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  1. Typical Brazil shit. It was 0-0 at half, even though Brazil had most of the ball and a bunch of shots. So they booed them off the pitch, which I thought was very harsh. But when you are Brazil, you are expected to score six bangers each half. Not sure why it wasn't a sell-out. Apparently they are playing these Copa Americas basically every non-world cup summer so it could be a little bit of event fatigue combined with a less than exciting opponent. Bolivia is a fine side, but not moving the needle like Argentina or Columbia, probably.
  2. He looked pretty good last night. Was interchanging with Firmino on the right wing and central. Really good hold up play and he was active and dangerous for most of the match.
  3. Very true. The whole USMNT sucks right now and Wigan would probably beat them 4-0. The USWNT, on the other hand, are sublime.
  4. I thought he was really, really bad. I badly want him to succeed, but I don't see him at the premier league level right now. And I'd honestly be surprised if he ever gets there. Not writing the guy off, but he's been mostly bad for the USMNT.
  5. I follow Dortmund in my spare, non-Everton time and they do an amazing job of finding young talent, developing it and then selling it on for a significant profit. O. Dembele, C. Pulisic, and E. Mor are three recent examples. Sancho will be sold for $100M eventually. It is a model that can work for Everton, but it takes a real commitment to development and scouting. I'm not sure if Everton has it in them, but I'd love to see them employ this sort of thing. Thought I'm not sure it is repeatable.
  6. To answer the original question, yes, Everton might be able to crack the top six: 1.) The main issue is about us, Everton. As some have stated above, we were collectively optimistic going into Koeman's second season. That didn't turn out so well. The big question: Does the finish to this season suggest Silva's system is beginning to click or a run of luckier than usual results? Secondly, on this point, can Everton find a right back, striker, and cover for Gylfi at the 10? Does Brands decide to roll the dice on DCL at striker? Can Brands find the Digne and Benards again this summer? If we can't sign Zouma, can Mina stay healthy for 30 minutes? And if Mina can stay healthy, can he be as good as Zouma? 2.) United are an absolute mess. They'll splash a lot of cash this summer, but I don't think their management has any idea what they are doing so those dollars may not be well spent. I think they can be passed in the table, assuming their transfer policy is as incompetent as it has been over recent years. 3.) Chelsea might get hit with a transfer ban. Hazard is likely going out and he has been one of the best, if not the best, player in the EPL over the past several seasons. That's not easily replaceable. I don't know exactly how they replace that and even though I love Christian Pulisic (I'm American), he ain't it. 4.) Spurs, who I hope play the best game of their collective lives on June 1st, are due for a dip. Their main guys play a lot of minutes and managers are a genius until they aren't. As someone stated above, Klopp left Dortmund in the middle of a season when Dortmund were in the relegation zone. Could we see a similar drop-off from Spurs? I seriously doubt it, but crazier stuff has happened. 5.) Arsenal: Still can't defend but I'd expect they do something in the transfer market to address it. Auba turns 30 next month and pacey strikers don't typically age well. Oh and he wore out his welcome at Dortmund by missing practice and generally being a dipshit. Also, are we sure Emery is a decent manager? (He probably is) 6.) Maybe Liverpool slips a bit. I can't see how Real Madrid doesn't come after Salah, but what do I know. They seemed to get every lucky break this year save the Stones goal line clearance. Don't see City slipping at all and in fact, they might even strengthen their side in an attempt to win a quad. Wolves, Watford, and Leicester will all be thinking the same thing though.
  7. Not sure I'd bring Gomes back after his layoff for a match that doesn't matter (or probably won't matter). Schniederlin has looked good the last few weeks; I'd stick with him. But I like the way the team has looked the last 6-7 weeks so no reason to change too much.
  8. Very solid performance today. Makes me optimistic for next season. But first, let's go to Spurs and beat them too.
  9. Hate that I was right about this. Miserable performance today.
  10. I feel almost overconfident about this match, which suggests doom. That means we should win 0-3 but will lose 1-0 on a set piece goal.
  11. I was proud of the effort the blues gave today. If I had to critique it, I'd say that we need to be faster on the counter attack. But the defense was solid and the subs came at the right times.
  12. That's right StevO, I wrote it incorrectly. Still a beautiful thing and I'm proud to call myself an Evertonian.
  13. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/03/02/sports/everton-liverpool-merseyside-derby.html#click=https://t.co/BANmPuvGYI Everton made the New York Times today. A couple wonderful points: 1.) Everton makes its players sign an agreement to participate in community events; and 2.) At one point Tom Davies had to be reminded to leave an event but said, "I'm busy coloring unicorns." I love this club more than anything other than my wife.
  14. Anyone else spending Friday night listening to z-cars and becoming irrationally optimistic about this match? No? Maybe I'm the only one. Marco is faced with some challenges with the players available. I actually think it is a good test for him. He's not shown a great deal of tactical flexibility and when he's tried it hasn't been great. But he's going to have to come up with something here and Wolves are a decent side. So it will have to be savvy. It doesn't seem like we have three healthy center backs but we also don't have any available left backs. So my guess is Coleman, Zouma, Keane, Kenny, Davies, Gomes, Siggy, Richarlison, Walcott, and Cenk Tosun. Pickford in goal obviously.
  15. Absolutely appalling from top to bottom. The lack of a plan for set pieces is on the manager. If he can't adapt, and he hasn't shown any ability to do that, he needs to go. You hate firing managers every year but that was a disgraceful performance and that's saying something since most of the last two months have been disgraceful performances.
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