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  1. Keith B

    Manchester United (Away) Sunday October 28th

    It is frustrating because there are ideas and quality in the side. But to beat the big clubs away from home, we can't make stupid mistakes. And we made one or two mistakes this afternoon that cost us. (Walcott not getting back to cover on the second goal and Bernard not finishing his chance are the obvious ones.)
  2. Keith B

    Things to do in Washington DC

    Sorry I missed this, but glad you enjoyed your visit.
  3. Keith B

    Arsenal (Away) Sunday September 23rd

    Honestly thought the performance today was decent. Finishing kept it from being "good." The second goal was appalling from the linesman--miles offside. Cech had a really good game, but our best opportunities didn't really test him. I don't think Michael Keane is a starter once Mina gets fit and I have some concerns about Gylfi. Gylfi seems to just disappear. If he's not delivering on set pieces, and he didn't do that today, he isn'tt that useful. Digne's free kick was better than all the ones Gylfi took today. One other criticism is that Silva is 5-10 minutes late making changes, but he made the correct ones. I wonder if it has to do with fitness in the case of Bernard. In any case, there were long stretches of the match when we forced Arsenal into looking terrible. In past years we have just sat back and let Arsenal boss us, so at least this was a different way to lose.
  4. Keith B

    Marco Silva (manager)

    Mild criticism of Marco today is that I would have liked to see subs 10-15 minutes earlier. Overall I think he's doing well thus far. It's mostly the same players Sam had and it is a much better brand of soccer.
  5. Keith B

    Rotherham (Home League Cup) Wednesday August 29th

    That lineup should be enough to win. Zouma got a few minutes today (certainly under terrible circumstances) but he looked okay. I'm a little worried about Digne but hope he gets some time to get comfortable.
  6. Keith B

    AFC Bournemouth (Away) Saturday August 25th

    Felt like 2 points dropped to me. Referee was horrible. I think we've scored 3 goals with 10 men and 3 goals with 11 men...not sure what that says about us.We haven't had the most difficult schedule thus far so we are going to need to 1.) finish matches with 11 men and 2.) figure out the zonal marking stuff on corner kicks. I'm not necessarily against zonal marking, I'm against bad marking and we have been bad so far on set pieces. It's hard to tell if we are creating more chances offensively because we've played with 10 men for 1/3 of the season so far.
  7. Keith B

    Valencia (Home - Pre Season)

    Absent a couple of new center backs, we are going to ship a lot of goals this season. But we will play attractive soccer and score a bunch of goals too. That in itself will be a huge improvement over last season.
  8. Keith B

    Stoke (Away) Saturday March 17th

    The away form has been so terrible this season that I'm very happy with that. Cenk is quickly becoming one of my favorites; he was chasing in the 90th as if it were the 1st. Gana looked a bit rusty and Pickford should have been more aggressive on the goal. But other than that, well done!
  9. Keith B

    West Bromwich Albion (Home) Saturday January 20th

    I honestly can't understand why I'm still watching this.
  10. I am at peace with the appointment as well. He's a proven manager and will ensure we don't get into a relegation scrap. I think he is going to surprise us and get us in the top half. It's not a simple job but he's got loads of experience to lean on and supportive ownership that will spend money in January. Best case scenario is we finish in 8/9/10 but our young players continue to develop, especially Kenny, Davies, DCL, and Benny. With some smart moves in January, that could equal a side that could attract a more ambitious manager this summer.
  11. Keith B

    Southampton (Away) Sunday November 26th

    I haven't commented much this season because it has been so painful. But this feels like the bottom. No heart, no grit, effort not good enough, and folding like a tent at the first sign of adversity. What happened to our club?
  12. Keith B

    Bournemouth (Home) Saturday September 23rd

    Bye Ron. Here's hoping Tomas Tuchel will take the job.
  13. Keith B

    Manchester United (Away) Sunday September 17

    Same set up as Man City for me. Soak up pressure and pray for a lucky counter. That's a 5-4-1 for me.
  14. Keith B

    Ronald Koeman

    As usual, there are a lot of good points made in the most recent comments above. I could scarcely do better. But here are my thoughts and concerns with RK: First, I don't have a sense of what he wants to do to win matches. What is his preferred style? He talks big on having a solid foundation on defense, but it's 8-0 in the last three matches. If we were grinding out 1-0 or 1-1s, I could see it. But absent a solid defense, what is his preferred attacking style? (And honestly, there might be an answer to this that I just haven't seen or don't know.) Lukaku seems to have covered up a lot of our attacking issues, and if losing him is even 33% of our dip in form, he's got to be considered one of the best strikers in the world, no? Second, why is it that the team doesn't look like it knows what it is supposed to be doing? I don't feel like this was the case at any point last season. We had our dips in form, but it felt like players knew their role and knew what was expected. Why are there so many headless chickens right now? Third, our best players aren't playing up to their ability. Morgan Schniederlin was one of our best players in the second half of last season. Now he seems like one of the worst. What is going on there. Why is it that Ronny isn't getting even average levels of performance out of players that we've seen perform better recently? Absent tactics, this is the managers biggest job. Lastly, he's brought in a bunch of players that aren't gelling. Why is that? They are his guys? What was his vision for Gylfi, Klassen, and Rooney? Did he think he could play them all together? I remarked on twitter that we'll have to hire Big Sam in March to keep us up. I know we've had a difficult schedule, but I am terrified that my prediction might be right. Up the toffees!
  15. Mark, I really respect the scouting report. I can't say that I've followed Atalanta at all and know nothing more about them than you've written above. I think I agree with your lineup since we are away. For the home fixture, I'd recommend a pretty rotated squad.