuck me people have short memories.
  5. I just don’t understand the stick he gets- he’s not Messi or Ronaldo yet he’s expected to perform like them. He’s a good solid hard working player who plays for the team, gives his all, creates chances and chips inwith his fair share of goals.
  6. He didn’t have his best game admittedly, he was largely anonymous but he still had a chance- granted he missed it but he usually gets into at least one goalscoring position a game, his pace and running offer us an outlet and you get 100% out of him.
  7. I honestly don’t get this hate for Walcott, I really don’t.
  8. https://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/news/everton-player-backs-liverpool-win-13459860
  9. Shouldn’t matter who we are playing, he needs to learn to pass and think of the team not just himself grabbing a headline. I’m delighted he wants it that much but hopefully with maturity he’ll learn to stop trying to beat the whole defence on his own for a full 90 minutes.
  10. Yep- not knocking the lad, he’s very young and will hopefully learn but he infuriated me yesterday with his unwillingness to pass- time and time again he held on to it knowing he was running down a blind alley.
  11. Here we go 🙄🙄 one bad game when he’s not played for over 7 months and he’s a one trick pony!! Palace came and their plan was to snuff out our wide players, they had 2 on him and Walcott all game. Nothing he did came off. Give him a chance eh.
  12. His touch today to knock that ball on was first class. Very impressed.
  13. Thoight he played well yesterday but was understandably rusty. Very promising though.
  14. He’s a greedy bastard- Silva wants to put a fucking rocket up his arse about passing and thinking of the team.
  15. He’s already overhauled the squad by shipping out the deadwood and plugging the gaps- we need to make a couple of loan signings permanent (both ways) and the four I mentioned ant Brands has worked a miracle inside 3 windows for me. I always knew if Silva and Brands were going to work it would take time, still not saying it absolutely will but I’m not expecting us to be anywhere near the top 6 for another 2 seasons.
  16. If he isn’t playing for his club side he doesn’t get picked for Nigeria Matt- it’s imperative he plays every minute and does well.
  17. I’d be surprised if we brought anyone of any note in, I’d prefer to wait until the summer and get our top targets in than overpay for a Tosun or the likes. I always knew this season would be a transitional one and a top half finish is alls I expected. A squad overhaul and us moving in the right direction with better players and a stronger squad, add to that in the summer a top quality striker a new right back and a new box to box centre mid and hopefully Zouma and we’ll be sound.
  18. Fucking hell, he’s not had it easy has he.
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