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  1. Mark has it here. There's no evidence that would convince a Trump voter.
  2. I'm American, but rooting for Corbyn. Don't take that as a smart or well considered take though. I don't understand UK politics very well.
  3. He only has the players he has available, so Dunc's options are limited. But he could play Moise Kean. That would be cool.
  4. I'm going to do my best to schedule back to back to back meetings at work on Wednesday. After today's result, this has 5-0 all over it.
  5. I watch a good bit of the Bundesliga and think that VAR has been implemented there better than in England. But I'd just rather not have it. Let's live with the missed or bad calls rather than litigating every call down to the video frame.
  6. I am an advocate for pro/rel in US soccer. Even if you don't believe what some of the more ardent pro/rel folks believe (more effective in developing players, puts more pressure on team to succeed and compete, etc.) it is just more damn entertaining. I think US Soccer knows this but is sufficiently corrupt to never even attempt to implement it. I hear two big anti-pro/rel in the US arguments: First, the billionaires that own MLS will never go for it and second, lower level clubs don't do well in the US. In answering the first question: Fuck the billionaires that own most of US soccer club franchises. If they don't like pro/rel, they are free to sell their clubs to the highest bidder. I don't know why any real human in the United States is interested in whether Bob fucking Kraft makes money on his investment in the New England Revolution. That's not US Soccer's problem. US Soccer is supposed to be trying to produce good soccer players. In the second case, well, maybe lower leagues can't sustain themselves because there is no real path to the top level. Why invest in a lower level club if promotion (outside of a one time $200M investment coupled with significant one time stadium investments and political intrigue) is impossible? Lower tier soccer in the US doesn't thrive because it is pointless to invest in. So if you are anti-pro/rel in the US or just skeptical than it can work, post here and tell us why. Or if you agree, expand on my arguments!
  7. I promised myself that I'd watch more of their matches this season but have only followed through on that once. Need to do better...the women deserve our support to and right now are one of the bright spots in our club.
  8. Here's my theory: Money talks. Offer Pochettino an annual salary that makes him one of the highest paid managers in world football. Tell him that in the summer of 2020 he's got a $150M transfer kitty to work with Brands on. He knows the EPL and I believe, probably naively, that Everton is a sleeping giant. We've already got the players to play the way he wants to play. Spurs never invested the money Everton has. To be quite honest, I'm so sick of Silva and tired of losing matches that should be comfortable wins that I'll take anyone new. Don't prefer Moyes but he wasn't half bad with West Ham last year was it? Anyone but Silva at this point.
  9. Of all the horrible, no good transfers we've made over the past few years, I think Gylfi is the worst. We paid more for him than the shite paid for Salah. But every Everton manager has felt compelled to play him even though it is pretty clear his only real value is set pieces. And you're #10 has to have more value than just set pieces. It is really incredible--he was good for a Swansea team that was bordering on (and eventually got) relegation. He's just not a premiere league quality player and especially not one worth 45 million pounds. A brave manager would bring him off the bench and Marco has done that from time to time with decent results. But his persistence in the starting lineup is a mystery to me. He can't get on the ball, he can't stay on the ball, and he can't do anything with it unless he's got acres of space.
  10. There's a lot wrong about how this match played out. I thought the VAR decision was very harsh. The ball was going out no matter way Keane did or (probably) didn't do. So that was a really bad and unfortunate decision. The fatal part, for me, is the attitude and lack of confidence that followed. Mostly in that our boys don't have it. I know I'm a dumb American on this stuff but when I played American football the teams I was lucky enough to play on always took pride in being mentally tough in the last 1/4 of the game. But that doesn't come easy--it means a ton of conditioning and hard work under pressure. In practice and training, we fucking ran till we all puked. But the payoff was knowing that when we got a lead late we could see it out. And that's what's missing here. The players don't believe they deserve to win because they haven't earned it in training. I bet the number of times Sir Alex teams lost after leading in the 75th minute can be counted on one hand. Our boys, a lot of which are really good at football, just don't have the confidence necessary to see it out. And not to belabor the point, but that comes on the training ground. You have to earn the confidence. And I don't think they've even been asked to earn it. But when you've puked, thought you were going to die, run a thousand extra sprints that you thought were all your last sprint; that's when you earn the confidence to finish out a match like today's. A lot went against us today, but those points were out there for us. We just haven't earned them.
  11. By far our best match of the season. Keep the same starting line up for BHA Marco!
  12. Trust me, I wanted him to succeed. If he would have been able to go on a run of good form, he probably gets the job for the remainder of that season and we avoid the whole Sam Allardyce era. I just didn't see anything that suggests he has any real ideas. I would also say that there is something wrong with Everton's player development program, though I don't know how much Unsy is to blame. But we haven't integrated an academy product in ages. (We thought we may have had something with Davies and Holgate but both have stagnated.)
  13. I don't know what you guys were watching when he was in charge for that brief period two seasons ago. It wasn't pretty.
  14. Tim's last competitive match is tonight for the Colorado Rapids. He's retiring. Tim basically got me back into soccer after about 20 years away. He represented our club and the USMNT brilliantly.
  15. I obviously don't think it would be very good! In my very honest, but partly drunk, opinion, the season is already lost. We've already dropped too many points against beatable sides. I don't think we can finish top 6, so the question for me is if Marco can go on a run of 20 or so matches where the team has success coupled with a coherent tactical plan A and B. I think we are way too talented to really face relegation. I also don't think it makes much sense to fire a manager in the middle of a season simply to finish 11 rather than, say 14th. Ultimately, I'm out on Silva. I don't think he's the guy. But I'm also not trying to overreact. I could be wrong about him.
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