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  1. Incredibly disrespectful and factually incorrect. I expect more from you.
  2. Couldn’t agree more. Very interested to see the line up and the way those players respond.
  3. That’s positive. Still a way of though unfortunately.
  4. Good line up with what’s available. Looking at the CM makes me nervous though.
  5. Fair enough mate. With the players we have available I suspect it will be something similar.
  6. Are you picking the team you’d like or the team you think will be play?
  7. Regardless of how they were won it’s another 3 points. Confidence will increase and we will start playing better football as a result.
  8. Hopefully one of my presents will come tomorrow afternoon 😉
  9. Add to that Pretty much anything ending in ist 😀
  10. That’s true Steve but nevertheless he will always be to slow.
  11. Kean definitely won’t come good if he doesn’t play though.
  12. I only said I wouldn’t mind it. I didn’t suggest it would be palatable for Arteta or Moyes.
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